Sorcery Conjures Story Trailer, Final US Box Art

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Sorcery Conjures Story Trailer, Final US Box Art

Now that we’re a month out from the May 22nd launch of Sorcery, I’m pleased to show off our final box art, along a brand new trailer that dives in the story behind this much anticipated PlayStation Move title. Some elements of the story were remarkably consistent throughout development process, while some have changed quite dramatically. The two main characters – Finn, the sorcerer’s apprentice, and Erline, his magical cat – were there almost from the beginning. We always knew they were on a quest to reach the Slumbering Palace at the heart of the Faerie Realm. However, WHY they were on this quest, and WHO was trying to stop them kept shifting. Here’s a look…

Sorcery Conjures Story Trailer, Final US Box Art

A lot of the details of the story grew organically out of gameplay. The team would have a cool idea for an enemy or a puzzle or an encounter and I’d weave the rest of the narrative around it. For example, the civilization of the bogeys (an early-game enemy) is crude and brutal because that’s how they behave when they attack. And a lot of the mythology of the Faerie Forest had its roots in the boss battle you fight there. We wanted the player to feel like there was a tight link between the story and the gameplay. Everything you do and see in Sorcery ties into the world or narrative in some larger way.

Sorcery: US box art for PS3

As development progressed, the story became more streamlined. Finn’s backstory – where he came from, how he became an apprentice – was pared down because it was getting in the way of kicking off the action. There was a whole sub-plot about a guild of fame-hungry rival sorcerers that just got dropped. And, as other elements fell away, Finn and Erline’s relationship moved to center stage. At its heart, Sorcery is a road movie. You’ve got these two mismatched characters who’ve been thrown together on a quest to save the world and they’ve got to learn how to get along.

Stay tuned for more on Sorcery as we move towards our May 22, 2012 release.

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  • Sorcery?!! 5 bars!!!
    (I’ll read the post now)

  • I haven’t been doing much console gaming lately but this will be a day one buy for me, it looks really good.

  • And news on maybe a combo pack? I still don’t have the move controllers, and this would be a great game to package them together!

  • I have been excited/disappointed/impatient about Sorcery since E3, what, 3 years ago? I watched the feature in this month’s QORE. The game looks like it was worth the wait. I don’t know why you made Finn so dorky looking compared to the cute boy he was back in the original E3 peek, but whatever. This has been pre-ordered on Amazon for years. Before it had any box art.

    (Prayer to the gods of gaming: Please don’t let this game suck; please don’t let this game suck)

  • Will there be a left handed mode. It would be nice.

    • The magic system works the same whether you have the wand in your left hand or your right. Finn always has the wand in his right hand, but playing left-handed doesn’t have any effect on how the game plays.

  • So what exactly can we expect of the game in terms of the world? Will it have an RPG-like open world? The PS3 is really lacking a game like Zelda & Fable, is this it?

    • It’s not an open world. There’s a linear progression from one realm to the next like God of War. We talked about it early in development, but it would have increased the scale of the project considerably, and since we were already experimenting with a very non-standard control mechanic, we didn’t want to bite off more than we could chew.

  • May 22nd can’t get here soon enough my move controllers was getting dusty

  • “Stay tuned for more on Sorcery as we move towards our May 22, 2010 release.”

    I lol’d hard at this

  • Good things do come to those who have patience,i’ve always had faith in Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • my only question is…. CAN HE JUMP?…besides that its a day one purchase for me. im actually going to pre order it today..keep up the good work Sony..and keep those AMAZING EXCLUSIVES COMING!

  • @ “Gekidami”

    A great example of a “Zelda” like game for the PS3 is Darksiders. In my opinion its better than Zelda, as its made for people over the age of 12.

    I see you have Playstation Plus, you can try out the 1st hour of the game for free as a subscriber. While that is barley enough time in my opinion, I suggest you at least check it out.

  • This game is the reason I bought my move controllers last year… I’m glad to finally get a chance to play it. Awesome job sony!

  • I was stoked for this game when it was revealed at E3 sometime ago. Then I heard nothing until it was a few months away from release. In my experience, this does not bode well. I hope I am wrong, but I will wait for reviews on this one.

  • The magic system works the same whether you have the wand in your left hand or your right. Finn always has the wand in his right hand, but playing left-handed doesn’t have any effect on how the game plays.

  • “Stay tuned for more on Sorcery as we move towards our May 22, 2010 release.”

  • I’m so excited for Sorcery… finally… a Move game that isn’t a Shooter, MLB The Show, or LittleBigPlanet.

  • Still liked the original artstyle better, any chance of a DLC costume for the original wizard guy? I’d buy it.

    Anyhoo, it still looks awesome and I’ll pick it up. Thank you for all the effort that you guys have put into this title.

  • looks like cool game ! Is there any news on Armored core v price drop.

  • I’ve been playing the near final build. I wrote a preview here.

    It’s really good. Own PS Move? Day One. Don’t own PS Move, then buy it for this, you won’t regret it. :D Awesome game, well done SCEA.

  • Definitely on my list

  • I’ve seen Motion controllers for $25 at retail, make a bundle for $69.99 tops, you’ll sell quit a few of these.
    I’m glad they gave it more attention, this seems like a good game for younger gamers/teens. The story sounded littttttle childish like some story they came up with on one of The Tester challenges from last season. But get it in demo units in stores and people will bite for sure!

  • NO JUMP… NO BUY…this game had so much potential and for it not to be an open world RPG game like Zelda or will not be so successful. SMH this game is just looking like a RENTAL sorry to say but that’s just my opinion :/ being able to make spells with the move controller like the Harry Potter or Ratchet and Clank games is not i see SONY has not learned from it :/

  • I was sold on this until I seen it has fairies and a fairy realm. Nobody likes fairies. Most people don’t at least. They also make the worst tattoo’s ever. I’m sure the game is fun overall. But I also don’t like Harry Potter. I wish it was more “dark”, you know? I’m a sucker for Sony’s exclusives though….hmmmm!

  • @23, I respect your opinion. But try the demo (if there is one) before shutting it out. Demon/Dark Souls both regarded by some critics to be the “hardcore & adult” Zelda in this gen., doesn’t have the option to jump either I think. I know it’s an entirely different title but not having the ability to jump is not the end all of a promising game.

  • I played Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest and found that pretty enjoyable, especially the story though the gameplay had some flaws here and there. I would want a sequel to the game, which I wish gets made. But, this game looks similar to some degree and I plan on getting this. I hope they announce a Medieval Moves 2 also, c’mon Sony you can do it!

  • Looks good. Reminds me of Folklore a little. Will that game ever come to PSN as a downloadable title? I know the developer has shut down but I’m wondering if Sony owns rights to the game since they published it. Think it would make a great downloadable title reinvented with Move support.

  • OMG Finally I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time, I’ve had this game pre-ordered since the day they showed it on E3. This game is the reason why I bought my Playstation Move. Now I can be journey my way like Harry Potter :D Please sony after Sorcery I beg you release a Star Wars Light Saber game. I wish to be a Jedi, and please make it like Sorcery and Sport Champions where we can walk and control the Light Saber the way we want to. It would be the best and closest experience to Star Wars, I really hope one day Sony do fund this and make it happen :(

  • It would be awesome to have an Online Light Saber fight game as well :D

  • This makes me yearn for another Folklore.

  • whats the retail price?

  • @31
    $39.99 USD, or $36.99 on

  • too bad i suck at motion controls =(

  • I love my PS Move and have been looking forward to this game since it’s first announcement at E3 two years ago. Here’s hoping it’ll be great!!

  • Why is there no Star Wars lightsabre game for Move? Seems a no-brainer.

  • Move Required? you’ve just alienated 95% of the PS3 community. That’s marketing genius!

    • It was intended from the start to be a Move exclusive. Sony’s mandate when developing Sorcery was to explore the boundaries of motion control gaming, and that meant not constraining the experience by limiting it to something you could also do with a DualShock. The entire spell system is built around rapidly chaining spells through organic gestures. There’s literally no way to retrofit it to a standard controller.

  • @12/reson8er

    I already own and have beaten Darksiders its a great game but it isnt really what i’m looking for, whilst it does have a persistent world, its considerably linear, kind of like God of War. You dont have an open world like you do in Zelda (or the good Zeldas).
    And i’m talking about an exclusive, Sony really lack an open world adventure RPG. Funnily enough they do own such an IP, Alundra, so it would be cool to hear of an Alundra rebirth with a game very much like Zelda. It would be perfectly suited to the Move too, what with a sword being the main weapon.



  • I will be honest I hate motion controlled gaming( I do love the aim assist on UC:GA though )I totally wrote this game off when I first learned it will be Move only but if the game is as entertaining as the trailer was I may have to give it a shot.

  • Day one purchase for the kids and myself. Been waiting for this since E3 2010, glad to see the improvements they made and that it’s still releasing. Hopefully this brings some attention back to the move

  • I WILL be buying this game. I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time. I look forward to the unique gameplay. —12

  • Can’t wait for this. This might be the game to actually pick up and play with my Playstation Move again. Glad you guys kept the development up on this game. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Shame it’s a Move-required game.

  • Hey Sony, please make a Move Bundle with this game. I find the Move pretty useless so far – it’s very badly supported, and most Move games (excluding Shooters) are just the same kinds of shallow mini-game and sports/dancing titles I can get on the Wii (granted, in worse form). But I wanted to get a Move Controller before Epic Mickey 2 later this year, and I totally forgot about Sorcery.

    Now that I’ve seen it again, I would totally buy a Move just to play this! I LOVE it when Sony delves into “Storybook fantasy”, but they haven’t in a long time. Even though the legacy includes games like Medieval, Primal and Folklore. I’m so sick of “gritty fantasy” like Skyrim or Game of Thrones – I want to play this game. But since it requires a Move, you guys are going to have to make a Move Bundle so I can pick it up ;)

  • I’ve had move controllers a LONG time, this game will be the first time I use them.

    Im a die hard fan of SandBox genre and normally would’nt touch this kind of thing…BUT using the move like a wand for magic is just too cool.

    My hope is that one day there is a openworld sandbox game just like this one. Being a big FallOut and ElderScrolls fan and dealing with all the bugs…id have to say you made the right choice…FOR NOW.

    I just hope one day someone can pull off that openworld Move based master piece we all want and I feel this is going to be an awesome step toward that.

  • Okay, Brian, tell the higher ups, PLEASE DO MORE OF WHAT YOU SAID THEY DID IN YOUR LAST COMMENT. I’m a move die hard. Love it. But, I”m feeling a bit let down by the lack of move titles. There need to be more move fps games. And quite honestly, if they set out to make a move only fps I wouldn’t cry one bit, infact it’s something they NEED to do. Make a killer game like KZ3, or Halo, I list those two as in games that are just darn fun to play period. And to make it move only and have the dev’s of that game again, work on making the game use the move to it’s fully capabilities.

    To be honest, with the Lack of move games, and the removal of the move game section on the psn it’s kinda feeling like the powers that be are slowly backing away from supporting move like they should. Give me some great games that are move only I will get a bunch of blank checks ready. Heck, based on how good sorcery is looking, someone needs to get a hold of lucasfilm and get a fire burning to make a move only star wars game, imagine an fighter like Sports Champions Gladiator game but with lightsabers?

  • The box art is ugly! Come on! It seems like every time there is something new or special from Sony we get the cold shoulder!
    who you hire Sony a 3 year old to come out with this box art? The game mind you looks really new and inspiring, but the final cover art for the box art for the game Sorcery is awful!!l This gets an C- in my book its stupid!

  • Uncreative from Sony! Also I don’t understand it as to why the game is rated E for everyone? Why Sony? There should’ve been some blood like in The Elder Scrolls 5! This would’ve made the game a lot more realistic and not so childish!

  • How do we move? Is the navigation controller necessary? I hope it’s not on rails!

    Erline reminds me of the Glass Cat from the Oz books.

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