Resistance: Burning Skies Reveals Survival Mode

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Resistance: Burning Skies Reveals Survival Mode

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been talking a lot about the highly anticipated multiplayer mode for Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita. Supporting up to eight players over WiFi with a robust arsenal of powerful weapons and the precision and accuracy that come with dual-analog controls, Resistance: Burning Skies is sure to be the best FPS multiplayer experience available on a handheld. We’ve already lifted the lid on the first two modes, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, and just last week at an event in San Francisco we revealed the title’s last multiplayer mode, Survival Mode, an intense power struggle between humans and the gruesome Chimera.

Resistance: Burning Skies - Survival

Survival mode pits the players against each other in a race to the finish where only the strong survive. Here’s how it works: in a battle of humans vs. Chimera, six players start as humans and two as Chimera. As the Chimera players make a kils, their human victims are resurrected as Chimera so the balance slowly shifts. As the battle continues, the winner is the human player who lasts the longest in a match. We keep a timer running as you play so you can track your progress.

We really wanted to offer something that was unique to Resistance, keeping with the franchise’s theme around humanity’s struggle to survive against overwhelming odds. We wanted the game to start relatively simple for the humans and then become increasingly harder over time, much like the way the Chimera invaded Asia, then Europe and then America in a flood. Previous Resistance games have had modes similar to this, but Survival is our own special twist to create a new mode that focuses on the balance of power changes. Sure, the humans initially have the upper hand, but as they fall, they fuel the other team. We’ve had several matches in the office that have spectators cheering on the lone surviving human. Everyone knows it’s just a matter of time, but finding that last person is a total adrenaline rush!

We’ve been having a lot of fun developing and testing this mode, and we’ve collected a few tips and tricks along the way that might help you survive a little longer. The first thing, and actually contrary to traditional MP gameplay, is that staying still actually works to your advantage. You might want to try and get behind players so as they start searching an area, you can actually hop back against their search pattern. Dark areas are your friend! We’ve also found that you don’t want to hide next to areas like steam vents because, although obscuring, the motion tends to attract attention. Here’s another tip; always go for the head. The ability to quickly neutralize your opponent and then move on is a huge advantage. This may be hide-and -seek, but your prey is armed! Don’t hang around after you’ve killed someone, bodies are pretty obvious signs that someone is nearby.

Resistance: Burning Skies - EllieResistance: Burning Skies - RileyResistance: Burning Skies - Chimera

Resistance: Burning Skies - Multiplayer Booster

In addition to the Survival details, we’re also here to let folks know that we’ll be doing a pre-order bonus for Resistance: Burning Skies, and it’s going to give you a pretty nice advantage as you start your own multiplayer experience. When you pre-order Resistance: Burning Skies at participating retailers, you’ll receive a special bonus that gives you a jump start straight to level five in multiplayer. This should be enough experience for you to unlock your first grenade upgrade (the Hedgehog, which can be used as an area of effect weapon of destruction or placed like a landmine for unsuspecting victims to stumble upon) as well as your first weapon upgrade. In addition to the MP booster, we’re also giving you three character avatars based on Burning Skies’ lead characters Riley, Ellie and a Chimera, along with a custom PS Vita lock screen theme. Hopefully, this will be all the head start you need to pown your friends.

Let us know what you think of the new Survival mode.

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  • Please create a “pre-order” on the PS Store for those of us that like digital downloads for our Vita games, and please don’t alienate us from the bonuses. That being said, day 1 purchase.

  • I think the survival mode is going to be fun but please lets not forget about co-op or mission modes (like capture the flag and zones) for DLC later down the line.

  • Please release a demo for RBS. like from gamescom/CES demo :D

  • Frank, Will I be able to show off my resistance burning skies trophies on the PS3????

  • I am REALLY looking forward to this game! Day one buy for me!!

    Quick Question, can I play this against my friends locally via ad hoc? We play at work and its looked down upon when we access the local wireless for gaming.

    Regardless, I can’t wait!!

  • This mode was availabe on Resistance Retribution (PSP) in the on-line multi-player mode. How is it “new”?

  • Frank:

    Yes, agree with @1……I didn’t see anything mentioned for downloading this game…just pre-ordering.

  • I’ll propably not be able to redeem the code if I buy the UK game but have a US PSN account, won’t I? Bummer :(

  • I agree with @1 too,
    I do not like FPS usually yet the latest Beta released on PSN + is really nice (I played 45 minutes during the weekend until I got into a jerk that was hidden into a whole and would kill me with a knife each time I was trying to get the Intel) I do not like cartridges or media up to the point that I sold some of my preferred games for digital copies or bought them in digital format.. I am not buying anymore games if they are not digital…. Having digital games available for the PS Vita was the selling point for me (with the OLED screen … :-)

  • Rise….Resist….Renmant.

  • Day 1 buy for me and this survival mode really pushed it to make it a day 1. The only thing to decide now is whether I should pre-order it or just download it from the PSN store on release day.

  • Did you have plans to released a beta or demo?
    I am glad to see a new lockscreen
    No dynamic themes for PS Vita?

  • PS Vita Needs:
    1. More apps like Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, Pulse, Google Currents, Shazam and Playstation App.
    2. Sell the apps that I mention. 3. Better comunications with developers to make ports of greats PSN games like Journey, Castle Crasher, NBA Jam,Flower, Shatter, Magic Orbz.
    4. Flash Player or Html5.
    5. More AAA titles like God of War, Infamous, Gran Turismo, Gran Theft Auto, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Motorstorm,Ghost Recon, Battlefield and Call of Duty.
    6.Dynamic Themes or Live Wallpapers.
    7. Talk with the Developers to make apps related with the games like Battlelog, Ghost Recon Network.
    8. Enable to send pictures between PS Vita and PS3.
    9. Cross Chat between PS Vita and PS3.
    10. Support to MKV and AVI video files.

  • I see one of the people in the screenshot on the right is named “muffin button”


  • Oh those evil/tempting pre-order Bonuses…dont care about the MP bonus or the avatars but that lock screen…

  • Sounds fun. I feel like I have to say that I’ve NEVER seen a bigger divide between press shots (seen in the last blog post) and the actual screenshots (as seen in this blog post) in graphics. It is unbelievable. I am completely okay with supersampling your shots if you need to to make it look acceptable in print, but the screenshots posted here (which fall in line with other shots I’ve seen) and the press ones from last post are AT LEAST a generation apart. It’s just disappointing for me as a Vita/Resistance fan. The game (outside of the nice lighting we’ve seen in footage) would not look out of place as a PSP game. Not something were were expecting in this next gen portable. Nobody could look at those two screenshots at the top of this blog post and, when asked “Does this game look closer to PSP or to PS3?” say “PS3”. It SHOULD look closer to PS3, obviously, with a system that’s surely at least ten times the power of the PSP, but it isn’t what we’re seeing here. I don’t expect a reply, as the blog team and developers don’t really like to reply to posts like these (understandable), but just know that a lot of fans of your system and games are disappointed in the output.

  • Im very surprised you arent being sued right now.

    TNT has a TV show called Burning Skies which is a alien invasion survival scenario. Slightly different purpose of the aliens but still VERY close and now a joining name?


  • ^ or is it Falling Skies? lol either way.

  • This was a must buy game for me at first…but it seems more and more that this is primarily a Multiplayer game with only a serviceable campaign for offline play. I do hope that’s not the case but I will be delaying my purchase until I hear player feedback + reviews.

  • Is the pre-order bonuse at best buy also or just amazon?

  • @17, except the fact that the showing being called Falling Skies makes you post completely irrelevant, lol.

  • Wow, no co-op :( I was really hoping, with a name like Survival, that the yet-to-be-named mode was going to be co-op. My very good friend and primary PSN buddy and I were on the fence about this title, and co-op would have pushed us over. Hell, my fiancée might have even wanted to get in on the fun of a co-op mode. That said, the Survival mode you’ve outlined here does sound like a refreshing new take on multiplayer modes, and if the reviews turn out to be positive come late May/early June, I may still pick it up, but co-op would have been pre-order for sure.

  • This survival mode sounds great. Reminds me of one of the modes in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, where crooks are respawned as cops after failure. I was kind of hoping for a horde mode, when “survival” was mentioned, but I like the sound of this after all. It is befitting the theme of battling overwhelming odds.

    As for pre-order bonuses, this one is pretty thin. I don’t think it will take more than one session to make it to level 5. I guess it’s something for nothing, though, but I’ll choose the downloaded version, so I don’t have to swap game carts.

  • By the way, the San Francisco pre-release party was nice. It was cool to try out the game, and indeed, it felt pretty natural to control with the dual analog sticks. The game looked sharp, and in a way, I could forget that I was playing Resistance on a handheld. The only thing that was a let down was the sound. Guns didn’t sound realistic at all, and there was little appreciable background sound. It could have been cheap headphones that were provided with each of the test units, or it could be that the game is lacking in the audio department. It definitely didn’t have the usual audio bombast of other games in the series. Otherwise, it was a fun and compelling multiplayer session. I am looking forward to downloading this on day 1.

    • Thank you for coming to the party akibake! Funny you should mention that, the sound guys took another pass at several of the weapons after that event, the Carbine, Bullseye, Mule and even the Hunter got something of a make-over. Take a listen and let us know if they feel a little ‘meatier’ now.

  • I agree with #19 SandSkorpion

  • Will there be some Dlc playlists for new gamemodes and maps? It would be cool if there was an Elimination-type game where you only have 1 life for each round.

  • this may be a stupid question.
    but i am from europe, but as luck has it, i am in the states when this comes out.
    now for my question. is there a online pass thing in this game, and will i be able to redeem the code on my vita/eu user?

    i know i can play the singleplayer with no problems … but this mode.. it sounds awesome!

  • I know it’s too late but, honestly, Survival mode would be MUCH improved if all 8 player started as humans working co-op in the begining in some form of ‘horde mode’ where once one of the human player dies then respawns as a crimera the ‘horde mode’ bot crimera quit respawning…

  • Glad to see the RE universe is still alive thanks in part to the developers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Survival looks awesome, one question though, you said the winner is the human who survives the longest, so how do the Chimera win?

  • This is like infected on MW3, but a little twist to it sounds awesome. I really would like to try out a demo, to see if it is good as it looks.

  • Please in a DLC make a hardcore mode, capture the flag, or chain reaction.

  • #30 im pretty sure it would work something like this game has number or rounds and who ever last the longest wins or whatever but the people that started as chimera get to start as human in next round or so something like that

  • Does anyone ever wish there was a resistance RTS? Wouldn’t that just be great?

    The concept is discussed in depth a

  • when are we getting more psp games

  • Wow that’s intense, it’s like trying to help each other out to survive the chimera but in reality it’s every man for himself!

  • #35 only time you should help another person in it is if they gonna be a benefit to keep u alive xD

  • This is gonna be great! Lets hope its all its meant to be,they have a big test on seeing if shooters can really work on handhelds. Day 1 for sure!

  • The Resistance series has always been very enjoyable for me from the great storyline to the tight control. I hope the MP trophies won’t be too outlandish like a “secure 5,000 kills.”

    I can imagine keeping this game in my Vita like Unit 13, as comment #1 has stated, PLEASE grant the pre-order bonuses for the digital release!

  • Day one for me too.

    But please consider Capture The Flag game mode with a DLC, these are nice but we need an objective based mode where the Vitas’ party app can make use of itself :)

  • Is there any particular reason Vita stuff are going ad-hoc only? For whatever reason, I assumed the Vita would be able to make the jump to online multiplayer.

    Also, will it ever have Ad-Hoc Party support? I tried ‘finding’ my Vita on it the other day to try to get a Paint Park session going to no avail.

  • Oh great, 3 avatars that you cannot even use on the Vita unless you have a ps3. (Vita only seems to allow default avatars through the current outdated settings if using the Vita, I’ve only heard you can use a PS3 to fix that…who knows if that’s even true)
    & to add to that, it’s bundled with cheats for MP. How exciting.

  • was gonna be a day 1 for me but now idk.. if its gonna be another shooter w/ an afternoons worth of single player and 90% pvp multiplayer content its not for me..

    im bored of all these shooting games and how their all trying so hard to compete w/ eachother .. their all becoming endless respawn health regen xp based kill crap.. almost all the great shooting games fell into this crap because of call of duty and their all loosing what made them better than that peice of crap title..

    if this is the direction that resistance is heading i’ll gladly stick w/ resistance 2.. 3 was good single player but you guys ruined half my chances at the co-op w/ the online pass nonsense

  • That gave me false hope for some kind of co-op mode. ): Just make a whole Resistance 2 co-op game and I’ll be so happy.

    Anyhoo, I’ll still be picking this up. I love Resistance.

  • Is there a way to play this alone? One of the major selling points with games for me is high replayability. In other games, when I’m done with the campaign, I’ll do the survival mode (if it has one). So for me this really needs just a single player horde mode kind of thing for me to buy it. Just something where I can keep trying to get a high score, without worrying about other players’ skill getting in the way.

  • @1 I agree, please start with preordering of the download content, I would like the extra content. I feel I am being penalized because I choose to get the games as PSN would prefer and I prefer. It is a pain to carry extra cartridges around when it can all be on my memory card. The sad part is I would be able to get the cartridge at the store at opening, PSN will have it in the afternoon of release.

  • O yeah I will be getting this.

  • This is my most anticipated game in a long time… It’s awesome that the main character Tom Riley is a Firefighter, as a firefighter/paramedic myself, I’ll totally be getting down with this game…. look for me online: jqm78

  • Does anyone know if there will be a survival mode for single player?

  • I wish the survival mode will come with additional 16 player matches

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