MLB 12 The Show: Fantasy Baseball Predictions

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MLB 12 The Show: Fantasy Baseball Predictions
MLB 12 The Show: Fantasy Baseball Predictions

Sports fans –

It’s that time of year again – the winter frost has thawed and your favorite team is ready to get rolling. With MLB opening day just a week out, it’s time for you to put together your fantasy squad. For those of you looking for advice on which players to target in your fantasy baseball drafts, we simulated the 2012 season using MLB 12 The Show to offer a bit of guidance.

In the AL, there are plenty of guys you can build a team around – Adrian Gonzalez, Evan Longoria, Jose Bautista, Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, and Prince Fielder all come to mind, just to name a few sluggers. For strong pitching, the NL East is a great place to start as the Braves and Phillies will have deep rotations yet again, while the Nationals may be ready to move up to the big time with the one-two punch of Stephen Strasburg and the newly acquired Gio Gonzalez. The NL has their fair share of hitters, too, with Joey Votto, Matt Kemp, and Justin Upton, while Carlos Beltran could be a sleeper in St. Louis, an organization with a track record of rejuvenating player’s careers.

For the rest of our picks courtesy of MLB 12 The Show, check out our latest predictions trailer above. You can also view it on or Operation Sports.

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  • Those are some seriously creepy looking virtual dudes.

  • I like that the banner features an Orioles player when they don’t mention them at all in the video.

  • I like the game but when the update is coming for roster and bugs in the vita and ps3 version cuz piching and hitting is bad in mlb 10-11 u hit the ball good and u het hit doble hr etc but in 12 sometimes i hit contact good and timming you more of the hit a pop up or ground out and de cpu hit early contact not that good alwayd hit a hit doble or hr fix this things its frustrating and times their view are down and the pitch is up they get a hit and pitching u put the ball on the zone where u whant and good release sometimes the ball ends up another area and piches where u whant down they end up in the zone sow hope u can fix those things cuz i haven star a franchises or rtts cuz the hitting and piching are bad and the roster are not update thnx

  • Giants’ rotation ain’t too shabby either…

  • Not one AL East mention. Boo!

  • @ Ralelen…. The first 3 guys they mention are from the AL East. You either didn’t pay attention or you don’t know your baseball at all.

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