Grab Your Vita, Free Escape Plan Update is Live!

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Grab Your Vita, Free Escape Plan Update is Live!

Today, Escape Plan owners will be happy to see new content popping up on their Vita for download. The first pack, Bakuki’s Lair, is a FREE level pack that adds 19 prequel-puzzle rooms to the adventures of Lil and Laarg. To download the levels, just update the game from Escape Plan’s LiveArea directly on your PS Vita.

Escape Plan Bakuki's Lair

Fans of Escape Plan have helped push the game into the #1 spot on PSN worldwide, and so we’re happy to report that we are improving the experience with a handful of adjustments that were requested directly from gamers. Players can now squeeze Lil while swiping, front and back taps are more precise, earning stars is just based on time and there are some more hints in sticky situations.

Escape Plan Bakuki's LairEscape Plan Bakuki's Lair

Our plan for Escape Plan is to continue supporting fans and community worldwide by growing the game and updating the title with new features. If you haven’t yet picked up Escape Plan, it’s available now on PSN for $14.99.

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  • FYI, the patch is about 500 MB and makes the total size of the game 1421 MB, for people who don’t have large memory cards

  • Much appreciated, hopefully, some of the sites that slammed the game because their fat fingers had trouble with the game, can update their reviews. Doubtful, of course.

  • In Europe 588MB. Thanks for stars based on time,d fixing back panel and Lil squeezing! Looks like You’ve read my review or sth :D That was my only complaints :D

  • Just started my playthrough of the original game, so I’m definitely gonna play these when I beat the original levels! THANKS

  • “earning stars is just based on time” THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I stopped playing the game because I was getting frustrated with accidental screen taps. I will definitely start playing it again now!

  • my vita got stolen

  • I downloaded the update, but after installing and starting the game I get an error message. What should I do now?
    Lucky for me I backed up my Vita stuff earlier today.

  • Thanks, Chris. Really nice to hear you plan to continue support for this game. 5 bars!

  • it was already a great buy, this dlc only makes it better

    must have


  • Opps, I posted this in the store update by accident. Can anyone here comment on the patch? Any noticable control improvements? Thanks.

  • I get error code c0-11478-1 and the game won’t start.

    • Thanks for the help on that, we’ll look into what’s going on and see if we can make sure that everyone can enjoy the update.

    • Unfortunately, we aren’t able to reproduce this error. We’ve been told that a re-install direct on your Vita from the store will fix things. We’ll continue to investigate for a future patch.

  • THIS is how to support a game, post-release.

    Will very happily purchase future DLC (please say there will be more!) for this excellent game. The few, minor, faults I had with it have now been addressed – and 19 new levels too. Well played, Fun Bits!

  • Is a demo coming out any time soon?

  • downloading it !!! , have you guys thought about bringing Fat Princess to the vita? the vita is seriously lacking online multiplayer games

  • Is there a way to get the upload from a PS3? My wiifi is pretty lousy to download directly to the Vita

  • The new requirements to get 3 stars on a level is much, much better. All those unintentional taps and swipes pre-patch really killed my enjoyment with the game and went borderline impossible to finish the game with 3 stars on each level. Now that it’s only based on time, I’m finding myself enjoying this game again. It was the thing preventing me from finishing it. Looking forward to completing the game by the weekend

  • @16, wario64- in you opinion, does the patch fix some of the control issues?

  • Will there be a demo in the near future?

  • wow

  • Fun game! I’ve really been enjoying Escape Plan. Here are two requests:

    – I’m not sure how it works with the Vita, but could you release a PSN profile panel for the Vita that is “splattered”, like the results of those unfortunate characters in the game?

    – Could we have the ability to name our save files?

    Thanks again for the excellent Vita game, and I look forward to additional content in the future.

    • Cool idea on the panels, but not sure on the naming Save Games – that is a hardware feature, and not something we have control over.

  • Thank you Sony for this update! I’m a 3 stars type of player and I can’t tell you how many times I got frustrated when I first got this game by accidental gestures while trying to get 3 stars, so much that I actually stopped playing the game. After this update I went back and re-tried some of these levels and got 3 stars after just a few tries. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Went to start. Got the same error as the others and told to redownload from the store. Redownloaded and my 100% progress is gone. Very much less than ideal.

    • Sorry to hear about that, we are looking into it for the next patch. If you can give us any insight into how it happened, and steps that you took to install the patch – email them to and we can help the dev team resolve it sooner for others.

  • Playing skullgirls anybody else think Maries third form is cheap as hell unfair to an nth level

  • Thank you guys for the great support, you haven’t made me regret buying this title before I got my PSVita at all.

    Looking forward to more great times ahead.

  • wow,good one

  • Ewe should update the LiveArea so it shows the amount of stars and trophies collected out of the total for each.

    Is it possible to get an overall time from the game, where each puzzle room’s time is compiled, to compare against friends’ times?

  • Since downloading the Bakuki’s Lair update I haven’t been able to start up Escape Plan at all. It tries to install the update, gets to 45% completed then displays
    “an error has occurred.(E-80101112)”
    and quits.

    Any help? I have deleted the entire game and reinstalled it but to no avail.

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