God of War: Ascension is Coming to PS3

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God of War: Ascension is Coming to PS3

Hi everyone! I’m Todd Papy, the game director of the recently announced God of War: Ascension. As most of you were recently made aware, God of War: Ascension will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out what the team at Sony Santa Monica Studios has been working on, I’m excited to present you with our very first trailer. Watch it and let us know what you think in the comments!

PlayStation.Blog and God of War: Ascension on Facebook on Monday, April 30th at 8am Pacific Time for a live streaming event that will give you a glimpse of what’s in store for God of War: Ascension. I’ll also be answering your questions about the game, so follow @PlayStation on Twitter and Tweet us your best questions by 3pm Pacific Time this Friday — be sure to include #godofwarascension in your Tweet so we can find it (we’re expecting a lot of questions!) If we pick your question to ask during the show, we’ll even send you a signed God of War: Ascension poster.

Thanks and see you on April 30th! There is much more to come.

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  • Kratos without Blades? Does this mean this game is going to be a shooter? If so will it be a TPS or FPS?

  • Not even going to be available on the PlayStation Vita? Sony, I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am.

  • really curious to see what they do with this. he’s gonna go from fighting Gods and giant monsters like the Hydra and Kraken to fighting…what? before he made his deal with Ares, he was simply an exceptional Spartan general. i need to know more

  • Awwwwwwwwww snap!

  • Can’t wait to see actual gameplay! Just cause Kratos doesn’t have blades.. it doesn’t mean that it won’t still have similar gameplay. He did use gauntlets, spears + shield, bow and arrows + more in the previous God of War games.

  • Can someone please tell me why, oh why, do games and movies always wanna come out with a “prequel” after there’s already been X amount of games and movies?

    Why dont they just start out a series with the “prequel”, which would be known as the start of the series, and then just go on from there?

    Prequels usually tend to be bad because they end up trying to make a story before the game/movie took place to begin with.

  • @2 And you think that this is the only announcement that they have up their sleeves? If they are announcing this now… can you begin to imagine what else they have in store for E3?

  • 3D PLEASE!!!!

  • i like the video effects very cool. if he won;t have blades atleast give him the power to control blood. Whats more fun than running around killing everything in sight using your own blood or others

  • By the Gods!

  • @7 well i’m hoping for a tiny piece of ps4 news update and some kingdom hearts ps3 news

  • I thought Stig would be directing the next God of War game but hey a new game director every game happens every time :D good luck Todd you have no idea how excited I am for this

  • @6 Have you played God of War Origins aka the PSP God of War games? Ghost of Sparta in particular was better than God of War 3. Also… it hasn’t been explicitly announced that it will be a prequel either.

  • Since Todd Pappy is the game director… what has Stiq Asmussen been up to or did he depart like the previous God of War game directors? I am also very hopeful from the trailer that the story will evolve from just rage and revenge as well as the gameplay. About time that you guys got rid of that God of War formula of losing your powers, going and escaping Hades along with a combat system that hasn’t taken major strides forward. Time to innovate some!

  • @7 PS4 news is very doubtful, but can probably bank on a lot of PS Vita games along with some awesome PS3 games to boot.

  • I am very hopeful that this God of War will finally innovate and push the game forward from the formula that is has been stuck on since God of War 1. Time for the story to finally evolve from just anger and revenge as well as the gameplay itself. Innovation won’t kill you guys! Moreover, what has Stiq Asmussen been up to or has he departed?

  • WOW! is my 1st impression,im a huge GOD OF WAR FAN.and i cant wait to play it and see more info soon.I REALLY HOPE THEIR IS A SPECIAL EDITION FOR GOD OF WAR,please top the last special edition and ill be the 1st to pre order .and is stig still apart of this ? cause i like his involvement with gow series.if so thanks stig and santa monica! u know my psn in case ya want to send any private betas over…

  • Another game director for God of war. cool, Impress me todd papy.

  • Can’t WAIT to see some gameplay! God of War 3 is one of my favorite games of all time and it’s also the best looking game of this generation (rivaled only by Uncharted 3). Imagine what they are going to be able to create now that they’re used to the hardware…

    I do hope they improve the storytelling, that’s my only critique with GOW. Truly excited to see what’s to come.

    Also hope that a God of War is far along for the Vita. After playing the launch Uncharted for PSVita, I think a GOW on the Vita could look and play amazing.

  • @Kchow23 How many Call of Duty games have there been with very little innovation between their games? What about the Battlefield series (main and Bad Company)? Not to mention countless of other game series. Even if God of War Ascension is similar to God of War 3 I won’t complain, but I would imagine they are going to push the design while still staying true to what GoW fans expect.

  • @20 Not making excuses for them at all… Military FPS games need to innovate, they can’t just pump out the same thing year after year. Much like WW2 FPS became something of the past when MW1 came along.. same thing will happen again, but games like Bioshock Infinite and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are innovating. Sony needs to be at the forefront of innovation which they have been doing with LBP and Heavy Rain for instance.

  • Not saying that it can’t keep some of the things that God of War fans will love, but they also need to add plenty of innovation. Much like the Assassin’s Creed series, people felt that it was getting stale after 4 games of really the same gameplay and finally they are pushing the series forward with Assassin’s Creed 3.

  • Ah, one of the blog posts for insomniacs. So, this is the game you, Mr. Unblinking, showed off to the Tester trio? I hope Akileeze(sp?) flourishes on your team. It seemed like you all were impressed with him, just like so many of us were.

    @7, KChow, you make an excellent point. If they’re unveiling this blockbuster now, we can be justly excited about E3 prospects.

    I was thinking much earlier today (well, technically yesterday) that it was kind of a slow news day for Playstation….
    This post ‘plains it. Got to love the exclusive triple A games.

  • I spammed your twitter with questions already, I hope I get the signed poster..

    I was hoping for another God of War, really can’t wait !!! #kratosrulez

  • Really excited for this, I just hope it’s out this year. Kind of hoped Kratos would be moving on to other mythologies by now though. I’d say Ragnorok sounds like the perfect setting for Kratos to bust some Aesir heads.

  • Spot on #2 – if Sony’s own first party studios can’t be bothered to develop for the Vita, then why should anyone else care? All of Sony’s “near PS3 experience” talk is looking pretty shallow.

  • I was really hoping for IV, i really don’t think that another prequel is necesary unless it involves some kind of new gameplay, like multiplayer maybe?

    What i say is that if you are making a prequel again becouse you’d like to try new things without messing out the continuation of GOW3 i think i’m ok with that.

    I’ll be tuned with expectation.

  • Essa então é a continuação mesmo?..
    Muito bom se for.. pronto pra mais essa XD

  • Everything with Kratos really should have ended with 3. I was so disappointed to see the cliffhanger with 3. No pun intended. Stupid me will still buy this but this right here just from a first impression is borderline milking the series now.

  • lookz like itz gonna be pretty epic!!! cant wait!!!

  • Kchow23 – How the hell is Ghost of Sparta better than God of War III? What a stupid thing to say, and yes opinions can definitely be stupid. 95% of God of War fans will agree that GoW3>GoW2>GoS>Gow1>CoO.

    Funny seeing someone talking about a franchise not innovating when you have a Drake avatar from the Uncharted franchise which has had 4 games that are indistinguishable from one another, not only do they all suck but they haven’t changed at all from the start apart from adding on a lousy tacked on multiplayer. Stop commenting on God of War related topics if your just going to spout total nonsense.

    God of War III is not only the best in the series, it’s the best game in the genre of all time and easily the best game on the PS3, I hope God of War: Ascension can raise the bar even higher! Todd Papy, I have faith in you! :)

  • woooow

  • God of War in 2005 = BEST GAME EVER!
    God of War 2 in 2007 = NEW BEST GAME EVER!!
    God of War 3 in 2010 = NEW NEW BEST GAME EVER!!!
    God of War: Ascension in 2013 = NEW NEW NEW BEST GAME EVER!!!!

    I can’t imagine how God of War III will be topped, and also I loved the ending in 3 but I need to know what happened to Kratos’ body in the post-credits scene! Don’t leave me hanging for too much longer!

    God of War is the only franchise worth owning a Playstation console for in my opinion, so make sure this new one is as amazing as past games, if it’s humanly possibly, maybe even try and exceed it.


    + Keep those PS3 Exclusives coming SONY;) That is what makes the PS3 & the PlayStation brand so much better than the rest:P

  • Are people really saying God of War is being milked? 4 main games in 8 years is not being milking morons, and if they’re all critically acclaimed and beloved by millions of fans then why shouldn’t they keep releasing more. If Anything’s being milked it’s Uncharted, with 3 main games in 4 years.

    God of War is Sony’s most beloved franchise too with over 2.5 million fans growing at a rate of about 1 million every 6 months on the Facebook fan page, nothing else comes close. So of course Sony will continue God of War, they don’t have to bundle it from Earth to the moon for it to sell incredibly well like Uncharted/LittleBigPlanet have to be because it actually has a huge fan base unlike those games, not to say they both suck as LittleBigPlanet is awesome… Uncharted not so much.

    I hope God of War: Ascension has the scale from the previous games, especially 3 which is my favourite game ever, and also I’d like to know who the composer is, the God of War franchise always has beautiful original soundtracks and I expect the new game to be no different but I’ve heard Timothy Williams & Tyler Bates are now the composers? I hope they don’t change it up too much.

  • i am really excited about this since i loved the third game and sounds like it takes place before all the god of war games.

  • @32 Your comment is rather ironic because the way you went about responding was immature and yes opinions are opinions but the way you worded yours was clearly for trolling rather than leaving things up for discussion. How come you don’t have an avatar at all? Who says Naughty Dog doesn’t innovate? have you seen their work on acting, storytelling, animation, multiplayer and scripted events? The giant leap that Uncharted 1 was from 2?

    I disn’t say Ghost of Sparta was the best in the series but in terms of gameplay, flow and storytelling.. It was better than God of War 3 and God of War 2 is the best in the series in my opinion. Graphics aren’t everything.

    Question to you… if all Uncharted games suck in your opinion and they haven’t innovated then how has any of the God of War games innovated or distinguished themselves at all from the other games in the series? Other than graphics.

  • I don’t understand why people feel so unsecured and have to reassure themselves and to everyone here that “their” franchise is the best. Can’t people like multiple franchises? Just cause Uncharted and LBP are good doesn’t make God of War bad, but it wouldn’t hurt if they innovated some.

  • Will this God of War game be as high graphic and detailed as God Of War 3 was ?

    Also will the game be using the same game engine used to make GoWIII?

    Will Ascension take place prior to the 1 and 2 PSP games or between Chains of Olympus AND Ghost of Sparta?

    ( meaning will this be the order : GOW CoO , GOW Ascension, GOW GoS, Gow I, GOW2, GOWIII )

  • I bet some poor Sony PR guy is super pissed at Amazon right now.

  • ah so thats the game the testers saw at SMS :) i hope it has an awesome story :P Waiting for E3 now :)

  • Who ever said this is going to be a prequel? Yes “gaia” states his “history” about a blood oath, but, they did the same thing in the opening movie for GoW3, they re-iterated the entire storyline? At the end of the 3rd game, Athena goes to “a higher power” if you all remember? The Definition of Ascension:

    Noun: The act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

    Whats not to say hes going even higher? There has not been confirmation on any of it. I think This is great news. Good going Sony. Wether or not its a prequel. I will love it. *Thumbs up*

  • I hope E3 will bring us some gameplay footage since its already announced on the Playstation website. I know I’m looking forward I knew the GOW series wasn’t over just yet :D

  • Last night i couldn’t sleep after watching the trailer repeatedly, Ms Linda Hunt’s voice and the background music kept echoing in my head all night, aah Love you Santa Monica Studios, your one of the reasons for me to take up Game Design as a career(i am at present doing my Masters in Game Design at Full Sail University) and the day will come when i get to be a part of your team!!

  • Yes yes yes. i hope it will be out this year. and people that are worry about the vita software not being developed well think of it like this. E3 is where they announce unannounced games. well announcing all these game before e3 they must have a lot in store for the vita on e3 since not much has been announced.

  • OMG!!!!!! An somebody knows WTF wtth the history?? Any news pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone talk to me XD

  • Sweet.. buying.

  • I’m totally buying… but this trailer was ridiculously/underwhelming vague. Does it support 3D, Move, does he still have his chains, is this a prequel sequel? Common guys?

  • @35 MonkeyMan
    It’s 3 main games in 6 years for Uncharted. Just like GoW… If your going to bash Uncharted a bit please do it right.

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