Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekly Challenges Come to PSN This Weekend

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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekly Challenges Come to PSN This Weekend



From: Admiral Steven Hackett, Citadel Allied Command
Re: Operation EXORCIST
Confidentiality Classification: XA-PRIME
Distribution: N7 Forces Only

Soldiers of the Milky Way –

By now it is no secret that the Reaper War has had its share of logistical SNAFUs. It is to the galaxy’s credit that, when we put out the call for volunteers, we were answered by individuals of every species from Citadel, Traverse, Terminus space, and most significantly for this operation, the PlayStation Network. Unfortunately, the diversity of equipment sources meant our allies ran into hardware and software incompatibilities.

These brave men and women have been fighting beside you and, in doing so, have gone above and beyond normal duty. Because their units were not properly tracked, they fought without pay and sometimes without proper training, equipment, even rations. It is a mark of their character that these warriors of the PlayStation Network took the grave task set before us and stuck it out through sheer determination.

It is time to honor the service of the soldiers of the PlayStation Network. A volunteer task force has fabricated the necessary hardware and is rolling out compatibility software. When these installations are complete, these soldiers will benefit from being properly equipped and combat-ineffective troops will get off the bench. We’ll all have more comrades watching our backs, and we’re now watching theirs. Reinforcements are coming. Soldiers of the PlayStation Network: Welcome to the fight.

–Admiral Hackett

MAJOR MISSION UPDATE: Good news Spectres: Reinforcements are coming! Starting with Operation EXORCIST, N7 Weekend Challenges will extend to the PlayStation 3 platform. Operation EXORCIST begins today, April 27th at 6:00PM PST until April 30th at 5:00PM PST for all N7 Operators on the PlayStation Network. Please remember to set the “Upload Gameplay Feedback” setting to “On” in the online options to be able to participate in this N7 Operation.

When it comes to retrieving classified data, Cerberus has been beating the allied forces to the punch. New intelligence has tipped us off to one of their offensives, and it is time to give the N7 teams the payback they want.

Allied Goal: Kill 1,000,000 Cerberus Phantoms.
Squad Goal: Survive until extraction on any map and any enemy on Gold difficulty.

Successful completion of the Allied Goal will grant all players a Victory Pack.
 Successful completion of the squad goal awards a Commendation Pack to all squadmates.

Play Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer on GOLD difficulty with two different goals: The first goal will be the overall objective for this operation between all Mass Effect 3 multiplayer matches (under the GOLD difficulty), which is otherwise known as the “Allied Goal.” In the case of Operation EXORCIST, the “Allied Goal” is to have all players kill a combined total of 1,000,000 Cerberus Phantoms over the course of the maneuver.

For the “Squad Goal” during Operation EXORCIST (as with all operations moving forward), players must simply survive the enemy onslaught on GOLD difficulty until a safe extraction can be made. That’s 10 waves of the most tenacious of enemy forces you’ll have to stave off, so this is something all forces must prepare for.

If you’re unsure you’re ready and you’re curious if you require additional training, all N7 operators are welcomed (and encouraged) to analyze the troops at your command. To let you do that outside of the battlefield, we’ve created a brand new feature for the BioWare Social Network: the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Manifest.

The Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Manifest will allow you to inspect your multiplayer avatars without having to boot up your copy of the game. In this new manifest, players will be able to view which characters, weapons, mods and consumables they’ve unlocked in MP, and what’s more, you’re able to compare your stats with your friends!

To use the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Manifest, simply head to the BioWare Social Network and log in using your EA Origin Account you use to play Mass Effect 3. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to use the great features found in this new program to help you prepare for battle.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield.

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  • Great news!!! But…I don’t think that — Posted by Eduardo Vasconcellos // Irrational Games — is correct. But otherwise, thanks for get this approved!!!

  • Awesome stuff, BioWare. Thanks for the inclusion (and the Multiplayer Manifest). ME3 multiplayer is turning into a wonderful thing.

  • Great news.

  • Glad Sony and Bioware were finally able to work this out and I look forward to getting myself slaughtered on Gold this weekend!

  • Yes! However, please inform the pilot who dropped 5x Spectres Packges @ 60,000 credits to me containg things I don’t NEED! ;( Wrong planet/location more times that I can bear.

    Bioware needs to correctly itemize (sp?) the content of these packages that CATERS to the class used in that mission. I was an infiltrator (sp?), & was given too many shotguns & shotgun attachments. I’m still stuck on Widow #1…:(

    The randomization is way overboard. Please fix!

  • *containing

  • Thank YOU!! I been wanting this to happen, back to the fight!

  • Watch out you Reaper and Cerberus Bosh’tets the FreshRevenge is aiming for you with my Widow Maker!

  • Big mahalos!

    Anybody want to team up & play send me a friend request. =)


  • Well, I know what I’ll be playing this weekend. I just hope this means we’ll possibly also be seeing the Battlefield 3 soldier character, and whatever else was only available to the two other platforms.

  • I LOVE MY PS3! <3

  • So does that mean we can get the battlefield 3 soldier now? Will the codes for Collectors assault rifle that come with the ME3 figures or art book now work for PS3? Weekend events are every two Weeks now so will Bioware make up for time lost with the PS3 owners so we can catch up? I really only want the battlefield 3 soldier and collector assault rifle. I don’t care about any of the N7 name weapons except the valiant sniper rifle.

  • Finally, thank you!

  • Awesome! what about the last one that we missed?

  • I’ll be on this the minute I get home!!!!

  • It would be great news if the game didn’t have so many other technical problems. Like, oh I don’t know, bad framerate, freezing/forced restarts and over heating due to constantly streaming the data off the disc. No other game makes my PS3 over heat like Mass Effect 3. I’ll play Mass Effect 3 again when BioWare adds an option to install data on the HDD. Until then I have an $80 dust collecting paper weight.

  • Thank you Playstation!! Time to go HAM on some Phantoms this weekend!!

  • Glad to see that now PS3 players are able to enjoy the exact same thing as PC and Xbox 360 players.

    I’d like to see Bioware release a patch that fixes the problem where players purchase Spectre Packs and then don’t actually receive them. This happened to me and I reported it to EA Customer Support. They refused to re-imburse me (or credit my account) because they specifically stated that they’re waiting for a fix for this well-documented problem.

    Is there an ETA on a patch/fix for this problem?


    Finally been waiting for this. On another note, Any plans for ME3 Avatars?

  • @17, sadly the option to install the game into the HD will never come. No title in the past has ever had this option post-release. I am almost certain that an excutable (sp?) needs to be written on the media in order for the OS to recognize that an option to install is there.

    I’ve had 2x gameplay freezes in SP that required a hard reset. Not a big deal to me & the framerate was fine.

    In MP, I’ve had 2x terrible bugs. One occurred at round 9 during the end where a Geth Hunter was the last enemy & stuck in cloak mode just frozen in an open space. He could not be damaged & the effort was lost. The 2nd bug was worse; finished the mission but it froze on the loading screen, losing all the rewards. Both of these bugs were on GOLD missions. After playing 5 matches, the framerate suffers & I need to power off/power on my console.

    Apart from the awful results I had in the Spectre Packages, ME 3 has been a great experience.

  • about f”#%”ng time!!!!

    but thanks!

  • This news couldn’t have come at a better time, i knew evntually Ps3 would get it patience is a virtue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @20 Bayonetta added the option to install post release.

  • I was about to go to the ps forum and complain why sony isn’t letting us have these ME3 community challenges. Was gettin pretty mad bout them. Glad to see things are resolved. Still kinda sucks we didn’t get the packs from the other challenges.

  • So all we’re getting now it lame multiplayer stuff? Would be nice to get some DLC for those of us who don’t care at all about the tacked-on multiplayer mode.

  • RIP Mass Effect.

  • Thanks!!! Really appreciated hackett. This also explains why lots of low level N7 where in gold matches :P

  • Glad to see this finally. Playing right now

  • Finally! Glad you guys came to terms :) Now ME3 Multiplayer will be even more fun.

  • @23, oh that’s right! If Sega can implement this feature post-launch, I know Bioware/EA can too.

  • Gah, bought 7x Spectre packs since the weekend started & only recieved a Carifax upgrade… the rest of the items are not even worth using. Rage! :x Okay, back to the front!!

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