MotorStorm RC: Carnival Expansion Hits Tomorrow

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MotorStorm RC: Carnival Expansion Hits Tomorrow
MotorStorm RC: Carnival Expansion Hits Tomorrow

Party harder and faster this Easter with the Carnival Expansion for MotorStorm RC, available beginning Tuesday, April 3rd for $3.99 on PlayStation Store! Take your radio-controlled racing rivalries to the next level as you compete for glory in a carnival park after-hours, battling for PlayStation Trophies and triple-medal status in every event to become champion of the biggest MotorStorm RC Festival to date.

Take on 24 all-new Race, Pursuit, Hot Lap and Drift events, all staged in the Carnival Festival on six extreme racing circuits – with 72 medals to win before you challenge your friends and rivals worldwide to make sure you’re faster than them all on every event! Hunt down four new PlayStation Trophies (Bronze, Silver x2, Gold) on your way to triple-medalling all 24 new events and a Gold Trophy for becoming a super-quick Carnival Champion!

Race and collect eight new vehicle models each with four Carnival-style liveries and also four color scheme choices per livery for a greater level of personalization – that’s 16 designs for each vehicle!

MotorStorm RC: Carnival DLC

Beach Party / Bite Size: Hold on tight as you take a high speed tour of the carnival attractions and twist and turn around the biggest rides. Not for the faint hearted!
Aquaplane / Splash Down: Get your heart to pound and your adrenaline to pump as you race on the beach sands and prepare to tackle extreme bumps, hairpin turns and dramatic inclines. Watch out for the shark!

MotorStorm RC: Carnival DLC

Hold your breath and splash the day away as you race through the twisting, winding water slides and drift on the wettest and wildest RC circuits! Do you have what it takes to become a Carnival Champion? Be there first or be the best, then challenge your friends to do better! Expand your RC Collection of off-roaders while you’re there with the special “Weenie” Buggy (it’s a hot dog!) and the FREE “Bumper” Supermini (it’s a bumper car!)

MotorStorm RC: Carnival DLC Special Vehicles

Whether you own the PS3 and/or the PS Vita version, purchasing the Carnival Expansion Pack will automatically give you the other for free! For those of you haven’t had a chance to own your own copy of Motorstorm RC for your PS3, the game is available for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store. And for a limited time only, PS Vita owners can download a complete copy of Motorstorm RC onto their Vitas for FREE, which allows players to race a custom RC version of Scion’s iQ thanks to our partners at Toyota.

Continue to check back here on the PlayStation.Blog for more updates regarding Motorstorm RC. In the meantime, enjoy the Carnival Festival and your Easter break!

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  • sweet! gonna buy right when i get home off work tomorrow :D love this game! but one question. do you know if there be a ps+ discount?

  • Cool. MotorStorm RS is a nice freebie and a fun (sometimes challenging) game. I hope that it buys time to develop a new full-fledged version of MotorStorm for the Vita or perhaps render an OLED-worthy version of Arctic Edge. Some of us never had a chance to play that game in the first place.

  • ~RC~ derr

  • This game is AMAZING!! So much fun!! It is safe to say that I am now a brand new MotorStorm franchise fan! Woot! Woot! :D

  • Keep the great DLC coming, guys! Enjoyed this from the moment I played it and am happy to see content being pumped out for us to expand on the fun. Thanks!

  • im so bad at this game

  • Is this game any good? I want to race as a hot dog.

  • If you download the free version for Vita does that also net you the PS3 version for no extra cost or would i still need to buy that to be able to play on both platforms.

  • If you guys were to make a different camera view for this game i would be all over it but i just cant play a racing game where i cant tell whats ahead or with an over the top view..please look into this and make it an option for us MOTORSTORM FANS. Thank You

  • Big fan of motorstorm All of them so thank you evolution Studio!!!!!

  • When is the new track ‘The Heights’ coming out for Motorstorm Apocalypse? The game is almost a year old and still not one mention of it. I really hope the guys at evolution haven’t given up on such a great game…..=(

  • @10: Downloading the free Scion-sponsored Vita version does not entitle you to the PS3 version for free. The PS3 version is available as a separate purchase if you want to play on both systems.

  • I have this game on Vita (free) and PS3 (PS+ discount). I have EVERY trophy that I can unlock so far and I still play to try and beat my friends times. How about trying to expand the playground as well, more secrect cars, and more tricks and stuff to find. I went the and found all the secret cars in the playground. My favortie game on the Vita and it’s FREE!!!

  • Just please tell me you guys have plans to make a real Motorstorm for the Vita.. I seriously don’t really like the whole RC thing. It’s just not my thing.

  • Is there ever going to be another Motorstorm game for PS3, before next gen? I like racing game, and this year seems to be a pretty weak one for gearheads, besides annother inevitable Need For Speed game that will probably suck…

    GT6 = not untill next gen

    Midnight Club = dead franchise

    GRID 2 DiRT4 = who knows?

    NFS = obviously, it’s an annual release but EA is too blind to see people are asking Underground 3 for years now…

    Please make another MS game for PS3! :P

  • Hey guys! should i buy this game?

  • I love this game and I love this update!! I think everyone should get this game!!
    @18 – No

  • is online on vita possible?

  • Love this game. Definitely buying this. ID: Wyrebender.

  • Enjoy the game alot but i have one gripe. I would be perfectly fine with paying for this game if it means getting rid of that Ad. Do you guys have anything coming down the pipeline? I know its petty but it really does bug me before i start it up.

  • PSN desperately needs a wishlist feature. I can’t remember all the games I find interesting on PSN and I’m not gong to sift through the library every time I add funds to my wallet.

  • That’s a nice idea, T-goose. I second.

  • @22 (XxThe_CrowingxX): What Ad? I haven’t noticed any ads, and I’m usually pretty good with that stuff. Are you playing the free Vita version? If you are, you may want to consider getting the paid version.

  • @25 Yeah just got my Vita and downloaded it, the game is an absolute blast and is a STEAL for free but i am slightly annoyed seeing the Scion Ad in the livearea screen and while loading. Im ELATED it is free but would shell out the cash to get a portable version without them. Small problem for an otherwise amazing downloadable title. Escape Plan, Super Stardust Delta and this game held me over till my other games got in from Amazon earlier this week :D

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