Twisted Metal Update: Axel Available to All Tomorrow, Starhawk Sweet Tooth Skin

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Twisted Metal Update: Axel Available to All Tomorrow, Starhawk Sweet Tooth Skin

Twisted Metal: AXELTwisted Metal: Axel (exclusive pre-order item)

We’re pleased to confirm that Axel will be available to all Twisted Metal players with the upcoming free patch on April 18th. If you missed him through early pre-order access, this will be your chance to deal some serious destruction in new ways. Bothered by some unrelenting enemies? Blow them away with Axel’s signature Crowd Control attack, or run them right over with his ruthless War Wheel alternate special attack. You can learn more about Axel gameplay strategies (along with strategies for all vehicles) in the Twisted Metal University series at

After studying up on your vehicle of choice, take it for a spin in online multiplayer where we’ve tirelessly been working on updates driven by user feedback. Give it a try and keep the feedback coming!

Finally, you’ve seen pictures from our initial January announcement that Sweet Tooth would be making an appearance in Starhawk, but you’ve never seen him in action…until today. Check out Sweet Tooth’s Outcast form in this new video:

Twisted Metal Update: Axel Available to All Tomorrow, Starhawk Sweet Tooth Skin

Every copy of Twisted Metal includes a voucher for this exclusive Starhawk multiplayer skin. Don’t forget to enter your code once Starhawk launches on May 8th!

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  • Just started playing Twisted Metal from my backlog of games. Absolutely wonderful game! The Axel update should help get me some better times in campaign mode! Also, can’t wait to rock the Sweet Tooth skin in Starhawk.

  • Wait, you mean Axel is usable offline? I never redeemed my code because I figured it was just some multi-player thing. Egg on my face! XD

  • Sad that Sony isn’t supporting Twisted Metal like they should be. ESP’s maintenance contract is almost up, Now word if Sony Santa Monica studios will be taking over, and there’s still a litany of issues unresolved.

    Come on Sony, you’re cutting the legs out of your own IP’s! Twisted Metal is one hell of a fun game, and pretty damn polished, but there is no excuse for the slow, lack of support the title is getting.

  • The Starhawk skin looks amazing and Axel is GREAT! cant wait to see more of those!

  • “Join The Public Beta Today”

    Haha, nice video revising guys! Skin looks cool though.

  • Online Pass kills this for me. I refuse to suppose this business plan. Was very excited but after the announcement I canceled preorder and never (and wont) buy it.

    Whether I buy new or used it shouldnt matter. Buying used is no different than yard sales which have been taking place in video games for the last 30 years.

    Good luck on your sales people, your horrible business practices have nothing to do with the decline in sales…nope not at all.

  • Sorry tm …

  • I though this was going to be news about some new modes..maps or vehicles ..not an REMINDER of what I ALREADY OWN..SMH.You guys at TWISTED METAL are SLACKING on the DLC.Also i hope you guys decide to fix the start screen very soon because having to watch the loading online update..and having it freeze my ps3 is not what i expected from a game that i waited 10 years to be developed. I know it sounds like im bashing this game but Twisted Metal is one of my favorite vehicle combat games (2nd to MNR lol)

  • WOW this BLOG is way better than the EU one, Well done to the US blog you guys are Great keep up the good work.

  • Axel was coming out as a patch? I thought he was going to be a DLC.

  • Axle was a timed limited preorder bonus. Time is up, so he’s getting unlocked next patch.

    DLC is up to sony to contract out for new content. So far sony seems to not care.

    @ChaseHammerJ – If you buy used, publishers don’t give a flying frak about you, since you didn’t buy anything from them nor support their game and livelihood. If you were buying new, who cares, as you have an online pass.

    Online pass can easily be sidestepped anyways. Buy new, sell used right away then buy used at a later date for cheap. Still have your pass, but ended up spending a lot less on the game.

    Used games are a problem, but only because places like Gamestop are pulling 100% profit cash money out of gamers hands, and sending it off to shareholders and their CEO. That’s money that leaves the system and doesn’t go back into games, to Dev’s or is used by gamers to purchase new content.

  • Thanks for making me wait 63 days to unlock a vehicle already on my disc that was promised 30 days after launch.

  • It’s to bad this game has an online pass, because I defiantly would have bought it new. I WILL NEVER BUY A GAME WITH AN ONLINE PASS! THERE ARE BETTER WAY’S TO CONVINCE YOUR CUSTOMERS TO BUY YOUR GAMES NEW!

  • Zach Wood’s Avatar is awesome!

  • Woop dee doo! Too late to throw a bone to this already DEAD DOG (not Axel. Hint : It’s actually the PATCH to once again for the millionth time TRY to make this broken-legged dog work online).

    Hopefully the inclusion of that Sweet-tooth skin won’t jinx Starhawk. Well, if it at least receives 1% more marketing than TM did, it’ll be at least something.

  • …ok, I really don’t understand people who ALREADY HAD A GAME PRE-ORDERED that cancel because it has an online pass…you were gonna buy it brand new on day 1 and now you’re changing your mind because they wanted to give you extra content for buying the game right away? I was more offended that I had to go to Gamestop to pre-order my copy of Starhawk for the extra free content.

    For those who don’t follow Jaffe on Twitter or read his site ever, they never planned to do any post-launch DLC for TM. IF the game did well sales-wise and there was a huge demand for it, they will eventually possibly release more characters and maps. They’ve been working on fixing bugs, balancing, and connection issues since the game launched though which is what any good dev who cares about their game and its functionality over making a quick buck on dlc should do. If I could spend as much time playing it online as I did trying to get into a game, I’d say the game was easily my favorite multiplayer game this gen.

    and FYI, I’m pretty sure I saw that it’s on sale on Amazon for $39.99 this week so anyone who hasn’t gotten it, PICK IT UUUUP!

  • I have no idea how much I dislike you guys right now for making me shop at GameStop…

  • I love Twisted Metal to death. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more. The multiplayer is an absolute blast. All the maps are amazing and the selection of vehicles is great. I am completely satisfied with my $60 purchase. I would be more than willing to shell out more money for some new maps, vehicles and multiplayer modes. Please Sony, we want DLC!

    You people who refuse to support any game with an online pass are seriously missing out. Twisted Metal, Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 are some of the greatest multiplayer games PlayStation®3 has to offer.

  • Been loving TM (and Axel) since day one and can’t wait to punch in that Starhawk code! Folks whining about online passes are only hurting themselves, but if it makes ’em feel better doing without while the rest of us have fun, so be it. If you like what a company is putting out, buying used does not support them, so I don’t know how suddenly refusing to buy new will somehow change that (you weren’t doing that to begin with or the online passes wouldn’t bother you). Those of us who support them properly will keep doing it, as always.


  • That sweet tooth looks pretty cool!

    Hopefully the online in TM is fixed and it gets continued support.

  • At least Twisted Metal is getting SOME kind of advertisement. The game is amazing and this cool skin should be an extra reason to buy it. Unfortunately word of mouth played a big part Twisted Metal’s fate and the problems at launch diffused too quickly over the internet. The online issues are not as heavy as many people want you to believe. What players don’t realize is that by complaining so much they are scaring away potential new players and customers. If you like starhawk you like it because it’s different from the usual boring Call of duty clone. Twisted Metal offers the most unique online head to head multiplayer. 90% of the players will admit that never before they had so much fun with an online game. For the future of the game and for yourself, you should at least try twisted metal out. I will be playing TM and starhawk forever, just because they are both fresh ways of playing online. Ps3 owners must absolutely own both of these titles. Remember that buy avoiding such unique products we tell developers that we do not want new gameplay, and we’ll be left with the good old call of duty recipe forever.

  • About time. I got the limited edition Twisted Metal With the pre-order skin for Starhawk. I will check this out tomorrow. This is epic.

    What is axel’s stats? and what is his special and guns rating?

  • @3, I don’t think you can blame Sony for that. That is ESP’s fault, we all love Jaffe, but who the hell makes a game then immediately decides they are pretty much abandoning it and starting from scratch somewhere else?? That’s the reason i didn’t buy Twisted Metal, i was gonna get it when i got paid the following week but then that news broke and it was just like WTF?!

  • @22 – The whole build and battle gameplay of Starhawk killed it for me, so that’s fine.

  • As a long time TM fan, going back to the original TM on my original PS One, I was a little bit disappointed in this TM. I still enjoy the game and am glad I bought it, but there were a few aspects that bugged me. I felt it was a shame that the single player campaign was reduced for the multiplayer aspect. As for the MP, it was fun. However, the glitches with stats not recording properly and trophies not working properly were a disappointment. In 2012, with the PS3 having been out for so many years and with trophies being implemented for so long, to continue to have glitches like that is inexcusable. As for Starhawk, I probably won’t be using the Sweet Tooth anyway. After around 1800 hours in Warhawk, I’m not impressed or excited about Starhawk at all. I really do hope that Starhawk sells well, and maybe we can get a true Warhawk sequel at some point in the future.

  • @25 – Certainly agree with you. Build and Battle, in my opinion, is the worst possible thing they could have added to Warhawk, which is why I have little to no interest in Starhawk.

  • It’s not supposed to be warhawk + build and battle, just starhawk

  • Lets rock.

  • Hey guys, I have several Sweet Tooth skins available on my site. Sign up in this thread: before May 8th for a chance to get one. For the rest, you just need to get 500 “Rift” to buy one in the store. You get Rift by posting and winning arcade games. Good luck!

  • @28-Totally agree. Starhawk may be related to Warhawk, but it is not its son, more like cousin ;) I’m sorta glad I haven’t played Warhawk so I’m not constantly comparing and contrasting the 2. I’m ready to do some building!

  • You call that action?

  • @shadysaiyanz

    Sure you can blame Sony, it’s their IP and they control the contract, and ultimately the success and failure of the IP. Jaffe is still working for ESP and still under contract to provide support. When the contract is up, it’s up. Sony either extends it, or find someone else to do it, or stops supporting additional content updates.

    Don’t know how you can fault ESP for following it’s legal and financial contract… they can;t do anything past a certain date unless Sony asks for it.

    Everything kinda points to sony just wanting to sweep TM under the rug after it missed it’s Oct release date.

  • Twisted Metal is one of my favorite online games. The Axel update comes with a patch that fixes bugs and etc. To anyone that thinks Jaffe didnt support this game after release is an absolute fool. Yes this game had problems at launch, but the online experience has gotten significantly better since then.

    Some patch notes:

    Crimson fury and kamikaze get their special slightly faster 40 seconds now 28.
    Talon and sweetbot mega guns have less autoaim range.
    Talon has less regen for energy bar.
    Juggernaught takes more damage when his doors are open (before 2X now 3.2X)
    Talon not playable in ranked Hunted.

    I feel bad for people that didn’t give this game a chance.

  • gooooood

  • good

  • Don’t care about those with agendas that will hurt an already ailing game. Twisted Metal deserves better.

    I also get the sense that Twisted Metal is not getting the support that it needs, publicity wise at launch until now, and in multi-player which is supposed be TM’s bread and butter. Also I still want Twisted Metal avatars please.

  • Waiting for this to come to the PS Store. I love Twisted Metal

  • Twisted Metal needs more support, and more DLCs, I’d love it if Mr.Slamm and Twister would be DLC. Guess not though.

  • Really weird cross-promotion. Looks neat and all, but it’s neither Starhawk nor Twisted Metal.

  • Can’t wait to get Axel. Even though I pre ordered, I still didn’t get him for some reason. I know this is probably not going to happen, but any shot at any more DLC whether it be vehicle or level based?

  • Believe me, this is one game you’ll never regret buying. People that criticize single player do so on the basis that it is different from the older ones. It was not supposed to be an hd version of twisted metal 2. The multiplayer is the best online experience I have ever had, and I am not the only one claiming so. There are some network issues but they are not as big as everyone is trying to make potential new players believe. Also, they are patching those issues. This game needs much more advertisement from Sony before it becomes one of those precious gems that people appreciate after years.

  • AXEL! SWEET TOOTH COSTUME! Yes, It’s finally almost there! I could wait buy dlc Axel and use my
    redeem code for Sweet Tooth Costume! I’m getting very excited! Twisted Metal(2012) and Starhawk are my best games in 2012!

  • Any news on the new God of War Ascension game?!?

  • I wish i had enough money to pre- order =(

  • online isnt that great and i hope more dlc comes like kratos character and more challenges and what not.

  • After installing Patch 1.05 including Axel I can’t access twisted metal online servers the last 12 hours.
    You now – there is the trophy: All sales are final – Win at least 1 Ranked Online game per day for 30 straight days – This is very frustrating – especially with these online server problems !!!

  • And that’s the last we’ll hear of Twisted Metal on the PlayStation Blog… it’s a shame, I really love the gameplay but the ongoing online issues are nothing short of inexcusable at this point, although it was hardly excusable at launch as well.
    The game was sent to an early grave due to an apparent lack of online/server testing and the customers lose in more ways than one (no post-release content) as a result.

  • goog :-)

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