MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, Watch the Trailer

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MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, Watch the Trailer

Hi! I’m Rob Hill, Sr. Producer on Defiance, and today I’m here to unveil the first ever clip of gameplay for this very exciting shooter MMO for PS3.

For those that don’t know, Defiance is the first persistent online world that plays like a pixel perfect shooter. Unlike other shooter games where you can play co-op with 4 or 8 players at most, Defiance supports thousands of players playing together in a game that never ends. And if that doesn’t raise your eyebrows just a bit, the world of Defiance exists not only in the game, but in a TV series of the same name that will air on the Syfy channel. The game and show will change and evolve together, to create an entertainment experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We’re glad to be able to take advantage of the power and features of the PS3 to help bring such a world to life.

MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, Watch the Trailer

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  • looks pretty awesome :D

  • Yeah this looks awesome indeed.. I can’t wait to hear more :D

  • How Much is it a Month!

  • That is amazing, I will be following this game.

  • More MMOs on PS3? This can only be a good thing.
    I may actually try this out though, it looks definitely looks fun enough. The only question now is it subscription based or free to play?

  • Not a shooter fan at all, but this looks fun in a Borderlands sorta way (again, not my style, but I still give props to the devs for their product).

    Rob, will this be a traditional MMO with quest hubs and such? Or will it be a large-scale squad game like MAG? Are you deeming it an MMO because of the levelling/ perks/ whatever system, or is there an actual scripted story?

  • Looks pretty cool. Reminds me of MAG. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

    Any target release window?

  • Never heard of it, will it be like Dust 514, will there be a subscription, and release date? please.
    Damn, Sony is killing it im going to be broke so many games to buy and so little time.
    This looks really awsome cant wait to play it.

  • I’ve been interested in this since I first heard about it around last E3. So whats the progress on the game so far?

  • This looks pretty cool. Sheesh between this and Dust things are starting to get pretty interesting on the ps3. Looking forward to more info!

  • nice heatshot :P

  • What does “pixel perfect” even mean? Will you be supporting USB keyboard and mouse?

  • when does the show start on Syfy and the game looks very cool

  • I’ll keep this on my watch list. Seems like a good idea, we can only hope it comes together properly.

  • Interesting indeed.

  • Thanks for the game footage and for the update on this game. I am very glad to see that the focus seems to be co-op rather than deathmatching. I am holding out hope that this game will be free to play so that I can get all my friends to play with me. I don’t have the SyFy channel, but will the episodes be available to watch on my PS3 or on the internet somewhere?

  • For those of you who are wondering when this game will be coming, I can tell you that I read somewhere else that they recently finished casting for the TV show. That means that they haven’t even started filming the show yet. So I would say that this Fall would be the earliest they would be able to release the TV show and the game. It will be interesting to see how the show and the game will interact with each other.

  • is this first person or third ? i hate first person view, get bad motion sickness.

  • Sounds interesting and it’s always good to see new IPs on PS3.

    Agree with tacotaskforce though, add USB keyboard and mouse support and you’ll have mine!

  • looks great!!

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  • It looks really interesting. I’m keeping an eye on this game. It’s a multiplatform game, coming to PC and both consoles.

  • @22 HaMmOdY

    I assume, then, that the PS3 version will be the worst port of the three, as per usual?

  • And, oh yeah…it’s a bug hunt :)

  • I don’t play third-person shooters.

  • @23 Sponge-Worthy

    Let’s hope not. If this really happens, then I’ll get it on the other console.
    I really hope not for you PS3 only owners.

  • Something about headshots that just hit “home” lol (love it)

  • I personally did not like it at all.

    This game looks too normal, with lots of cliches, avarage maps and generic soldiers/weapons. MY OPINION.

  • Nice! heavy please one game in single player, good only game not late, exlcusivited.

  • OMG this looks so much fun! Another MMO shooter for the PS3!

    Reminds me a lot of Starship Troopers.

  • I’m curious to know what will happen to the game if the show fails and SyFy decides to pull a Fox ?!

  • It looks awsome

  • I’m only interested in this game if it’s free to play. If not, then I don’t care.

  • Looks fun, I’m assuming we can’t play as the aliens though :p.

    Have you guys decided on the pricing structure yet?

  • I’m intrigued by this……tell me more~

  • Looks so amazing! Brings a whole new meaning to shooters.
    Only thing I would like to know is:
    – Beta Release Date?
    – Official Release Date?
    – DLC Compatible in future?

  • Video looked decent but concept sounds great. I think I would need to play this one to get excited.


  • Since this game will launch on PC, 360 and PS3 will it be cross-platform play? In that PS3 users may play with 360 or PC users, or interact in some other form.

  • Looks pretty interesting. Sony, keep up the good work. I like what you are doing here.

  • this game will be funny
    looks like a war

  • looks hella fun, hope its F2P. I’ll definately keep my eyes peeled for the release date

  • wow it is really cool!!!!
    I hope it is fun like call of duty
    love the game,love the graphics
    playing in one game with thousands of players

    it is awsome!!!!

  • ohw and it looks like halo to me thou

  • Somebody has deffinetly been Make.Beleving AND Imagining Greater!

  • This game looks too GENERIC… it’s like one of those crappy f2p Korean MMO’s only it’s a shooter. No Thanks.

  • Thank you Sony for bringing more and more games to the Ps3 system! along with new apps like Amazon!
    Now just bring one of those video apps to EU/Sweden!

  • finally a REAL game changer for the shooter genre beyond COD and Battlefield.

    Cant wait to see final cut.

  • Looks like more garbage respawn. Like a borderlands horde mode. Even if this is free I don’t want it.

  • You get rid of zipper but bring forth this pile?

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