The Walking Dead: Choice Matters

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The Walking Dead: Choice Matters

The Walking Dead: Choice Matters

Hey everyone! Hoping you’re all enjoying the zombified fruits of our labor now that the first episode of The Walking Dead arrived just yesterday on PlayStation Network. We’re insanely busy already getting the next episode ready for all of you, but I wanted to pass along this sneak peek at a video that will help explain why all of the choices you make in the first episode will matter from episode to episode, and also all season long.

Sit back and watch as my good friend Harrison Pink explains how different each outcome can be for each individual player throughout the season. There are more juicy The Walking Dead details to come, so stay tuned here and look (listen?) for me later this week on the Official PlayStation Blogcast! On behalf of the whole team here at Telltale Games, thanks again for all of your support, and we hope you enjoy the first episode!

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  • I already beat episode 1 and I love the fact that you guys give us a good amount of choices. I feel like I’m really in that situation with them. I don’t want to spoil anything but when we have to choose, it definitely makes me think about my actions. I also like Lee and Clementine’s relationship.

    The length of episode 1 was decent, there was a moment where I was like is it over already? And it really wasn’t, I was satisfied with the length, the only problem now is I have to wait another month for the next episode.

    Thank YOU for the Season Pass!

  • put the gun down lady before you hurt someone lol

  • Demo was pretty awesome although a bit short. Would be awesome if the season pass came for free with a 1 PS Plus membership like the Jurassic Park one, but I may have to buy it regardless!

  • A Refreshing, Honest, Good Old Zombie head smashing time. Love the game so far.

    Thinking of playing the episode again just to see some of the immediate result of different choices.

    Can anyone actually confirm that the frequency at which the episodes will be released? Shame if its monthly…

  • Just finished the first episode and it was a lot of fun!
    When does #2 arrive?

  • @ 1st comment… I totally agree.. I have played through multiple times just to see the different scenarios and like you said, the wait is the only downside.. Can’t wait.

  • PS… They better not do like they did with BTTF episodes.. NO DELAY!

  • Loved the demo. cant wait untill there all released.

  • Is the gameplay good? How long is it? and Do you reccommend it?

  • bought the season pass last night after I played the Demo… the $19.99 is better than the $24.95 if you buy all 5 episodes individually..

    they said each new episode would be released every month…

    super easy platinum trophy for the people that care about that stuff… literally beat all chapters and episodes = 100%

    I got the BTTF on PS+ a few months ago.. 100% that.. But I just learned that they released a Retail version that has a Platinum trophy included… So I’m gonna have to pick this up aswell..

    Also, as of right now there is no word on if this will have a retail disc version.. But, most likely in time it will.

  • The game looks great, i can’t wait for pay day to go out and buy it!! I love the hype The Walking Dead has gotten great comic now turning into some great games and tv shows. They’re giving all things zombies a good name!!

  • Whoa, whoa! Please refrain from posting SPOILERS people! 8) The critics also agree, good start so far. I’ve been playing ME 3 MP, & I haven’t jumped on the game yet. The theme is nice, however!

  • Thanks for offering the season pass. I’ve enjoyed the first episode and so far, there’s just the right amount of content (choices?) that has me replaying to adjust how I see what I think would fit, if that makes any sense. I look forward to each iteration and excellent job on capturing the comic feel with tension and drama from the tv series. Kudos!

  • First thanks for the season pass. I love the game and the choices.At first I didnt know if I would enjoy this because Im a t.v. fan not a comic fan but it was a great game.Easy platinum is also great.The length is good for a 5.00 dollar game and the story was GREAT so far.I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of show or comic.I really hope we see a t.v. show based game in the near future.Keep up the good work….

  • I didn’t know what to expect going into the demo, having never played a game by Telltale before, but I bought the season pass immediately after completing the demo and can’t wait to play all 5 episodes!

  • Pretty awesome game, more about your choices and using your mind less about which mob to murder next. I instantly bought the season pass as well can’t wait to play the rest. Only thing I know is I’m killing the d-bag old man even though I know they’ll make some big consequences even though everyone will want to kill him.

    If you like walking dead this is an easy buy. If you don’t try the demo and I’m sure you’ll still want to buy the season :) great change of pace from the norm type games coming out

  • Can someone tell me if i need to buy episode 1 first. then buy the season pass. or does the season pass include episode 1. it’s clear on the ps store. or i missed something.
    I had download the demo and played it. looks really good and something i could play but really not sure what to buy.

  • @ THE_RING_PIRATE If you still have the demo you can purchase the Season Pass and it’ll direct you to 3 downloads, 1st the theme, then episode 1 unlock, and finally the demo (you don’t have to download # 3). Select the first 2 items on the download page and it will update once you start The Walking Dead. Hope that helps.

  • still no ps vita angry birds space or the original

  • Downloading the Walking Dead Game now. I’m a fan of the comics and the tv show.

  • I was planning to wait for a bundle release. Was. Looks amazing and other games I’ve waited for now seem intimidating for so many plays. But then again, this has zombies.

  • Why can’t we have games like this on the PSVita?

  • Great job on the first episode! Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Great game i love it ha. Its a good tie-in to the TV series, its fun, engaging and a good interactive storytelling experience. good stuff

  • Finished the first episode. LOVED IT!

    It’s the first game since Heavy Rain where you have to make some very tough choices. Kudos to you Jake and the rest of the team.

  • Completely off topic but if anyone has an extra starhawk sweet tooth skin from twisted metal please help me out!

  • @protohype thanks for getting back to us. as soon as i get home i’m buying that season pass.

  • Does it support Move?

  • Seasoned passed this without any thought,once i started playing could not let it down for a second and finished it completely in 1 sitdown. Deff looking forward to the upcoming episodes for sure.

  • This game is just like back in time serious why so bad grafics!!!! but pretty cool anyway.

  • The world has crumbled,The dead have risen,And i get stuck babysitting, yippie!

    Have you guys honestly not played the giant stack of games that make you babysit a helpless NPC? Did you find it fun when it totally detracted from what you would like to do in game? Did you enjoy loading a million saves because random dead weightA runs straight into a wood chipperB while saving dead weightC?

    Or was it that you just couldnt let go of the comics social comment on children in a post postzombie world?

    Can i kill the kid straight out then actually worry about zombies at that point? Who am i kidding of corse not! Ok, i’ll grab the dipar bag…not.

    Total zombie fan, totally put off.

  • PS: i hope sombody sticks her in the barn!!!

  • @30 if you think about the fact that the whole thing started as a comic, Cell shaded graphics are pretty much a givin.

    Draging a kid around….i’ll neverget why they do this so much, SO badly in so many zombie games.

  • I don’t like old school adventure games, and I LOATHE zombies (they’re lame; and they’re far too prolific thanks to lazy game developers and movie-makers), but this looks intriguing to me. I appreciate Telltale trying new things with their adventure games (like their “Heavy Rain-lite” approach to Jurassic Park), and this looks…kinda cool. I like the visuals too; blending TT’s traditional cartoonish vibe with a graphic novel inspired texturing/shading job – that’s radical.

    I might try this :)

  • @ 26, hit up ebay yo….don’t tell me you can’t spend a dollar.

  • Season pass was a must, I love the story so far, so much excitement, I only wish I had a little more time to make decisions. I find my self scanning the choices and just picking one and not actually being able to think about the consequences of my actions before the timer runs out. But other than that solid game can’t wait till the next episode.

  • I can highly say this series would totally be worth the season pass price! Unfortunately i bought the first episode first! My advice is to try the demo ,if you like then buy the season pass to save five bucks, of course five bucks a pop is’nt a bad deal either, So if your kinda an older gamer who like gore, I can recommend this one for you! The game offers alot of replay as well. Cant wait for part 2!

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