Ride, Die, and Fly in Starhawk Vehicle Trailer

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Ride, Die, and Fly in Starhawk Vehicle Trailer

Starhawk is rapidly approaching. We figured what better way to raise the excitement level than to give you a first-hand look at some of the different vehicle options you’ll have at your disposal when this innovative third-person shooter hits stores next month. We’ve said from the very beginning that Starhawk will have a broad range of intense air, ground, and vehicular combat so I think our new Ride, Die, and Fly trailer will certainly drive that point home.

First up is the Sidewinder JetBike – basically a quick-strike hoverbike that’s very fast, perfect for crazy jumps and a lot of fun to drive. Next, the Razorback, which is similar to a buggy vehicle, a sturdy 4×4 that carries up to three players and comes with a mounted gun on the back, perfect for picking off Outcast scum in a hurry.

Starhawk: Hawk

Starhawk: TankStarhawk: Razorback

The Ox Heavy Tank is one of my favorites. The name basically says it all, right? It’s a burly vehicle that’s great for bombarding bases. It’s not the fastest vehicle in your garage, but it’s easily maneuverable and man, is it powerful! It carries up to two players. And last but certainly not least is the Hawk, which is a transforming mech that can change into a flying jet instantaneously. Well, you’ve heard me talk about these awesome vehicles, but talk is cheap. Have a look at our brand new (and I have to say epic) Ride, Die, and Fly trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

Starhawk: Jet Bike

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  • awesome

    i think the jetbike should have its own mounted weapon.

    something like a mini gatling gun

  • PLEASE SONY, ADVERTISE THIS GAME PROPERLY!!!! The game looks terrific, but it has not hype at all. No one is talking about it on gaming sites which is just a shame really. I dont want to see another great game to bomb like Resistance 3 and motorstorm: Apocalypse.

    The is looking better and better, so if you show the people epic trailers of the game showing the great story and awesome gameplay; people will buy it.

    I really hope that you change your “advertisement politics”. :(

    I own every Sony 1st/2nd/3rd party exclusives, because I like to support great games, but if you don’t go mainstream with the advertisement, few people will know how great it is.

  • Starhawk DEFF was even better once the new map, the tank, and the bike were added….REALLY loved the game even more from that point. I will deff pick this up day one.

  • Great video im going to preorder this and im hoping you add lots of DLC THEN IT WOULD BE A MUST HAVE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I pre-ordered it in like November. I love the new for of vehicular combat. it has changed very very much.
    First the jeep in warhawk did not allow the passenger to shoot or anything
    Second The Sidewinder wo look at that. A JET BIKE
    Third The oc tank brings back memories with the tank in warhawk With a new way to shoot almost like a catapult or somthin
    Last the Hawk IT TRANSFORMS NOW!!!!!!!!
    The vehicles have really changed alot. In warhawk you popped into the vehicle but in starhawk you actually see your character jump on into it. The graphics have changed a little too.
    Next thing the fans want to know about are probably going to be the 10 maps you guys were talking about in the March 19th video.
    Then maybe some single player tips


  • Is it about time you start advertising the heck out of this game??

  • Looks awesome!!!

  • Sony, please advertise this great game if you want it to be successful. Please don’t let this be another Warhawk. I swear to god, no one ever knew what that game was.

  • PS Vita YouTube App or Flash/HTML5 support?

  • lol, love the game, but man, the voices are too funny :) already got mine paid off :)

  • starhawk is boring
    camper heaven
    warhawk is way more fun

  • I’m so excited for Starhawk, and I can’t wait to pwn some noobs! I’ve updated my Starhawk Information Center with more news and info on Starhawk: http://community.us.playstation.com/thread/1033906

    As far as the trailer goes, I love the action and strategy, but it needs some work – next time hire people who actually are gamers to write the script; that way, you can appeal to hardcore gamers and not the wii-playing, CoD casual gamer :P

  • I played the beta 1 time only and that was enough to justify my purchase still need to pre order though, that same month Max Payne 3 and Ghost Recon will come out, i chose between between 3 game and decided to get StarHawk because im saving for my PS Vita but count me in for this game.

  • Starhawk is going to be amazing thanks to the single player campaign which i hope has a good story and gameplay. Also im sure they will allow us to use vehicles or build and battle yet im still not 100% sure. So im really looking foward to the details on Single player which is something that WARHAWK NEVER HAD. Thanks Light Box and Santa Monica crew..and keep up the fantastic work! I cant wait to actually pop tis game into my PS3 and for the DLC ..which im pretty sure they wont dissapoint because ive purchased each and every one for WARHAWK :p

  • I agree with the people on advertising the game, it needs to be done well! I only found out about WarhawK by luck when I stumbled upon a montage on youtube back in 2008, and WarhawK was the game that FINALLY made me run out and get a PS3 (always have been a Playstation fella, never had the money to buy a PS3 day one) and WarhawK still holds the most hours I’ve invested into a multiplayer game to this day. Please, advertise the HECK out of this game! xD

  • So can we expect any other kinds of flying vehicles besides Hawks & jetpacks?

  • I hope the single player campaign is really good because after playing the beta, I’m definitely not getting it for the Multiplayer. It’s so slow paced compared to the amazing WARHAWK.

    I hope that you guys will make a Warhawk 2 one day but I doubt that will ever happen, maybe on the PS4?

  • if i whas a game maker my game will by 10 times beter then this i do now buy this game i that cool new game but you have 3 or 4 vichels?a few weapens ?

    i mis fewthing if i whas a creator of this game i add
    more guns more upgrade like guns upgrade?

    -upgrade guns
    -upgrade airfighters
    -more building like a command center to upgrade some stuff like a new close end upgrade you guns
    en witch builing you what?

    i had add as building
    command center-satelite-power plant-barack to upgrade you armore en ammo upgrade-
    bunkers-antrily tower-wall the rest is already add

    moter-mach walker-aa mobile vichel-abram tank normaal light tank vision-
    more airsuport like attach choper

    -guns custumasasion
    -body upgrade like more ammo new suit en camo
    thet is what i add i hope you think so to team plz add more building more thing more lol en fun more war then this is a war game i hope you do make a chance i hope this tips i realy hope you al thees thing adding if not so i dotn but thet game what do i need white a few guns e few building en a few vichels????

  • Will be there day one!

  • That trailer was like watching an old Dino-Riders toy commercial from the 80’s. I was almost waiting for someone to shout “We’ll meet again Questar!” halfway through haha.

  • Never played WarHawk, but I can tell you I will be there D1 for StarHawk! Very impressive, looks very fun. Well done!

  • The Starhawk beta is one of the best betas that I’ve ever played. Definitely going to pick up this game when it comes out.

  • Mine is pre-ordered. That beta was awesome, I would be still playing Beta now!

  • any pre-order bonuses coming for Amazon?

  • I’m going to pick this up too! Hope this game gets lots of ad space in the media.

  • Please don’t just have these four vehicles on 5 maps! The beta showed a weakness from the lack of things in the maps, it was like boring open space. The space map was the most boring, acid sea was larger but pretty much just tons of wasted space. Dust had a few tress, but other than that was like a larger acid sea. Warhawk had amazing maps, and amazing DLC maps excluding the last one which was horrid.

    People have been asking for more maps, buildings to walk in so it is not like one big parking lot, and APCs, Dropship, Airships, along with several other styles because none of the vehilces use teamwork…but no one in the studio seemed to care about the people playing beta that posted concerns…

    In Warhawk they abandoned the single player to spen more time on multi, perhaps they should have done that again in this one because it can get sooooooooooooooo old fast.

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