One Piece: Pirate Warriors is Brawling Exclusively on PS3

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors is Brawling Exclusively on PS3
One Piece: Pirate Warriors is Brawling Exclusively on PS3

“One Piece” is a household name in Japan, where the mangas and anime series are among the most popular series of all time. The series follows Monkey D. Luffy, a seafaring pirate in search of treasure on the high seas, who possesses the strange ability to stretch his limbs to cartoonish lengths after eating a mysterious fruit.

While only a handful of the games created in the One Piece universe have seen releases Stateside, the release of PS3-exclusive One Piece: Pirate Warriors sees the series return to the US. I recently went hands-on with a Japanese build of the game at Namco Bandai’s Gamers Day, checking out Pirate Warriors’ brawler-based gameplay and over-the-top anime antics.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 07One Piece Pirate Warriors 08

Pirate Warriors embraces the combat stylings of the Dynasty Warriors series, pitting series protagonist Monkey and a number of other playable characters against wave upon wave of enemies; the playable demo Namco had on-hand showed off the impressive number of enemies the game can display at any given time. Though the Dynasty Warriors series is known for its massive number of on-screen foes, Pirate Warriors does this with the anime stylings of series creator Eiichiro Oda, featuring some of the most over-the-top combat sequences I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s easy to get the hang of combat right away, combining light and strong attacks into combo strings to take down multiple enemies at once. Monkey’s ability to stretch his limbs to ridiculous length allows him to strike groups from across the screen. Monkey also possesses the ability to perform mega attacks, which are available once a charge bar at the top of the screen fills up as he defeats enemies. These attacks are totally off-the-wall, and involve brief anime-style cutscenes while Monkey inflicts massive amounts of pain on his helpless foes.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 03

One Piece: Pirate Warriors also sports multiple modes of play, including a story mode and a more straightforward battle mode. Fans familiar with the series will be happy to know that the game mirrors much of the plot that begins the One Piece manga, though gamers unfamiliar with the series should have no problem becoming acquainted with Monkey and his band of Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors is slated to hit later this year, only on PS3.

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  • please inlcude jap voice overs and ill be pre-ordering this asap!!

  • One Piece fans! Rejoice! This game looks great! Now Namco Bandai please bring Tales of Xillia to America!

  • Coool. Now, how about Demons Souls 2 exclusive for the PS3?

  • please give us an ability to choose between Japanese and English dubbed.

  • Tristan: I take it you haven’t touched Dark Souls, have you?

  • And please release this game with japanese and english voice acting like the Naruto UNS Series!

  • The idea behind this game is TERRIBLE. Whose idea was it to have a kid with long stretchy arms fightind dudes carrying swords?!?

  • awesome! its sad that namco sold themselves with the naruto ultimate ninja storm games to 360… but hey this kinda pay off…

    Also How about Tales of Vesperia getting localized? That game has been long time to get here! U dont need to put english voice acting! just subtitles and english menus and thats it! PLS BRING IT!!!!

  • So is NamcoBandai gonna release One Piece: Pirate Warriors as a Blu-ray/ Retail title or is this just gonna be a PSN release? Or Maybe both?

  • Finaaaallyyyyyyyyyyyy I’ve been waitinnnnnnnnnnnn for this game to come to the U S cant wait to get my hand on it!!

  • never heard of it. Does look like an anime frome one of the saturday morning cartoon shows. gonna look up some episodes I guess. Couldnt really get into naruto so never tried the games. gonna take this time to say…you guys could’ve done a DBZ game w move as well…

  • @Dragun619 It’s going to be a PlayStation Network-exclusive release. No Blu-ray for the US version.

  • I haven’t followed One Piece in quite some time what better time to start than now!! This game looks great definitely day one purchase for me!!!

  • Like many have already said, dual audio is a must! Or at the very least, keep the Japanese audio and subtitle it.

  • Only Digital Release? That’s sad u.u…. Well, I will buy it anyways…

  • WTF @ no bluray

  • I love Japan. This is awesome. I just wish it wasn’t pirates. With all of the pirate stuff going in Germany, well it makes me sick.

  • Later this year? But I want it now!

  • The Best Anime Ever now in a PS3 Game a Must Buy for a The Anime Fans BTW, jap voice overs PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • …And why so formal with the write-up referring to Luffy by his last name, “Monkey?”

  • Damn i was starting to be interested in this game and then i saw Andy Burt comment oh well…

  • You know im excited for this.

  • Sweet awesome; i love one piece a lot. I am big anime fan and this is so awesome; i can’t wait to play it >_<, will this game be super long just like the anime show? Will their be DLC for more story add-on's?

    Will we see more anime games come to the PS3 PSN later on too? Sorry just so many question i want to ask; can't help it that i love anime to the core of my heart. :)

  • Gotta love good old Namco Bandai!

  • I realize it’s not for everyone, but I’m one of those people that really loves the FUNimation Dub of One Piece. Do you know if they’ll be dubbing this?

  • I’m excited for this but the price is gonna make or break any PSN releases IMHO. I’m still waiting for Orochi Warriors to break that magical sub-$30 threshold before I latch on. Full blu-ray titles that do not have to pay for packaging should be less expensive then their download only counterpart.

  • @ Major_Hoare. You never watched a One Piece episode in your life right? Luffy’s attacks are faster then any normal sword swipe

  • @Gastonly im sure they will charge $60 bucks but what price do u guys think it should be ?

  • By additional game modes, does this include Player vs. Player Multi-Player?

  • @drakerules09 — agreed. Lots of AAA (wait, can we call One Piece AAA if it doesn’t even have a blu-ray release. LOL — AA then — AAAA in Japan!) titles are $60 on PSN. Just wanted to chime in and hopefully some PR will see that price it more reasonable. $30 and it’s a day one buy from me — similar to Arcana Heart 3 (AH3). Correct me if I am wrong but in Europe/Japan, AH3 retailed with hard copies for $60. In North America, AH3 was only available digital for $30. Hopefully One Piece follows this route as well. BTW, AH3 was a day one buy from me with no regrets — even if it ever goes on sale I feel like I already got my $30 worth.

  • Day 1 purchase for me =D

  • I need so bad this game I hope the put the JP voices

    I will love you bring the PS3 Gold with the face of Luffy and the island on the back that was release on JP

  • I will be buying this because I’m so glad One Piece is finally heading to PS3 and I’m a big fan, but I think you might win some lose some customers over the Digital –>ONLY<— I myself would love to have a hard copy. I also agree that I will not accept a $60 price tag if it's only going to be on the PSN. I think this is very eh just a weird way of publishing a full game, I'd think it's because of a budget or something. Bleach got the hard copy treatment, naruto got it as well too. I really think you're going to lose some customers on this one though. No one's going to know it even exists if it's not on a store shelf. I just saw the trailer today and I was psyched but the digital only thing is a huge letdown. But who am I kidding, the game looks gorgeous! I have to admit I'm going to be really happy playing a One Piece game on the playstation again. I wonder how far in the storyline this game will be, looks like it's at least after the Great War but it also looks like it's starting from the beginning of the story.
    I suggest having a pre-order available on the store, it's the least you could if it's only going to be on PSN. I'll stock up on PSN cards when the release date comes near =)

  • @ReptileHand Hopefully it won’t be a full $60 pricetag since it’s digital only. I would hope it will release at $50.

  • I like One Piece, it’s good that this game is coming, but not everyone want digital download on retail games, i.e. Warriors Orochi 3, not everyone have the 160g PS3, and especially for someone who had either the very original 20g or 60g, or someone who don’t have online connection to their PS3 could be a problem. I’m sorry but SCEA needs to reconsidered this. Is there a back story why is only digital anyway, does making physical copy really cost that much?

  • Can’t wait. Disappointed that Skypiea and Thriller Bark won’t be in it (really wanted to fight Eneru) but it’s One Piece on PS3 so I will get it for sure.

    Is it a digital-release only because there’s no English dub on it?

  • There’s no disc release? Blargh. I’m a huge One Piece fan but you’ve lost my sale. If the other regions get discs; I expect a disc. I’d sooner pay the 100+ dollars to a third party to get an imported copy with a disc and game case than support you guys doing stuff like this.

  • Cant wait for this game. ill admit im not a huge fan of the series, but i do enjoy their games. Also i know its a bit early, but are you planning on also releasing the DLC of this game? i know in the Japanese version there is Alt. Costumes and challenges.

    Also while highly unlikely i think it would be a great idea to include say an Episode of the series with this game.

  • Also I highly suggest you edit your article to call the lead character by his proper name. He goes by Luffy. Calling him by his surname over and over (Monkey) shows a pretty huge lack of understanding of the franchise. And it’s hard to get excited when being fed information that any actual fan of the franchise (i.e. your target audience) is going to cringe at.

  • I hear the physical retail will be Europe only? Not sure why North America didn’t get retail version but that’s why I love Playstation, you don’t need to care about region-lock. So, I’ll just import the Europe version. I won’t support digital-download.

  • I really hope this game has an english dub. I mean, the last game had a dub but I guess that doesn’t mean this game will, but still I’m going to keep hoping it will be dubbed.

  • Yes the 7 yr wait is over.. its about time lol,, we also need some avi’s of the characters please.. also try to kind with the price #30-50 should sufffice.. thank you namco once agn..

  • Not sure if anyone from Namco Bandai reads these comments, but are there any plans on another .hack// series or possibly an actual MMO based on it.

  • Is there still a chance of them announcing a pre-order physical copy, or at least a physical copy you can order online? I really like to own the physical game.

  • Digital only, well there goes my curiosity… xP

  • Im not a fan of one piece but is good to have another exclusive for teh pS3.

  • If it helps One Piece succeed in America, I will buy this. I don’t really like this style of game at all but, more people need to find One Piece.

  • I’ll be buying this no matter what. I just really hope it gets a dub with the Funimation cast. Make it dual-language for the added value, since a lot of people seem to be unhappy with the digital-only release.
    If it includes both languages, I know for a fact that I will play through it completely at least twice, once in each language, because both sets of voice actors are really amazing.
    Come on, Bamco, make it happen!

  • Luffy doesn’t doesn’t kick ass because his enemies are greedy for power and evil. He just tacks out the garbage that gets in his way or tries to mess with his friends. It is a little misleading to try to sell Luffy as an overthrower of evil. Actually, Luffy himself is hungry for power and money. He is a freaking pirate after all. He just takes out evil pirates to get his booty. He is kind of like the Dexter of the pirate world, except with a lot more feelings.

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