Mortal Kombat Hits PS Vita May 1st, Watch the New Trailer

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Mortal Kombat Hits PS Vita May 1st, Watch the New Trailer
Mortal Kombat Hits PS Vita May 1st, Watch the New Trailer

Developing Mortal Kombat for PS Vita was an incredibly rewarding experience for the team here at NetherRealm Studios. The ability to utilize the numerous new features available on PS Vita was a very gratifying mission, and we are delivering the best possible on-the-go fighting experience for fans.

Our design team jumped at the opportunity to devise 150 new Challenge Tower missions that incorporate the DLC characters (like Freddy Krueger!), while also integrating the front touchscreen and accelerometer in ways that made sense and enhanced the complete Mortal Kombat experience.

The artists enjoyed creating some excellent new costumes (still to be revealed!), as well as re-creating an iconic MKII arena that integrates the rear camera that will give players the ability to literally Fight Anywhere.

Mortal Kombat for PS Vita: Missile Mayhem

Our programmers worked diligently to make sure the players’ experience of Mortal Kombat on PS Vita was pristine and up to NetherRealm standards: fine tuning controls (while adding new controls, such as touchcreen Fatalities and X-Rays!) and displaying gameplay at a smooth 60 frames per second.

With all of these features, two new exclusive modes (Test Your Balance and Test Your Slice) and both ad-hoc (local) and WiFi (intrastructure) Versus mode options, we had an amazing time this past weekend at PAX East 2012 showing Mortal Kombat for PS Vita to fans. We had quite a few fans come back and bring their friends to show them the new features—and to challenge them to some old-fashioned 1 vs 1 Kombat. It definitely made all of the work and love we put into this version of Mortal Kombat worth it.

This new trailer definitely captures the spirit of what we were trying to do with Mortal Kombat for PS Vita. Give it a watch and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • They should’ve done more commercials with the other characters IMO

  • Regular (゜-゜)

  • the reason why the lack of vita/vita game commercials is due to the lack of proformence they say it should do and all the WORK they have to do to for the vita.
    the vita is starting to feel like a rip. people wonder why people are quick to hack or mod ps vita.
    As much as i love MK, sorry sony i dont plan on spending money on anything for the vita until its stands up to the hype you guys laid out to the vita users. for what ive read the sells of vita games are down the rating of the games are down the system itself sells and ratings are falling. poor poor sony. your teams are making you look real bad. and im sorry MK isnt a big enough band-aid. from all the reading ive done thousands are up set with the vita/vita games


    -Will the PSN version cost less than $39.99
    -How much memory space will the PSN version take up?

  • Nice trailer!

  • What the hell did you just type Wayndawind? The only thing “lacking” here is your grammar and vocabulary… I can’t understand crap of what you’re saying, but I can tell you’re whining about something.

    Anyway! I’m really hyped up for MK on the go… I’m happy with my Vita, I understand it’s a new device so It’s set for a slow start (just as the PS3 and 3DS had, and look at them now) and I find myself playing my fighting games way more often on portables than on home consoles.

    Oh and that model is cute as a button. Wish Kitana herself looked that good in-game :P

  • I think the biggest problem with the VIta is the lack of communication. There is a reason why before the vita launched that people where worried about it. No one outside of hardcore even knew what it was. My friend who owns a psp didn’t even know the thing was even launching. Plus we still have no idea what is coming for the device in the future except for maybe some ports. The fact that I had to go out and replace my dead psp go so that I could have access to over half my games is a problem after spending $250 on a device plus $100 for a SLOW memory card and at least another $100 on games since most of my psp games don’t even work on the device.

  • Money shot at 0:45

  • Hey Wayndawind, with “all the reading” you claim to have done , I would think you would have a better grasp on the English language.

  • I agree with CappDog, new consoles take time as developers need to play around with the features and hardware. The 8/16-bit days are gone where all you have is a console and standard controller and developers just coded away. With so many features on consoles nowadays it’s going to take time for developers to be creative in using it’s features, whether it’s Vita, Wii U, or next-gen consoles. Be patient and the games will come I guarantee it!

  • @ CappDog ( psnbloging police)
    sony loves you because you are a follower. if sony sold a toothbrush for the vita you would buy it.

    To simplifie what i was saying there arent NO New TV commercials for vita/vita games due to there foot in there mouths about the hype the started with the vita. thats why thay are doing more web promos

    i love my vita and yes its a great device, but dont sweep the problems you have with the vita under a couch and give use problematic games to sit on

  • sorry for grammer just a joe not a blogging pro. your worried about my grammer instead of the issue sony must be rubbing off on you. lol @ whom ever is worried an average joe words, instead the cloth sony is placing over your little eyes.

  • Going to be sweet!

  • I likie how I dropped $250 to play the same games on my ps3 on my vita. MK combo speed isnt my cup of tea. I couldnt get through the tutorial on ps3. Im sure Ill pick it up as the Vita has nothing atm regardless. just saying

  • Sweet commercial! Now I can have Mortal Kombat to take with me out of the house so I can train on the game before a tournament!

  • @ wayndawind i don’t know where you live but i see vita commercials quite regularly on my tv here in canada, besides that ya some people like me are sony fanboys but it doesnt just have too do with that we are “brainwashed” into loving them, its no difference then a fan of apple or microsoft we just enjoy the qaulity of their products more then other people, as for the vita system itself too you have to remember that cellphones are getting more advanced quicker and quicker and able to compete easily with handhelds on the protable gaming level, like when they started minis it can be said the same as other hardware features that theyve inlcuded these to fight and survive in an everchanging arena for portable dominance

  • This is like the third article i’ve seen @Wayndawind hating on the vita, so it seems like he has nothing better than hating on sony.

    In other news, i have the ps3 version of Mortal Kombat so unless the price is right i will not be purchasing a port with some extra modes.

  • Who is that model? She is absolutely gorgeous.

  • That girl is crazy attractive…. game looks good too lol

  • Uh, more please! This commercial is the best and I hate commercials.

  • @Wayndawind RITE ON WELL SAID!

    @ CappDog get of the D!$* of sony He made perfect sence and hes rite! but im deff stoked for a REAL GAME GAME FOR THE VITA WITH REAL MULTIPLAYER!!!!!! THE WAY IT SHOULD BE ON a 2012 handheld! DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,…………………

  • @Wayndawind

    Sir, there is bad grammar and spelling, which I think for the most part most people on the internet are okay with, because its the internet. Then there is you, who is curbstomping the life out of it.

    On Topic

    Can’t wait for this game. I never picked up MK due to my backlog, but getting this for sure. Looks really excellent. Having said that, this will probably be my last PSV purchase as I’m quite unhappy as a Playstation/Sony/PSV customer when it comes to what I would call poor follow up on the lack of features that it was advertised to have. My number one concern so far is the continued inability to play my PSN purchased PSOne classics that I could play on both of my former PSP1000s.

    If you want to turn around your business to what it used to be back in the 90s (when I was already a loyal Sony customer), it helps to stay on top of things.

    PS Awesome job on the 7.1 Headset update, I’m looking to pick up a gaming headset, and now knowing that the issues will be resolved I’m more than happy to be picking it up for DUST514.


  • **the woman on that trailer is too hot**

    on topic

    man im pumped for this game. I have Marvel vs Capcom on vita, but MK looks so unique and the added touch mini games are hilarious.

    looks like well worth the 1st day buy.


  • Great game!!!! 60FPS???

  • Will there be a demo? 60 FPS is awesome, but the glimpses of gameplay just look horrible graphically.

  • Definately would love to see a Demo for this!

  • First of all I am really excited to see a great game on the vita. Second of all #3 who is really upset with the games, what you really mean is the lack of games that appeal.

    May is going to be a hell of a month for vita games, just look what is starting the month, mortal kombat then at the end, resistance burning skies which looks outstanding on the vita, then a few weeks after the long anticipated gravity daze/rush. The vita is going to get its games and these are the ones that will spike up some sales I can bet on it.

  • Also please release a demo.

  • You know what? I don’t think I want to buy this..

  • Sexy edgy awesome

  • Please make more trailers with other characters!

  • The graphics look kinda weak. Kind of disappointed.

  • LOL. The graphics are almost as good as the PS3 version, guys. They used a filter in the commercial to make the colors look all weird and washed out and depressing. Look at the previous blog posts about this game and the real game looks nothing like the washed out and grainy mess in the commercial.

  • Damn that chick in the trailer was hot! Love MK, having it on the go is just perfect

    Wtf are you talking about?My god, get out of here and wallow in your own misery somewhere else. All you’re doing is ruining the post for everyone else at this point.

    The psblog seriuoly needs mod options…

  • I’ve been too negative lately, so I am super happy to say…I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS RELEASE!

  • My only question is will I be able to use the DLC characters for the Vita version on my PS3 version? I’m still holding off on purchasing the DLC for PS3 unless I know I can get them from the Vita version or not.

  • I agree that Psp/Mini and to an extent Ps1 support should be addressed ASAP… however, we do not need to complain like children throwing insults.

    Back on topic: great looking title. This along w/ Marvel vs. Capcom will do nicely!

  • The graphics are taking a step back for sure. I know though based on Tekken 6 PSP and UMVC3 screen shots are not going to tell the story. I was impressed with UMVC3 on the Oled even though I was incredibly sceptical from the pics that I saw posted online. This is a day one though to go with NGSP.

  • Thanks, but I’m not interested.

    Looking forward to the day that the PS3 and PSN offerings command top billing in the Store Updates again.

  • Yea, the VITA is a real let down. I think once the VITA gets MW3 or it’s own COD game things will turn around 4 the good. It’s time to drop some vita games with some real multiplayer power. Make it happen SONY and fast!

  • the girl playing Kitana is HOT! O_O :-D

  • Man that looks great, too bad I won’t be able to get it till June. So many great games comming out.

  • I’m back for my usual: Looks great, Sony!

    But please give us PSOne Classics.

    6 weeks might still be “soon,” but you’re running out of “soon” in a hurry.

  • Comment #30 says it all more than i could ever say it.


  • DAMNNNNNNN got to say Kitana is looking veryyy sexy and hot up in this trailer.

  • Meh…Kinda glad I did buy a vita yet. I’m waiting on Resistance with MP

  • PS Vita Topic:

    Who thinks a COD:Zombies game should be made for the vita? Including all maps from WaW and Black Ops, and online! That I would buy. If they support it creating new maps :P

    MK Topic:

    Last time i played MK was in the PS2, MAN I MISS THIS GAME!!! Thinking of getting it for the Vita :D

  • @Heatseeker125 the normal trailer or the gameplay trailer, also what post, I cant find it. I want this game :D

  • Give us more characters….and do it free this time.

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