Qore in April: Sorcery, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Prototype 2

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Qore in April: Sorcery, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Prototype 2

This month’s episode features one of the most anticipated PlayStation Move titles, previews of two popular sequels, and a retrospective look at the series.

Qore in April: Sorcery, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Prototype 2

Jesse Blaze Snider wields a wand (aided by the Move controller) in Sorcery. As a young wizard’s apprentice, players easily learn how the wand enables magical game play in a mystical world. Summon fire, ice and magical bolt spells to take down huge ice trolls and evil monsters in this comprehensive preview!

Looks like the next step in modern warfare game play is coming from Ubisoft’s latest installment of the popular futuristic shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The Qore preview ‘de-cloaks’ the very cool stealth technology and almost infinite combinations of weapons that players can assemble.

Superpower shapeshifting is back with Prototype 2. With a new protagonist wielding some crazy powerful tendrils, this preview flies through the awesome powers available in the open world setting of a quarantined Manhattan.

Qore Arqade

This episode also features a retrospective look back at Qore’s nearly four years on PlayStation Network. As the first interactive digital magazine on a game console, Qore provided an innovative mix of quality HD video and interactive content covering over 160 new games. With this April episode, Qore concludes its run on the PlayStation Network. As a send off, the Qore team built one final DLC package: the Qore Ultimate Arcade features a compilation of 11 mini games offered throughout the series. Our thanks to all involved in the creation and production of Qore and to the many fans who regularly watched each month.

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  • Series finale!? NO! I really enjoyed watching Qore every month. I’ve been watching since day 1. I can’t believe its been 4 years! Thank you for these past 4 years, you will be missed.

  • Wow, it’s so sad that this is the final episode. I’ve been a loyal customer for almost two years now, and I have enjoyed every episode. I’m actually surprised that it lasted this long because I never that it was that popular anyway. And the show went downhill after Veronica and Audrey left, so this isn’t too surprising. Thank you for the good times, especially Veronica’s visits to Japan.

  • So saddened to see Qore to come to an end. I really enjoyed the series I’ve been a subscriber 2 months after it launched in 2008. Qore was great and fun I hope Sony brings it back in the future :( R.I.P Qore

  • Well that kind of sucks! I have watched every Qore since I got my ps+ membership over a year ago. Well worth the membership along with the other goodies, now I just dont know. :(

  • Wow, that’s pretty out of the blue that it’s ending this month. Kinda sad. I’ve enjoyed having Qore as a little bonus to my PS+. Of course, I think right about the time that I joined is when the episodes started eventually going free for everybody after a month.

    Any chance that we’ll see some older episodes going free as well, now that it’s finished? I’d really love to be able to check out some of the past editions, even if it’s just one or two a month.

  • Is this a joke or something?

    QORE is the reason I’m a plus member… It’s the only thing that justified the high prices vs crappy store content we get, since QORE alone was as much as it was.

    Is there somewhere I can go to cancel the next 5/6 months of plus I signed up for (I mean get my money back for buying something that’s suddenly stopped coming out)?

    Since I bought it for Qore and you’re stopping that, I want a refund.

  • Sad to see Qore go away. I was a fan since the beginning.

  • What!!!!???

    Qore is one of the things I enjoy the most out of PS+, I don‘t really have that much time to play all of the free games that they give out (some of which have been given out more than once) so it was one of the benefits I truly was able to enjoy.

    Are they canceling Qore to replace it with something better, something more awesome? I certainly hope so because I found out about some cool new games or got a better look at upcoming games that I was already interesting in buying.

    This probably isn‘t enough to make me end my subscription but it‘s definitely a bad move at least from my perspective.

    Long Live Play

  • are PS+ members gonna get these Qore arcade games through the free Qore episode as well? or is that only for regular Qore subscribers?

    • The Qore Ultimate Arqade will be available to Plus subscribers who download the episode and access the DLC through Qore’s download section of the episode.

  • Why? Will I have to find out why from the Beyond crew?

    I hate the gimme, gimme whiners on this blog every day but it is true that Sony is not very forthcoming about anything that goes wrong. I think the loyal fans–us, me–deserve more explanations about all the many subjects the PS blog covers: why Qore is being shelved, why games are delayed, what firmware updates are changing. We’re not asking for trademark secrets, just the courtesy of simple information.

    I am bummed about this sudden announcement.

  • R.I.P Qore, we had some good times.

    In truth though, I felt that Qore had been going down (in terms of quality) since losing Veronica Belmont, her “pep” and personality brought Qore up a notch, just was not the same after she was gone.

    Qore will be missed though.

    PULSE better pick up the slack though, or something else should be added to Plus, or I bet there will be alot of unhappy subscribers over this news.

  • I agree as I really enjoyed Qore and have so since the very first episode. Sad to see it end

  • i hate to see sony cut anything but i believe it was a good choice. i enjoyed watching every month but i they were taking a loss from it

  • Qore is gone? Uhm, now i’ve less incentive to renew my PS+ account.

  • I also enjoyed getting Qore every month. I hope Sony puts something in Qore’s place for Playstation Plus users. For me, and I’m sure I speak for many others, Qore was part of the reason for us signing up for PS +.

  • This really sucks. My plus was set to expire in March. I was going to let it. then I realized how much I would miss QORE and JUST SIGNED UP FOR 6 MORE MONTHS!!! In order to have Qore.

    Very bad job letting your fans know this was coming. I wouldn’t be this bothered if I hadn’t just signed up/paid for 6 more months of Qore…

    I really hope there’s something like Qore coming to replace it or I’ve just been screwed outta 40ish dollars.

  • Amazed it lasted this long. I bought an episode of Qore way back in 2009 simply because it had Spyro the Dragon for free (or rather, I got Sypro for half price and Qore for free). That was pretty cool and my only firsthand experience with it. Based on each months blog post for the thing, the first year was its best in terms of getting people into betas, exclusive demos (evilevilevil), free PSOne Classics, and themes and such. After that it was all downhill. That said, 4 years and 160 issues is nothing to scoff at for an internet magazine.

  • Man, I really don’t get anyone who has signed up for PS+ / renewed their PS+ membership mainly for Qore in the past 9 months. All the episodes have been free since last August, you just have to wait a month.

    Paying $50 a year to get something that everyone gets for free (but one month earlier) doesn’t make much sense to me. And PS+ is so great and so worth it, even without Qore.

    Just saying I don’t get it, is all.

  • Im not surprised, ever since Veronica left the show hasn’t been the same.

  • Sad to see the show go. I watched it each month when i had PS Plus, and I enjoyed watching it. Its cool to see that they have included all the mini games from the previous shows.

  • I’ll miss Qore.

    Been a subscriber since day 1 and before PSN +.

    Kind of thought after Veronica left that the series wasn’t keeping up to speed as it had previously.

    Hopefully, another subscription will be coming soon.

  • So what are the plans for us PS+ members….. as many have mentioned…. it is a key to us having subscribed seeing as the value of Qore alone made Plus worthwhile! is there anything that is being done to compensate for the lose of this great monthly info giver/preview and review program?? Pls help us out and give us some kind of hope!!!

  • I agree with megamixer. Although I never got Qore in 2008 when I first got my PS3, it did offer exclusive themes, betas, demos and sometimes PS1 classics. I joined playstation plus with disappointment in September because that’s when they started to give Qore away for free (although I think it was August). I really enjoyed sitting down and watching it, it’s kind of like G4 even though I don’t watch TV anymore. But I felt it was heading in a weird direction ever since Veronica left. Hope something new comes up to replace this and hopefully it sticks with Plus this time.

  • How can any of you complain about having plus because Qore is leaving? In my opinion there is soo much other free content on plus, its still well worth it. I was a Qore subscriber prior to Plus, ever since plus came out i havnt even used Qore.

  • RIP Qore. :(

  • What no more qore?That kinda sucks. I remember paying for just qore back in the beginning and enjoyed every bit of it, till Veronica Belmont left and that goofy idiot with the mohawk showed up. That guy made me want to fold my tv in half. Oh well thats how the cookie crumbles. Thanks for all the shows and free goodies!

  • OMG this sucks!!! I bet it’s because Veronica Belmont left!!! She is a MUCH better host!!!

    I hope we’ll get something similar because this is a loss to Plus Members who got it for FREE.

  • Sad to see this go. This is really one of the main reasons I got PlayStation Plus. I hope Sony will come with something else thats even better.

  • I rated this highly out of respect to the series. Sorry to see it go, but glad it was a feature on the PSN. Thanks to all those in front and behind the cameras that made it happen!

  • @riseagainst

    I bought Plus for the deals and discount and Qore combined.

    For the last 6-10 month plus has been bad. For me. They never put up a discount or free game that interests me, except for games that I already bought months or even years earlier.

    They keep recycling the same games for discount, so the longer you have plus, the less you get really since you end up being offered the same item 2/3 times.

    That’s why I was going to let mine expire. But I love Qore and wanted to support them with my money so they can keep making them…. and then suddenly after a 6 month renewel they cancel Qore… I didn’t know it was free now, but I do think it’s worth paying to get early.

    For just the Plus deals/discounts/early demo (usually still later than the xbox),at most I use the discount/free games/etc.. 1 out of every…. 6-8 updates (1 deal worth having for every 2 months of plus). They keep offering me what I already have, or terrible old games.

  • Wow, cancelling Qore? It was pretty much the only thing I kept PSN + for, most of the free games offered aren’t my style and I was already paying for the magazine sub prior to +

    Between this and Sony completely dropping the ball on Vita software and updates, my re-infatuation with the PS brand since last October is again faltering. I’m not convinced that they have a clue about how to market their products. They make great games, but continually fumble when it comes to customer relations. It doesn’t matter HOW GOOD your product is when people are indifferent/ uniformed about it. This will probably be my last gen as a Sony fan.

    Qore was a solid offering and I have no idea why they would cancel something like this and keep paying for seasons of The Tester.

    Farwell Qore. I, for one, will miss ya.

  • Good luck to the Qore team. I really enjoyed the program!

  • That’s not good if Qore is going of the air. I hope Playstation will have another show in the works soon. Love the Podcasts listen to them weekly. Qore still rules it showed alot where gamers from all over will learn to appreciate how games were made along with behind the scenes footage where you can’t find anywhere else. Thank you Qore.

  • The last episode should’ve been free, but really lame that Qore didn’t make it to episode 50! Veronica Belmon’s departure sure wasn’t a good sign for Qore.

  • Will sony ever charge for useing the PLAYSTATION network.If so i will be willing to pay if they do that.

  • Qore served no real purpose. Seriously, did anyone actually pay for an episode. I could barely justify the bandwidth to download it. Maybe one segment held any interest and their downloads were typically barren.

    There’s simply no way to justify $2.99 for a bunch of ads for games. You can’t go around and charge for marketing fluff. The interface was clumsy. Rather than being a straightforward video, it needed to be installed like a game.

    I would’ve preferred to see Qore morph into something more substantial, but since that’s not going to happen, its hard for me to get worked up over something ending that I barely made use of in the first place.

  • Wow…Watching the intro, I thought “Well, I guess Jesse is starting to grow on me a little” – and then, it’s the last episode! Go figure! According to his twitter page, “For those who have heard about the ending of @Qore, don’t fret something even better is just around the corner! ;)”.

  • What?? Qore is seriously ending?? This is terrible news! Qore was one of the reasons why I signed up for PlayStation Plus! This is really too bad.

  • What? So then what is going to replace QORE, I better see a better more advance kind of online program that will replace the show? It be cool if you guys bought the rights to Toonami and used that as some kind of online magazine for both video games and anime reviews and upcoming games as well.

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  • This has hurt me deep. Qore was fantastic! I loved since the beginning :(

    R.I.P. Qore :'(

  • R.I.P. Qore

  • ROFL. Guys, you didnt see this coming? IT was a wanna be xbox live feature. They should just stick to what they are good at. Making a reality show about a 12 dollar / hour job. LOL! Just liscense xbox live Sony. PSN sucks. What is it now 6 years later and still no cross game chat. ROFL! Xbox live FTW

  • Qore seems to have some fans on here, but in my opinion it was only mediocre at best. I only watched because I got it free for Plus and won’t really miss it, although it would be nice if we got a replacement plus benefit instead of just losing a feature. When Veronica left, she took with her the best reason to watch Qore, sorry Jessie.

  • Damn that really sucks….I enjoyed Qore, been watching it since the first episode. At least you guys should’ve concluded it with 50 episodes.

  • I will surely miss Qore, I really liked it, I hope it gets replaced for something equivalent.

  • I’ll still be renewing my Plus this month, but will miss Qore, since it has been my primary source of what’s new. I think Plus membership should include something more than free games and discounts. Is FirstPlay going to be free for Plus subscribers? I think it’s more than ironic that Qore is ending during the same month another magazine is being launched.

  • Sad news. I signed up for Qore on the first day and renewed after that.

    I understand the need to cut back on costs and gauge popularity and success to determine further investments.

    But, I would like sony to consider other video/magazine options. One trend for sony is to introduce a service, product or genre and to not follow up or continue with said project only to have a competitor introduce the same service, game or product with a better outline to sony’s original project.

    I recommend a Blog like Qore magazine in a very small scale either added to Playstation Plus or as a free youtube channel that can only be viewed to people that subscribe to the channel.

    This brings up another issue. Where is the youtube app for playstation? Accessing youtube from the ps3 browser is better since the last upgrade but it is still very cumbersome. I dedicated web app that links to your account that is linked to psn accounts is sorely needed.

    I know watch more movies via Amazon Instant video than I do other services and I believe a new show through a dedicated youtube app would also increase the amount of people not only using the app but viewing your shows.

    Thank you.

  • Edit..

    Meant so say “I now watch” not “I know”

    can we get an edit button with maybe a 15 minute delay until we are unable to edit our posts again?

  • I guess this was one of the cutbacks that Sony is making. I wouldn’t expect something to replace it either guys. Not for awhile at least.

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