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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

We haven’t seen you out on the road in a little bit – not since the PlayStation Vita Social Clubs – and we’re starting to get a bit restless in the office. And hey, maybe we miss you a little bit (don’t go telling anyone I said that). So know that we’ve got a few meetups in the works.

When I was visiting Seattle on vacation last week, I dropped into a favorite venue of mine, and so I think we’ll have to do a PAX Prime meetup this year. But that’s still several months away. The next PlayStation community event will be announced later this week – so keep an eye out on the blog for an announcement.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 2, 2012)

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  • Surprised by the Warriors O 3 reviews. I’ll grab it when it has a + sale – quite backlogged atm.

    On the subject of Japanese games, how come we don’t have more full game downloads from NISA/ Square/ RPG houses? They aren’t absurdly large (like 14 gigs tops) and many of them are rather rare and difficult to find.

    Oh, and I mentioned this previously, but it really can’t be stated enough: the Vita update was laughable – when caps lock is your stand-out feature, there’s an issue. You guys need to get your software engineers moving before the Vita hits a real consumer slump.

    When can we expect a proper remote play status update? Almost every one I know who bought a Vita was expecting this – touted and shown at E3 – feature.

  • Nobody care if you miss us so stop the bs silence and get to what we all want.
    Why hasn’t anyone came forward and explaned why the remote play on the vita isn’t what it is being advertised as on the tv ads. Why is it that the PS Vita is less capable than the PSP? Why is it that you fail to deliver on all the promises the PS Vita had said to do so long ago and now it dose so little. Where is Skype? YOUTUBE proper webbrowsing and all the other things my ANDROID can do that you’re over glorified device claims it dose. I feel duped and need answers as dose the whole community.

  • i second that i have a post on the forum in regards to this problem and have been watching for some info on when the vitas remote play gaming and other etc. will be available. i think alot of us are getting impateint and theres a tun of us who bought the vita because of these promises. ive got over 500 views with no real answer from sony except that sony will not confer on this matter due to not being aware of it by customer service over the phone. we want answers not b.s.

  • Hopefully the meet up is somewhere close to Atlanta ;)


    Let’s get something clear Sony, if PS4 doesn’t have Backward Compatibility with at least PS1 and PS2 both disc based titles and downloadable then I have no reason to stay with the PlayStation brand. I no longer have a working PS1 and PS2 (system is now officially dead as of last month and I will not be replacing it in hopes of PS4 filling the void) and therefore I am not cut off from my PS2 games such as .hack//GU, Xenosaga, FF7DC/FFXII/FFXI/FFX-2, just to name a few. Many of my PS2 titles will likely not see an HD release and at the slow rate that Sony is updating the PSN with PS2 titles I will not be seeing downloadable versions in my life time (thoiugh I’d rather use my discs unless these downloads work on the Vita). If the solution is to buy last gen hardware, then I have no reason to buy a next gen playstation thus making it harder for me to justify first party title purchases. Backward Compatibility is important to me and without it on PlayStation you’re just making a case for me to migrate to PC and to look at the console that provides the best overall solution for all of my needs. You will be rolling the dice with my purchase.

  • I will see you in Seattle for sure this year. I’ll have to take the night off but I won’t miss it this year.

  • Any chance that you’ll have some PAX tickets up for grabs, I always miss the sale date and they sell out so fast……I just want one little day. I’ve never been to a video game convention before, either way I look forward to meeting some of the crew!!

  • Awaiting moderation? Really? This system is whacked out.

  • I have to agree with the guys posting above with regards to Remote Play on the Vita. I initially felt mislead by Sony on the lack of this feature at launch. Nonetheless, I am still blown away by the Vita and I am loving the six games I have purchased for it. I had signed off on the lack of remote playing PS3 games, and thought it must have just been a stupid rumor, and all those hackers on youtube showing their Vitas playing a multitude of triple A PS3 titles had to hack their PS3s to perform this function…something I will never do to my PS3. So I understand why Sony would not allow this function due to the huge possibility of nobody purchasing Vita games, BUT why is the ‘Cross-play’ video still advertised in the ‘Media’ section on the PS Store, on my Vita?

  • Without a doubt this video is showing Killzone 3 as playable on your Vita. A voice over announcement informs us that with “Playstation Vita’s Remote Play function, you can play your PS3 library on the go!”, while Killzone 3 is shown transferring from the TV to a Vita!? The voiceover even says to ‘hit pause, and transfer it to your Vita’!!! They need to take this advertisement off the PSN Now, it’s totally false on Sony’s part and their lack of response toward this issue has really ticked me off. Please take the video down Sony it is false advertising.

  • if u can answer, i have a couple of questions about Mortal Kombat on the Vita:
    -Will the PSN version be cheaper than the retail version or will it have the $39.99 price?
    -How big is (or do u think) the memory size is of the PSN version?
    Also, any updates on PSone Classics or more compatible PSP games for the Vita?
    I think with that latest Vita update, I was able to re-download Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles.

  • im pretty sure i wont get a response at all. but why is it that devs including your own keep shutting off online features when we play vita games. right now i own 3 vita games that shut online features off including custom soundtracks. WHY? that is so stupid. and i also i agree with the 1st two comments on here. what happened to all these features we were promised yet are not here. heck you guys aren’t even trying to give us anything. it makes it seem like you hope we forget that certain major features are missing from the vita and you guys are doing very little to to keep the momentum for the vita. Heck you guys aren’t even really talking about it anymore. also find it funny that issues that the vita had at launch isn’t fixed yet. you know like no one on ps3 can see what people on the vita are doing. also it takes at least 15 minutes to receive a message unless you keep refreshing. devs turning off online features???there are a lot of psp games i still cant play that i bought. i hope you guys actually support the vita a lot better than you did the pspgo. cause if you don’t it’ll be another Sony handheld i wasted another $250 on.

  • One of the problems is that the vita is selling.And the ones that sold people are keeping even if the features they said was going to be aren’t there.They have no reason to hurry and fix things.If it had not sold good or they had a rash of returns it would mabe, give them good reason to fix things.As long as the knew the reason for it.And when the problems were fixed so would sells.That,s where I am now.With the money in my pocket waiting on sony to do there part so I can go buy the vita they said it would be. They know sells and money.Sad but true.

  • I wont one really bad myself.But I can not bring myself to buy a product that is so incomplete. Please sony,fix it so I can give you some money.I have loved my psp as well as my ps3 ,ps2 and ps1.Make it so I can love the vita also.

  • Let’s see if this makes it past moderation:

    “Oh, and I mentioned this previously, but it really can’t be stated enough: the Vita update was laughable – when caps lock is your stand-out feature, there’s an issue. You guys need to get your software engineers moving before the Vita hits a real consumer slump.

    When can we expect a proper remote play status update? Almost every one I know who bought a Vita was expecting this – touted and shown at E3 – feature.”

    Was what I said in comment #1. There’s nothing inflammatory about that.

  • And not moderated this time. See, the system is whack.

  • I totally love the Vita, but bought this thing on launch day because it was advertised as being able to play PS3 games out of the box. I likewise purchased Uncharted, MvsC3, Rayman, Ninja Gaiden, Escape Plan & Stardust Delta. The games are great. Like I posted above, download the Crossplay video from the Media section on your Vita. I’m sure most of you have seen this already…But I’m questioning why there are still advertising the Remote function as shown on this Crossplay video? Killzone 3 is shown being played on a Vita, not just a ‘tech demo’ like all the Sony Apologists and Remote Play Deniers claim.

  • With Sony’s claim that Remote Play never existed, or was never intended to play any of your PS3 library is crafty on their part. They are either: A) Not answering – Yes or No, or B) Blaming the game publishers and saying it is up to them to ‘unlock’ this feature. Sony has shuffled the whole issue under the rug, so to speak YET still boldly advertising it with that ‘Crossplay’ video. I just think they owe us a straight answer on this issue, for example ‘Remote play will show up during the Christmas holidays’, or something?

  • Wow, if remote play for PS3 games ever does come out I can’t imagine how mad the whiners and complainers are going to be. Have you ever tried playing PS1 remotely? It’s really laggy even when you’re playing in the same house. Now imagine remote playing PS3 games. It’s going to be so laggy it will render most games unplayable. That’s why it isn’t here yet. They’re trying to get it to run without incredible lag. As for that Killzone 3 showing, well whether you like it or not it may have indeed been specially made to work properly for that demo. If it wasn’t then why isn’t it already available?

  • Robbie_G you have just confirmed with live testing what everyone is complaining about.There now and past advertising says it works.It dose not work right according to you also.Along with the other things that don,t work.I have been hearing about the vita for more than a year and a half.You would thank it would work right.Makes you wonder about there programmers. Especially this long after launch.My son does I.T. programming,says this should not be this much troubled for sony,s top dogs.They have been doing it for a long time.350 to400$ worth of something you don,t really have to have.Yes people should complain and sony should explain.

  • Helllo Sony I would like expres what has me concerened and my other five close friends, and almost all of my playstation network friends own a Vita we are a little angry with you by the way you are working with the Vita, is too slow we still cant download from our Vitas playstation one games(any) and psp, only some, another thing that hanst been released yet are the aplications Skype, whats happening that skype isnt avaible to be downloaded yet, I hope that for this week is avaible and I would like to know why the other new aplications havent been anounced. Please speak with the Mozilla Firefox company so they develop a better browser for the Vita, or if not a Google Chrome, what we couldnt believe and astonished us was that the Vita doesnt have adobe flash player, and in internet you cant do almost anything without adobe flash player, we cant see videos from websites please in the next update add full support Adobe Flash Player, and JavaScrippt belive me you will make me feel glad and all my friends.
    remember the best promotion is a satisfied customer and a console (PS VITA) off is bad promotion

  • Robbie-G, I agree with you. As it stands my Vita can barely remote play my copy of Final Fantasy VII. My point is that Sony is blatantly advertising the Vita as fully playing your PS3 library, on the go. Please check out the ‘Crossplay’ video on PSN. I agree that maybe Killzone 3 was just a tech demo, but this video is STILL on PSN and advertising that Killzone 3 will play on your Vita via Remote play. I think that Sony needs to take this video down and stop misleading their customers with this faulty info for the Vita. A few weeks ago I stopped caring about the idea of Remote Play and just dug the Vita for what it is….till my girlfriend downloaded the Crossplay video on our Vita and we were both shocked that it is being falsely advertised. Other than this misleading issue, the Vita rocks.

  • @ yowzerz

    Ok, I see your point now. I never saw that video. Does it say that it’s a feature that’s supposed to be available on launch? I’ll have to watch it. I still believe that remote play is coming, I just think people have unrealistic expectations of what it is able to do (perhaps because of the video you’re referencing).

  • @Robbie_G

    The worst part is that pirates/ hackers have had Youtube videos up since like a few weeks after JPN launch showing remote play working with ANY PS3 game (Bioshock, Battlefield) and doing it with the better atency and smoothness than we have currently.

    Apparently, its just a minor line of code that happens on the PS3 side of things. All games are capable of it, it doesn’t need to be “specifically tooled” for each game as Sony has claimed. Check out the Youtube videos and you’ll be especially insulted. I don’t know why such a capable piece of tech (Vita) is being ignored and hobbled by its own makers. Do note that I don’t condone piracy/ modding in any way as it inevitably leads to stolen games, but really, the hackers shouldn’t be showcasing this hardware better than Sony is. Embarrassing, really.

  • What about the simulview games?

  • Lets all do the Meet Up Dance!

    Meet Ups! Uh, Uh, Yeah-MEET UPS! MEET UPS! MEET UPS!

    (inspired by Tester 3)

  • @ Robbie_G:

    Thanks for checking that out and I just feel that Sony should stop with their claims that we should be able to perform Remote Play, as displayed by them. Like @Christian399 says, hackers have proven that it works, and it works pretty well! Check out those You Tube videos of Bioshock, Red Dead redemption, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Crysis 2 (wow!), Battlefield 3, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Mass Effect 2, Infamous 2…and, wait for it…SKYRIM, all playable on the Vita. This is the opinion of most Vita owner’s as its ‘Killer App’ that Sony has advertised, and as those hacker videos show, is working pretty damn well. It is plainly obvious Sony does not want us to be able to do this on our Vitas, or else we would have Remote Play (of our PS3 library) by now.

  • Solution? I would gladly PAY a small fee for an ‘unlock per game’ feature if that’s Sony’s concern about saturating the Vita’s software market. Likewise I still can’t wait for exams to be finished so that I can purchase Unit 13 and Blazblue afterwards, as well as Gravity Rush, Resistance and Little Big Planet in the next 2 months. But if Sony will never allow this workable, Remote Play feature to be enjoyed, as promised by them, I will have no choice but sell my Vita and try and recoup ‘some’ of the 500 bucks I’ve spent on it so far. I’ll give it six more months. The WiiU will play Arkham City, Darksiders 2, and Assassin’s Creed on their stupid looking controller…we know the Vita is capable of this as well, but it seems they just don’t want to and that ticks us Vita owners off.

  • The Vita does so little in comparison to what was promised, there were day 1 release problems for individual handhelds but there were so few because so few were purchased and there was so little they could initially do. As a Playstation fanboy I’m hurt by the lack of initiative Sony’s had in the recent years. When games MATTERED to Sony: PS2. It’s understood there are some underlying struggles but right now is Sony’s time to be acting as willing as any rogue assassin. Flexible, swift, able, AND DOING. I love you Sony but I miss your old gear Dx Trophies are the better of your compensations though xD.

  • Its just sad how few PS1 games are playable on the vita. I really thought that everything that a psp could download and play would be available day 1 on the vita. When there were only some games I thought there would be weekly rollouts. Its not even listed anywhere when you are adding more games for vita.

    I also expected all Sony bluray games to be supported with remote play. I could see some issues with external publishers. Of course we got none.

    Lets just see some progress or at least announce what features you are working on. How about a timeline of planned updates. I think we will all be patient if you provide some feedback on where you are headed. I love my vita but it is not intertwined to psn. Its barely connected. it has access to the store. Pretty much it.

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