Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Hits PS Vita April 17th

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Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Hits PS Vita April 17th
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Hits PS Vita April 17th

Greetings everyone! I’m dropping by to have a quick chat about Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention as it will be hitting both PSN and retailer shelves on April 17th, dood! Let’s jump right into it and talk about some of the brand-new features for its PS Vita debut!

For newcomers, Disgaea is a turn-based strategy RPG where players can move and arrange their characters using a grid-based system to perform special attacks, or team up to do millions of points of damage (often in very comical cutscenes) against their opponents. Disgaea is also known for its wacky cast of characters, one being NIS America’s awesome mascot, Prinny (highly disposable peon penguin demons that explode), all of which are illustrated by Takehito Harada.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for PS Vita

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice first landed on PS3 on August 2008, and along with it came an extensive amount of DLC featuring a lot of characters from the Disgaea universe. We are extremely happy to let everyone know that all of the aforementioned DLC is already included in Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for PS Vita, on top of the entire Disgaea 3 game!

We’ve also implemented PS Vita functionality, so now you can control your point of view on the map, zoom in and out, and scroll through menus using the front touchscreen and rear touchpad of the PS Vita. Another great feature included is GPS functionality (for 3G/Wi-fi PS Vita owners) that essentially tracks how far you travel while you are physically playing the game, and translates the distance into an in-game stat boost called “Honor Quotient.” Your Honor Quotient can still be increased by defeating monsters and clearing stages, so you Wi-fi PS Vita users can also take advantage of this new stat feature.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for PS VitaDisgaea 3: Absence of Detention for PS Vita

We’ve also added a ton of new story content to the game. First off, we’ve added two new characters, Stella and Rutile – both of whom feature in a brand-new two-episode side story. On top of that, Disgaea 4 fans can look forward to seeing two familiar characters, Desco and Fuka – this time as bosses!? More new stories that have been included revolve around Evil Academy’s first culture fair, Raspberyl’s first love, and the battle for the Aptitude Test. Good stuff!

Skill-wise, we’ve added a new tier of magic called the “Tera” level. These super-special attacks feature cameo characters from various Nippon Ichi games drawn by guest artists. Item-wise, we’ve added the ability to customize the visuals of your favorite item. Basically, this allows you to choose an item graphic from a predefined list and transfer stats from another item over to it. This allows players to make their own original weapon with the visuals of their choice. Previously, Disgaea allowed players to max out weapon stats, but not customize the visuals, so this is a plus for hardcore fans.

Thank you all for taking a gander at what Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention has to offer. With a ton of content jammed inside, on top of the Disgaea series’ infinite replayability, we are confident that Disgaea players new and old will find a ton of fun in this new edition for the PS Vita!

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    Do these games have many rpg elements? I’ve been waiting for an rpg for mi vita

    what about price???


      Disgaea definitely does have a lot of RPG elements. It resembles a lot of the tactics based games, where you work off a grid-system to strategically position your characters to destroy all your enemies. That being said, you can level you characters (to level 9999), work on weapon customization, get weapon drops, attain new characters to use, use the store system, plus countless more RPG facets. You also can unlock new abilities/super moves, and access team based attacks by placing strategically placing your characters too.

      Check out the game Flow system here for more info: http://disgaea.us/dis3vita/system/flow.html



  • Looks awesome NIS! I have had it pre-ordered for a while finally a RPG to play on my Vita. Will you guys have a PSP game sale coming up soon on titles like Z.H.P or Prinny 2 to coincide with the Vita release of Disgaea? Thanks.

    • Hey ABRipperXX,

      At the moment we don’t have any plans for our PSP games to go on sale, but hopefully that is something we can work on soon enough!



  • Any idea if this release date is the same for EU? :)

    Best Regards,


  • Sweet!! Also is there any news on a firmware to improve the browser and skype? I would really like to have these.

  • Man I’m so tempted to pick up a Vita for this.

  • Champloo’s voice in this trailer sounds….off.

    Anxiously awaiting this, been preordered for awhile now. Really glad April is such a dry month, this is going to dominate all my time.

  • @1
    It has an amazing depth of RPG elements, including the max level of 9999, optional Uber bosses and multiple classes galore. It is packed full of easily 300 hours of gameplay or more if you want to do everything.

    Price is $39.99 for the US, not sure about other countries, but around the same price.

    Quite old news Sony, but I am glad you are advertising for NIS, they need the money! If you preorder directly from the NISA Webstore you will get an embroidered Disgaea 3 Lint Free Cloth for your Vita, and free shipping and no tax. Just something to consider.

  • Already have it pre-ordered from NIS website and seriously cannot wait to play the game! i never got to play it on the ps3. I really hope we get 4 as well, although if not ill just get it on the ps3!

  • Hi Ryan! Do you have any pie? I would love a slice of blueberry or apple, they must been just sweet enough without tasting fake. Thanks.

    • Hi hush404,

      Mmmm, that sounds delish! It’s tough to really hit the right mark between too sweet and the “homemade” taste, so I’m definitely with you on that one! Here in the Netherworld we use only the finest ingredients.



  • The game I most want for PSVita. I have it pre-ordered and I don’t even have a Vita yet. And probably won’t get a Vita until Gravity Rush comes out. Unless, of course, I get the job I’m interviewing for, then I’ll get a Vita when I get my first paycheck. :p

    • Hey FearMonkey,

      Awesome, dood! We really appreciate your support!

      Good luck with your interview!


  • @7 Thanks a lot for the info!

    Sent them a mail regarding shipping to Norway. That cloth looks badass!! :)

  • Hey, can’t wait for the game. Ready to order it “dood!”.
    Just had a quick question. Do you have info on how big is the file if I were to DL it? Cause I really want to have the special preorder bonus from the NISA Store, but I would have to pay for import duties (I live outside of USA), so knowing how big the file is will be my decision breaker.

    • Hi Dark-Zero1687,

      The download size is just over 2 gigs. It also requires 96 MB to save ^^

      Only a few more weeks until launch, dood!



  • I bought my Vita partially for this game. (Persona 4 and Gravity Rush too) Disgaea 1 and 2 on the PSP were so much better than the console versions, and I’m sure D3P will continue this trend.

    Preordered from Gamestop. I would have probably ordered from NIS if they included something like the premium edition of D4. I need more little magnetic figures for my shelf at work. Maybe an Asagi.

    • Hi Kazriko,

      I too would love to have an Asagi magnetic figure. We need her to hurry up and become the main character and get her own game ^^



  • Rated-Rsuperstar

    10 Million hours! lol Nolan North is the best.

  • Two questions:

    1. I thought I read somewhere that this vita version will feature the up-resed art from Disgaea 4. Is this true? If so it’s a must own for me. The primary reason I didn’t buy Disgaea 3 the first time around is because the sprites looked bad on an HD TV.

    2. Disgaea 4 is already hard to come by, Will it come to the PSN?

    • Hi FunkyTable,

      To answer your questions, unfortunately the Disgaea 3 for the PS Vita will not have the same HD sprites shown in Disgaea 4. Character Bust-ups have been updated, but as for the actual in-game sprites, they remain the same.

      However, if you do have a chance, I would take a look at how the game plays on a Vita as it still is a slightly different experience than seeing it on a bigger HD TV. To answer your second question, at the moment we don’t have plans to release Disgaea 4 on PSN, but if anything changes you can bet I’ll be back to talk about it!



  • This games looks great but I have a few questions:
    1) I tried to play previous Disgaea titles and I found it really complicate it, is there any tutorial in this game?
    2) Is the PSN Store version of this Vita title going to cost 5 bucks less than the retail version.

    • Hi emiru69,

      There is a tutorial in the beginning of the game that does walk you through the basics while filling you in on some of the story. By the time you get through it, you should have a basic idea of how the game works!

      As for the price, it will be the same as the retail price at $39.99.

      I hope this helps!


  • I cannot wait for this game! Day one purchase for me. Got Disgaea 4 and I am playing that in the meantime. Portable Disgaea is always so much better for me though. Keep it up guys, and MORE VITA GAMES!!

    • Hi Firepowerr,

      Thanks, dood! We really appreciate your support and really hope you will enjoy all the new content in this version!

      Have a great night!


  • Hooray for Disgaea 3. Loved it so much for PS3, cant wait for it on Vita.

    I’m glad NISA is supporting Vita so early on.

    • Hi Faythi,

      I like your Sterk avatar!

      We are really happy to be able to bring Disgaea to the PS Vita right around launch, dood!



  • YAY! ANOTHER PORT! *sarcasm* When PS vita gets an exclusive RPG that ISN’T another port, then I’ll consider getting a Vita. Until then I’ll be looking forwards to Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance =D

  • How does this game fare for the completionists?

    • Hi Nakiro,

      The original Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice had a good amount of trophies and in order to platinum the game, it required some dedication. We have also added new trophies for the PS Vita version, so that is something to look forward to also.

      I hope this helps!


  • Do you plan on making a PS3 version of this or adding DLC to what we got? Being able to move saves and play on either with this game would be great.

  • Hi SpiritThief,

    At the moment, we don’t have plans for further DLC for Disgaea: 3 Absence of Detention for PS Vita. As for the PS3 version, that definitely is a great idea in regards to the saves, but outside of the original Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice PS3 game, we don’t have plans for a PS3 re-release.

    I hope this helps!


  • So does Nolan North play all the characters in this game as well?

  • Just have that add that NIS is best customer service I’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to! Keep in my that I work with customer service.

    Took them about 20 minutes to answer my questions and they were really nice as well. Even finding me ways to save money.

    Got a great amount of respect for these guys. Just like most of you guys out there, this will be a “Buy on launch” for me!

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Christian,

      We really appreciate your kind words! Our online store really works hard to make sure our fans are taken care of! I’ll let the whole team know! We hope you enjoy the game, dood!

      Have a great night!


  • I really love the idea of possibly being able to transfer a save from the PS3 version to the Vita. Three questions:

    First, will there be any bonuses for having a save from 1 or 2 on the memory card, as with Dark Hero Days?

    Second, any chance of a Vita remake of Phantom Brave? I’ve just started that game on PSP, and while it isn’t Disgaea, it’s pretty darn good.

    And third, the question every true Disgaea fan needs an answer to: Any horse wieners in this game, dood?

    • Hi honus14,

      Unfortunately, there are not bonuses for having saves from the first couple of Disgaea games =/ As for Phantom Brave, at the moment we don’t have any plans for a Vita port, but I think that game would work pretty well with the touch controls!

      Lastly, as for the horse “item” you referenced, unfortunately it will not make an appearance for the PS Vita release.

      I’m sorry for some bad news, but I hope the info is helpful!



  • after hearing that all of the dlc will be on the game already and no more dlc is coming. i am going to get this game day one. thank you for giving all of that stuff to your customers, it really is a generous thing and i appreciate it.

    • Hi octus,

      We are really happy that all of this content comes jam-packed inside the game from launch. There is definitely a bunch for fans to look forward to even after the main story is finished, dood!

      Have an awesome night!


  • The Disgaea series is by far one of my most favorite series ever. Really, anything NIS puts out tends to be great. I preordered this game as soon as I could and intend to pick it up day 1. The kick to it all, I don’t have a PS Vita yet. That’s how much I love Disgaea.

    • Hey Kasaix,

      Awesome, dood! We really value your support! I’m digging the Laharl avatar!



  • That’s pretty cool! I have never played a Disgaea game yet, so it will be the perfect place to start.

  • I am really hyped for this! I am becoming a big disgaea fan and so is my friend. I been into it since i found out about 4 coming out and now I got Disgaea DS (Still didn’t beat since I got it last year) from the NIS site, Disgaea 3 from my friend as a bday gift on ps3 beat the story and i really wanna improve on this one, got 4 from the NIS site the 119.99 edition, and my parents just got me a vita as a gift and got prinny 1 and my first vita game will be Disgaea 3!!!

    • Hi Ed243,

      I’m glad to hear you’re hyped for Disgaea 3’s PS Vita debut! There’s plenty waiting for you when you finish the story line!

      Have a great week!


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  • Gran turismo for Ps Vita????

  • Monster Hunter and Resident Evil for Vita?

  • Quick question,

    I have the PS3 version of the game(bought it the month it came out :). I have put 50 hours towards it, but was unable to finish it due to it getting lost while I moved to a new location. My question is will we be able to transfer data from the ps3 version to the vita version ?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Hi mckg123456789,

      Unfortunately the data between the PS3 version and PS Vita version is not transferable.



  • I’m all pre-ordered for it. It was a big factor in my Vita purchase.

  • whats the point buying it on psn if retail price is same?

  • Stop blowin’ us up, dood!

  • Hey dood! Quick question:

    Now, when you’re talking about the GPS feature that, “tracks how far you travel while you are physically playing the game,” does that mean the game has to be on and active, or can it be in sleep mode?

    Can’t wait for D3 on my Vita! Now lets see some more Asagi love! If I even catch wind of Makai Wars being a reality I will throw money at you dood!

    • Hello Neku915,

      The GPS mode will require you to be physically playing the game, and it will have to be a 3G capable PS Vita. Unfortunately if it’s in sleep mode, it won’t keep track in the game.

      I hope this helps!


  • Will this game have cross play with the PS3 version?

    • Hi celsius_ftw,

      Unfortunately, cross play with the PS3 version is not supported for this title.



  • The Disgaea series isn’t my cup of tea but thanks for all of the carefully thought out responses and feedback Ryan! It’s appriciated around here.

    • Hi Major_Hoare,

      Thank you! There are some really good questions on here, so it’s my pleasure!

      Have a great week!


  • Desco is pleased to be making an appearance in this game. Desco will be purchasing this game for sure.

  • You mentioned trophies. I doubt it’s the case (as it wasn’t the case for Street Fighter IV), but will trophy progressions between Absence of Justice and Absence of Detention be at all correlated, or are they separate lists? Either way, is there overlap in which trophies are available, and if so, how much? I don’t see myself going to AoJ with AoD out there (whenever I get on the Vita train), but as a purveyor of lists, this intrigues me.

    • Hello TJF588,

      Absence of Detention’s trophy list does contain some of the same trophies as Absence of Justice, however not all of them. It does however have new trophies added instead. A little over 20 are the same and/or similiar.

      I hope this helps!



  • This is a definite buy for me. I’ve already pre-ordered and am looking forward to the months of game time I’ll get out of this game! Keep the games and support coming NIS, you guys are awesome!

    • Hi JadeZodiac!

      Thank you! It really means a lot to us here at NISA!

      I really hope you enjoy all the extra content and the item world ^^

      Have a great rest of your week, dood!


  • I’m glad to hear a version of this game with all of the DLC included, along with some Vita-specific controls will be released. One question, though: as someone that hasn’t played a Disgaea game before, why would you not release the latest game for the Vita, instead of the previous game? Granted, each game is probably great in their own right, but I’m curious why a “new” game isn’t the newest in the series.

  • I never played a disgaea game before. I’ll make sure to give a try on the PSVITA. Hopefully I’ll like it.

  • If I hear “dude” one more time… >:(

  • Insta-buy!

  • Hi guys! what happen whit Remote play on PS Vita beacuse i try it to use whit Killzone 3 and wont work :(

  • Helllo Sony I would like expres what has me concerened and my other five close friends, and almost all of my playstation network friends own a Vita we are a little angry with you by the way you are working with the Vita, is too slow we still cant download from our Vitas playstation one games(any) and psp, only some, another thing that hanst been released yet are the aplications Skype, whats happening that skype isnt avaible to be downloaded yet, I hope that for this week is avaible and I would like to know why the other new aplications havent been anounced. Please speak with the Mozilla Firefox company so they develop a better browser for the Vita, or if not a Google Chrome, what we couldnt believe and astonished us was that the Vita doesnt have adobe flash player, and in internet you cant do almost anything without adobe flash player, we cant see videos from websites please in the next update add Adobe Flash Player, belive me you will make me feel glad and all my friends.

  • Please I need an answer to my question, because I work hard to buy this console, thanks for your attention.


      Unfortunately, I’m here representing NIS America , so I won’t be able to answer your previously posted questions.



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