ModNation Racers Road Trip: Do You Mod?

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ModNation Racers Road Trip: Do You Mod?

Fingers crossed the term above has no impending underground or urban double-meaning.

Either way, if you are not modding you should be. It’s a lot of fun! “Adults” can deny all they’d like, yet creating your own personal Mods in ModNation Racers: Road Trip (Vita) takes us back to those memorable, endless days of playing with our action figures and figurettes (some still do? oops, my bad).

Enjoy this very informative tutorial to help you create that ultimate Mod you have been dreaming of…

ModNation Racers Road Trip: Do You Mod?

ModNation Racers Two-Year Anniversary Celebration Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled to this blog over the next few weeks as we begin to roll out plans for ModNation-Palooza 2012 in celebration of two great years for the ModNation franchise.

A few of the activities / events to look forward to…

  1. The “Moddys”. A collection of our favorite Mods / Karts / Tracks
  2. ModNation Racers Grand Prix – Who will attain the title “Best Racer in ModNation”?
  3. Rare Limited Edition Stowaway Mod / Kart for PS3 giveaways
  4. “12 Hours of LeMod” – a weekend marathon of ModNation racing

… and much more!

“Road Trip” Community Hot Lap Challenge

Each week we will host a Community Hot Lap Challenge to see who can post the best time on selected tracks. The top three times will be mentioned here in this ModNation Monday blog for the world to see.

Last Week’s Hot Lap Results:
Track: “A Three Hour Tour” by ModNationSDVita

  1. ZlheckJr 60.426s
  2. ShamgarBlade 64.21s
  3. OveReAction10 65.679


Think you’re the best racer in Road Trip?

Two words… Bring It!

ModNation Racers: Road Trip Track of the Week – “Asian Frenzy by smj101


ModNation Racers For PS3

All-Time 10 Best User-Created Tracks?
In just a few short weeks, The ModNation Racers franchise celebrates its two-year anniversary! Help us by nominating the 10 best user-created tracks in the game.

Your nominations can be posted HERE.

Track Creation Challenge – MNR Grand Prix 2012
Plans are underway for the “ModNation Racers Two-Year Anniversary Celebration Grand Prix” and we’d like your help!

We are looking for the community to design three of the twelve courses we will use in the Grand Prix event. Over the next few weeks you will see more details in the ModNation Monday blog about this exciting Track Creation Challenge. Imagine having the VERY best racers ModNation has to offer competing on your track. This one has to be special! Race-ability is key, but the judges will be looking at aesthetics as well.

Check HERE for more details

Top Tracks: Best of Biver_


Creation of the Week: Junko GS-500 Geisha by BlacklistGT1


Hot Lap Track of the Week: Isle of Legends v1.1 by lop330


Monday: Oasis of Mazzura v1.0 by lop330
Tuesday: Une pyramide de la glace by inosan0518
Wednesday: The Bhutan by Itachifox
Thursday: Desert Metropolis Resort by statickey_660
Friday: WHALE racing lake site by tadaryou
Saturday: Isle of Legends v1.1 by lop330
Sunday: Emerald Coast by atheistsw

Have a great week everyone,

PS3: ModNationSD
Vita: ModNationSDVita

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4 Author Replies

  • Not sure why I even bother reading these anymore. Still no news on an online patch or a price drop on the PS3 track pack DLC.

    You (yes, I know it wasn’t actually you, Mark, I’m referring to your studio) left everyone hanging before Road Trip’s release with the promise that you were ‘looking into the possibility’ of adding online in a patch. If it’s not happening, I’m sure people would appreciate San Diego Studios just saying so.

  • would be pretty grateful if you guys can DL my Creations so i could reach Platinum….PLEASE :-)

  • Cool, thank you, and i hope that you continue making this game even better and hear all the suggest that we make, like online multiplayer, keep going.

  • Why do I even bother to comment or read anymore, maybe I’m holding on to the fleeting chance that online will be patched in. I guess we know now thats not happening…

    Well, at least LBPK will carry on the next generation. This game had lot of potential…

  • We need to see a price drop (or sale) on the PS3 track pack DLC’s…

  • I also want to know what is going on with the multiplayer, surely by now you must know if it is coming or not, so you might as well keep your customers/supporters in the loop too.

    Same with the price drop for the DLC for the PS3.

  • I’m with 1, 5 and 6
    PS3 DLC track pack price drops are desperately needed.
    I don’t see what the hold up is. With LBPK out in a few months this seems like any easy opportunity for some easy revenue.

    • Hi all,

      I should know something more regarding the MNR PS3 DLC sale the closer we get to the MNR Two Year Anniversary!

  • I’m happy that MNR is still publishing these blogs. Although there is not much/no information considering online patches or DLC price adjustments, I love coming here to find new tracks to race on. That’s what Modnation Racers is all about!

    I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for LBPK though. That game looks fantastic.

    • Thanks ShamgarBlade,

      Thank you for your support of the game. I know we all want answers to some things but that can’t come at the expense of forgetting what a great game(s) we currently have to celebrate from the past two years (PS3, Vita, PSP). It’s up to the MNR community to keep the ball rolling. Your participation and creations along with others continue to make this a great game. I wish I could thank each of you personally. I really do.

      Keep up the great work!

      Best community EVER!,


  • Hi.I’m looking forward to “ModNation-Palooza 2012” very much.As for the Mod / Kart giveaways,hopefully you would give Japanese users some consideration.Thank you.

  • Mark, if a good amount of commenters here in the blog are any indication, not many people care about how great a game is, if there’s no online multiplayer, it’s not worth their time. I enjoy the game myself, but then again, I don’t judge a game on multiplayer online alone.

  • Thanks for responding Mark
    I really hope there is good news on a ps3 dlc sale

  • I’ve already seen how Zipper’s and Sony’s relationship crashed and burned over the last two years while I played MAG, and right now ModNation Racers is covered in red flags. Road Trip didn’t help the situation one bit.

  • no online no buy…. i really want to buy this game… but not w/o online.

  • no online that suck!!!!!!!!!! for vita come

  • Hey Mark, just wanted to say that its good to see the studio keeping up frequent blog posts and community interaction despite all the negativity around here. I dont own Road trip, but enjoyed the demo and would just wish people would just enjoy the game as it is for now. I mean if you are a MNR fan, what more can you do?

    • Yes. I agree whole-hardheartedly. I understand I have a bias for the franchise but as a life long gamer (FIVE decades!) I can tell a great game when I play it and Road Trip is a great game! Perfect?… no game is but as best I can I try to introduce or highlight ALL of the great features of the game. I am not a great salesman but I am a passionate gamer and I want to share it with other players. It’s sad to me that some players are missing out on the experience of Road Trip. I wish I could spend just 10 minutes with every potential MNR: RT buyer and let them experience what they are missing. The game sells itself. For $29.99 I honestly think is the best deal on the Vita. Over 500,000 tracks available to play from the PS3 on top of the cool unique features of Road Trip.

      San Diego Studio is proud of Road Trip and the MNR franchise which as you pointed out is evident in now over two years of weekly blogs bragging about OUR GREAT COMMUNITY!

      but KGH (spoiler – sales pitch here), what are you waiting for? For the price of four fast food meals you get one of the best launch games for the Vita. Now THAT’s a deal!

      hmmmmm… I like the fast food analogy. Maybe I should go into sales? LOL


  • moar leik

    YawnNation Racers


  • Sorry Mark, aint buying it.

    Yeah it could be really fun and all, but your still missing that key component of no online play. YOU may like it without the online, but clearly a large number of your fans don’t! Until you fix this so it has online multiplayer, no $29.99 for you!!

  • Roadtrip was my first Vita game and is definitely one of the best.
    Would be great to see also one of my creations in this blog…

    • Hi,

      We are really glad you like it. We believe once people play it’ they’ll really like it too!

      I am happy you contacted me. I tried to feature your “Johnny The Boss” Mod / Kart. Did you rename them? I could not find them. Let me know. San Diego Studio Faves for sure!


  • Thanks for your answer.
    My first Mod is “Johnny the Boss”, don´t know why you can´t find him.
    He just get a brother called “Jack the Boss”…

    I posted my Mods and Karts also in this Thread:

  • @Mark

    I appreciate your sincerity samples as a passionate person in this world(gamer), and the samples with the community, not as mere marketing strategies etc.

    I agree with everything you say, sure roadtrip is a great game , and is offering many things and possibilities, but you have to understand precisely because we are also passionate about this, and if we complain because we want the best for all, and our frustration is because we expect and we have many expectations at a high level on this project

    This game has very good things, so you should have posted stronger to take a step up, I understand that creating a multiplayer mode for this game with so many possibilities, is very complex, difficult and takes time and resources, it is understandable , but I think it really is the best bet, this would be a must have, I have no doubt that the game would have much success, a very active community, sharing content etc., completely happy and grateful

    I have not the MNRT, because I expected all these things with him, and had high hopes, because I think the vita has a large potential online, and few are those who are giving the attention it deserves

  • Part2

    I should also admit, I liked the demo, but l do not like the low resolution of the game, it also undermines its quality, for me are the two things that would have to improve, and no doubt this would be a must have, but I again give thanks for your patience, honesty and support to the community, because we should be grateful

  • This only my constructive and honestly opinion. thanks mark and all the best for you and MN world

  • add me and check my creations! :) on vita and PS3

  • Hi Mark,

    I just bought the game and I love it. I do have the impression the career mode is rather short but maybe I’m wrong. However, there is one thing that makes me want to bring it back to the store. Why oh why did you guys put 2 ad-hoc trophies in the list? The reason I bought a PS Vita is that I got tired of needing friends on Facebook for so much games on the iPad to do certain things. I don’t have anyone that has a Vita so I won’t be able to get all the trophies and this really bugs me a lot! Why is it always expected everyone lives in a big city and has hundreds of friends? :(

    Please give me a reason to keep the game because this trophy thing is really spoiling it for me. I want 100% and nothing less.

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