Zen Pinball 2 Coming Spring 2012 for PlayStation and PS Vita

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Zen Pinball 2 Coming Spring 2012 for PlayStation and PS Vita

You may have seen the announcement for Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles a few weeks ago, but it just so happens we have something extra special in store for PlayStation fans – Zen Pinball 2 is on the way, packed full of new features and all sorts of awesome bonuses, and it will release in conjunction with the new Marvel pack!

We have been listening to all of your feedback and have included many, many of your ideas into what is our most advanced and sophisticated pinball platform yet! There has been strong focus on keeping the community together, bringing all of your pinball tables under one roof, and then connecting the games across PS3 and Vita. If you are a pinball fan, this will be the ultimate pinball experience on PlayStation!

Zen Pinball 2 Coming Spring 2012 for PlayStation and PS Vita

So, how will all of this work if you have purchased Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball and any DLC? It’s going to be super easy! When Zen Pinball 2 releases, you will simply need to download and install a game update, and your game will be updated FREE of charge. All of your tables will appear in one location, they will have received updated ball physics and graphics, new trophies and a much deeper social experience including in game notifications, friend challenges and even posting scores to Facebook. This free update is our way of saying THANK YOU for supporting Zen Studios and allowing us to continue work on the game we love so much.

For those of you who are new to the game, Zen Pinball 2 will be a free platform download with trials available for every table. Simply download Zen Pinball 2, and you will have access to an amazing library of pinball tables including the brand new Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles pack, featuring tables based on Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ Movie, ‘World War Hulk,’ ‘Fear Itself,’ and ‘The Infinity Gauntlet.’ Here is a glimpse of the brand new, redesigned Zen Pinball 2 dashboard, showing how the tables will be presented.

Zen Pinball 2 Coming Spring 2012

I know you are all wondering about cross platform purchases. We are happy to announce that all content purchased for Zen Pinball 2 will playable on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita at no extra charge! You can enjoy the game at home on the couch and then take it with you on the go without having to pay twice.

There are a bunch of new features available in Zen Pinball 2, such as in game scoring notifications, friend challenges, posting scores to Facebook and amazing stereoscopic 3D. We have spent serious time perfecting this game and polishing every little aspect!

Zen Pinball 2 Coming Spring 2012

When you add it all up, there will be TWENTY SIX different pinball tables available day one for Zen Pinball 2! We will continue to support the game with regular DLC, and we have new brands that we are developing tables around, including a pinball table based on one of PopCap’s most popular franchises, and we have a ton of ideas for original designs.

Thanks for three fantastic years of support for Zen Pinball! We are looking forward to the next chapter with Zen Pinball 2.

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  • Ok, sorry if this has been addressed (tried to search on the comments, but didn’t see anyone else ask), will the game saves be transferable between the PS3 and the PS Vita versions?

  • Oh, also wanted to say how much I love Zen Pinball. It’s remained one of my favorite games on PS3 since I picked mine up in 2009. Thanks for doing such a great job with these games; it will be awesome to enjoy them on my PS Vita!

  • Probably a day one purchase…i’ll go out and buy a 20$ card…. can you tell us any Psplus deals we can expect?

  • This is so amazing, all my tables under one roof and the same tables accessible on my Vita :D:D:D I can’t wait to play them on that gorgeous screen, having the Tesla and Eldorado with me at all time is a dream come true. I’ve purchased almost every table on PSN be it either Zen or Marvel Pinball. You guys are among my favourite developers and I always make sure to leave a couple bucks in my PSN wallet so I can buy whatever new tables you put out. You have had me as a fan since you came to PSN and with moves like this you will continue to be in my heart… and my wallet :P

    Oh and teasing a PopCap table has me super excited.

  • Yay for updated physics!

    Besides trophies, will may game saves be converted? meaning basically, my high scores? Also, will each table have there own save file file, like currently? because 26 different save files really kills my cloud storage with my ps+. You guy’s are so awesome that I still do it, but I think it’d be nice if if my pinball tables (I’ve purchased everyone so far, my own cash, not using ps+ discount) were only consuming one or two percent of my cloud saves, not twenty-five percent.

    Will there be portrait mode on the ps3? (not joking, I’d like to see someone build a pinball cabinet for your games)

    Looking at PopCap games, can anyone even imagine a Bejeweled table? Peggle or Zuma? Bookworm? Insaniquarium? It pretty much has to be PvZ.

    • We are still working out details with file saving and how that will work. I will be sure those details are mentioned in a future blog post (lots of people interested in those details).

      There is a portrait mode for Vita, not sure about PS3 yet.

      You will be excited about the PopCap table:)

  • (my game saves, not may game saves)

  • I wanted to see what the new tables are like for Zen pinball 2. Unless I read this post wrong are we not getting 4 new tables when we purchase zen pinball 2? Its going to be nice to have all the tables in one place like how it is on Pinball FX 2.

    How come Im not seeing any love for Pinball FX2 all we have seen for DLC was the marvel tables. We got ms splosion man last summer but nothing else ever made it. Whats up with that??

  • Hi, great news !!!!!
    Ladder reset or scores will be imported?

  • Zen RULES! Easily my fav psn title along side Wipeout. Put more time into ZEN than I think any other PS3 game. Can’t wait to try it on my Vita

  • Oh my !
    But time for question :
    1) Like Hypno74 said, will our top10 score on each table be imported in ZP2 ?
    2) Like Hypno74 said, will the leaderboard be reset ?
    3) Like I said, an online leaderboard on Zen website and/or forum will be created ?
    4) Like everyone said, time to give you my ideas on future tables : WipeOut, and the French Pinball Mafia !

  • Zen rules! This is great customer service. I already have zen pinball and many other dlc. Zen doesn’t “capcom” us with a little tweaking and charge us all over again. I like all the new features and the improved graphics. Gives me more reason to keep on buying Zen games.

  • Much respect.

  • thank you for supporting your fans with this. i will be getting those marvel tables!

  • Any exact date on when in May the update will go live.

    So if i understand correctly Zen pinball 2 will not have actual new tables like pinball FX2?

    What we will get day one is new tables only the marvel collection. And everything from zen pinball and marvel pinball will than be transferred into the Zen pinball 2 game. So basically we are not purchasing Zen pinball 2 since there will be no new content other than the marvel pack. Basically were moving everything into this new game to get betters graphics and faster load times right ?

    • Zen Pinball 2 will have all of the previously released tables plus the new Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles pack (

      There will not be a new original collection.

      You are moving everything to Zen Pinball 2 to get a BUNCH of new features (list below) AND the ability to also play those tables on Vita.

      – PlayStation®3 system and PlayStation®Vita system cross-platform entitlement including shared global leaderboards, online friend challenges and tournaments
      – The most advanced ball physics simulation to date
      – Compete against other players to achieve the highest ProScore™, and team up with your friends to increase your TeamScore™
      – Exceptional visuals in full 3D on 3D compatible TV sets
      – Free, fully playable demos for all available tables
      – Exciting multiplayer modes, including local split-screen and hotseat multiplayer, online, and worldwide tournaments
      – New tables released regularly through the PlayStation®Store
      – Share your scores on Facebook
      – New rule sheets to help you achieve higher scores
      – New trophies for each table

  • I’m a big fan and have every single table on both marvel and Zen 1. Can’t wait to have every thing in one place. I know there most likely won’t happen but did you guys add a view mode so that you can rotate your 16:9 screen long ways like future pinball?

  • Hey, I just got The Pinball Arcade game that came out today, and I was wondering something….Will you guys be holding tournaments like they will be once more tables come out? Also, might I suggest the following for tables:
    Eureka, Doctor Who, Batman, X-men, Superman, Justice League, and Alcatraz (the tv show, not just the location).
    Am I right in assuming Plants Vs. Zombies is coming as the table from Popcap?

  • der_geist There is a X-men table.

  • @97;
    Yep, that answers my question, thanks for the response. Hopefully we’ll still be able to go back and earn the original trophies from Zen Pinball 1 and Marvel Pinball after we’ve made the conversion. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to complete some of those silver trophies but ya never know, attempting to complete them, and beating all my friends high scores keeps me comin back. : )

  • Zen you are making my pinball dream come true with this lovely news. I own all the tables on ps3, xbl, and Tegra2 so it will be nice to have them on my Vita. Only wish would be separate trophies sets but other than that great way to support your fans. I can’t wait to play all your great tables on the Vita because after playing them on my 50in 3dtv and my 10.1in Xoom its hard to play the 3ds version but since the Vita supports portrait I can and will get down on that. I am glad you are also supporting 3d because I love 3d gaming on my Panny and now I’m more stoked for Zen Pinball 2. Thank you for your hard work and great games.

  • “You can map the flippers to directional buttons (left flipper) and circle button (right flipper)”

    Okay, that is just TOO cool. That is icing on a *terrific* cake, Zsolt, and I, like everyone else, just can’t wait! Whenever I fire up my PS3, I play a few games of Marvel pinball as a matter of course; I’m stuck at 39% of the trophies, dammit, and this might be just the ticket to get me past that! I’m champing at the bit for the update; thanks for the slick news!

  • 1 – Thanks to you, I’m glad I picked up the vita.

    2 – I liked the way I could map the plunger to the R2 button on the marvel tables because it felt more natural. On the vita will I be able to map it to the right thumbstick so I will have more precise control?

    3 – I also have the 3DS version and I love the portable 3D effect… Is there any chance of seeing similar treatment on the 3DS in the future?

    4 – I like your company and if the update is as good as I think it will be, I’m going to buy all the tables I’m missing.

  • I just bought Pinball Arcade and I love it except for the fact that you can not customize the control setting the way you want. For example, in portrait mode, the nudge control is the back touch screen … do you know how hard it is to hold the vita without touching that back touch screen … you tilt when you didn’t even want to nudge and don’t nudge when you want you … please consider this. One thing you can take from the Pinball Arcade though is the rule sheets, they are excellent step by step instructions with pics … Zen needs much better rule sheets !!!

  • Zsolt,
    I know I’m late to the party but thanks so much for the awesome news! You guys are the best! Just two questions:

    1.) What are the chances of getting a God of War table?

    2.) What are the chances of a Marvel table featuring Archangel and Apocalypse?

  • Incredible all of the Zen pinball tables I own will be packed into one game. Switching games from Marvel to Zen Pinball was kind of a regular thing for me during my pinball runs. All of the tables are a blast to play and now everything will be put into one. I really appreciate that this is now possible and going through the trouble of touching up already great tables to be featured in the new game is something I can truly thank you and respect you guys for.

    I’m always waiting for the next Zen Pinball update but I never suspected this! All I can is thank you for making this available.

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