The Pinball Arcade Scores on PS3 and PS Vita Today

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The Pinball Arcade Scores on PS3 and PS Vita Today
The Pinball Arcade Scores on PS3 and PS Vita Today

With the PS3 and PS Vita launches of The Pinball Arcade on PSN this week, I thought that I’d share a few more details about our game and offer some general gameplay tips.

The launch tables include one from each of the four major manufactures that we’ve licensed. Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams), Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Stern), Theatre of Magic (Bally), and Black Hole (Gottlieb). Tales and Black Hole were part of the Pinball Hall of Fame games. We’ve spent a lot of time improving the physics and the graphics of our pinball engine over the past few years, so we feel that they’re definitely worthy of updating.

When we first made the Gottlieb collection we gathered references from the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. We took a lot of pictures, recorded the audio with microphones, and took notes on the rules along with gameplay video reference. We actually re-programmed all of the rules from scratch.

That was a huge challenge! Now, we buy all of the tables and take them apart. Plus, we now have a bunch of physics experience and improved technology to make the tables look and play almost exactly like the real thing. ROM emulation is a huge part of the improved technology, so our simulations now run the same exact code as the original tables with authentic music, sound effects, and voice over. It’s been a learning experience, and it’s our goal to continue to improve.

The Pinball Arcade Scores on PS3 and PS Vita Today

When choosing tables, we look for tables that are universally recognized as being great ( and are two sources that we highly respect); we throw in a large helping of what our fans want, what our pinball expert friends think would be good picks, and what tables we at FarSight love and think will make for great videogame simulations. Of course, the final decision is also impacted by what’s feasible to license.

To score well at our game, I strongly recommend that you master the art of nudging the table without tilting. In general (i.e. video game pinball “and real” pinball), the key is ball control and knowing what to expect as much as possible. It is usually much easier to be consistent with a shot fired from a cradled position than when you hit the ball with a live deflection. But equally important, you should try to learn where and how the ball feeds towards the flippers as best you can and how to keep the pinball or pinballs (in multi-ball) under control as much as possible by mastering different passing and catching techniques.

Our first DLC pack is going to include Medieval Madness and The Machine: Bride of Pin.Bot. These are two of my personal all-time favorite tables. We hope that you enjoy our digital versions as much as we enjoy getting to recreate these classics!

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  • The best of luck, Pinball Hall of fame was my favorite PSP game, i certainly will be getting this

  • PS Vita YouTube App or HTML5 support?

  • Hope to see the rest of the Pinball:Hall of Fame tables brought on over eventually. You’re pretty much the only guys filling the void of licensed tables as far as the virtualized world of licensed pinball gaming goes.

    Helluva lot of pinball love coming out for PS3/Vita this year also, going to be a fantastic time for enthusiasts.

  • Need Twilight Zone!!!!

  • Thanks for posting the additional details and trailer. For some reason Black Hole didn’t register when I first read the list of tables last week, but now that I’ve seen it in the trailer, I recognize it as the table I probably played the most back in my high school arcade days (yes, it’s been awhile). Can’t wait for today’s store update!

  • SO EXCITED FOR THIS. My Vita is getting a new game today.

  • By the way…do the purchase of the Vita/PS3 version count to get the same app in the other plattform ?, or it’s being threated as two separated purchases ?

  • Finally, something to play on my Vita.

    So whenn we’re done playing our little minigames…when the #*(@ are our ACTUAL games going to be released?!?

    Littlebigplanet vita? You know..the game that the vita will actually thrive on!?

  • Ultratroll, it’s buy one, get the other free. They’ve said it several times in past posts. Same with Zen Pinball 2 next month.

  • First the ZP 2 announcement, now this, excellent, but I don’t think my PSN wallet is going to thank me.

  • ° Please enable html5 and flash player to the PS Vita.
    ° Youtube Instagram and Skype app for the PS Vita.
    ° Google Chrome web browser to the PS Vita.
    ° Cross chat platform between PS Vita and PS3 users.
    ° Organize the content of the PSN and add a sort list on the download list by year,month,genre.
    ° Show to the PS3 users when the PS Vita users are conected and enable the present data.
    ° Full integration of the PS Plus features for Ps Vita users enable cloud saving services and the other features like the PS3.
    ° Improve the Facebook app of the PS Vita.

  • My credit card is locked and loaded, ready to fire at this release! Thanks again for doing this, and for doing it this way. It really means a lot to me and I’ll be supporting you all the way. With Farsight this month (and ongoing) and Zen next month (and ongoing) this disabled chap is very happy and appreciative of the hard work!

  • I’ve been a fan of your pinball collections back on PS2 and PSP. One question– will the VITA version support turning the handheld so that the screen is taller than it is wide? To me, that’s one of the only drawbacks to videogame pinball simulations. We are playing in a “landscape” view when it really should be a “portrait” view to give a better view of the table.

    It’s probably going to be difficult (and expensive) to get the tables that people remember from the past two decades because it seems as if they were all licensed (Addam’s Family, Twilight Zone, Simpsons, Terminator) as opposed to original concepts. So, here’s a request that you pick up older electro-mechanical tables such as Fireball. Some times the simpler tables are more enjoyable than the cluttered tables which make it harder to follow the action.

  • ° Release an avatar pack when the game comes out not 3 weeks laters.
    ° Fix the ps3 browser and make a partnership with Google or Mozilla to the next gen console. ° More PSN games to the vita and ports of great titles like Journey,Flower,Nba Jam, Castle Crasher, Magic Orbz, Pacman, Closure, Tetris, Modern Combat, ect ect.

  • My body is ready.

  • ° Enable to send pictures from the PS Vita to the PS3.
    ° Buy Quantic Dream and ThatGameCompany.
    ° Please PS fans needs Kevin Butler again in the next E3 also Guerrilla Games with the new IP and the PS Vita version of Killzone , Naughty Dog with Last of Us, Santa Monica Studio with the secret project,Respawn Entretaiment with the new IP and The last Guardian.
    ° Sony needs to show Bioshock, Assassins Creeds, Monster Hunter,Phantasy Star online and Call of Duty for PS Vita.
    °Sony needs more game for the PS Vita like Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Phantasy Star, Battlefield, God of War,Gran Turismo, Infamous, NBA 2K and a RPG like Skyrim.
    ° Price Drop of PS3 and Ps Vita
    ° A MMO for the PS Vita.
    ° The next console needs a universal party system for all the games.

    ° Buy at least 2 studio for exclusive development of psn games.
    ° New PSN Interface for the next console.
    ° A lot of features for the PSN like Steam.
    ° Digital Games not at the same price of the disc games.
    ° Take ideas for the new console onlive services from Steam and make a subscription payment program like Xbox Live but no to expensive in $$$ terms.

  • ° Make a Worldwide Certification Program to aprove the PSN content like avatars and themes.
    ° Release a Official Playstation App on America for Android, IOS and the PS Vita.

  • @11: La_maravich_22: Don’t you have a job? Or something better to do? It seems that all you do all day long is post your requests on every Blog comments section, no matter if it is related to VITA specs or not. I’m getting tired of having to scroll through your duplicate requests to read appropriate comments.

    Honestly, what do you expect Sony to do? Do you think that someone will read your comments and suddenly slap themselves in the forehead — “Wow! I never thought about that before! Thank goodness that La_maravich_22 pointed this out to us!” and then push a button so that Chrome, Instagram, Skype and cross-chat and flash support will suddenly appear?

    Hey, I agree with some of your complaints, but (1) every single Blog post comment section is not the proper place for you to rant, and (2) SCEA isn’t stupid. They are either working on some of these, or there is a good reason (technical issues, expense, etc.) that they are not working on these.

  • Another tip in ball control. Learn how to preform a “dead flipper pass”. Google it!

    • Thanks, and you’re right. The elasticity of the flippers have been tuned to be realistic which allows for dead flipper passes, flipper passes held up from the in-lanes, and post passes (quick flips from a cradled position). All of these are very helpful in getting the ball to the other flipper to set up your next shot.

  • Maravich. For the love of all things holy and sacred, find another outlet for complaining. Email corporate or find the appropriate part of this board and vent. You are worse that a noob on home. Vita is brand new and how you can expect a bloody price drop this early is beyond me.

  • I playing a lot of Vita, so now with this this will be my main game , i love Pinball, my fav is Bride of Pinbot; i been waiting for a digital version like 25 years now, can wait!!! By the way if i wanna see youtube, facebook twitter etc; i have a laptop, and a tablet , Vita is for gaming

  • Will there be a demo?

  • I appreciate the attention to detail that you’ve said has gone into this game!
    You may have addressed this elsewhere and I missed it, but what differences are there between the PS3 and Vita versions? As in, control schemes, multiplayer, for example? I think I read that front/rear touch is an option for control, what about viewing options?
    This looks great!

  • @akibake, it’s a trial-to-buy version. You can play the tables until you reach a certain time/score, and then you have the option to buy it. That’s what 360 version is like so the PSN version will probably be the same.

  • When does the first set of DLC hit? Just seeing if I need to grab an extra points card for more funds. =D
    (I’ve got enough locked and loaded for the main course).

  • Totally picking this up today. Those tables are a great start and that first DLC pack is gonna be killer. Medieval Madness is incredible and The Machine is quite good too.

  • Looks like I’ll be getting this – always been a big pinball fan!

  • Getting this as soon as the store updates. I love pinball machines and have always wanted one of my own. But thanks to Zen and now Farsight making great pinball games we can play the next best thing without paying thousands of dollars. Keep up the great work guys. A lot of us are supporting you. Thanks.

  • This game looks ballin’ (pardon the pun) but really this game looks really good.

  • I am for sure going to invest my bucks into this. Can you please let me know if you have plans for any of the following games. The top 3 are my favs and I would love to see them ported over.

    1. Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street (Premier)
    2. Guns n’ Roses (Data East)
    3. The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard (Data East)
    4. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams)
    5. Star Trek: The Next Generation (Williams)
    6. Back to the Future (Data East)
    7. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein (Sega)
    8. The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern)
    9. Adam’s Family (Bally)
    10. Twilight Zone (Bally)



    Seriously now you will be going up against Zen Pinball 2…

  • Very excited about this. So sad to see Pinball die out in the Arcades, but this is a great way to keep it alive and to introduce Pinball to those who may never have experienced it otherwise.

  • Any chance of getting Gorgar as a future table? It’s my all-time favorite table. thanks. :)

  • @FearMonkey: I’ll second that! There’s good news on Gorgar… Apparently all of the previous PHoF tables are coming back in the new engine. Can’t wait to hear Gorgar speak in delicious Hi-Def sound!


    *Thump Thump*……*Thump Thump*


    I’m buying it tonight! Every table will be played until I can’t see straight!

    I will take all challengers on Gorgar for sure! Need to get my Black Knight reflexes back up though.


  • no trial for the vita, sigh

  • If you guys can try to get the back to the futre table, that would be fr*kin awsome!!!
    thanks guys

  • While I never played most of these in real life, I notice some of the tables have really sticky flippers. Black Hole is smooth and responsive, but others, like Magic, have a delay, and feel sticky because of it. Is this intentional?

  • Just a crazy idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if this were somehow incorporated into Home. It would be cool to have a classic arcade now with pinball machines. Its been done before with other games and spaces so why not this?

  • I really hope I will see this in the EU store aswell tomorrow, if not let it happend fast!, It will be a instant buy :)

  • @Bobby King: Thank you! Another Vita will be leaving a shelf from somewhere soon.

  • The Tables are good but I am not sure whats a bit off. I am still waiting for an experience that is closer to what I had on these tables over the years. Then again my controller might be sub-standard. Between this, Zen and Visual Pinball I should have enough to stay busy. The price is right though.

  • Great choice in tables so far….two of my favorites( Ripley’s believe it or not and Medieval Madness) is I hope just the tip of the iceberg…I do want to see some more excellent tables come out…(Star Wars for one, maybe a dukes of Hazard one, if there is one.) What is going to be the price point for DLC? And When will we see the first Challenges and Tournaments?

  • quick question does this have online vs play like zen pinball and also custom soundtracks?

  • How will the new tables pricing work? Will they be free? How much if they’re not?

  • Hey Bobby King,
    I just bought Pinball Arcade and I have two complaints so far
    1. I miss the VO guy. =(
    2. Do we really have to wait till may for more tables? =(

    Keep up the great work, I’m soo glad to see you guys going down this route as a huge fan of the PHOF series which I always keep installed on my PSP-Go.

  • how do we change from portrait to landscape play?

  • 5 trophies popped today but none are showing under my PSN ID profile but are showing where all the games trophies are obtained.

  • I’m very impressed. Great looking/sounding pinball official licensed game.

    Got first place with 28,000,000+ on Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams) ALN.

    First secret trophy unlocked: Be top 5 in PSN leaderboard.

    Can’t wait to play more.

    Getting all DLC day 1 too. Keep more tables coming.

  • this game is more fun then I thought it would be. thank you developers for making this for the ps vita.

  • Now that I’ve purchased this and played a bit on both PS3 and Vita, a few nitpicks.

    The camera position for the plunger shots doesn’t let you see anything, hard to know what you are shooting for with skillshots.

    It asks to sign-in to Facebook every time on PS3, I don’t use Facebook. Would rather it didn’t ask at all, or a button you could press to sign in from the game menu, instead of dealing with this error screen every time I load the game.
    Trophies do not sync.

    After each game, it saves your high scores, then you have to press OK to advance, instead of it just advancing automatically like in the PS3 version.
    Entering your initials, you have to use the touch screen to select the character, would like to be able to use the X button.

    Just small things, but I figured it can’t hurt to provide some feedback! Looking forward to more tables.

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