Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack Brings New Maps, Weapons, Characters April 10th

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Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack Brings New Maps, Weapons, Characters April 10th

Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack

The first expansion to Mass Effect 3’s critically acclaimed multiplayer experience is almost here! The Resurgence Pack is coming to PSN on April 10th and with it, a host of new weapons, characters, maps and more. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out all the action in our latest trailer.

With over 75 perfect review scores, Mass Effect 3 has been heralded as “The first true blockbuster game of the year,” by USA Today. This week the Resurgence Pack will dial up the action, and the best part? You can download it for no additional cost!

This new multiplayer pack will include two new maps, available immediately for play after downloading the pack: Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra. Condor is a Turian warzone outpost and a crucial asset in the defense of their homeworld, Palaven. The cool thing about Condor is you can actually see the galactic war happen all around you. Ships are taking off, Reapers are looming in the background, and in the distance Palaven is burning. Hydra is located on an abandoned Quarian colony that has since been converted to an enormous power station. Protecting both of these firebases is absolutely critical in the defense against the Reaper attack.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the pack is the new multiplayer characters. Each class will receive a new character that can be unlocked through the Reinforcement Pack system. With the Resurgence Pack we are also introducing two new races for players to choose: The Batarian and Geth. Have you ever wanted to swing your assault rifle like a baseball bat and club enemies? Then you will probably like the Batarians. Or maybe you want to take the subtle approach. Engage Hunter Mode, spot enemies through walls, and then cloak to flank them. Then the Geth Infiltrator is for you. In total there are 6 new characters for MP:

  • Asari Justicar Adept – By the code, you will annihilate your enemy. Use the new Biotic Sphere ability to protect your allies and unleash deadly biotic powers to rip the opposition apart.
  • Batarian Soldier – Get up close and personal with the Ballistic Blades and Blade Armor abilities. The Batarian Soldier is an expert at being on the front lines and pummeling the enemy into submission.
  • Geth Infiltrator – Ever cursed the Geth Hunter’s name? Well now you get to be one. Cloak, sneak up on enemies and scan them through walls with Hunter Mode. Or hang back and rain sniper fire from distance.
  • Batarian Sentinel – Trap enemies with the Submission Net then unleash on them when they are unprotected. As with other Sentinels the Batarian can use tech and biotic abilities, ensuring he is prepared for any situation
  • Geth Engineer – Drop a Geth Turret and keep the pressure on your foe, all the while resurging your team’s shields. The Geth Engineer is a great support and utility character, key to any squad’s success.
  • Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard – FOR TUCHANKA! You might find yourself yelling your best Krogan battlecry when you use the Biotic Charge ability. To help protect yourself in the heat of battle, activate the Biotic Barrier ability and become the ultimate Battlemaster.

What would a multiplayer expansion be without some awesome new guns to wield? Similar to the new characters, these weapons are unlocked via reinforcement packs. They are great compliments to the new characters.

Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack

  • Striker Assault Rifle – Developed by Krogans, this rifle fires deadly explosive rounds. Its rate of fire increases the longer the trigger is held. Great for suppressing fire and crowd control.
  • Kishock Harpoon Gun – Deadly one-shot Batarian weapon. Launch lethal harpoons at your enemies and cause bleed damage over time.
  • Geth Plasma SMG – Fully-automatic Geth submachine gun. Similar to the Striker Assault Rifle, this Geth SMG’s rate of fire ramps up the longer it’s fired. Make sure to equip an SMG Magazine Upgrade to unleash an unstoppable barrage of plasma.

The Resurgence Pack will also introduce new consumables as well, including the Strength Enhancer, Targeting VI, Shield Power Cell, and Stabilization Module.

So there you have it, that’s the Reinforcement Pack, it comes out April 10th and is available at no additional cost. Make sure you login and download it from PSN and take the war for Earth online with your friends.

In the meantime, make sure you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get all the latest updates on Mass Effect 3. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check the Resurgence Pack trailer on our website.

See you on the battlefield,

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  • Incoming Ending Complaints

  • Before any spoilers appear.. will be getting my copy this week and I can’t wait to play! free DLC is always welcomed too :)

  • Couldn’t you make it so we could just spend points to get the character and upgrades we want instead of random chance?

  • Haha. My girlfriend, friend and I were just saying how the current maps were *starting* to get boring yesterday. Then I go on the computer this morning and, bam, I see this. Fantastic timing, Bioware. Oh, and I totally called the Asari Justicar’s barrier ability. :D

    Looks like I need to work hard on my backlog until Tuesday hits (as hard as it is to keep away from the ME3 MP; Currently placed at 94 in Canada on the leaderboards).

  • Oh, and by the way, you guys are amazing for releasing this content free of charge. Just saying.

  • EPIC free Multiplayer Release. I agree with spideryal about the fact that the current maps were starting to get a bit old and monotonous (just saying)

    @LongbowAVRiL: Their business model for the Multiplayer part is meant to work that way, which is one of the main reasons why this DLC can be FREE. They‘re counting on the micro-transactions and revenue streams from people who buy the “packs.“ Think of it as any of Wizards of the Coast Trading Card Games where you had the “chance to get a rare or ultra-rare card“ along with a bunch of other filler cards.

    Needless to say I‘m proud at BioWare‘s stand on NOT changing the ending and just providing more closure on the extended cut DLC due summer.

  • I wasn’t even aware of this series existence since last E3, where I first heard announcements of Mass Effect 3. I am a mecha and sci-fi fan though, so I plan on picking up mass effect 2 and 3 after my exams end in April. Any tips for a newcomer to the series?

  • just wondering is everthing unlock from this pack from start or do we have to but them with money and credits

  • This is Awesome! I really wanted a Batarian squadmate. Well at least I can play with it in the Multiplayer. Is there any chance that you will have a Batarian squadmate join you in the Normandy?

    Also anyway to have another Legion joing your squad? I am still upset that Legion well just say I would like to have Legion back?

    I am so excited also for the extended cut. I really thank you guys at BioWare for listening to us passionate fans!

  • Also is there any chance you guys over there at BioWare can release some PSN avatars? I really would like to change out my Kratos for maybe a Garrus or LIara! PleASE!

  • That is all well and good but, when are PS3 users going to get the objective based missions the 360 users got?

  • they do have them. Just make sure in your option menu that your feed back option is switched to YES!

  • that FREE DLC is totally unexpected! Thanks to make it free!
    btw, I WANT MASS EFFECT AVATAR on the PSN! please make it happen!

  • i want a geth avatar! :D

  • Yea!!! Free DLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have to finish Mass Effect 2 though… I pre-ordered ME3 and it’s just been sitting in the case because I still have to finish 2. Sometimes being a completionist is a bad thing.

  • It’s probably only free based out all of the terrible reviews and things said across the board.

  • @ C_Y_P_H_E_R

    The reviews for the game were excellent… just some losers cried because they didn’t get the ending they wanted. Bioware has built one of the best franchises ever with Mass Effect.

  • Wait, am I reading this correctly? By no additional cost do they mean free? I am excited all ready!

  • awesome! looking forward to it :D

  • Will there be trophies for this DLC?

  • Thanks for the info. Any word on the Character Import Bug Fix Patch that is supposed to hit this month? Thanks. :)

  • Guys at Bioware, is a frame rate fix coming via patch? That’s all I want to know, thanks.

  • Also, I’m playing as an Infiltrator and I have my Operation Mastery at Max and not only am I not getting a time dilation effect in Sniper mode, but everything seems to be moving faster while looking through the scope. Will the upcoming patch fix that as well? Thanks again. :)

  • Free dlc…heck yes I thought From Ashes was a bit lacking. This makes up for it!!! I think so anyway.

  • I’m a geth fan, and don’t care about the batarian but that trailer made me want the batarian more than the geth. I’m guessing the harpoon goes best with them. Also expect more vanguard online now.

  • BTW everyone make your geth pink if you don’t want me shooting at you.

  • First off, we don’t get to “Choose” the new races are you’d like to mislead people into thinking. You have to buy a bunch of packs of random cards and pray to get a new class unlocked eventually.

    Forget about adding on new useless, easy, cheap, money-grabbing, see-through-pitiful-PR-move, bits of DLC and how about focusing on fixing all the problems with the game? No I don’t mean the terrible, A.B.C cookie cutter, no consequences from personal playthrough endings, I mean all the glitches, especially with the multiplayer.

    I’m glad to see the MP getting some support, but it’s too bad that EA/Bioware ME3 online support = trying to get you to buy more packs of random cards instead of fixing serious bugs.

    P.S. Nice job bragging about how great the ME3 game is while completely ignoring the fact that the fans are p’d off with both the SP and all the MP game-breaking glitches and your parent company is considered the worst in America.

  • how mature are you? gamers are so stupid and spoiled these days. Bioware hands something free and you guys still have nerve to complain.

    Try eating out of a garbage can and complain when someone buys you a sandwich because it wasn’t the sandwich you wanted!

  • Yay free incentive to spend money, thank you BiowarEA!

    If the classes were in fact given to us to choose for free that’s one thing, but since most of the content requires purchasing and a lot of luck (even if all you spend is in game credits) it’s no where near as good a ‘free’ dlc as they, or you, would have us believe.

    Considering how many small and major MP glitches there are, adding new MP content is just asking for more glitches to show up.

    Bioware is part of EA now, anything ‘free’ will almost always have a catch. I’d much rather pay 10-15 dollars for this DLC and have the new classes unlocked and I’m one of those gamers who refuses to spend that much on CoD map packs.


  • Free DLC =D Even though is well worth $5-10, free is very welcome. Why would people not rate this a 5?

  • Mp dlc really? I want sp dlc not mp. dlc.

  • but at least is free

  • @Pappy2011gamer.

    Most like the weapons will be added to SP mode. They probably update the Spectre office with the new weapons. I also have a good instinct about them having a Batarian squadmate that can join you on the Normandy. With that I see a mission with a batarian, Something to do with the batarian Hegemony, you know what I mean!

  • Is that second image in MS Word? All of the non-english words have squiggly lines under them…

  • thanks Bioware!! :D

  • Geth do not infiltrate.

  • I want SP content, but this is free so I’ll download it.

    Now, BioWare, assume direct control and make a better ending!

  • Bioware has sold out since the EA merge. Every game since Dragon Age 2 has been progressively worse.
    But go ahead and say I’m spoiled and entitled for refusing to eat this poo on a plate you’ve given me.

  • Geth infiltrator? F YEAH!!!

    Also, what’s with the typo underlines? :S

  • Truth is this will be great cause two new maps are welcome…..The old ones are getting stale.

    Now if the few spoiled brats who hate the idea of actually working for some would just keep the demonizing anything that doesn’t kiss their ass down to a murmur it would be great. I know some hate the ending but this isnt about that it is about mp. Oh and you don’t have to buy packs you can earn credits for them so don’t be lazy and actually play.

  • How about you (Sony) and Bioware sort out the issues so we can take part in the weekend events? That’d be pretty nice…

  • Woot! Much needed life added to multiplayer!

  • my multiplayer keeps stalling whenever my vanguard does a biotic charge.


    original ps3 with backwards comp and 4usb and all the memory slot things.

  • where teh hell is it? SONY Why u update your store so slow?

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