Clusterpuck & Aurora 1.5 Come to PlayStation Home

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Clusterpuck & Aurora 1.5 Come to PlayStation Home

This Wednesday, April 4th will see yet another awesome PlayStation Home update, with the arrival of the addictive new puzzler Clusterpuck, the highly-anticipated update to Aurora (v1.5), new Spring collectibles from Billabong, Lockwood Publishing and more! Here’s your weekly “To Do” list for PlayStation Home:

Clusterpuck – The latest addition to our long line of platform exclusive games, Clusterpuck is an arcade-style game developed by Codename (makers of Slap Happy Sam). Puck meets cluster in this maddeningly-addictive puzzler. Turn ‘em, match ‘em, and jam ‘em together to make ‘em fit; pile on wild pucks and power-ups to the mix and you’ve got one crazy puckin’ game! Check it out!

Aurora 1.5 – A new dawn has arrived in Aurora – the hit PlayStation Home game hosted amidst a mysterious archipelago of floating islands where players can take part in games such as OrbRunner, gaining XP and unlocking special rewards by defending the magical isles from enemies. Explore the wondrous islands of Aurora this Wednesday to see what new and exciting things have arrived, including the “OMG Trap-O-Matic” game for the chance to win fantastic rewards.

The Tester 3 and Spring Fling Quests – Head to the Activity Board in the Hub this Wednesday to take part on two brand new quests that will reward players with exclusive virtual item rewards!

Spring Collectibles – Spring is in full swing in PlayStation Home, and we have some special items coming your way this Wednesday to help you get in spirit of the season, including new Billabong clothing, additions to the Delirious Squid line, new gifts for the Lockwood Gift Machine, and the return of Lockwood’s community-favorite game, the Baron’s Eggcellent Plan!

PlayStation Home: Baron's Eggcellent Plan

PlayStation Home: Billabong Spring 2012 Release

HomeCast & Hip Hop Gamer – We have new episodes from these popular series in the PlayStation Home Community Theater. First up, HomeCast checks out the latest and greatest PlayStation Home content, including the MiniBots: BattleBox collection, recent updates to Granzella’s Southern Island Getaway game space, and the Journey space, which boasts features taken straight from the critically-acclaimed PSN exclusive game. Next, Hip Hop Gamer takes a look at the recently-released reboot of EA’s classic snowboarding game, SSX.

Speaking of the Community Theater, the Urgent Fury team is issuing an open call for contributors to their PlayStation Home series. Go HERE to learn more!


See you in Home!

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  • Well, this new game looks… familiar, to say the least. lol I see there’s rewards for Clusterpuck, are they going the greedy route, or can friends get the rewards also? Oh yeah, FIRST!!

  • Ooops, forgot to mention, the Trap-o-matic looks to be a trap on the wallet, BEWARE!!

  • Do the Billabong fashions include additions for women?

    So sorry to have learned that the Red Bull spaces are leaving. Would be nice to get another beach space and one where access to the water is a part of the lounge experience.

    Keep the updates coming. The Pirate Game last week was a big hit for me and my friends.

    • This Billabong update includes only male items, but there are more (including Women’s clothing) right around the corner!

  • We have updated the Front Page of Urgent Fury to include the Call out information

  • I think the Home Staff needs to come out and play Cutthroats with the community and the HCVs ;)

    • I think you are right ;) I’ve not spent nearly enough time with that game since it launched last week. Come Saturday and Sunday – it’s on!

  • How much is Baron’s Eggcellent Plan? I think I might actually purchase it this time.

    • Baron’s Eggcellent Plan is $2.49. The Swan Sorceress Wand and Swan Sorcerer’s Cane (add-ons) are each $0.99.

  • lookin forward to the Delirious Squid items, love the skateboarder look

  • Can’t wait to try it out.

  • hey Locust_Star could you put in a word to who ever owns Hudson Gate that it needs a major update and thanks

  • people losing there xp points in pirate boat game area please fix or we all stop playing after while and that game rules to please fix and please answer

  • @ 10 Joystick_Warrior posted this in the Home Support Forums

    Hey all, if the workaround is not working for you right now, do not fret. A fix should be coming in with this week’s update on Wednesday April 4th. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks for your patience with this.


    And here is the link to the thread where that was posted

  • I’m actually quite excited for this :3 And I don’t even use Home all that much.. But the new games might bring me back for socializing.

  • So is the obsidian outfit EVER gonna come out or what? How much is the new aurora contraption gonna boost xp? Is it better then the hoodie or the same? The reward selection on the OMG is random or is it based on a certain things we do? Oh and cant wait for the final episode of The Tester 3!!!!

    • Yes, the Obsidian outfit is coming as part of a larger Novus Prime update.

      As for Aurora – I don’t have those details on-hand. Let me see if I can dig them up…

  • Never mind my question from my first comment, I re-watched the video… LAME. @crazy_kracker1 If I remember correctly, the price for the Baron was $3.49, but then they tapped you for accessories, also.

  • Hypnotic_Inertia

    The n-Dreams experience contraptions look interesting. How much will those items cost us? I really want to to get to level 100. As for the other stuff, I really like the delirious squid’s new female hair and like the return of the Easter game.

  • What the puck? This might be a lot of fun. A lot of pucking fun.

  • how about you guys add a bundle as a reward for once or something awsome instand of lame rewards just expressing my option and freedom of speech

    • I’m not sure I quite understand your request. Can you give an example of the kind of reward(s) you’d like to see?

  • I’m not sure I quite understand your request. Can you give an example of the kind of reward(s) you’d like to see?

  • I was just wondering, how much will Clusterpuck be?

  • A few years ago my Nephew was highlighting all the great features the PS3 has before I bought mine (for little big planet at the time tbh).

    I remember him telling me about Playstation Home and what he was expecting to see in the near future. One of those things was watching a movie in his virtual home and inviting friends over to watch it with him.

    So my question is, is this or will this ever be a reality? Was he basing this on anything of substance or was it just a misunderstanding of what was to come.

    The idea might seem odd to some but I live in NA and he is in the UK so sharing a viewing experience now and then might be fun. Just thought I’d ask, Thank You – Avid Playstation Blog reader

    • You can watch movies with your right now in Home personal spaces such as the Hollywood Hills, LOOT Space Station, LOOT Yacht and in public spaces such as the LOOT Theater. Basically, any space that has EOD (Entertainment on Demand) built-in will allow you to select from a wide variety of movies, TV shows, anime, and even live events and watch with your friends for free.

      In short: It’s a reality, my friend ;)

  • Oh well that told me! lol I guess I will be checking back in on home and having a nose around, Thank You for that.

  • I’ll be looking forward to cluster puck tomorrow. That’s a really nice looking cab. Also, has there been any word on the Arcade Cabinets from the Peakvox Labs Space in JP? I would love to add those to my collection as well :-)

  • ok here is my question. why is it that every game that comes out now only owners get the rewards for them and not friends. if you guys think about most of your top buyers buy the games and spaces with games to help their friends thats what made home fun. please go back to the fun days.

  • Still waiting on Move/Eye support in Home… kind of silly that it still hasn’t shipped.

  • no easter event this year again! only thing thing tht happened was Easter City Huntdown in 2010. and the Baron game, already hv all the rewards

  • The new adventure district has access to the beach and water, with a lounge area. Check it out Joanna_Dark

  • PS Vita YouTube App or Flash/HTML5 support?

  • WEll Well look what we got here me hearties, new items ad stuff nice.

  • Are people planning on releasing Home for PS Vita? I would incredibly enjoy playing it on my 5″ OLED display! Touchscreen too!

  • @Locust_Star Hey. Big fan of Home. I was wondering if you could please read this, because I have a suggestion to make. I was wishing and wondering if you guys could recreate the Tester Lounge from the Tester show, and put it up as a buyable estate on PS Home. I hope you guys can read this and take this into consideration, because if you do, I would be the first one to buy it! Thanks!

  • I was needing to know if in the aurora 1.5 update if the free personal space you get for reaching level 100 is still going to be there or if its getting taken out? please someone respond i need to know

  • Good update… i have my PS3 for 3 months now, never got into home, but I did this week, seems interesting, but for the Store, could you add a SEARCH function? cause I saw this cool Knife with a Bomb attached to it, Sticky Bomb Knife I think its called, cant find it -.-, getting tired of roaming through stores and not find it.. any ideas where to find it atleast?

  • Enjoying my time on NA Home, loving the work you guys do and the update looks great.
    Appreciating the clothing bundles on the PS Store right now too, hard not to resist spilling the rest of my money on them.

    Requests: Like the guy above me said. We need a search function in the next client update, it is really painful looking through the thousands of items on Home these days for hours looking for one specific item.

    Aaaaaaand: More speech bubble colours. I like being different from anyone else, but there’s only a few colours- also colourful Home is a better Home. Maybe implement a colour wheel which you could pick a colour from.

    OH, one last thing. Make private messaging invisible. It can be annoying that the bubble still pops up.

    Hopefully that gets passed onto the right people, or is in your mind, cheers!

  • Oh and Home for Vita, as difficult as it would be to implement, I would go buy a Vita ASAP if that was done.

  • See you guys in home !

  • Ok, where is this Spring Fling Quest????????????????
    Not on the board!!

  • I been notice that OMG game has been repeat the rewards, even who has the green chair! I got 3 or 4 itens repeated. Its really frusting to see, becouse i was wait get not repeat or bad luck i doesnt care. But Im glad i just got the arcade apartament! lol. \cheers/

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