Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Brings the Pain

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Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Brings the Pain
Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Brings the Pain

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, come by our community meetup tonight to go hands-on with Resistance: Burning Skies in a kill-or-be-killed multiplayer tournament!

If it’s true that a shooter is only as good as its weapons, Resistance: Burning Skies is shaping up to be a delight indeed. Take the Mule, a new double-barreled shotgun that dishes out devastating buckshot blasts and launches explosive bolts via its over-barrel crossbow. Or the ever-popular Auger, whose projectiles hungrily chew through walls to seek out warm flesh. But my favorite gun so far is the lethal Hunter rifle, a long-range Chimeran burst-fire weapon with the ability to deploy an attack drone that you can guide towards your multiplayer foes with taps on the front touchscreen — tres sophisticated!

Playing a series of Wifi multiplayer matches in Resistance: Burning Skies in New York City last week was a valuable reminder that shooting ultra-powerful weapons just feels good man. In an era of multiplayer games that arguably sport too-fussy weapon balancing, unloading with Burning Skies’ unapologetically brutal arsenal was an intoxicating experience that streamlined the action and reminded me of the good old days of Doom and Quake. Despite their immense power, the arsenal is properly tuned for multiplayer balance — the face-melting Hunter rifle boasts a pokier fire rate and reload time, for instance.

Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer for PS Vita

Another interesting touch is how each weapon’s secondary fire makes use of PS Vita’s front touchscreen, whether it’s tapping an enemy in order to fire the Bullseye’s homing tag, swiping from top to bottom to load the Mule’s crossbow bolt, or making a stretching motion with your thumbs to “draw” the Auger’s protective shield. Burning Skies makes use of PS Vita’s rear touchscreen as well, with a rear double-tap triggering the all-important run like hell maneuver.

The final game will include six multiplayer maps, but I was only able to try one — a claustrophobic urban map set in and around a crumbling New York City apartment complex. This intimate, atmospheric map was a good fit for Burning Skies’ potent arsenal, making the encounters feel more urgent and high-stakes. The multiplayer war raged through dimly lit stairwells, cluttered rooftops, and a dangerously exposed city street. When the smoke cleared, I stood tall…with a second-place finish. Not bad! Winning multiplayer matches nets you XP that you can cash in to purchase new weapons and mods.

Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer for PS VitaResistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer for PS Vita

So far, Burning Skies’ eight-player multiplayer mode is confirmed to support free-for-all deathmatch and team deathmatch modes, with a third survivor-type mode remaining in the shadows for now. If you have questions, leave them in the comments…but if you live in San Francisco, why not drop by tonight to try it for yourself?

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  • Looks great. Can’t wait to try this in May.

  • FINALLY! A real game on the vita! Soon enough the vita will actually seem like it’s worth the $300 I spent.

    Still waiting on that LittleBigPlanet realease date though.

    Remote play update?

  • It looks great! Too bad I don’t live in SoCal.

    You guys should have kept the Vita Social Clubs up! Just turn them into PS lounges. =p

  • this game looks awesome, I really want it, but sadly if it includes an online pass I’m not buying it, cause this is getting worse

    • Haven’t heard one way or the other there. They’re common these days but I’m not sure where RBS factors in.

  • You should go ahead and send out a digital beta. :)

  • is there gonna be a beta? online multiplayer demo? a single player demo? anything? this is my most anticipated vita title and it looks great , i was hoping for 12 – 16 players online but i dont think the vita is capable enough

  • Looks awesome indeed. I really hope there will be a type of Intu-Aim like in Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It’s the one thing that Unit 13 is missing for me. It just makes aiming feel so….. intuitive :)

  • @ROLO_ONFIRE If you’re going to buy the game new, who cares about the online pass? It’s not that big of a deal. If you’re upset about not being able to get full value upon resale or not being able to buy a used copy for yourself with online capabilities, then the developers and publishers don’t care about your complaints because they weren’t going to make any money off of either you (if you’re buying used) or the person you’re selling it to (if you care about resale value). If online passes are the only thing developers have right now to keep gamers buying new (thus netting them a profit and funding future games for your enjoyment), then be thankful our consoles don’t require always online DRM or one time use serial keys like PC games do. Online passes aren’t going to go away anytime soon, don’t let it hold up your purchasing.

  • DEMO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEEDZ IT I CANT WAIT

  • cant wait for this game to come out

  • well at first i was all “meh a shooter.. im not into them on the go”. then i got unit13. loving it (got the plat, and hoping for dlc even with zipper dead). after playing that alot, i startet looking at the resistance vids on this and the eu blog.

    i am sold.. it looks awesome, nice new interactions and the 2vs2 on small maps is a nice thing.
    you got one buyer right here

    • I do enjoy the smaller game size as well (RBS supports up to 4 v 4), because it changes the strategy immensely.

  • Guy’s im gonna pull a cartman. im going to freeze myself to make time go faster. SEE YOU ON LAUNCH DAY!

  • looks really cool as a long time resistance fan im excited, nihilistic should make a console resistance after this one it would be awesome to see resistance live on were insomniac left off

  • @Sid

    Ouch. Not sure why I thought it was in L.A.

    Still, I don’t live in the Bay Area either. I live on the opposite side of the country where nothing ever happens. Ha! *Sad Face*

    Looks like I’ll have to wait until launch to play. That is, unless I snag a review copy. *Crosses Fingers*

    Either way, I can’t wait to play the game.

  • Great to see that mp is shaping up nicely Sid.

    I’m assuming the hunter rifle deals out incendiary damage to it being “face melting”

    Am I right or wrong

    I’m hoping Playstation will have a community meetup in Anaheim sometime in the near future (my neck of the woods). I would definitely attend!

  • Ah I see

    Thanks for the clarification!

  • Will Wifi be required for multiplayer or can we battle it out with ad hoc

  • Sid. anyword on a demo? i’m working on a time machine as i type this. only problem with that is the U.S government doesn’t like me craigslist searching “Rich Uranium Cells” and “nuclear reactor blueprints”
    im kinda in a pickle here sid!.

  • Pretty sure his name is Greg Phillips.

  • Hey, Sid, I’m sure you get requests like this a lot, but do you think you could pass a suggestion to Nihilistic Software?

    They could add functionality (probably via patch at this point) with the back touch-pad so that tapping the right side of the pad would be like an R2 press, and tapping the left side like an L2 press, so that you could use the secondary fire and grenades more easily. (I feel like taking your hand off of one analog stick to tap the front screen is excessively dangerous in an online competitive shooter.)

    • The game is a little different from other Resistance games in that the touchscreen is integral to the secondary fire and grenade mechanics, giving you a ton of freedom to aim and use them in new ways. It’s one of the cooler things about the game, actually.

  • Quick unrelated question. What Grad schools would you guys recommend in Florida for a degree to push into game programming? Is having a Bachelor’s degree enough? Also, what do you guys think of iSec in tulsa?

  • And I can’t wait for the game guys, I wish you’d bump up the release date :3. Just be sure to make the digital version slightly discounted. Good habbits make nice buys :3

  • Are those screenshots for real? I mean, besides being supersampled or whatever they did, are the textures and lighting actually that good? I only ask because the early screenshots for the game looked massively worse and I haven’t really heard them mention any word of improved graphics. If there was really that big a divide (as these screenshots indicate), it seems like they would mention that.

    Also, I don’t know if you personally know, Sid, but does this game have AA? Or even better, is it running in native res? I can’t wait to have more games in native res since they’re so lacking in the current Vita titles.

  • @23 I was wondering all of the same questions.

  • Thank you thank you
    I am sold
    I was worried about framerate issue that has been going on
    And looks like it has been fixed
    Yay <3
    May 29th can't come soon enough!!

  • hopefully this helps sales for the vita games gonna be beast : D

  • god make me wonder why the vita’s sale’s wise isn’t doing to great with such epic games like this and all the vita can do yet the 3ds is doing well and they didn’t really put any effort into that thing……….. its a shame

  • After looking at that footage of multiplayer. I think its time for me to buy my first Vita game which I have delayed for almost 2 months now xD. 1 Quick question. How much will the game be and the release date?

  • This game looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it. Also, in the thread last week there was a hint that there may be a preview like you just had in California up in Toronto. What are the chances of that? Thanks, and is there any chance at all we might see NHL 13 on the Vita?

  • @ Spliceit

    Great Idea of NHL on Vita. I’m pretty sure there will be. That would be really awesome!

  • good job

  • @Sid Shuman

    A question please, these images are actual screenshots from vita? with photo somehow, or just are bullshoots

    looks too very perfect, any postproces etc

    thanks and good work

  • STOP TEASING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks pretty good

  • I want more games with this type of multiplayer

  • I’m so pumped to use party mode in this. Can you do an 8 person party mode?



  • the link that appears as soon as you enter the blog

  • The one above me is right. I had to scroll down to find the correct link.

  • the game looks cool and all which definitely imma get but come on dude what’s with the camera angle. I enjoyed the video but my neck hurts from tilting it so many times….gesh anyways cant wait

  • You guys should send out beta invites!

  • That looks really good. Very impressed.

  • How much will this game cost? I hope it doesnt cost as much as a ps3 game. Will there be a demo for this game? i wish i could watch the video on my ps vita but i cant. Thats funny because according to you guys the ps vita supports html5 but it clearly doesnt. plus i still want my first month of 3g which you guys also lied about. I cant play my minis or my ps1 games.

  • The game looks good.
    Cant wait to play the first FPS on Vita with my Friends

  • Hey guys i’m thinking of buying a vita but i’m hearing of crashes and stuff. Should i be worried and if not should i get one? when will resistance be out?

  • I wish I had the extra time for a Vita right now. Someday, there will be a Resistance 4 or something possibly better. I guess they’re going back to kiddy games for awhile though (not speaking of burning skies).

  • People, check on youtube the GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION TRAILER!!!!!!

  • ON TOPIC: Resistance: Burning Skies FIRST DAY BUY!!!

  • anybody else notice that at the end of the trailer, when he dies, he falls through the map some and the vita and camera are both jerked away from each other? haha..either way, this game looks awesome and im considering this be the first physical vita game i buy.

  • Yay~ A FPS Resistance on the go. Shaping up nicely, hopefully the story is told well. Hopefully they’re able to at least do what Sony Bend did with story telling in Retribution.

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