Captivate 2012: Resident Evil 6 in October, SF X Tekken Vita Cross Play, Lost Planet 3, DmC Update

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Captivate 2012: Resident Evil 6 in October, SF X Tekken Vita Cross Play, Lost Planet 3, DmC Update

Last week I was in Rome with some friends from Capcom to attend their Captivate event, an annual showcase of what’s in the pipeline for such game series as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Lost Planet. While I could spend a couple of hundred words on fountains and pizza, there is a lot of game news to cover; here’s a handy digest of all the best bits.

Captivate 2012: Resident Evil 6 in October, SF X Tekken Vita Cross Play, Lost Planet 3, DmC Update

Resident Evil 6 is coming sooner than you think

We got to see an hour-long presentation on Resident Evil 6 that oozed with new information, including the announcement that the game’s release date has been brought forward to October 2nd, 2012.

The game features three playable characters – Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller – with three unique, intertwining stories that the player can choose to play through in any order. While the action takes place in various locations around the world, we do know that a large portion is set in China. If you’re wondering who Jake Muller is, he is a new character, a mercenary in Eastern Europe, and the son of maniacal sunglasses advocate, Albert Wesker. We saw a playthrough of some of Leon’s story, set in Tall Oaks University after a bio-terrorist attack that turns the American President into a zombie, forcing Leon to kill him and subsequently face the blame for his murder (that might sound like a spoiler for the whole plot but this all happened in the first four minutes).

Resident Evil 6 for PS3Resident Evil 6 for PS3

Little things we noticed include the return of proper zombies. These aren’t brainwashed villagers – their skin is falling off, they love hiding behind corners and they make noises like neglected drains. We also noticed that the interface has been streamlined to make things like changing weapons and consuming green herbs easier on the fly. There are also more shooting controls, such as the ability to fire while laying on your back, and some fun contextual attacks. We also learned that Resident Evil 6 features drop-in and drop-out co-op throughout, both locally in split-screen and online.

Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita

Street Fighter X Tekken for PS VitaStreet Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita

Street Fighter X Tekken on PS Vita features 12 new characters and PS3 Cross Play

The fighting game equivalent of beans and hot dog sausages in the same tin is already making my teenage dreams come true on PS3 and is set for PS Vita later this year. More than a straight port, it includes 12 new characters that you will also be able to use in the PS3 version if you own copies on both formats. Those extra characters are (in their respective story pairs): Dudley and Elena; Christie and Lei; Sakura and Blanka; Lars and Alisa; Brian Fury and Jack X; Guy and Cody.

Captivate 2012: Resident Evil 6 in October, SF X Tekken Vita Cross Play, Lost Planet 3, DmC Update

The portable version also supports Cross Play allowing you to crossover cancel against PS3 players, along with other PS Vita specific features, such as creating your own, customisable shortcuts using front and rear touch. The development team told us that there are more additions to come and, while we couldn’t get them to spill everything, they did suggest that they are looking into Augmented Reality and Near functions.

We’ll have a full interview with the game’s producer later in the week so here’s a preview where he reveals which of the new characters has the most unique play style:

“Lei Wulong from the Tekken side of the cast has some very interesting play styles. He fights in the ‘Drunken Fist’ style which has a few different stances, not dissimilar to Gen from Street Fighter 4. Players who are familiar with fighting games are going to find these stances – and the different move sets associated with them – very interesting.”

Lost Planet 3 for PS3

Lost Planet 3 for PS3Lost Planet 3 for PS3

Lost Planet 3 Coming to PS3 in 2013

Lost planet 3 was announced with a trailer pointing to an ‘early 2013’ release date. Series creator Kenji Oguro told us that the third in the series is “the closest to our original vision of survival, exploration and discovery” and puts the player in control Jim, one of the early colonists on the planet E.D.N. III.

Captivate 2012: Resident Evil 6 in October, SF X Tekken Vita Cross Play, Lost Planet 3, DmC Update

Set before the original Lost Planet, the game features such series hallmarks as a hostile, frozen world; giant alien enemies; and mech machinery – these are called ‘Utility Rigs’ this time around and, while they designed to aid construction, you’ll find yourself using their mechanical claw and drill to dispatch larger enemies in gruesome fashion.

DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3

DmC trailer includes new weapons and convenient pizza

When Ninja Theory Creative Director Tameem Antoniades told us that his team’s intention with DmC is to “Strip Dante down to his essence and build him back up as a character,” we didn’t realise quite how literal he was being until we saw this trailer:

Captivate 2012: Resident Evil 6 in October, SF X Tekken Vita Cross Play, Lost Planet 3, DmC Update

We also got to play the game and can confirm that the combat will be reassuringly familiar to Devil May Cry fans. The additions the team have made are carefully thought out and include an easier to understand ranking system and two new weapons. Cyrus and the Arbiter – angel scythe and demon axe respectively – can be equipped on the fly using the L2 and R2 buttons and add an extra layer of strategy to the well-known sword and gun play.

DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3

DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3

So there you have it. We saw an awful lot more from the world of Capcom at Captivate 2012; if you have any questions about these games then please ask in the comments and I’ll answer if I can.

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  • Wow, will we have to pay extra to unlock content already on the disk for all these games or are they just stiffing Street Fighter fans? And by “stiffing” I mean saving us the hassle of having to wait for DLC to download… of course…

  • Meh, Capcom.

    I’ll give them some attention again when they either stop being butt-hurt babies about Mega Man or put out a commanding Resident Evil title.

  • i just want Adon…. thats all i want, i will pay $40 just for Adon

    PS: why is everyone acting like Mega Man Legends3 was gonna sell 8million copies? the thing would have sold less than 300,000 PERIOD.

  • Okay where’s the Dragon’s Dogma Info?

  • @ Avalanche, I’d have been one of those 300,000. :C

    Also… any news on MH3G localisation?

  • there isnt no 2013…world going to end anyway…

    also that pretty much rule out the ps4 in 2013 as well.

  • I hope LP3 will still have co-op because that was the fun of that game.

  • Bravo display Capcom. I’m really looking forward to Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. It’s about time you brought Leon back and Capcom it would be really cool if you put Leon, Chris, Jill, and Rebecca as playable characters in one game story mode wise. Speaking of Rebecca Chambers Capcom where is she?

  • i stopped buying CAPCOM games.

  • No monster hunter vita? Ill continue to boycott you capcom. They have really gone down hill. DLC on disk and nothing new.

  • You announce Lost Planet 3 when nobody was asking for a 3rd entry. What about bringing back Onimusha? That’s actually a great series. Oh yeah Capcom has to continue to “westernize” all there games and they never listen to there fans for anything. Last gen Capcom was my favorite game company but this gen they are dead last next to Square-Enix. Dragons Dogma is the only thing interesting coming out of Capcom. Thanks for handing DMC to a sorry developer too. DMC should be developed internally not outsourced that’s suppose to be one you’re precious IP’s but of course you gotta westernize everything.

  • @Matrix_Lion:
    I agree with you. I’m tired of all these butthurt Capcom fans. I am hopeful for their lineup of upcoming games. Anyone not being the same is still stuck in the past and refuse to move on. DmC isn’t even out yet, but everybody is downplaying the poor game. I understand why they are upset about SF x Tekken, but I understand Capcom’s technical reasons behind it. It’s just like buying a new Windows PC. Yes Office is on it, doesn’t mean you are entitled to it till you buy a Product key for it : P

  • Racoon city sucked and you cheer for them Triforce…… nvm your name says it all

  • YES!! I have to pay $20 to unlock contents that already stored on the disc.

    cool story bro.

  • Lost PLanet 3? hell yea, show me trailer, how much can I customize? i want to fight bigger bugs and more areas! more open so its harder!

  • Great display!!! I love the fact that capcom is turning all there franchises upside down for the better. Great seeing Capcom not following in the same footsteps and other tired franchises givin us the same crap year in year out. THANK YOU CAPCOM!!

  • so many of capcom’s “fans” here smh
    i’ll admit i was a little butthurt about SFxTK dlc on disc thing but i’ll get over that……eventually
    RE6 looks good story wise but if the gameplay is like 5 or raccoon city i’m most likely not going to enjoy it much
    DMC has me worried to no extent
    didn’t really care for lost planet
    oh and Avalanche i agree with you 200% on adon in SFxTK

  • It’s such BS how we have to wait 2 extra months for the RE6 demo.

    Another “business decision” that only screws over PS3 owners.

  • sorry capcom, you have some of my favorite games, but im not happy with how you treat us lately.
    im not buying any of them.

  • Pretty good-looking RE6 and DmC. I’ll also pick up SFxTK Vita for $40 with all 12 extra characters. Capcom is a cheap-ass dev now, but I’ll pick games that WON’T need DLC to finish them.

  • Yeah. Ummmm…. Capcom. When you are ready to be serious with DMC and bring back Dante the way he was before then maybe I might consider buying DMC games again. Until then you can keep them.

  • Thank you for the amazing news Capcom! I have been a Resident Evil fan for a very long time, and just knowing I get to play a follow-up to the series 2 months earlier than expected makes me very happy!

    I will admit, Operation Raccoon City was a let down in A LOT of ways, but I will place that blame with Slant Six. I look forward to RE:6, Thanks again Capcom!

  • Why does the blog give cRapcom so much PR space here? …are they holding you guys to ransom again? Like “gives us lots of free coverage or we’ll make RE6 a WiiU exclusive”

  • <3 @ Lost Planet 2

  • PS Vita YouTube App or HTML5 Support?

  • First you give Devil May Cry to a crappy western dev, then Resident Evil and then Lost Planet (sadly it doesn’t even stop there).
    Please don’t tell me you’re gonna be surprised when they flop, Capcom.

    How man times must you do this same idiotic mistake? Do you think these crappy western dev teams (not saying all are bad, but the japanese have a knack for picking the worst ones) have had a good track record?
    How many series do you want to kill off? Are you competing with Konami or something? They recently killed off Front Mission in this way so now you have to beat them by killing off several of your series?

  • Dear Capcom,

    My wishlist

    1.) Monster Hunter for PS3/PS Vita with cross platform play.

    Make it happen!

    Thank you.

    Sincerely a former Capcom Junkie….

  • btw sony, congratulations on the PSP Resident Evil game cRapcom announced a few years back @ E3. Resident Evil: Revelations is now really helping the 3DS out sell the Vita :D

    oh, and i’m really looking forward to playing Monster Hunter on my PS3. Thanks again guys! :D

  • lol jokes :D

    seriously though, why cant i vote this post 0 out of 5?

  • When does DMC come out?!!!

  • Sigh why did ninja theory have to take an iconic game character and have to ruin him by making him look like joe everyman/reject twilight character. I want old dante back! Who’s with me?!

    Oh and everyone hates capcom lol… my friend boycotted their games after they cancelled megaman legends but i couldn’t have cared less. Although, that awful, AWFUL racoon city game did attract some dislike from me. How do you ef up RE? Oh let the bad socom developers do it.


  • DMC/SFxT Vita/RE6……… goin 2 reserve all 3 rite now. DMC looks like my most anticipated game

  • gettin resident evil6,sfxtk on vita,and devil may cry with young dante

  • Is that guy with the short dark hair supposed to be a new Dante or something?

    When I first heard of the new DMC I thought they were just restarting from the start, but assumed that we’d still have the character that makes the whole series worth playing… Nothing about that trailer resembles DMC, it’s now looking like any old generic action game these days.

    Very very disssapointing. I generally like this company and love DMC but unless I see/hear something new to change things, it looks like DMC is going to be a major slap in the face to fans of the franchise.

  • lol at Capcom haters! :D somethings wrong with you if you’re gonna pay $15 just for additional colors anyway hahaha who cares if its on disk dlc. the main games are worth the entry price already. youre crazy if you think you’re gonna get the regular 40+ characters plus 12 characters for $60 :D street fighter 4 didnt even have those many characters when it first released and many of you paid $60 for it and it was worth it.

  • i hate when they said those characters are included on the vita version you buy the game and u gotta pay for them extra,when they just offered like they where on disk .Capcom Just fail hackers release those for free and they do not do anything.they must do the following things A) release them now B)sell them 50% off the original price
    C)make them this is for Sony if ur Orbis system dont let users use used games count me out of your
    numbers.WE Gamers dont like rape butt DLC we like good retail items with a good pricetag.

  • AguilarX two words THANK YOU!

  • @James Gallagher

    Hey man. Legit question admist all the craziness in the comments section LOL!
    Did you notice if the split screen in RE6 was more similar to RE5, and not so tiny like in Lost Planet 2. Lost Planet 2 had two player split screen that only took up 1/4 of the screen for both players! It was was SO small.
    I wanted to know if RE6 had at least the staggered split of RE5 if not even bigger a la gears of war. Any replies would be greatly appreciated and thanks for reporting on some really cool gaming news!
    Keep it up :D

  • Good to see a New Lost Planet coming and the RE6 trailer is insane.

  • So I see people still complain about his design, eh?
    Last I remember, it’s a prequel to the prequel before it. Dante looks the way he does cuz he is a rebellious punk teen. Something we all went through, and even some still are =D
    I don’t mind his look at all, once Devil Trigger hits, his hair is white, ’nuff said.
    He has no clue who his Pops is, or about his Devil blood. All crap stated ages ago pertaining to the story of the game and Dante’s look. But I guess all people see are pictures and not the words in articles that come with a lot of them.
    And about the gameplay, shut up. YOU haven’t played the game yet and judge it at a facial glance.
    Those are the worst opinions to ever give. Now once you get the game, or the demo, then judge it. Your opinions will be heard then. As for now, I can give two sh**s what anybody has to say.
    Sadly, I have a feeling these people are related to the people complaining about Raiden’s MGS spin-off =/

  • I can’t support anything Capcom does until they start treating their fans better. Disc locked content, platform exclusive content, and releasing major plot arcs as dlc (sometimes platform exclusive dlc like we saw with Dead Rising 2) are just too ridiculous to ignore.

    I am a big fan of the Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Devil May Cry, and, with a bit of a nostalgic tear, Breath of Fire series. So it is especially difficult to watch my former favorite developer take such an offensive turn.

  • Dear Capcom,

    Why hasn’t there been a Monster Hunter on the PS3? Why haven’t you brought over MHP3rdHD? Why hasn’t there been a new Monster Hunter announced for the Vita (preferably with PS3 cross platform play)? Please bring a game out for the people that supported Monster Hunter on Sony systems.

    As for these games…

    Not sure about the direction of Lost Planet 3. Looks like it’s trying really hard to appeal to a western audience instead of being a better Lost Planet game.

    Was never a huge fan of the DMC series, so I have no hang ups with the changes in the new one. I actually think the game looks rather interesting.

  • How about a Dino Crisis remake, huh Capcom? Preordering RE6 next week, keep up the good work!

  • Hahaha, what good work?

    Capcom is the most out of touch developer out there. They make Konami look like they have every last finger on the pulse of what their audiences want out of them.

  • Someone just called Ninja Theory a “sorry developer”…?

  • Any idea if the RE6 will have the simulview feature?

  • $50 a year for the newly announced “CAPCOM ELITE” Service! Awesome! Day 1 DLC on disc! Day 1 DLC period. Each week an on disc char will unlock for your enjoyment, for only $50 a yr!

  • Super excited for Resident Evil 6 but Devil May Cry series is dead to me, I feel so sad…

  • I’m on the fence about RE6, because RE5 was only OK.

    Why can’t PS3 owners participate in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer promotions?

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