New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

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New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited Service welcomes new releases from Monica, Alabama Shakes, and the motion picture soundtrack from Think Like a Man. Other featured titles this week include Florence + The Machine, M. Ward, Bonnie Raitt, and Wilson Phillips.

New to the Video Unlimited Service is the Icelandic thriller, Contraband, starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckingsale. Other new titles include The Darkest Hour in Movies and all 76 episodes of the classic 90’s X-Men animated series in TV Shows. There’s more comic book action in this week’s Own $5 Films as heroes and villains battle it out. For just 5 bucks, own great flicks like Ghost Rider, Kick-Ass, and Ultimate Avengers in SD. Get the full details on this week’s highlights here.

The votes are in and the final “Theatrical Throwdown” went down to the wire with Immortals pulling out the victory. The movie will be available to rent this weekend in Rent Now for just $0.99 in SD or $1.99 in HD starting at 2 pm PST today through the weekend. Thanks for everyone’s votes during this round!

New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

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  • Why can’t I play my PS1 games on my Vita yet???? **** is ridiculous, I almost wish I would have waited on buying this :(

    Nice system that should have stayed in the oven longer as of now it’s slightly undercooked.

  • @B-Real206 I want a PS Vita, but right now I have to focus on a wedding, bills, etc, But the fact it can’t play PS1 games is another reason I am kind of holding off on getting one. I’d really want to be able to play my FF7 and Grandia on the go. I also wonder if Sony will ever release a slim model of the Vita. It seems they have with almost every system and handheld they have put out. Only time will tell.

  • Love Music Unlimited. We have it on constantly, unless we’re playing something on the PS3, that is. Very rarely have I looked for an artist and not been able to find them on the service. In fact, I’ve come across several obscure tracks that thinking, “They’re never going to have this one.”…. Motorhead/Wendy O. Williams duet of “Stand By Your Man”??? Yup, it’s there.

    One thing I find odd, though. Why is there now Top 100 Country station? The only thing you have is a Country & Folk category. Listening to modern country and then having some lesser known, random Peter, Paul, and Mary song is just weird. Country music is very popular, it just seems like an oversight.

    Off Topic:

    B-Real206, I wish you would have waited, too. Then we wouldn’t have to read this stuff in unrelated blog posts. PS Vita in incredible. Are there some improvements that could be made? Yes. However, the system is still new. Improvements take time. If you’re going to be an early adopter, you need to learn to accept these types of things.

  • Good thing you’re talking about Vita cause it’s sooooo relevant to this post. Why don’t you man up, shut up and play. Hippo smile!

  • Any update of when we will see more episodes of 90’s Nick Rewind Shows?

  • Can somebody explain to me what part of the video service is “unlimited”?

  • Did you have plans to released Video Unlinited App Youtube App and Instagram App for the PS Vita? Also you have plans to enable the html5 and flash player? I pay $1.00 for each app if are necesary.

  • Hey Jeff, do you know if there will be more episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man added? Episode 3 aired this past Sunday, but as of this message, is not available.

    • Hi mrk1976. Episode 3 will be available this weekend, and episode 4 will be available Monday, 4/16 and each episode after that will be available every Monday (e.g. episode 5 on 4/23).

  • Thank you Greg, much appreciated!

  • I’d like the ability to have music unlimited scrobble to, I’d renew the trial subscription in a heartbeat for that. I love using it on my PSVita, but as of now I don’t really feel like using it because my laptop is right there *points* and I have most of the stuff I want to listen to on here.

    I’m pleased with the amount of content there, Tamia. :D Although some track information is wrong, and there are some duplicate albums too. Which is lamesauce.

    @3 amen about those comments!

  • @3 While what you say is true, Sony advertised that the Vita would play PS1 games and remote play of PS3 titles. The second one I don’t really care about and I was told PS1 support would be available “shortly” after release…..yet here we are 2 months after the US release and about 4 months after Japan release….so I think I can vent a little.

    At least I didn’t get rid of my PSP like I was going to.

  • How about getting some Metallica?

  • why I don’t got this services???

  • Since you guys have Florence, now I am suddenly interested again. I know the service has changed since the last trial I got but, I just can’t dive in without seeing what’s new. Is there any trial program available?

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