Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Details Revealed

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Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Details Revealed

We at Nihilistic Software are excited to finally be able to pull the wraps off Multiplayer for Resistance: Burning Skies, coming May 29th for PlayStation Vita!

In addition to its all-new single player campaign, Burning Skies features an online (via Wi-Fi) multiplayer in which you and up to seven of your friends can compete over PlayStation Network! We know you’ve all been asking about multiplayer in Burning Skies, so please enjoy the first look at it in this new trailer!

Vita, we’ve ended up with an unprecedented mobile FPS. Experience the dual analog sticks for precision aiming, touch screen interactivity for precise and quick secondary weapon fires, and portable online connectivity.

We’ve just showcased that game at an event in NYC, showing off some of the cool things we’re doing with online:

8 player multiplayer – Small games feature intense 2 vs. 2 combat and large games going all the way up to 4 on 4 action. Choose between Quick Match: a fast and easy way to get up and playing immediately by jumping in an automatic matchmaking session or Party with Friends: use the Vita’s cross-game Party application and Party up with friends to join private matches and take advantage of Party with voice chat.

Rank Up! – Killing enemies and winning matches is the easiest way to earn XP and Rank Up. Be rewarded with bonus XP for your daring feats of skill. For example, you may find yourself well rewarded for killing multiple enemies with a skilled grenade toss. Unlock all your favorite weapons and upgrades from the story campaign as you Rank Up.

Modify & customize your weapons – Upgrades you purchase can be slotted and unslotted from weapons at will, with some even giving your weapons a distinctive visual look. Purchase upgrades for weapons that best suit your personal playstyle. For example, the fan favorite Bullseye can be upgraded with Explosive Tag – which gives your Bullseye Tags and extra explosive kick. But keep in mind if you’re killed, your enemies may pick up your upgraded weapons and use them against you!

Connect Everywhere – You can connect with the PlayStation community no matter where you are via Wi-Fi and 3G through social features including leaderboards and NEAR, PlayStation Vita’s location-based service. Through NEAR, Resistance: Burning Skies introduces a new social perk awarding players valuable XP multipliers to carry into multiplayer battle. Stay tuned as we get closer to launch for all the details on NEAR.

Online play in Resistance: Burning Skies will feature three game modes – Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and a very unique third mode which we’ll be revealing next week. There will be six playable maps, taking you everywhere from the streets of Staten Island to the docks of Bayonne, NJ. You’ll be able to vote prior to each match, allowing you to take the battle between the humans and Chimera to a variety of locales from the game.

Resistance: Burning Skies will be available in North America in stores and on the PSN May 29th for $39.99. But you don’t have to wait til then; if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, join us to go hands-on with Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer next week! Read the details and RSVP here.

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4 Author Replies

  • This is great news! How about some cool unlockables for those of us who’ve played all the other Resistance games? I wish more games did this

  • Let’s us hope Sony does not subtract anything (Hint: Metal Gear HD Vita). Sony has been doing this of late. They announce something, then we get a totally different game at launch….

  • This sounds really cool. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • this is it !!!! THE game im dying to play on the vita and THE game to showcase vita online connectivity muscles but i have to be honest with you i was expecting more maps and at least 12 players , 16 could have been better though but 8 isn’t bad at all, im very intrigued to know what is the other online mode? cant be capture the flag because thats nothing unique lol, anyways good luck Nihilistic you have a very big boots to fill hopefully Burning Skies lives up to one of my most beloved franchises ever.

  • I would have preferred 6v6 MP but this looks very cool and fun

  • i hope next monday San Diego Studios announce an online multiplayer patch for ModNation Racers Road Trip

  • Will this also support AD Hoc style multiplayer? I was bumming when I couldn’t do this on Unit 13

  • Does anyone else have trouble getting behind a resistance game? I’ve tried a few times before with no avail. Maybe it’s just not my cup o’ tea.

  • It would be nice if the third mode was co-operative in some fashion. I don’t plan on playing DM or TDM, so the third mode is going to be critical to my purchase decision.

  • Besides weapons, are there any differences in gameplay tactics between the humans and Chimeras or are they basically skin swaps and the characters have the same abilities?

  • Is the 8 player multiplayer count a vita limitation? Why not 16? Hope its not a limitation on the vitas part. Glad it has MP. Does it have bots for when nobody’s on? Got this pre-ordered already.

    • I can’t comment on Vita capabilities, but I can comment on the bots question – no, there aren’t bots when nobody’s on, but the 2v2 games are a lot of fun too.

  • @lastdinosaur17
    @ is just a blast with its 8 player co-op. I picked up 3 last week and enjoyed it deeply with co-op. I think the series is a blast. Heck we got 1 and 2 free from houseparty last month.

  • Sounds cool i cant wait to play the multiplayer

  • Look promising. Hopefully this will increase the surge in Vita sales. I want to ensure quality games keep coming out! :)

  • 4v4? Not bad, I’ll take it. I never really liked huge PvP games.

  • Nice, I was only expecting co-op but this is even better.

  • Questions:

    1) Will there be any online co-op modes?

    2) Will there be any underwater environments in the multiplayer maps?

    • A bunch of you are curious about co-op. In answer to that, no we will not have dedicated co-op. The team has really focused their efforts on making a great competitive mode for the Vita’s competitive multiplayer debut though.

  • Can’t wait.

  • Great. I’m looking forward to it. Only 6 maps, though. Do I detect incoming DLC?

  • could you guys release a 12/16 players map as DLC?

  • No Bots? That is not good. I also know you can’t play MP with the 3G either. So please add bot support.

    That is what helps Killzone, even if the servers or PSN is down. I can still play those game modes.

    It also helps players learn the maps and improve when not at a wifi location.

  • Oh, you let me use a function of the game with near on 3G. I have been at many different locations, and near dosen’t offer crap. UC:GA always disables the network stuff anyway.(even with wifi and 3G working)

    • Resistance won’t be disabling the Near/3G functionality, we’re supporting the always-on connectivity of the Vita. We’d love to have enabled multiplayer over 3G, but the 3G just can’t support the bandwidth to give you a really enjoyable multiplayer experience.

  • 6 maps? sounds like planned DLC to me. $$$$$$$$

    I wish companies would think of dlc after the game has gone Gold.

  • I am defo buying this game. I have Resistance 1-3 (not the PSP one tho, the shame). I’m stoked for this one.

    But please, no MP trophies! <3

  • How is the sprinting controlled in Resistance: Burning Skies? Back touch panel? Looks great!

    • Thanks Alfred!

      You have two options when it comes to sprinting… You can double-tap the Rear Touch Pad which will temporarily put you in a “sprint mode”, or you can hold down on the dPad.

  • Looks promising, hope its as good as R2, R3 wasnt as good.

  • Hey Derek,
    I am sure I will be picking up this game on may 29th
    But framerate
    Last time I asked you guys, you said it will be improved…
    Now I see this gameplay, with lags….
    I know there is like more than month before the it comes out.
    I am just afraid that I will have to deal with lags while I play this game :\

  • i want free 30 days playstation plus….?

  • Looks sick!!

    Can’t wait to play this, got it pre-ordered.

  • yes bring it!!!!

    this is a first day buy for me

    BTW the augmented reality app is tight, got me really pumped up for this game

    thanks for the hard work!!!!!

  • @ 27 – Maybe your video was lagging, the frame rate looks pretty smooth to me.

  • the game looks great!..finally a online shooter for the vita. and the graphics look awesome i dont know what frame rate drops people are talking about but i will buy this game on day one.

  • Last post didn’t seem to work for some reason.

    So to put it quickly, will there be a weapon wheel?

    Will the online MP make you choose load outs again like R2 and R3 or can will we be able to go back to searching for them on the map?

    Can the bullseye tag walls again allowing for the little bullets to orbit it and redirect it all over?

    • Yes there’s a Weapon Wheel in Multiplayer, however each player spawns with just one weapon (predetermined by one of their 3 loadouts). Once in-game though, you automatically pickup killed players’ weapons…

      Unfortunately, there’s no Bullseye Trap in Resistance: Burning Skies, however we do have 6 different upgrades for the Bullseye that modify it’s behavior like: Explosive Tag, which makes the tags explode!

  • Don’t get me wrong, I am still getting this game on day one
    I am just saying, trust me. It’s not my video that’s lagging… I seen lots of people saying about frame issue on other pages.
    I will be just really upset and feel bit ripped off if the game has lags

  • I can’t wait for this game! So hyped for the 18th. I kinda hope that the touch and swipes aren’t mandatory..

  • Why can’t PS3 owners participate in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer promotions?

  • Will you guys be implementing six axis precision aiming like Uncharted: Golden Abyss did? I have yet to get the satisfaction of shooting someone in this manner with any system I’ve played with. The analog controls can get you in the vicinity of the enemy and then six axis can get you right to their forehead.

  • This is the game many of us are waiting for, looks great!

  • I wish that date was wrong :( oh well I will be picking a few games up to hold me off till the release.

  • Beyond the framerate issue persistent throughout (as has been the case since the game’s first reveal), the multiplayer seems to be unfortunately very barebones. Also sad is the uninspired art direction. Nothing looks like there was any real creative thought put into the environments. This is too bad, since Resistance 3 really stepped it up for the series in art direction (Resistance: Retribution also had great artistic direction). I’ve bought every Resistance game on day one, and I really want an FPS on Vita, but I just don’t know if this one is looking up to par.

  • I will say the music was great, and in some parts the lighting looked very nice. However, I sincerely hope those gun sounds were added in post for the video, because they sounded dreadful! The font for XP, player names, etc. don’t help matters with the blandness I was mentioning in the post above, either. I just want this game to be good!

  • The multiplayer seems a bit barren there doesn’t seem to be much to it aside from it being 4v4 and you can rank up. Hopefully there is more to it than that….

    At what frame rate does the game run at? and how long is the campaign?

  • Will there be any options to customize the controls?

  • I apologize if I missed it but is this online via wifi or do you have to be within a certain distance?
    I can’t believe how much 3g costs when there are no real advantages.

  • Looks great and I will probably pre-order it soon BUT please try and improve the framrate before the game releases!!!

  • @ 36

    because mass effect is, like many multiplat games, a downgraded xbox port.

  • for someone whose beat all 3 Resistance campaigns on PS3 a dlc incentive would be awesome for those who owns a vita now. in addition i love resistance #1 franchise on playstation since its inception in my opinion.. the first true fps on a handheld is epic.

    glad i bought a clear mobile hotspot for my vita! online everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t believe some people are disappointed that it’s not going to be as robust a multiplayer experience as on the PS3. I LOVE my Vita. However, as incredible as the system is, it is NOT a portable PS3. The fact that I’m about a month away from experiencing a competitive, FPS, with dual analog sticks, on a portable system has me stoked. Considering that this the first one out there, I can be okay with smaller PvP matches. I’m sure in the future, we’ll see companies stretching the abilities of what the Vita can handle. But, for now.. this game looks great. Day one purchase.

  • It looks interesting, I’m definitely going to grab this, please make the Multiplayer as fun as you can! I want something on my Vita to keep me up like Uncharted 3’s multiplayer does on the PS3.

  • yea, im all over this, day one… is it cartrige only or via PSN aswel?

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