Watch the Latest Starhawk Trailer on Facebook & Get Free DLC

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Watch the Latest Starhawk Trailer on Facebook & Get Free DLC

Air combat 2

Greetings PlayStation.Blog and Starhawk fans! You may have noticed how our past trailers have focused on the things that make Starhawk so much fun to play. Build to Kill was all about the fun of building a base and defending it against attack. Ride, Drive & Fly gave people a taste of what you can drive and pilot in-game. Our latest trailer is all about the fun of teamwork, it’s called “Build Your Team” and it’s exclusively on Facebook.

Just click here to give it a view. You may recognize some familiar faces. Very familiar.

For those of you who have tried Starhawk already, you know that skills can get you far, but teamwork can get you further. The game becomes something completely different when you play with your friends and start working together. That’s what our latest trailer is about. It also stars an “interesting” cast of characters.

Here are some shots from the trailer below:



As a bonus, everyone who watches the latest trailer can get a voucher for a special Starhawk Multiplayer skin that will be available at the launch of the game! (North America only, one per each Facebook account)

May 8th launch day is less than a month away, so be sure to pre-order your copy. Don’t forget you can score over $20 in bonus DLC and a Free Month of PS+ just by pre-ordering at GameStop.

To see more great things about Starhawk stay tuned right here on the PlayStation.Blog or visit us at in the Community Section!

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  • OOOOOOOH YOU! I was so happy but then i read that it was North America only! Sweden needs some kick ass skins aswell dude :D
    Cheers for a great game and a awesome Beta anyhow!

  • This is cool but will the trailer be available elsewhere at some point?

    Some people (say, those hit by a car|) are told by their lawyer not to use facebook until the suit is over… and I’m getting tired of being punished for someone else running a red light.

    Games looking great anyway, got mine pre-ordered :)

    • Right now it’s FB only, but it will be there waiting for “some people” when their lawyer gives them the go ahead. See you on May 8th!

  • That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

  • I do not support FACEBOOK!!! Nor Twitter
    Zombie9 returns to PSN soon!!!!!

  • I’m with Zombie9 on this, can we get a Youtube link or you know post it on the blog from the company who owns the game?

  • Interested to watch, but I wont be forced to sign up to facebook to see it.

    • We won’t force ya. But right now the only way to see it is through FB. If you saw it, you’d understand why.

  • HAHA I busted out laughing watching that trailer. A bunch of them were my female friends and I’m almost certain there aren’t even female models in the game. Not to mention almost none of my friends even know what Starhawk is which is pretty sad.

    It was still a nice trailer though! Wish I could say the same thing about the game, but unfortunately Warhawk is miles ahead of Starhawk, I hope Warhawk 2.0 will come one day.

  • Well that sucks for me since this is gonna drag on another year or two, but these days a lot of games have FB ties so, that’s just the way it is.

    Having said that it’s just a MP skin and I know I’m gonna love the game when I get it next month, it comes out a couple days after my 30th Bday so that’s my celebration plan lol.

  • I had the oddest teammates…it was pretty funny.

  • Also, I’m preordered!

  • Finally my Facebook account has a use.


  • btw does the limited edition come with a free month of a playstation plus?

    • If you pre-order at GameStop you’ll get a voucher for a free month. I think you just need to register with a credit card.

  • Love ya Starhawk, but not enough to use Facebook.

  • Any News on the Dust514 beta relase date

  • Wanted to chime in here and give a suggestion. While I appreciate the DLC included with the Limited Edition of Starhawk, it would have been better to just put in a voucher for a free Multiplayer map pack DLC.

    Take a page from Battlefield 3’s promotion and instead of the current DLC(which consists of a Co-Op map, skins, soundtrack, and PSOne Warhawk), just promise first Map pack DLC free for those who have the Limited Edition.
    Starhawk’s main attraction begins and ends with multiplayer so why not offer a bonus that cater to players of this game?

  • I’d like to say that I love the Limited Edition the way it is and the last thing I want in a limited edition is some MP map pack.

    The Best parts of the limited edition of any game for me, are SP bonuses, soundtracks, bonus physical maps, art books, etc… that’s why I buy LE games. (and why I don’t buy special editions of things like CoD for example).

    Getting the PS1 game is a nice bonus even if I rarely touch PS1 classics these days.

    I’m very happy about what you’ve included in this limited edtion, best one I’ve seen in a while for extra content vs. price. (My fav is the Uncharted 3 one, but that cost more, this doesn’t).

  • Requiring Facebook for free DLC is pretty stupid. Even more so when it wants you to sign up for the terrible Timeline GUI upgrade. Passing.

  • I’m also with Zombie9, so no watch for me.

  • How exactly do you get the DLC code?? The video just spins around showing 100% loaded and doesn’t play. I hate facebook, don’t use it again. You’ve got plenty of your own infrastructure here Sony for distributing these things, you don’t need to toss out gifts as a way of snooping into people’s facebook data.

  • Please stop using facebook and twitter for contests and dlc! It is very annoying that playstation keeps supporting and promoting these companies. Your biggest supporters are those who owned ps1 and ps2s and we are not 9 years old. We do not want to use these services with our games! Its bad enough that developers make a point of integrating them into our wonderful games, we don’t need content tied exclusively to them too.

  • First off, I have to say that I’m psyched about Starhawk… It’ll be a day one for me.

    But… Offering exclusives only to GameStop is a bad move. If there’s one company in the entire industry I don’t want to support, it’s GameStop. At least make the exclusives as DLC… I’d rather pay extra for DLC than give GS any of my money. Seriously, when I buy something NEW, I want NEW… not pulled out a box, taken home by an employee, put in an envelope behind a desk, then put back in the box… with extra stickers attached.

  • WHAT THE HELL IS THE FASCINATION WITH FACEBOOK. WHy does everything have to be on facebook now? everytime i want to participate in a contest for anything now, they try to force me to sign up wtf

  • Am loving the new trailer, liked the little twist that was involved.

    I Absolutely loved that my FB Friends and me were part of the trailer, and to customize the trailer was fun as well.
    Bring On The Game!!!!!

  • That was an awesome trailer. I love how my friends and family were integrated into the trailer.

    Is this the first time facebook has done this? I want to see more like this. Would be great for zombies or (The Last of Us) where my friends and family are the infected in the trailer.

    Will Starhawk include facebook friend invite in game like Uncharted 3 does? This should really be a standard in all Playstation First Party games.

    Great job.

  • I loved the beta and I can’t wait for May 8th but I will not sign up on facebook sorry I not into that. I might ask mind friend to do it for me though. Also preordered at gamestop the other day for the LE but one question that I have is that I didn’t here anything about a free month of playstation plus. Is that confirmed?

    • Ask your friend to try it out on his FB. It’s a lot of fun. As for a free month of PS+, yup! A voucher should be given to you when you pick up the game. :)

  • Please make this free DLC available for Singapore (and Asia) users as well!

  • i laughed when i saw my friends in the video,i loved it, i tried to share it out to some people ,not sure if it worked,but was a great idea,geniuse marketing idea,off topic i see xbox has a new staewars console out,i want to get a new ps3 soon,a starhawk edition would be really go with my pre-order. any new ps3 console ? bundle? coming our way soon? ,thx,and cheers,

  • Twas awesome.

  • Epic trailer.


    Can I redeem the code now or do I have to wait till the game’s released?

  • i have nothing agaist that

  • I’m SO happy I’m not all freaked out and anal over a social network so I can actually do what they’re meant for: have fun and be entertained.

    And because of that, this is exactly what happened! That trailer is full of win! Excellent job!

  • totally weak that you made this for facebook.

    why should anyone have to have an account there…

    this should have been put up on the forums, where all the fans go.

    ps. I know its late but please don’t allow people to build in home bases. this way the game will actually play out like your videos.

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