ModNation Racers Road Trip: “Pick Up And Play” Redefined

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ModNation Racers Road Trip: “Pick Up And Play” Redefined

ModNation Monday Art

(He says with a smile…) As the self-appointed spokesperson for men everywhere I can personally attest to the widely unspoken truth than men indeed do some of their best work in their secondary “office.” In fact, had I been given permission to test there, I guarantee I would have scored 175-250 points higher on my S.A.T.’s leading to my unfulfilled dream of attending an “accredited” college. Since that dream has long passed me by, I am left with the dilemma: such a throne of inspiration and enlightenment now left to its utilitarian purpose, what to do? Left to task, those minutes can seem like an eternity. Put to proper use they can be redeemed into many leg-numbingly wonderful times!

The “Pick Up and Play” Gamers Oath:
On a bus, on a train. On a boat, on a plane.
On a ladder, or a stool. In a garden, by the pool.
Standing up, lying prone, or sitting quietly, on a throne.

Okay, all kidding aside, ModNation Racers: Road Trip is a great “pick up and play” game for your new PS Vita. Whether you have a quick few minutes (one race) or the next millennium off from work or school (500,000+ user created tracks) we’ve got you covered.

So put down that newspaper, take a break from doing your taxes or homework and treat yourself to a little gem we call ModNation Racers: Road Trip. You’ll be glad you did!

“Road Trip” Community Hot Lap Challenge


Each week we will host a Community Hot Lap Challenge to see who can post the best time on selected tracks. The top three times will be mentioned here in this ModNation Monday blog for the world to see.

Think you’re the best racer in Road Trip? Two words: bring it!

Check here next week for the results and the next track in the series. If you have a track that you would like to nominate as “The Hot Lap Challenge Track of the Week” please let us know HERE

“Road Trip-ers” – Enjoy Double XP Week!
That’s right Mods and Modettes — it’s Double XP time! All systems (Vita, PS3, PSP) will receive Double XP from Monday, April 2nd – Monday, April 9th! Go ahead, knock yourselves out! (Mama said).
ModNation Racers: Road Trip “Track of the Week” TheGiantCamelChronicals5 by BorisTheBear7


ModNation Racers For PS3

Top Tracks: Best of its2l84that

All-Time 10 Best User-Created Tracks?
In just a few short weeks The ModNation Racers franchise celebrates its two year anniversary! Help us by nominating what you think are the 10 best user made tracks in the game.
Your nominations can be posted HERE.

Hot Lap Track of the Week: Roulette Raceway Casino by IndustrialSavior


Monday: Zenkane City by City_Zen_Kane
Tuesday: Antarctica by Xv_AmBiTionZ_vX
Wednesday: Urban Dash by mini_schnauzer67
Thursday: Garbage Dump Athletic by statickey_660
Friday: Pueblo Modina by City_Zen_Kane
Saturday: Roulette Raceway Casino by IndustrialSavior
Sunday: WAVE RACER by SpeedDemon

Have a great week everyone,

PS3: ModNationSD
Vita: ModNationSDVita

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11 Author Replies

  • Any words about Online Multiplayer patches?

  • I would buy this game instantly if it had online MP.

  • Awesome, new tracks to check out, hope the ps3 track of the week works on vita, last week’s pirate ship one was awesome but was bugged for vita and wouldn’t let you finish.

    Btw this is the only vita game that crosses the line past “pick up and play” for me.
    This is due to the loading times (about 5 minutes to get into the first race from launching modnation – worse if you unlock items in the campaign mode).

    It’s a great game to play in hot lap mode (minimum lag) on some custom maps while you watch tv so you aren’t put off by all the waiting. If I only had 5-10 minutes spare, I wouldn’t dare launch modnation.

    I just found out it costs $40 000 to release a patch on PSN or XBL. I understand there is an advantage in releasing big update as opposed to many small ones but really wish you guys would actually interact with the community for what the majority are asking about each week. Probably have them memorised by now anyway.

  • Its still no word about the Online MP for road trip? Im here every monday and i will keep coming to say it until its done so i can buy this precious yet unfinished game.

    No Online = No buy!

    anyways, Double XP week! WOOOTS! Ill be on the ps3 all day to see if finally i can get to lvl 30! those damn last lvls are hard as hell! >_< see u ONLINE guys! :)

  • Hi Mark, It’s really nice to hear that MNR Road Trip is getting Hot Lap challenges now! It may not be the h2h everyone is asking for, but it’s certainly the next best thing!

    Also, to comment on your missing out on an “accredited” college, it’s really funny how many times I’ve heard of people who were never able to go to college, but still ended up becoming very successful. I’d have to go back and check, but I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs fell into that category. I kind of laugh on the inside when I hear someone saying that you ‘have’ to go to college. xD

  • Wow, slim pickings for the Vita tracks eh Mark? That TOTW just looks like a remake of “The Famous Flying Camel” from PS3 which cluttered up top tracks for, oh, about 9 months when the game first came out. Along with “Drift Superstar” and “Tiki Tuk Mountain”, it’s just about the most hated track on the game! :(

    Remember kids, randomly angled props floating in mid-air do not a good track make!

    Also, kinda annoyed you keep ignoring my “Emerald Coast’ track for hotlap, don’t tell me it contravenes IP guidelines now, does it?

    • Hi ath,

      I don’t think it was actually a remake. I am very careful to choose original tracks created in Road Trip and not port over remixes. That being said “flattery…”

    • I must have missed Emerald Coast. No intentional. Sorry

  • The “assynchronous online” that this game supposedly has, should at least be on par with what Motorstorm RC is offering, on MNR everything is so disconnected I don’t even know my times’ or mi friends’

  • So I’ve been trying to check in with Mod Explorer at every opportunity, but I seem to be topped out at 200 travel points after multiple check-ins. Any idea why?

  • The “Pick Up and Play” Gamers Oath:
    On a bus, on a train. On a boat, on a plane.
    On a ladder, or a stool. In a garden, by the pool.
    Standing up, lying prone, or sitting quietly, on a throne. I liked that!

  • cool!!!!!!

  • you suck

  • ill buy it once it get sonline mp

  • @ at Ath

    Seems like slim evrything on this MM, not much said apart from the bare standered. I do have to agree that good tracks on the vita seem to few and far..

  • Hello!
    Any news on online Multiplayer coming to ModNation – Road Trip?
    I can say that a update like that would make me buy the game on day one the online racers are active!

  • Hey Mark
    With the LittleBigPlanet kart racer around the corner for PS3, this is pretty much the last chance to get a few extra bucks out of MNR PS3. I think it is time to price drop those DLC track packs or forever miss out!

    Or maybe you can just send me codes for 2 of them and I’ll buy the other one at full price :P

  • awwww :( slightly gutted about Solaria – Sky Temple not being selected. i felt that was a track alot of the newcomers would of enjoyed.. Very colourful :)

    OOOO WELL.. Time To submit * Arachnophobia *

    • Hi Alex,

      As one of my personal top 10 favorite tracks I was amazed at the update to Solaria!
      It seemed like last week we had a few updated tracks HL submissions and I haven’t decided what to do with those yet.

      I have a discussion planned for the forums.

      Hope that explains it. It truly is amazing!


  • I can’t believe they’re still letting you guys do these Monday posts after Road Trip pulled a 7 review, largely due to a lack of online multiplayer, and have pretty much abandoned MNR on the PS3 without so much as a goodbye.

    • Hi Hooligantuan,

      I hear your passion but MNR is alive and well. We’re not going anywhere! :)

      Stay tuned for our MNR Two Year Anniversary Celebration in May!


  • Hi, Mark, logged on just to tell you I enjoyed your poem. I may also sometimes take my Vita into the throne room, so anybody who asks to try out my Vita, I’ve met the minimum legal requirements of public notice.

  • Hi lisatsunami,

    I’m glad you like it :)

  • Hi Mark,
    Just wondering, was the track I submitted for MNR Hotlap in the running for this week or next week?


  • Ooooo
    Two year anniversary Celebration in May?!
    Any chance that the ps3 track packs will see a sale price during that time?

  • Ok, we are hoping you do something very special for the anniversary!…

    DLC price drop or offers would be nice, they would encourage us to buy some of these mods/parts/campaigns that we are still missing.

    Also, could it mean that Stowaway will appear on the PSN store for a limited time? I would really hope so, that mod is so cool I would pay money for having it…

  • Hi,

    I was just if you guys had and ideas or have any consideration at all to bring Playstation 3 DLC to the PS Vita? I really love the PS3 DLC such as Sweet Tooth and whatnot. Ok well i guess thats it, Thanks!

    • Hi,

      The PS3 track themes / props DLC are all accessible on Road Trip from the start. Unlockable through gameplay or unlock all key.

  • I”ve waited for the patch for too long. That is the only thing that keeps me from buying a Vita. I waited a whole year for this game, but i think its obvious that online is not underway. Thanks, I guess…

    Well, now I have enough money to buy a really cool skateboard for me and my brother
    Skating is better than video games. Skating doesn”t disapoint.

    You sometimes snap your spinal cord, or break your arm, or chip a tooth, but thats better than waiting for this “patch” to come along. I seem a bit harsh but I am just disapointed. Still a good game though.

  • Mackattack made a post in forum
    new DLC suggestions
    this might give some ideas of us gamers thoughts and desires
    if – annivesary is a time for DLC releases.
    there is still some money for UFG to be made from this.
    2 fairly easy prop’s on my wish-list are
    a square block thats invisable but able to drive upon
    -could B yellow transparent like invisable trigger
    when editing.
    and another invisable square block
    but impossible to hit with kart from any side
    the top surface is only visual part of it
    looking like water-surface
    abilaty to change size of these prop’s
    would B nice too
    this idea will bring waterlevels to different heights
    in same track
    and no need for drowning-effect
    if its made as : off track. – the reset will B there anyway

  • Hey Mark,

    On PS3 MNR i cannot download any creation in the whole game. Do you know why that is? That is also why i will be hesitant to buy road trip. Thanks :)

  • PS Vita YouTube App or Flash/HTML5 support?

  • It was “The Ice Tourney” that dane9261 and I made together

  • mini_schnauzer67

    lol lakabo you expect your track to make hot lap, some tracks do miss out u know…

    On that note thanks for selecting my track Mark! Especially on double xp week!

  • I agree with the game needing online MP. I still haven’t bought this game, or even a Vita yet though but I can say that if this game wont support MP then I will never buy it. I ask why did you exclude MP from what could have been a great game but I think the answer may lay within the crappy 3G ping rate. But there is still WI-FI so….it really should be included.

  • Why god, why, why i bought this game, why i bought a ps vita…. i knew that i should buy a ps3 with modnation racers online multiplayer and little big planet, now i should wait to the release of little big planet and continue playing modnation racers vs the machine without online.

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