Dishonored Preview: Cloak and Dagger

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Dishonored Preview: Cloak and Dagger

rats. Big, evil ones that prowl in packs and can rend a man’s flesh from his screaming bones. But killer rats are the least of your worries in the dark world of Dishonored, an imaginative action-adventure from Arkane Studios and Bethesda coming to PS3 later this year. The game nimbly blends inspirations from a pantheon of modern classics: The oppressive atmosphere and paranoid politicking of BioShock, the graceful bloodletting of Assassin’s Creed, the murky morality of Deus Ex, the stealth and shadow of Thief. This is a game about skulking in dark places, eavesdropping on secret conversations, setting up the perfect ambush and beating a hasty retreat.

Dishonored for PS3Dishonored for PS3

You play as Corvo, an elite royal bodyguard wrongly accused of assassinating the Empress of Dunwall. Locked in a prison and left to rot, you’re sprung by a shadowy benefactor and set loose to claim your revenge in whatever manner you see fit. Though Corvo is a convincing protagonist the real star here is the city of Dunwall, a crumbling seaport perched over a vast and malignant ocean. Dunwall’s decaying decor is the handiwork of the man behind Half-Life 2’s iconic City 17, and the attention to detail is palpable: Steampunk carriages slide down cobblestone streets as stormtroopers patrol atop giant biomechanical stilts. It’s old and new, weird and familiar, beautiful and grotesque all at the same time. If you liked BioShock’s Rapture, you’re gonna love this.

Dishonored for PS3Dishonored for PS3

Touched by an amoral deity called the Outsider, Corvo now wields an array of supernatural abilities, everything from teleportation and time dilation to summoning hordes of voracious rats and pushing projectiles back at enemies. One supernatural talent enables you to enter the body of a fish or rat, handy for infiltrating a building via a drain pipe or access panel. In combat, Corvo has little to fear, being a master swordsman and pistol marksman. Exotic ammunition types (explosive bullets, tranquilizer darts) and gadgets such as grenades and proximity mines further expand the possibilities. As in Deus Ex you can strike openly, spilling beaucoup buckets of blood in the process, or pull your punches by quietly choking out enemies and tucking their snoozing bodies safely away.

Whether you coldly kill adversaries or show mercy will have consequences on the game’s story — the Outsider himself is curious to see which path you follow. It will also factor in the moment-to-moment gameplay: snuff out a guard and his buddy might alter his patrol route to cover the gap, potentially disrupting your carefully laid plans. But whichever way you play will be the “right” way to play — Arkane’s goal is to put players in full control of the game’s pacing.

Dishonored for PS3

As you unravel the conspiracy behind the Empress’ assassination and an apparent military coup, you’ll meet a host of sketchy characters, from members of a secretive resistance movement to spoiled aristocrats and plague-stricken townspeople. Some will become targets of your wrath and will need to be dealt with accordingly, while others will provide valuable information or services.

If Dishonored sounds like your cup of tea, check back early tomorrow for the next episode of Official PlayStation Blogcast and an interview with co-directors Harvey Smith and Raf Colantonio. Have questions about the game right now? Sound off in the comments and I’ll pass along what I know!

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  • So I’m not the only one who thought this game looked like a mix of Assassin’s Creed with Bioshock and a few other games, good! That’s not a bad thing either.

    I’m considerably interested in this game and will be keeping my eye on its progress! Looking forward to hearing the interview tomorrow!

  • Looks amazing will have to give this a try for sure!!

  • Hmm. I might have to look into this.

  • This game looks like it has some fantastic potential! That trailer got me seriously excited. I just want to see some gameplay footage…

  • Game looks great!

  • no free stuff for plus this week :(

  • looks amaaaaaaaaaaazing

  • It is looking good, with a vibe of “bioshock” which I like :D

  • Well hell, this just jumped into my most anticipated games on the year…

  • Really looking forward to this and Bioshock Infinite, probably the most interesting FPS’s of the year

  • Hell yes, need to see gameplay. this game will be a hit. cant wait for the fall so many good games coming out. Bioshock, Assassin creed 3, hopefully the last of us, and we will see more at e3 cant wait.

  • Very immerse and great detail. This game is now on my radar. Bioshock and Creed similarities is not a bad thing either. Well done, cannot wait to learn more. All though I am hoping Arkane is more the lead than Bethesda so we get a quality bug free game.

  • great trailer i was super pumped, is this trailer in the store? would love to see it in HD (job pc sucks)

  • So this is from Bethesda? So skyrim was full of glitches and BUGS, and they have the nerve to joke about it. Have fun buying this, I will pass just like i did on skyrim. I do not need another glitch fest filled game from Bethesda. I’m sure it will play better on an xbox/pc like skyrim, but I don’t own either one. Gl with this game I learned my lesson with Bethesda games a while ago.

  • Wow that trailer was sweet! You definitely have me interested in this game!!

  • Seeing as this has something to do with bethesda im going to assume this will be a glitch filled bug king of game.

    I am not touching another da/v\n game that has ANYTHING to do with bethesda.

    Breaking skyrim for PS3 was a final straw for me. Just incase you didnt know you cant even touch water in the game without a hard freeze after the last update…and do you hear anything about this screw up on bethblog? NOPE, you get adverts for this next gem from thier neck of the woods.

    Make it, break it, forsake it.

    ….id stay FAR away if your sick of lazy “PRO”grammers, bunk ports, or crappy play testing.

    PS: game programers who think they are artist, i lol at U. Shut up and code that space marine!

  • The atmosphere alone makes me want to purchase it.

  • Hey guys – this game IS my cup of tea(& looks Awesome)… =D Anyways, will there be any multiplayer? & if so what modes etc? & can you let us know more about the weapons? The guns that is – how many are there, what types etc – Thanks – I look forward to playing… =]

    • I believe it’s a single-player game, but one of those really big and deep ones with a ton of sidequests. Glad you like what you see!

  • Steam Punk Assassins Bioshock? I’m in.

  • I may be off-topic, but why do you guys announce Sony exclusive games just before E3? WOuldn’t it be much, much better to announce games like God of War: Ascension and this today’s first look on a new exclusive?

    Last year, Sony didn’t reveal any games at E3, just playable versions of games you already announced a few weeks ahead of E3. Why? Please keep the PS3 exclusive line-up for 2013 for E3. Please? I want something to look forward to at E3 this year!

  • The trailer looks absolutely amazing, we’ll have to wait and see how the game turns out, though.

  • Trailer look great! I’m definitely intrigued. Nice to see a promising new IP that takes the single-player experience seriously.

    Would this be considered an action-RPG? Or are the RPG elements toned down to the extent to make it more like a Bioshock or Assassin’s Creed? Either way works for me, I’m just curious. And I’m assuming this is open world.

    • Yeah, definitely. Game genres are kind of getting stretched to their breaking point these days — maybe they’re outliving their usefulness! But I’d say stealth/action/adventure FPS :)

  • Looks interesting. The trailer in HD is really nice.

  • I had no idea it was from the lead designer of Deus Ex. I might go pre order this right now.

  • Story line, graphics and play look great! Can’t wait to play it!!!

  • this game was off my radar before well it is on it after watching that trailer…cant wait to learn more on this game

  • day 1 SOLD

  • what’s this? When did this come up? Why wasn’t I informed about this game until today? Looks like a game I must get!

    I love the ending “Revenge Solves Everything!”

  • Looks interesting. One question I would like to know the answer to is if there will be an option for third-person view or if it will be strictly first-person.

  • I haven’t liked much from Bethesda, but this looks apealing.

  • I hope Bethesda don’t disappointing us again because if i got in the tramp once again i will return the game back to Gamestop.

  • As a fan of Assassins Creed this looks to satisfy that bloodlust in me. Definitely interested in seeing more of this as time passes.

  • Looks awesome, but I’m a little weary of Bethesta games.

    • The word would actually be “wary” or “leery” (suspicious); “weary” means sleepy :) But I hear you. They’re publishing but not developing, Arkane Studios is actually making the game.

  • The trailer made it look interesting. However needs gameplay footage.

    The write up about the two methods really sold me more that the trailer did.



  • soooooooo sickkkkkkkkkk 4:27 minutes of pure awesomeness, there are no words for me to describe this right now … can’t wait for this one!!!!

  • I need this game, however I wish we could get gameplay trailers instead of prerendered ones as they’re not really indicative of what we’ll be getting. We all know what happens when the game doesn’t live up to it. ..

  • @30 yea, IKR.

    I gotta quit expecting games to come out functional myself. I mean CLEARLY as paying customers were not entitled to a game that works ala’ no game breaking glitches.

    Every time a glitch happens another troll gets his wings! And im feeling green and grumpy today!

    So i’ll be off to the rest of the social network sphere to spread my horriblly undeserved sense of customer entitlement now. ;)

  • I really hope they will put a 3rd person perspective option in this game like skyrim, it looks very interesting but without that option I doubt I would get it.

  • One thing that worries me about this game is the developers track record. Their previous game “Dark Messiah,” of Might and Magic or something, had a lot of pre release hype, but the game amounted to nothing but a disappointment. But they do have a lot of talent behind this game….gotta wait and see

  • No Blogcast! Gasp, I think I’ll take this time to relish the first time that the Blogcast has ever missed an episode.

  • Expect the blogcast to be uploaded after GT TV airs. Big exclusive Sony titled to be revealed, probably gonna talk about it on the blogcast, cant air before the announcement. Anyways, be sure to watch GT TV tonight, and be sure to listen/download/rateitunes to the blogcast tonight, as im sure it will be a great episode. Keep up the great work PS Blog crew.

  • @32 and Sid’s comment:

    Actually in that context the word “weary” does makes sense. He is essentially saying, “Looks awesome, but I’m a little ‘tired’ of Bethesta games.”

    Anyways, this game does look awesome! Keep the good news coming!

  • can we expect to angry birds space for the PS Vita anytime soon.

  • Ah, I see Sid. I guess Bethesta games do make me a little sleepy so I guess weary applies here too.

  • SID WHERES THE POST FOR “PS AllStar BattleRoyal”!!! this is sonys news how gttv have it first than ps blog?!
    C mon! XD

    Im so happy sony listened to us and delivered the game! I Cant wait to know more characters! BTW IM SAYING IT HERE FIRST!! CLOUD ITS A MUST!!!!

  • OOHH and BTW i hope the name its a code name bc while it fits the game, its too long and not something memorable…. it needs to be something that gamers identify the game with just a word. Like Super Smash bros… friends say… lets play smash! u know quickly what it is. but PS AS BR its a little bit too long and a bit generic… just my 2 cents! make a contest on how to call the game! and take ideas from the community! :) LOVE U ALL!

  • this looks awesome, ol bethesda needs to draw some attention away from all of skyrim’s bugs and super expensive dlc soon to be on disc next february, lol. this should help a bit. it reminds me of dark void and wolfenstein quite a bit. hopefully there won’t be journals or some other silly items to collect in the game.

  • @C_Y_P_H_E_R It’s funny, I hope there’s journals to collect. Like in Bioshock where you could pick up recordings of key persons talking, and thereby get a better insight to the world of Rapture. I love that stuff, really let me dive into the games world without taking control from the player.

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