PlayStation Blogcast 019: Farm-Fresh PSN Gems

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PlayStation Blogcast 019: Farm-Fresh PSN Gems

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Not much in the way of megaton news to report this week….unless you count hearing next week’s PSN game and content lineup first! This week’s show is a looser affair: Join Jeff, Nick, Rey and I as we debate our most anticipated 2012 titles, our favorite couch co-op games, and share a helpful user that tip that ties into the new Amazon Instant Video app available on PS3.

Of course, we also answer a medley of great user questions, serve up another round of user-submitted tips, and Nick presents his choice for PSN Gem of the Week. Oh, and our very own Rey Gutierrez finally reveals his long-awaited Origin Story. Give it a listen and, as always, let us know what you think!

Action Items

Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Jeff Rubenstein

Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick SuttnerOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey Gutierrez

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game
    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    7 Author Replies

    • Great Job guys. I’ve been a longtime fan of your podcast. I remember when I used to listen to you guys on my psp. Keep up all the great work and as always, Playstation folife……BEYOND !!!

    • if you guys are looking for funny gaming videos the Steve and Larson Top Ten FTW and Sanity Not Included are both great Machinima series.

      also, I’m pretty sure Mushroom Wars is a RTS

    • Beyond!
      Can I get a response to if we will ever be able to play certain PSN games on the Vita. Or when we might be getting PS1 classics on there.

      It’s a legitimate question.

      • PSN games on Vita: Only if they’re designed that way (MotorStorm RC, The Pinball Arcade, etc). PS1 Classics are coming, but no firm timing details to share yet. We’ll keep you posted!

    • I look forward to Skullgirls!
      Only one PS2 Classic? ):

      I have to agree with IzoGray. There’s a lack of upkeep with the Classics or answers to the compatibility with the Vita.

    • Hey guy what happened to the resident evil operation raccoon city dlc? It’s supposed to come out April 10th and it should be free. Any word about it?

    • Is there any reason Rey Gutierrez completely ignores Playstation users’ comments? I mean is it that difficult to answer a few questions or give a few extra details?

      Looking at the Drop post on April 1st there are 176 comments and not one single response form the guy and that seems to be the trend for all his posts. March 25th, 135 comments, zero responses, March 8th, 106 comments, zero responses etc. Seems like a pretty contemptuous way to deal with your user base. Maybe someone who interacts with the user base would be better for the job.

    • Let’s not be unfriendly. In all honesty they probably don’t know themselves. I’m sure the higher ups are pretty secretive. I do hope that the people here at the blog are keeping them on their toes. A solution doesn’t need to be readily available. Some communication would be nice though

    • I don’t think you get Amazon Instant Video with the FREE 1-Year Amazon Student trial, but if you renew for $39, you do get Instant Video. You also get to “borrow” 1 e-book a month (there’s a PC Kindle app you can download for free).

      Prime Instant Video + Netflix = best combination ever.

      Any word on how much the Journey soundtrack will cost?

      • That’s correct — you don’t get any video with the free student trials. As for the Journey OST, my current info suggests $5 but wait for the Tuesday Store update for final pricing.

    • Boy is it good to be back on the farm!

    • Oh, browser, you cut me off too early. I mean it, I really look forward to this blogcast every week!

    • Just an FYI, P3FES is pronounced as a word, not sounded out. It’s short for “Festival”. I already have P3, but for $10 it might be worth picking up FES for the bonus bits.

    • Where are the Vita games at?!!

    • yes finally persona 3 fes finally an awesome ps2 classic rpg game on the ps store buying it day one hopefully we also get persona 4 rpgs ftw!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pretty sure the odd meta game you guys were thinking about is Chibi-Robo Btw. Keep up the great show! Listen every week.

    • Has there been any update on the smartphone app for the playstation blog? If I remember correctly EU had it sometime last year.

      • I keep getting inconsistent answers, unfortunately… When there’s a locked date, we’ll share it.

    • cookiemonster525

      I’m liking this week’s podcast. Too much structure can get a bit boring when you’re doing it weekly. I’m enjoying getting to see more of your personalities, rather than the more scripted nature of your videos. Also, I understand there might be good reasons why, but Nick seems like a bit of a time Nazi, always wanting to cut conversations short. Rey’s story was pretty awesome, though I did smh at him stealing from his granny.

      Question: Do you guys know if Sony is looking into allowing PSN usename changes? As you can see my name is extremely stupid and I really wish they’d let me change it, even if it meant I had to pay a small fee. Seems like easy money for Sony, but it’d be interesting to see if they’re even looking into implementing this. Hopefully I’m not suck with this name when the PS4 comes around.

      • When you’re running a show, there’s always timing tension — you want speakers to have enough time to fully explain, without going over the edge into rambling. It comes with the territory! In regards to your PSN name change idea, sorry — no news on that at present.

    • I LOVE the Blogcast!

      I’ve tried listening to other podcasts before and they’re always filled with jaded editors who are so annoying to listen to. Thats why I love listening to you guys. You guys are so much more respectful of the industry and the hard work that goes into making video games. I’ve never once heard you guys say insulting things towards games. You guys are fun, informative, and seem to be normal guys hanging out having fun talking about video games. I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT.

      Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • PS Vita YouTube App or Flash/HTML5 support?

    • Great show! not your fault that nothing has really been happening around the games industry since I am sure everyone is ramping up for E3, but I wish Gravity Rush and Resistance: Burning Skies came out sooner. Really looking forward to Skullgirls.. will there be a demo for it? I am rooting for a PS Vita version of the game! Stunning art looks even better on the OLED screen (Watch Pulse on your PS Vita).

      P.S That MK video is impressive O_O!

    • ° Please enable html5 and flash player to the ps vita. ° Youtube Instagram and Skype app for the ps vita. ° Google Chrome web browser to the ps vita. ° Cross chat platform between ps vita and ps3 users. ° Organize the content of the PSN and add a sort list on the download list by year,month,genre. ° Show to the ps3 users when the ps vita users are conected and enable the present data. ° Full integration of the PS Plus features for vita users enable cloud service. ° Improve the Facebook app of the ps vita. ° Release an avatar pack when the game comes out not 3 weeks laters. ° Fix the ps3 browser and make a partnership with google or mozilla to the next gen console. ° More PSN games to the vita and ports of great titles like journey flower nba jam castle crasher magic orbz pacman closure tetris modern combat ect ect. ° Enable to send pictures from the vita to the ps3. ° Buy Quantic Dream and ThatGameCompany.

    • ° Please ps fans needs Kevin Butler again in the next E3 also Guerrilla Games with the new ip and the vita version of killzone , Naughty Dog with Last of Us, Santa Monica Studio with the secret project,Respawn Entretaiment, The last Guardian ° Sony needs to show Bioshock, Assassins Creeds and Call of Duty for vita. ° Sony needs more game for the PS Vita like Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Phantasy Star, Battlefield, God of War, Infamous, NBA 2K and a Rpg like skyrim ° Drop Price of PS3 and Ps Vita ° A MMO for the ps vita. ° The next console needs a universal party system for all the games. ° Buy at least 2 studio for eclusive development of psn games. ° New PSN Interface for the next console. ° A lot of features for the PSN like Steam. ° Digital Games not at the same price of the disc games. ° Take ideas for the new console onlive services from steam and make a subscription payment program like xbox live but no to expensive.

    • Please try to get Killer 7 on PS2 Classics. Its impossible to find and has such a reputation behind it. Really want to play it.

    • Requiem for a Dream is one of my favorite movies..

    • I was wondering on the game Sorcery will I have to buy a Playstation Move to play?

    • What is the game that had the most impact on your life/career? (Made you make the decision that you were going to try to get a job in the Video Game industry)

      P.S. Love the Origin stories!

      • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I remember watching Jeff Gerstmann’s video review and thinking ‘I could do that!’

    • Great show guys. I kind of squeeled in excitement when Jeff said Persona 3 FES was going to be released and also the Journey soundtrack. Now get Persona 4 up there so I can play it before the Vita version hits North America!!

    • Rey’s da man.

    • It may be a little off topic, but when concerning Playstation Vita titles, is there any chance that “psn” style titles will receive similar discounts that titles such as Closure, Journey, and others have received through playstation plus? I love having PLUS, but on top of PS1 support taking forever, the only PLUS LOVE my VITA seems to get is that of a couple of supported MINI titles. I <3 PS!

    • Oh Yeah ! i getting Persona 3 FES

    • I already have Persona 3 on the psp, but I might buy it the P3FES edition too.

      Not sure if these PSVITA user tip has been submitted yet, but here it goes.

      PSVITA user tip: When playing a video saved on your vita. You can close the start/pause menu as soon as the video plays by tapping on the screen once, and you can tap it again to bring it back up. I didn’t know you could do this at first, so I used to wait about 7 seconds for it to disappear on its own. P.S. I love listening to the blogcast on my PSVITA. You guys keep up the good work!!

    • So it’s pretty much been two months now since Jeff Rubenstein said, in BOLD in the “How to download PSP games to PS Vita” entry that “more PSP titles will be made available for PS Vita play in the coming weeks”. We’re past the “coming weeks” point now and into months, where is the update for PSP games for the Vita? We know a bunch work but either require being transferred via PS3 or are blocked/don’t show up when you use the oh so annoying Content Manager.

    • Helllo Sony I would like expres what has me concerened and my other five close friends, and almost all of my playstation network friends own a Vita we are a little angry with you by the way you are working with the Vita, is too slow we still cant download from our Vitas playstation one games(any) and psp, only some, another thing that hanst been released yet are the aplications Skype, whats happening that skype isnt avaible to be downloaded yet, I hope that for this week is avaible and I would like to know why the other new aplications havent been anounced. Please speak with the Mozilla Firefox company so they develop a better browser for the Vita, or if not a Google Chrome, what we couldnt believe and astonished us was that the Vita doesnt have adobe flash player, and in internet you cant do almost anything without adobe flash player, we cant see videos from websites please in the next update add full support Adobe Flash Player, and JavaScrippt belive me you will make me feel glad and all my friends.
      remember the best promotion is a satisfied customer and a console (PS VITA) off is bad promotion

    • Regarding coach co-op, Comet Crash is the most like pixel junk. Surprised you gents didn’t mention it. Try it out, awesome game.

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