PlayStation Home: Exclusive x7 Club Opens This Week + Novus Prime 5.5 Update

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PlayStation Home: Exclusive x7 Club Opens This Week + Novus Prime 5.5 Update

This Wednesday, April 11th will see yet another spectacular PlayStation Home update with the arrival of the x7 nightclub. Also, Novus Prime launches their 5.5 update for x7 members (complete with tons of new items that enhance gameplay) and Granzella brings updates to the Grand Edo of Nippon. Here’s your must-do list for this week in PlayStation Home:

x7 – Wednesday marks the grand opening of x7 – the nightclub for the PlayStation Home elite! This VIP nightclub is for PlayStation Plus subscribers and collectors of the PlayStation Home Exclusives line and is packed with premium content not available anywhere else. All x7 members get early access to select content before it gets released to the public, special discounts, and even free items!

Hit the dance floor or mix and mingle with the hottest members of the PlayStation Home community with FLIRT, a game for singles and socialites where you can compete against others for a chance to be crowned king or queen of the x7 nightclub!

PlayStation Home: Exclusive x7 Club Opens This Week + Novus Prime 5.5 Update

PlayStation Home: PlayStation PlusPlayStation Home: Flirt

Novus Prime 5.5 UpdateNovus Prime gets its newest shipment of game-enhancing outfits and virtual items this week! Suit up as the new Obsidian Bladewalker foot soldier with four custom animations, holographic weapon, and a 5% experience boost in Novus Prime! You’ll also get 20% off the price if you own the Obsidian Pilot outfit.

PlayStation Home: Exclusive x7 Club Opens This Week + Novus Prime 5.5 Update

Gain the golden touch with the new gold-plated Midas Reactive Defense System and get a 25% Nebulon collection bonus when you own the entire outfit! Power up your avatar with the sleek new Ion Stream Power Armor, and don’t forget to show off your deadly side with the newest Obsidian technology available to the Earth Fleet: the Obsidian Throwing Star. Warp to the Novus Prime space station today to check out all the new gear and Join the Fight!

Members of x7, the new VIP nightclub, will gain exclusive early access to these new Novus Prime 5.5 game enhancing virtual items and bundles, including the Midas Reactive Defense System bundles, Obsidian Bladewalker Suit, Obsidian Throwing Star, Ion Stream Power Armor, for one full week before becoming available to the public.

Defend the Great Edo of Nippon – Edo is a peaceful city. There is, however, another Edo that you have yet to see. This alternate world is very similar to the Edo you know, but horrible Mononoke (evil and mischievous spirits), such as Oni and Hitodama, roam the streets. Samurai may take on this mission alone or battle in a group, and can use the free bamboo sword or purchase more powerful weapons and armor. In the fight against the Mononoke you can attack, defend, crouch, and jump.

PlayStation Home: Operation Defend Edo

Be sure to make full use of these various actions. Use vertical cuts, side cuts, and other various attacks against the Mononoke. Accept the mission goals and destroy the Mononoke!

PlayStation Home: Operation Defend EdoPlayStation Home: Operation Defend Edo

Drey Prop Pack – The Drey collection doesn’t create just clothing, they create stars! Know how it feels to be a high fashion model with the Drey Prop Pack, as used by Lockwood in their Drey fashion campaigns.

Create dark, masculine scenes with the vintage leather sofa and cushion, or dreamy feminine vignettes using the swing bench and the frilled parasol. Or combine all the items at your disposal to create a completely unique place for your avatar to preen and pose. There’s even a horse!

In other Lockwood Publishing news, If you want to dress like a winner, you have to BE a winner – Sodium2 Legendary Racers coming soon to PlayStation Home.

Sodium: Legendary Racer

Spring Fling Quest – Complete the new Spring Fling quest, which will test your attention to detail as you race around Home in search of clues, so keep your eyes peeled! And remember to check the Activity Board regularly for new quests.

There is so much new content coming this week – what will you check out first?

See you in Home!

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  • i don’t like the looks of this x7 space as i am not a plus member and do not support the greed of the mansion

  • novus prime and edo village update looks good though, also how was i first?

    • This is definitely an exciting week for both Hellfire Games and Granzella fans. See you early Wednesday morning!

  • aww.. yeah. Finally VIP.

    • Lots among our community have been asking for a special VIP space, complete with exclusive and early-option opportunities. Enjoy!

  • also can i get a price on the Obsidian Bladewalker foot soldier? i need to know if i should pick up a new psn card

    • It is conditionally priced at either $9.99 normally or discounted to $7.99 if you own the Obsidian Pilot Outfit.

  • Finally some PS+ Benefits in Home!

  • What an overwhelming update, very excited to see all of this! I had my doubts the Edo monster battle would ever come to US but I’m very glad it finally did!

    The Drey prop pack is also something I’ve been looking forward to for months!

    Also so glad to see X7, it’s about time. The early release of items for members is the most interesting aspect for me. A few questions:

    What are the requirements for getting into X7 in terms of Exclusives purchases?

    Will there be new levels and rewards in Novus to go along with the new upgrades?

  • Kinda nice to see PlayStation Plus becoming more involved in NA Home.

    Care to share what some of the new free reward items are for X7?

    • We’re very glad to enhance everyone’s PlayStation Plus benefits of membership. As for the x7 items, you’ll have to come in and find out! It’s no secret though that the exclusive early-access to the Novus Prime 5.5 items is likely the most special bonus.

  • x7 noob free! Halelujah!

  • Not too shabby! I like the x7 Club! There needed to be a club for PS Plus members and I like that you included members who own the exclusives items too! It’s about time PlayStation Community members are able to receive the amenities of being PLUS member inside of Home. Just my 3 cents…

    • I think you have enough of the options met to never worry about being blocked by the big guy at the door.

      Since everyone is curious as exactly what criteria to gain access to x7, here’s a tidy list (you only need one of the following):

      – PlayStation Plus membership
      – Gold Suit
      – Diamond Suit
      – PlayStation Home Mansion First Floor
      – PlayStation Home Mansion Second Floor
      – PlayStation Home Mansion Infinity Pool
      – Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Suit Bundle
      – Animated Diamond Furniture Collection
      – Ultimate Diamond Furniture Collection
      – 7 or 30-Day Pass

  • sw00t i’m really lookin forward to the X7 space & Edo is lookin amazing

  • This is awesome. Thanks GlassWalls for all the hard work that u guys do. I guess sometimes we spend so much time complaining we forget to say thanks. I tried to get away from Home but u guys keep stepping up your game. lol

  • eXcited !_!

  • I may have to buy some items from Exclusives in the future if I hear x7 is really all that great.
    Awesome update though. Super stoked for Edo of Nippon!

  • i think it is a bad idea plus members are able to get into X7 when some people paid $30 for all of the mansion then all the other stuff that is in the exclusive store. i mean now all they have to do is pay $17.99 for 3 months of plus to get into the vip club. you really don’t think about the people who spend a fortune on home every week to get excluvive benefits that others can’t get. so thank you again for messing up something only a few people should have access to.

    • That’s true, but the ongoing pre-access to virtual items, exclusive sales, and exclusive rewards will continue on beyond the 3 months. You will have access even longer. ;-)

  • Really? I waited for the x7 vip space and Im not even eligible? I own the loot space apt among others but none of the mansion pieces and basically have every reward in Home and maxed out to the max level in all quests and games including S2, cutthroats, NP, and am 1 month form maxing out Aurora. That is unfair coming from a long time Home fan.

    Can I ask at least one question? Does the Playstation Mansion garage count and make us eligible for the club?

  • *sigh* I won’t go to the X7 space cause I’m not a PS plus member and I don’t own all Home Exclusive items (cause their really expensive) :( but the Great Edo of Nippon mini game is finaly here and that’s all. I wonder if there will be a animal costume with animation (maybe a wolf) or a retro 80’s theme Personal space and items comes to PS Home that will be awesome :) .

    • The list of criteria to get into x7 is in my reply to comment #9. You don’t need to own them all, just one from that list or have PlayStation Plus membership.

  • Dont see how spending money makes you elite. It should be accomplishment based as well. I feel like I have been thrown to the side and Im sure many other long time Home users will too. Ive done basically everything in Home but buy from exclusives. It sucks to see that does not make me good enough to get in. :/

  • Crap, crap, and more crap.. So 3 crappy updates in a row, and now this week’s update pretty much belongs to the members who decide to donate their limbs for PSN purchases.. BRAVO………………….!

  • just so u know shinra i have also played every single game and have all rewards as well plus spent tons on money on home. and i’ve been on home since closed beta. even have the rewards to prove it.

  • I’m just wondering, but how does the Suggestions Forum process work exactly? Do a few people read them, only one, or a community team relay their favorite and most likely candidates for future home items to the developers? Does the Home team read through the various threads and take those into consideration as ideas, try to do them exactly, or only focus on the monthly suggestion thread? Is a lot of Home’s content based on user suggestions? Sorry if I’m asking too many questions, I’ve just been pondering this for a while. :P

    • Anyone on the Home team can and often does look in there from time to time. What gets made is not chosen randomly, but from a combination of things—popularity of the idea, originality of the idea, if that concept is already represented in Home somehow and feasibility occasionally comes into play. Our 3rd party developers also are welcome to check it out, and I’m quite certain many of their ideas have come from there too. It’s open to the public so everyone can chime in as well as read. I always link the most recent monthly suggestion threads links to previous ones because all ideas are good ideas, not just the most recent.

      Any long-standing Home user who regularly looks in there can vouch that many ideas have come to life since a request was dropped in there. ;-)

  • will Edo have the rewards , after you clear the game 1 time talk to old lady to see an use in game points to get rewards?

  • I like the rap song from the X7 promo video. I look forward to seeing the Blog posts’ promo video’s creativity each week. :P

  • Looks like another solid update. Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work, even if it is impossible to please everyone.

    • I think this week will bring some awesome to everyone, whether it’s defending the Great Edo of Nippon from the Mononoke, solving the puzzle in the Spring Fling quest, checking out the new Drew collection items, or just livin’ large in x7.

  • This is what makes me proud to be a PS Plus member!!! SWEET!!!! :P

  • I can finally say for once that im glad to be a PS+ member. im glad to see this VIP space and certainly cannot wait to be able to access it! Keep up the good work.

  • This swag right [only.] gets better n better! *PS+@Home Citizen 4Life!

  • A little off-topic, are you guys (devs) looking into stereophonic sound for the next Xbox? (example – must wear headphones: I believe excellent audio is more important for immersion than high-level visuals. (It would be so disappointing if gaming missed out on this for ANOTHER bunch of years.)

  • I got big question,im a psn plus subcriber but from another account.I want to know if im a plus member from another account but i want access for exclusive psn plus home stuff,can i use this account or do i need to use my psn plus account?

  • WaveLightning777

    Woo, Edo Update! And x7 looks neat too… good thing I’ve had the mansion since before I became a HCV! :3

  • Aww man! Now I gotta buy a gold suit! And i’m so excited for the edo of nippon update. Great update guys.

    • Gold looks good on everyone, or diamonds if you prefer the chic look of “ice.” I prefer the Ruby suit myself. Any of them grant access to x7.


  • @20- Doh! I knew that. There’s pool tables, so many new awesome items and clothes each week, events, and an exclusive X7 club! :P

  • (the above post refers to the bottom part of reply) :)

  • finally ps plus comes home sweet home cant wait for wednesday morning going to check out x7 asap ty home team keep the awesome coming XD

  • I’m a little out of the loop on PShome now. What’s the best way to go in and find games?

  • If GlassWalls attemt to visted x7, but don’t own the following item. you got kick out bro :P

  • can i go to x7 club with all of the mansion personal spaces?

  • nice update looking forward to it

  • not to sound hip or anything (lol) but im diggin this. ;)

  • Really looking forward to the x7 club, seeing as tho i have the gold suit, diamond suit, all color suits, and every mansion piece. I will enjoy this update and inform my friends on the new and upcoming home items. PS home needs to have certain items you can only buy for a limited time.

  • So i have to buy ridiculously gaudy items to gain access to x7? yeah, no thanks. add items that actually look decent and ill consider it.

  • hey I’m having a lot of freezing issues with the CLUSTER-PUCK game it seems like every time i get to 10 million it crashes my whole PS3. I try it 4 times already and it keeps happening, can you please solve this because the leader-boards keeps increasing and i will never get to it to get my reward. getting to 14 millions seems hard enough.

  • Half of the “girls” that play home are mostly guys hahah, have fun dancing with them fella’s :P

  • This update is pure awesomness!!!! im sooooooo excited i cant wait!!! Great Job glasswalls and the dev team keep up the good work!!!

  • Home is dang shame. Having to buy certain items to get access to a public space? Home used to be for gamers, yet what I see here is not for gamers! Home is for the ones that can afford it!

  • Awesome update guys! Been looking forward to the Edo expansion for sometime now (along with a few of my friends). Glad to see that new Obsidian costume making its way out after a couple weeks of unintentional teasing haha. Keep it coming!

  • I do Like the PS+ area, and free stuff is always good, but I am worried about EDO!, i love going there, i got all but the damn red Ogre(never appears in the dart game), well i am worried about the weapons and stuff, how do we check which weapon is useful? cause I got 4 guns, grenades in my hand, knifes, axe and my favorite bat with nails!(nothing beats old school) hahahaah

  • I like that there is a VIP area, not so many Noobs ..Ive been waiting for this for a long time

  • Oh, this looks like a great update! I can’t wait to see the vip club!

  • Okay, I have a question. I am a PS Plus member, but the only things I have actually bought on Home were the Assassin’s Creed Ezio outfit and a few shirts (like the Konami Code shirt). Will I still get into the x7 club, or do I have to be a Plus member AND buy some special item?
    (Hoping for an official answer on this, but that never happens to any question I ask on this blog)

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