Sly Cooper Steals the Cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine

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Sly Cooper Steals the Cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine

Sly ’s back, and the anthropomorphic raccoon has never looked better. PTOM’s May issue cover features one of PS2’s most beloved platformer protagonists as he prepares to star in his first all-new PS3 entry. Though original developer Sucker Punch has stepped aside, our visit with Thieves in Time’s developer Sanzaru Games indicates that the fourth game in the series is in good and capable hands.

PTOM: Sly Cooper

Elsewhere in the issue, the battle rages on in our Medal of Honor: Warfighter feature as we get our first look at EA’s second offensive front against rival Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. Warfighter’s focus on Tier One operatives and cinematic action sequences indicate it’s got its sights squarely set on the rumored but as-yet-unconfirmed Black Ops 2. We can’t wait to see the pyrotechnics when these two powerhouses meet on the field of battle.

But the announcement that’s got PTOM worked up this month is Assassin’s Creed III. With a new hero, renewed focus, and enthralling Revolutionary War setting, Ubisoft’s killer new title rebuts the notion that annual installments have diluted this franchises’s impact. We’ve also got big previews hits on crime thrillers Max Payne 3 and the resurrected Sleeping Dogs (previously known as True Crime: Hong Kong).

There’s no shortage of big reviews this month, either, with Mass Effect 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and Silent Hill: Downpour leading the way. PS Vita games also continue to leave their mark with third-person shooter Unit 13, the venerable Plants vs. Zombies, and the quirky Escape Plan. Factor in a slew of hot PSN titles and we’ve definitely got more games than time this issue.

PTOM’s May issue arrives at newsstands today, Tuesday, April 10th. Grab it before it’s gone!

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