PixelJunk 4am Hits PSN May 15th, Beta Coming Soon

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PixelJunk 4am Hits PSN May 15th, Beta Coming Soon

We’ve been developing PixelJunk 4am for quite some time now. It’s hard to know if you’re done with no other measuring sticks lying around to use as a gauge, however I think we’re almost there! I’ll just leave this here. :)

PixelJunk 4am and the free PixelJunk 4am – Viewer will be released and available for download on the PlayStation Store from May 15th.

Lots of you have been asking for more details regarding the kind of ‘actual’ musical freedom you can look forward to using with your PlayStation Move. So here we go.

We’ve created various different events you can choose from to play live. Different events will present you with different mixes of songs, visualizers and a new mood to go with each one. You then take this event live on PSN and make it your own, crafting and performing it however you want.

PixelJunk 4am for PS3

Here’s some numbers for everyone. Each song has 4 track instruments you can use: a Drum, Bass, Rhythm and Synth. Each track then has 4 different looping samples and four one-shot sounds in space around you that you can use. All of the loops and samples are different for each song as well, meaning events can have up to (4 loops + 4 one-shots) x 4 tracks x 5 songs = 160 different sound samples to pull from and mix however you like. :)

Then, there are the Effects that you can apply on top of those. Each of the four tracks has unique Effects living on different axes in space around you (like a giant 3D Kaoss pad for those of you into DJing and synths). Using these effects (reverb, low/high pass filter, flanger, ringmod, chorus and more), you can modulate the original sound samples into something completely different. All Effects run independently on each track instrument using the power of the PS3’s SPU hardware, so you could have up to 16 Effects simultaneously modulating all your music!

Move motions into a loop and play that recorded path of motion back through the music. That means any cool sounds or rhythms you make could become the new bass line in a song.

PixelJunk 4am supports up to two PS Move controllers for performing together in an event. So you COULD have your friend over and mix beats side-by-side with them. OR you could rock it dual-wielding a PS Move in each hand… :D Our Live Viewer browser makes it easy as well to spectate the same events as your friends when you’re both online.

PixelJunk 4am for PS3

Finally, we’ve been getting asked for over a year now if 4am can be used just as a music visualizer on your PS3. The simple answer is, “yes!” PixelJunk 4am can be used as a stand-alone music visualizer to play your favorite music from your PS3. You won’t even need a Move if you just want to fire up and run a playlist to the visuals. All five original 4am visualizers will be available right from the start. To get some of the rarer visualizers, though, you’ll need to unlock them through regular play first. I’ve been running my work-time playlist through the PS3 here at the office lately just to watch the visualizers. Nothing better for ruining productivity. o.O

PixelJunk 4am for PS3

Very soon we’ll be holding an early access Live Beta for PlayStation Plus members. A limited number of codes will be given to PS Plus members who own a Move, allowing them to get a first taste of performing in 4am. There will also be a 4am Free Viewer beta download available to ALL PlayStation Plus members. During the course of the Live Beta, we’ll host some special live performances from around the world, including DJ Baiyon performing live from Japan. Any PlayStation Plus members with the 4am Free Viewer are of course welcome to spectate. The PixelJunk 4am Live Beta will start from May 1st and run for two weeks, so keep an eye out for further details very soon on how you can get in.

We can’t wait to see what everyone makes once 4am goes live, or what kind of performers will make a name for themselves. Surprise us! :D

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  • PixelJunk Monsters 2?

  • Another PSN game I want after Journey, though I don’t actually know how to play and not quite good at music game… but the idea and concept are really cool enough.
    I attended the lecture of GDC China last year. But I am talking with Jenova and miss the show of Baiyon…
    Need to get hand on the beta,just can not wait.

    Blow over the dust on my move controllers…May is for Starhawk and Move…4am,Datura,and Sorcery!

  • Sounds awesome.

    I have been looking forward to this for a while.

  • I’m excited to try this out. I don’t know if I’ll be any good at making music, but I’ll certainly give it a try. The free viewer sounds cool for someone like me. Let’s keep the Move games coming.

  • So,

    We can view broadcasts with are PlayStation Network friends, but will we be able to communicate while we watch the broadcast via Voice Chat?

  • cant wait. I am sooo getting this

  • I cant wait to try this one! Cheers for making another great looking game!

  • Yo count me in with that too…. been anxiously awaiting this awesome game/music app since i saw it announced! and i have move….. dont know what tells you which of us plus members have it but i really REALLY am crossing my fingers to get a code for beta…. so if u got a list pls put me on it!


  • oh my! Hope I get a code!

    Really looking forward to this.

  • it says ppl who are PS+ subscribers & own the Move will get early access to the beta but my question is how do u kno if sum1 has the Move? i’m a PS+ subscriber & own the Move but the only proof I have of owning the Move is my Sports Champions trophies unless u guys are going by that, trophies from Move required games

  • Man I so wanna try the beta out this game is so compelling to me. I love music and you guys are giving me the chance to enjoy it in a different way. Day one purchase for sure

  • Will I be able to create some moombahton!!lol…….

  • @#10 Anything you connect to your PS3, they know about it. (removable media, periphials, TV models even)
    I have a Move, but you know that ;) , and am hoping to get in on this..very nice concept and can’t wait to see how it all works.

  • It looks great! but as #1 said… Pixel Junk Monsters 2 would be awesome too!!

  • Ooo! I’m a PS Plus’er with Move! Gimme gimme gimme!

  • port an patch the pjm psp exclusive content an charge for it while you work on pjm 2

  • Well well, I can finally buy a Move.

  • looks pretty awesome :)

  • Game looks great, I have move wands and I am a PS + subscriber, Can’t wait!!

  • in the video he only uses one Move controller but this post says u can use 2, i’m hoping I can get a beta code & try out using both my controllers =)

  • Im a PS Plus member w/ move, would love to beta test this!!

  • Omg I want this! I’m a beat-maker fanatic. Sounds exactly like my type of thing.
    I got to get in the beta! I have a MOVE :D

  • Looks like a lot of fun, with this and dyad I’ll be jamming out for a long time to come!

  • A beta invite would be nice, I do remember saying something about a dj type game when move.me was being released. Just signed up to a programming course and dloaded the sdk release yesterday. I’m doing this so I can be a real tester or at least a small PlayStation Certified Device app/game maker. 420!

  • Thank god for devs like you guys trying to change things up. It must be hard trying to innovate from action/shooting/platforming AKA the stereotypes. Games have potential to do more than any other form of media. We just need to hit those sweet spots.

  • lol @ Rowan’s “one Jedi” reply, that’ll be me lol & also 4 the ppl that do get into the beta is there a forum where we can discuss the beta & if so can a link be provided?

  • like others i am interested in the music visualizer, however, i do not want to play a music game to unlock visualizations. does teh free 4am player function as a visualizer.

    or hell, can i just buy a visualizer version?

    • You will not need a Move to use the visualiser.

      It is unlocked right from the start with 5 original visualisers. To get some of the rarer patterns and colour designs though, you will need to unlock them in the game first.

  • Awesome that Sony allows this kind of creativity on their games! Keep it up Sony. Also, quick question being that I used to DJ and still hang out with quite a few, would there be a way to convert any of the tracks you create to MP3s or WAVE formats? It would be awesome if you can throw in your newly created track in your next gig. Can’t wait for this great experience! (can’t really call it a game)

  • This is why i’m excited to start school for game & art design in the summer.I am very inspired by the brilliance of the game developers,and can’t wait to experience this.Long live gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m hoping you’ve loaded this with some seriously rich samples. Having only four tracks makes me fear that this will get very repetitive and won’t be very engaging (but I’d love it if I was way wrong). It’d be awesome if you can patch in more tracks in the future.

    Any word on what speaker configurations will be supported and how much manipulation of the sound space will be available?

  • THANK YOU! I have been waiting for a long time for this. My roommate has heard enough of me talking about it. It’s time to play!

    Thanks for making an AWESOME game!

  • Do you guys already know who owns a move? I am PS PLUS and have a move but with little games to play for it. Would love to get a beta code. The game looks great and the visuals are in par.

  • This looks like a pretty awesome game! I can just see myself losing many a night to this… Makes me glad to own a Move!

  • I want In on this BETA.

  • I WANT IN ON THE BETA! music production is my thing so this would be cool to try out

  • Would like to try this out

  • Nice! Can’t wait to test it out…

  • Wow… O.O
    I am absolutely amazed. I haven’t been into the PixelJunk games much at all before. Sidescroller is my first one. But this… this is a must have. It looks simply amazing.
    The way it looks to control, and the ability to fully customize everything you hear just blows my mind. I can’t wait for this to release. May is going to be a great month for PS Move!

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    You can win games, themes, avatars and… a PS Vita!

  • Good thing I already own a move. I’m itching to try out the songs and my own tunes in this beta!

  • i have been waiting for this since its first leak. two questions that i hope can get answered. 1. will there be an option to use two move controllers? 2. how limited will the beta for ps+ members with a move be. big up to pixeljunk on this one.

  • Ok, got the first part of my question answered. Now will you be able to set tempo and if so can you adjust the amen break at like 180 for a descent jungle break? All I have really heard is house and chill kinda electro. And lastly how and when can I get my hands on the beta. It says a limited number of codes. So how is it going to work. Thanks for your time if you reply

  • Will this game have trophies?

  • I’m in the Beta I love the concept, but their is one frustrating part I can get to start my own performance. Can I get some guidance on how to do so. It would make this Beta a lot more enjoyable. Right now it feels like I’m wasting time because there is no clear direction or menu options that allows you to start your own performance. I’m tired of listening to other people I just want to try this concept out. I got a pop up window about 2 times prompting me that no one is performing and to start a performance and tells me to hit “X” and nothing happens after that. I love that you turned the MOVE controller into a midi controller… I was hoping someone would have the balls to do this.

  • BTW I calibrated my MOVE controller in the options menu.

  • A limited number of codes will be given to PS Plus members who own a Move, allowing them to get a first taste of performing in 4am.

    OK I get it now only some PLUS members got a actual code to perform… this makes me sad =(

  • Can you record your session to the HD?

  • @ 46 I agree with you the sad part… I wish I could have one before the full release so when it runs I can be closer to the artistic potential this title can create.

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