PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

Jeff’s away on vacation this week, so you’re stuck with me! This week gave us odds and ends to catch up on, with a few long-awaited announcements (Mortal Kombat’s May 1st release date being a key one) and Closure reviews out the yin-yang. And fair warning: today marks the start of April Fool’s day, so remember to think twice before passing on any gaming gossip that seems too good (or too bad!) to be true.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 26, 2012)


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  • I don´t see the Orbis rumour here…

  • Hey, Sid, have you heard anything, ANYTHING, about Absolute Supercars? I haven’t heard anything about that game since I saw the very first trailer! If you have heard anything, just let me know.


  • @deadkiller

    Sid mentioned in another post that he won’t deal with game rumors.

    and isn’t GamesRadar jumping the gun a little too early for best ps3 games of 2012

    anyone agree?

  • I hope we get some Rare PS2 classics this month. The rare classics only lasted a week.

    Lets go Champions of Norrath! Would make a great HD collection with cross play for Vita and PS3 ;)


    You should consider adding that article. Journey has made PSN history!
    I am also glad to see that Rocketbids and MK are going to the VIta.

  • I am excited for Mortal Kombat on the Vita, do u know by any chance if it will be under $39.99 on PSN or just $39.99 like the retail version and how big the memory size is for the PSN version, even a guess is fine.

  • @1, you didn’t see a link to any orbis rumors posted because it wasn’t news, it was a rumor. nothing officially cam from Sony regarding the Orbis, so there really was no story.
    but speculate away!

  • “1 – Mass Effect 3”
    I see EA bought the best reviews money could buy

  • @DeadKillersRevng

    Thats because that rumor is a flat out lie. First of all sony said originally no new system till PS3 is 10. So thats 2016. Second, if it dont have used game support sony KNOWS that it WILL flop, so “orbis”, is a lie. It actually originated from 4chan, so guess what? Its a lie.!

  • DeadKillersRevng

    I would be glad if the new Playstation doesn´t support used games because publishers and developers don’t get what they deserve. Hopefully Microsoft and Nintendo do that too.
    And @ccrogers15
    As far as I know Sony has only said that they will support the PS3 as a minimun of 10 years, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t release a new system before that.

  • I hope there won’t be a Playstation 4 for at least eight more years. Ps3 is just fine. The competition is holding back the production of games and what they could be. A new Playstation won’t help much. Devs being on the same page will though.

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