New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

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New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited Service welcomes new releases including Madonna’s MNDA, and albums from The Mars Volta and Civil Twilight. Also, this week’s featured titles include Lionel Richie, Iron Maiden, All-American Rejects, and Miike Snow.

New to the Video Unlimited Service and just in time for Easter is the holiday film “Hop”, starring Russell Brand as the voice of E.B. Also, enjoy the smack down as “WrestleMania XXVIII”, past WrestleMania events, and other great WWE action is just $5 this week in Collections & Sales, or enjoy a different type of Action in this week’s Own $5 Films as “Faster”, “Priest”, “Hancock”, “Black Hawk Down”, and “Crank” are all available for just $5 in SD. More on this week’s update here.

The votes are in and this week’s “Theatrical Throwdown” winner is The Thing. The movie will be available to rent this weekend in Rent Now for just $0.99 in SD or $1.99 in HD starting at 2 pm PDT today through the weekend. We’ll pit two new movies up against each other this Sunday, so make sure to visit the SEN Blog and vote for your favorite!

New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

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  • Is there a video unlimited service in Canada? I know there is a App for the music.

    I’m about to buy a couple of movies for my Vita soon. :)

  • Video unlimited should be in the ps store, it’s been available in Canada for a while now.

  • are 3D movies coming soon in canada? theres only 1 … I thought Sony was a leader in that technology.

  • Video Unlimited? yeah that was long time ago, I think if i remember correctly there was even a Kevin Butler commercial about that, or was that just the Video Store on PSN?

  • @3 – Berae:

    When I go online to the Playstation store in Videos for 3D I see about 10 movies.

    Not sure why you’re only seeing one.

    @1 – syscoman:

    IIf you go to the PSN store on the Vita, there’s a tab beside Games and that’s where you can download Video Unlimited movies…..note though….they will only be SD….not HD quality……(it’s in Canada too).

  • Is complaining the national past time in Canada? Hippo smile!

  • HD support on psvita , playstation plus support !!!!

  • @6 – Sig1068:

    I guess Canada takes after the US…..our laws are much stricker here and even though we’re your neighbor, we don’t get half the online available in Canada that the US does (you should see our Netflix in comparison with yours…not much on ours). Not only that, but we pay quite a bit more up here than in the US.

    Just joking, but I see many more complaints from the US when other countries get something and the US is not a part of it….so I’d say we are all even in the complaint department.


  • @5 GGCAN

    sry i didnt say the right thing I meant in quebec because they made 2 stores and ours is ridiculous

  • is the music unlimited services available in Canada now? when I click to sign in I get ‘cannot access server’

  • Wrestlemania XXVIII for $5? I wish :)

  • Question: When will we see more episodes of old Nick Rewind shows such as Rocko’s Modern Life (Volumes 1-5 are currently available), i am very much looking forward to seeing Vol. 6. It was such a great show compared to today’s shows where RML had a lot of “hidden” adult content.

  • You know what the PS Blog needs most of all? A copy editor. I see more typos and letter transpositions on this site than any other game blog I’ve read. You’re Sony, a giant multi-national company. Get with the times. It makes the site look completely amateurish.

  • Sony , why Malaysia Psvita Playstation Store still unavailble?

  • why my ps vita can’t enter in music Unlimited? ,my psn account is in united states of america

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