StarDrone Extreme Coming to PS Vita Next Week

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StarDrone Extreme Coming to PS Vita Next Week

Hello again! Alexey Menshikov (Beatshapers) and Andriy Sharanevych (Orb Games) are here. We are super excited to announce that StarDrone Extreme for Playstation Vita will be released to the PlayStation Store on April 17th for $3.99.

StarDrone Extreme Coming to PS Vita Next Week

For those of you not familiar with what StarDrone Extreme is about, here’s a brief: you pilot an always-in-motion spaceship through diverse cosmic environments through the game’s 60 levels. Goals can range from making it safely to the end of the level, to destroying all enemies, to collecting certain items, and more. What’s unique about StarDrone Extreme is the way you control your spaceship.

Each level starts by aiming and shooting yourself out of a cannon into outer space. Your spaceship stays in motion from this point on, and it’s your job to attach to nearby gravity beacons to navigate its flight path. While tethered to a beacon, you will swing and attempt to circle the beacon until you release and slingshot yourself further. This core mechanic allowed us to bring together elements of shoot ‘em up, pinball, collecting objects and exploration in one game that has no comparison anywhere in the world. And it has great visuals, of course!


The game controls are very intuitive and clear – you just pin the desired beacon with your finger, then release it, and the game physics does everything else. You literally hold the game field in one hand and simply tap on it with a finger on your other hand. And you can also switch to using rear touch panel, if you like.

For StarDrone Extreme we’ve created a bunch of brand-new exclusive levels. In addition, we’ve fine-tuned and revamped levels from PS3 version of the game according to players’ feedback. The PlayStation Vita version has all-new UI and improved visuals. Other cool features include: adjustable skill setting, so the game is not as punishing when you make mistakes; ability to skip current level when you got stuck; and a lot of other things polished and improved.


In addition, the critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 version of StarDrone is getting updated, featuring a cross-continued gameplay with PS Vita version via Cloud Save and Cloud Load feature allowing you to exchange your current progress between the two platforms.

For more information, check out the StarDrone site. See you Tuesday!

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  • Looks nice.

  • Just to clarify, this game will not be a ‘buy 1 get both versions’ thing, correct?

  • I would like to see more AAA titles with cross play…Please!

  • I hope you don’t have buy crystals with real money to get good scores in this game haha… Looks awesome

  • Yes! This is exactly what I want to see for Vita. These types of games (2D puzzle) are fun, but I don’t really like playing them on the PS3…however, I really like playing them on the Vita. Glad to see StarDrone on Vita…now I want all the PixelJunk games on Vita.

  • @5 Agreed 100% completely, the new pinball looks and plays much better on the vita as well. I have this on PS3, will it be free to download on my VITA?

  • Great price for what looks like a fun Vita game! I didn’t check it out because like others, it wasn’t something I wanted on the PS3. Now that it is on both, though, will both versions be the same?
    What, if any, Vita features will be used in its version? Not that they’re necessary if the game works fine on the PS3, of course.
    Does purchasing one get us the other?

  • I love the end of the ad, coming february 2012. DOH! Should look very good on dat oled screen.

  • You guys are so much fun with the updates :D i read this(the us blog as its much better the EU etc) all the time and i expect to get most of the things you say here, but most of the time i get things a week early, and with this game thats the case ^^
    Saw it on the PS-store yesterday and its cool, like the challanges it brings!

  • will it be treated as a PSN download game or a Mini. Basically will it have trophies or not?

  • Why can’t PS3 owners participate in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer promotions?

  • After looking at the Stardrone website, I see some of my questions have been answered:

    • Intuitive controls using front touch screen or rear touch pad
    • Brand-new exclusive levels, plus redesigned old ones
    • Shared PS Vita / PS3 scoreboards
    • PS Vita / PS3 cross-platform play (coming with PS3 patch)

    So it will take advantage of some Vita controls, and this update/sequel will include new content for the Vita. Will the PS3 patch make the original game the same as its Vita counterpart? Will the Vita have the same trophies as the PS3 game?

  • Never played it on the Ps3, because the reviews for the Ps3 game were horrible.But this for the Ps Vita i’ll definately buy this day 1!!!!!!!

  • Good to see the Vita getting some PSN support. Needs more games for me to veg out to that aren’t a waste of 40 bucks.

  • Vita needs more affordable games like this! Keep it up.

  • Just so people know this is NOT a buy one get both versions game.

  • Bought. Day 1. I want the Vita to be an absolute PSN monster so I have to support games like this.

  • I wish you guys wouldnt announce games like this and so oh hey heres this game IT COMES OUT NEXT WEEK …. just because its PSN i think its why you do this but i think we should know with more time than just a few days when games are coming out for the vita ….cuz the lineup is pretty …..exagerately small right now?

    Great game and price BTW it looks cool in pictures I wonder why theres no video :)

  • ok i see theres a video on that first Stardrone Extreme link …. thanks for the heads up ;) lol

  • WOW this game was supposed to be out in February ….. that says a lot guys lol wow …..

  • This looks great. Day one purchase for me. We need more games like this for Vita.

    On another note I cannot see my PS Plus purchased Canabalt to move it from my PS3 to my Vita. It also does not show up on the list of available games on the Vita. Please remedy this. I really wanted Canabalt to play on the Vita… not on PS3.

    Other than that, keep up the great work and keep the great games coming for PS3 and Vita.

  • Hi Alexey –

    I’d been holding off on picking up Stardrone for the PS3 until the 3D update was released. Did that patch already come out? Thanks!

  • Let me know when FFX is coming to VITA… until then. Meh

  • I’ll be getting this. Looks cool and beautiful.

    Anyone want to take bets on what firmware we’ll be on by the time this comes out next Tuesday? I’m guessing 3.0…. (and no, there still won’t be PSOne Classics compatibility, Skype or PS+ minis support, obviously!)

  • This game looks nice! I remember seeing it on the PS3, but this kind of game seems like a much nicer fit for a portable!

    I might download it! = )

    It’s a great price too!

  • Good price point. :D

  • With a price tag like that who wouldn’t pick up this game for Vita. I think touch controls are going to be the best method of control for this game. Also like the cross play feature and shared leader boards. Here’s to more games on Vita.


  • I agree with you, VertigeV. Treasures of Montezuma Blitz was not really a great game. Heck, I have a very similar game on my cell phone where I don’t have to buy to keep on playing.

    Sony really needs to get their acts together. We need REAL games. You’re wasting your time with these cell-phone knockoffs.

  • Thanks for comments guys. Yes, the game used to be released on February but PS3 cross play thing slightly delayed us.

    @Wario64, @MI_Titan27: Unfortunately, no, we didn’t planned this feature.
    @VertigeV I think I know which game you talking about – this one from our fellow friends :)
    @FORMIK both version will be same after patch download, yes. Unfortunately buy one get two didn’t planned since the beginning. Same trophies, more over, Cloud Save/Load will unlock trophies on another platforms as well – so finish one game, got 2x much trophies.
    @tusunami We had some negative reviews yes, but most of them are rather nice – there are some reviews. We improved the game following reviews requests.
    @ItaChu – the first appear of StarDrone was last E3, we announced it. Later on GamesCon, Sony shown StarDrone as launch title on the press conference. I believe that journalists more interested in bigger titles, thats why we didn’t have much exposure.

  • @hotandserious sorry about that – we postponed 3D patch for technical reasons. Can’t say when we make this update.
    @BigDaddyCrunch SCEA working on issue bringing Canabalt to PS Vita. Its works in Europe, so will work in US very soon. With the next major firmware update as I been told.

    Some more gameplay videos are here

    Anyway, we have 3 more awesome games in development for Vita and PS3 in production, so stay tuned @beatshapers or

  • Looks nice!
    I’m really waiting for AAA titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss! Keep the entertainment coming please!

  • nice

  • 10# It’s a psn game so there are trophies.

  • Thanks for the heads up Alexey.

    I have this game on the PS3 since day one and looking forward to the update, as well as getting it loaded on my Vita.

    Keep up the great work !

    Price sounds very reasonable too.

  • looks nice, will there be a demo? I want to try it out first

  • Difficult, this looks. Hmmm yes.

  • good

  • 1. Bought StarDrone Extreme (love the PS3 version) but Im disappointed I have to use touch controls. Why cant I use buttons? Can you patch this for us?
    2. My Plus ran out and Im not renewing until they have some deals Im interested in. So is there some other way to transfer save data besides using the cloud?
    3. It would be sweet if we could move the camera around and check out the level before we launch our drone :)

  • Hey whats with StarDrone trying to get me to buy the skip a level DLC every time I die? This is uncalled for! I gave yous guys $4 for a game I already own and could have just played on my PS3. Is this how you thank your fans? If you really need the dollar you should have just included the feature and made the game $5. I would expect this in a free game, but I paid for this! Take this outta my game please! Also Im left handed and my hand covers the mini map…not trying to hate but something you should keep in mind for your future games.

  • Got the demo for this and I can’t say i’m too impressed. Game looks nice but using touch controls seem a bit hard, never played the PS3 version but I would think regular controls may work better. Planned on buying it since it was fairly cheap but I can see myself get frustrated with the touch controls so I’ll be passing up on this one plus I got my vita for the console experience not the ipad/android touch controls experience. If you guys enable standard controls I might re-consider. Aside from that loving my Vita and can’t wait for Gravity Rush!

  • I honestly didn’t care for it

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