Atlus “ReVITAlized” PSP Price Drop Event is Live on PSN

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Atlus “ReVITAlized” PSP Price Drop Event is Live on PSN

Money. It’s like a baby in a burning building or a snail in the middle of a busy sidewalk; pretty much everyone wants to save it.

Since nobody wants to be the jerk that steps on that poor, innocent snail, we (the fine people at Atlus) are dropping prices on our PlayStation Store library of PSP system titles, not unlike the PS Vita’s undocumented ability to drop smaller articles of sub-clothing. We’re calling it…

Atlus PSN PSP price drop

Want to own the complete PSP Persona collection, including Persona 3 Portable, which is tied for the second-best-reviewed PSP game of ALL TIME, according to It is now far more affordable to do so. Also getting a drop in price is the very recent Persona 2: Innocent Sin, a stunning handheld remake of one our company’s most highly anticipated games!

Atlus PSN PSP price drop

Always been a fan of Sting’s series of Dept Heaven RPG and SRPG genre-benders? Perhaps you’ve always been curious to see how Knights in the Nightmare, with its incredibly novel blend of tactical roleplaying and bullet-hell action, looks and plays? Well, for less than half the price of a new console game, you can own every PSP Dept Heaven game we’ve ever released (which should set you up nicely for the upcoming June release of Gungnir for PSP, the next entry in the acclaimed series).

Atlus PSN PSP price drop

Besides the aforementioned two collections, there’s a terrific mix of other RPGs and even an action game—Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble—that are sure to offer something for every type of gamer.

Atlus PSN PSP price drop

Whether you’re a PSP system owner who has watched Atlus RPGs from afar, your eyes glued to your pervy game-watching binoculars but your wallet unable to open itself for the cause… Or perhaps you like to spend your evenings making sexy time with the two nubs on your new PS Vita… Now you can dive into a library of critically acclaimed Atlus PSP games that delivers hundreds of hours of deep, compelling RPG adventures and promises to thoroughly satisfy your hardcore gamer cravings.

Here, let us move that snail out of the way for you. Step freely, friends… Step freely.

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  • Great price drops, Atlus!

    Now to show U.S. Vita owners a little more love…

    (hint: P4G)

  • I wish I could get into the Persona series but I can’t right now. The first Persona for 20 bucks is still too much for me. Oh well, maybe next time something.

  • Great to hear, but is it just me or will some of these not work on Vita yet? I went to go download Hexyz Force from my Vita, and it wouldn’t show up in the PS Store. In fact, I only saw Class of Heroes, Riviera, Persona 2, and maybe one other. I can do it from my PS3, but does this mean they won’t yet work on Vita?

    • We’re looking into why some of the titles aren’t showing up in the PS Store. Our understanding is that they should all work on PS Vita. Some users have reported success by purchasing on another platform, like PS3, and then downloading to their Vitas.

      We’re investigating. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • @3 Hexyz Force has to be download from the PS3 and then transfered to the Vita, i got it yesterday

  • Great job ATLUS! I need me some Persona badly. Not too sure about Persona 1 since its a pretty old game, but from 2 onwards I’m down to play on my Vita. Now bring us Persona 4 Golden and hopefully get the same voice cast! Kanji is a boss.

  • that is totally AWESOME! I love Atlus!
    but.. when are you guys releasing PERSONA series from the PS2 classics? Can you understand the fact I still didnt played Persona 4? How frustating this is??? PLEASE, I really BEG you guys, make that happen! (and why the heck didn’t you did it already?)

  • @4 as long as it does actually work once transferred, that’s all I need to know! Thanks!

  • Second thing, please put Nocturne and other SMT RPGs on PSN PS2 classics. The world needs to play those games.

  • Better then making SMT and others PS2 classics, why not spend some time and make an HD collection? I’m sure a collection of P3:FES/P4:TG and a SMT collection would be greatly enjoyed. I know I’d buy P3/ for the third time and P4 for the second.

  • Congratulations ATLUS, you got it right!
    Now is the time to drop prices on your PSN PSP catalog and get some money out of it, instead of letting it shrivel in a dark corner of the PSN store. Now it’s on the front page and I’ll buy Yggdra Union for 10$.

    Take note publishers, this is how it’s done!

    • It really was shriveled when we found it, huddled in that dark corner. Trembling… Its knees clutched to its chest…

      You should see it now though, jumping around the offices, skipping around to and fro. It’s so merry!

  • Hey, Aram! Sweet discounts. May consider picking one of these up. Any news update on Overblood 2 or even 3?

  • The pricing is not “dirt cheap” for old games. $1-5 = dirt cheap. $10-15 = on sale.

    • Major_Hoare,

      I guess it really depends on how much dirt we’re talking about. I mean, tons and tons of dirt is actually probably kind of expensive.

  • i recommend anyone on here to play hexyz force because thats a pretty good rpg. i bought it at full price when it came out and i dont regret it one, if any of you were on the fence for this game then now its the time with that low price

    • One of the things I always loved about Hexyz Force is the speed of everything.

      Fights are quick, load times are blazing (although that was probably more of a topic of discussion on UMD), and you can fast forward a lot of the cutscenes/dialogue if you’re so inclined.

      Lots of RPGs are a bit on the slow side. Hexyz Force is not one of those RPGs.

  • So this is Temporal drop or permanent price drop? because I’m getting Persona series before Persona 4 Hit Vita on US and some other atlus jRPG.. but not ALL at ONCE…

    And I support the idea of more ATLUS PS2 classics.. may be PS2 Classics compatible with Vita? XD

    • How did you know we were working on a temporal drop?! That’s top secret information! We’ve been researching for years on how to drop our games forward in time so that we can eBay them off later when they’re worth far more.

      Jest aside, yes, the price drops are permanent!

  • Very nice price drops!

    I’d like to see an HD PS3 or Vita release of Digital Devil Saga. Loved those games!

  • Wish IS was $19.99 also, but fine Atlus, take my money. Already have the other two. Just building the collection for my Vita – hoping you guys will localize EP, since it’s been announced in Japan. Looking forward to P4TG as well.

  • Thanks so much ATLUS! I’ve been waiting for a price drop for awhile i just picked up Persona 3 portable and plan on getting more. I really want Hexyz Force but does it work on the PS VITA? i don’t have a psp so i really would love to know thanks!

    • ABRipperXX,

      Hexyz Force should definitely work on your PS Vita. Folks are reporting that it isn’t showing up in the PS Store via the Vita for some reason, but it can be purchased via PS3 and downloaded to Vita. We’re looking into why it isn’t turning up directly!

  • I do have a question. When will the rest of the Persona games (1 and 3) be released on the PSVITA store? I do have a PS3, but I am sure you are aware that some people (one of my friends) does not have a PS3 yet, and is interested in buying your product, but he has a vita and the game he wants is P3P. Why not release all these games to the vita store ? I am sure that if 2 was able to be released on the Vita store, so are the rest. Please reply me back. Thank you

  • I refuse to buy any psp games off the psn until Sony stops pulling games off not only the store, but from out download list (stealing your money). If those Vita hackers end up finding an exploit in these games, you can bet your ass Sony will remove them from the store and you’re download list, just like they did with Motorstorm: Arctic Edge.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I want these games and I love ATLUS, but Sony is really overreacting.

  • @18 They did only pull two games. But to some degree you are right. The content manager is already quite a large wall to get over when it comes breaching the hardware. You can’t even use it if you don’t have the internet (<this needs to be fixed).

    What I find strange, is that I'm pretty sure I saw Persona 1-3 on the Vita store prior to this. Then when I recently checked when this price drop was announced, I can only see Persona 2 through the Vita store.

    Hope things are fixed and more streamlined.


  • oh man….I just bought Persona 3 Portable a few days ago for 40 bucks on the psn store…noooo!!!!!!

    • morningdrive,

      If it’s any consolation, once you really get into it and you’re dozens of hours in, you’re very likely to have forgotten that fact, or at least be ok with it. There’s a reason has it as the second-best PSP game of all time; it’s a heck of an RPG.

      Sorry for that feeling though. I’m a gamer. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there :(

  • Is it a permanent price drop? If not, i have a big choice to make T_T

  • This is incredible! More reVITAlizations please!

  • reVITAlize Phantasy Star Portable 2….. then we’ll talk.

  • Nice, =) at least someone is contributing to the lack of Vita RPG’s in USA. Maybe if we’re lucky all the money you make will convince Sega to let us have PSP2i or make GungHo (Game Arts) let us have Ragnarok Odyssey.

    I swear it’s like RPG Developers don’t want USA customer money.

    I mean really the only thing we have right now is a 99 cent iOS game that is ripping people off for $40.

  • I was speaking in general haha…

    But I guess only the Atlus rep looks at these comments? Anyways, Thanks for the sale. I’ll definitely be picking up some that I don’t already own.

  • Are we going to see these Price Drops in Europe as well? Looking on the store at the moment, the price is still the same.

  • Love ATLUS games, would love it if Sony would make Atlus a first party company. Their library is a strong representation of the playstation gamer.

    Would be nice if some of these psp titles were updated with trophies as well.

  • Wow, I just remember I hasn’t used my Yggdra redeem code that came with Knights in the Nightmare when it came out, heck, I even have the UMD of Yggdra, that’s an awesome game. Thanks ATLUS, one down and 9 more to go. With this discount, I believe they will go down sooner than I expected. And even Growlanser and Gungir this summer. Big thanks ATLUS!!!

  • THis is what I…………..DONT WANT LAME!

  • LET ME fix what i ment to say ………….GOOD IDEA BUT GAMES ARE NOT TO MY LIKING. where are the american games with awsome price drops.

  • As a self-proclaimed “hardcore” JRPG fan (my wife just calls me a nerd), I actually bought the entire Persona line-up on day one of the PSVita’s arrival. Definately, worth the money I paid at the time, even before this price drop.

    Any chance of getting some Atlus based avatars? Prinny is cool… But, he’s no Jack Frost.

  • Hmm, its too bad that it seems when these price drops hit, 2 of the Persona games disappeared from the Vita store… hopefully they return sometimes soon, I’ve been debating paying the 120 for them, and with the price drop, I’m sold

    • Jeske,

      We’re looking into it! We’ve been told people have been able to purchase on their PS3s and then download to their Vitas, so perhaps that will work for you in the interim.

  • Great price drops. Want to play a lot of that stuff on my PS3, though.

  • Wow, you guys sure have dedication to go after whats in my wallet. I didn’t enjoy the PSP so I missed out all these guys. Unfortunately I missed out on all the Person series. I’m enjoying my Vita so far and I think I’ll actually check out the Persona games and Knights in the Nightmare now.

    First Atlus game I played was Catherine which I loved, best game of the year for me. I was looking into Persona 4 Vita Remake, and the Persona Fighting game as well, and now this? It’s just madness, so many good things to experience. Can’t wait to try these out. Would it be recommended that the series be played Persona, P2, then P3. Or they really don’t relate to each other in that kind of way?

    • FullMetalGear,

      Like the Final Fantasy games, they really don’t connect with each other in terms of narrative, although there are plenty of recurring elements, like demons and spell names.

      Some folks say it’s harder to go back and play Persona or Persona 2: Innocent Sin after playing Persona 3 Portable, if only because those two predecessors lack the social sim elements that 3 introduced. Then again, many feel like the stories in 1 and 2 (particularly the latter) are much darker and more in line with the Shin Megami Tensei tradition.

      If you think you’ll just try one title, I’d say 3 is the best choice. If you’re planning on making your way through the entire series, why not start with the original?

  • @Aram, thanks for the informative & amusing replies. I will buy some for my Vita. What would you recommend as an easy place to start, for me who doesn’t understand the complicated mechanics of JRPGs, nor do I want to mash the same button a billion times.

    • lisatsunami,

      I would say that all of the titles have some degree of learning curve, at least as it would pertain to party management or combat strategy, but out of all of them I would suggest Persona 3 Portable as the best fit to a new player. While the game’s battles take place in a random labyrinth that lasts dozens and dozens of levels, the brilliant pacing, which effectively interjects story and social sim sequences, will help motivate you to master any genre components you’re less familiar with.

      If you get into Persona 3 Portable and really like it, you should then work your way backward through the Persona series. As you go back in time, the games become more and more unforgiving and I think you’ll benefit from playing them in that order. Much like the Final Fantasy games, there’s no real linear tie between games, so you won’t be watching a story play out in reverse if you go 3 to 2 to 1.

    • Hexyz Force is a terrific RPG in the classic JRPG vein. It features a great story, sleek visuals, great anime cutscenes, and a pleasantly brisk pace. It’s another one you’re likely to really enjoy! Crimson Gem Saga is also a great RPG for a less hardcore gamer to check out. Its has some of the best 2D spritework on the platform and features some sharply written dialogue. It has strong similarities to the 16-bit RPG classics a lot of folks grew up on.

      Hopefully you enjoy whichever title you choose to try out first!

  • Any chance you guys will put Hammerin’ Hero on PSN? That was a great game.

  • YES! I have wanted to get the Persona series for so long, but after hearing about the PS Vita not being able to run UMDs I decided to wait to buy it digitally and play it on my Vita (as soon as I get it that is). Now I can buy at least two for the price I would have had to pay just for one.

  • @Aram, thanks for the overwhelming answer. I’ll have to read it 3 more times to understand but I think you said Persona 3, so I’ll start there.

    (& geesh, I didn’t think I would be back in English Lit 101 when I asked you, ;-) )

  • Quick question ( that most likely has been asked before). Can these games be played on the ps3 ? I do own a psp as well but I just don’t like playing portable stuff. I also already own persona 3 and 4 actually but I figured this could be a great chance to give them another try. I LOVED persona 4 but some overgrown baby boss angel or sth proved to be too challenging for me.

  • FACT: Everyone should by Kenka Bancho. (a steal at that price!)

    And on a side note, I wish Persona 2 was cheaper. -,- I still can’t justify the price, given how cheap it is in an actual store by comparison. No psp to play it on though, so must wait for the downloadable version to be at a reasonable price. But one day I’ll get it…

    • Bad_Brains,

      Looking at two top retailers for ATLUS titles, has Innocent Sin for $40.50 (through an affiliate) and has it for $39.99. While some fans may be able to find the game for less at a local brick and mortar store, the reality is that the PSN pricing will be, on average, less.

      Moreover, while Persona and Persona 3 Portable have been out for some time now, please keep in mind that Persona 2: Innocent Sin was released on September 20, 2011 (i.e. fairly recently).

      Thanks for the Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble love!

  • There are plans to bring Persona 2 Eternal Punishment to the North America?

  • You guys… Just had to hammer me when I’m broke do you? (Damn the games that just got released!!)
    So, is this an permanent price update or what?

  • アリガト、ジャバリサマ。

  • When I connect to psn on Vita there’s just Persona 2, no Persona 1 or 3 :(
    Does anybody know if Persona 3 will be available (for vita)?

    • The_Dancarnal,

      Persona 3 Portable certainly works on PS Vita; I’ve played it on my own! For some reason, however, some of our titles aren’t appearing in the PS Store when accessed using a PS Vita. We apologize for the inconvenience–we’re looking into it!

      In the interim, if you can purchase the game via another PS Store-friendly platform, like the PS3, you should be able to get it onto your Vita without trouble!

  • A simple tip, if you don’t see one of this games you could just download them on PS3 and then copy them to your vita.

  • Nice price drops, but are there plans for the rest of the world?

    P3P is still ~$59 US on the Australian PSN store.

    (and if you could fix the crazy pricing on catherine whilst you are there…)

    • toddhunter,

      Most of the PAL downloadable releases of ATLUS products are handled by the same great licensing partners who help us deliver physical releases of our games to our fans across the pond. As such, we’re not able to enact changes on that pricing as we’re not actually the publisher on PSN EU.

  • I can understand you have agreements, but also I understand I’m yet to purchase these games because of the pricing. Physical purchase of a PSP game wouldn’t be the best option at the moment, even if retail stores stocked it, and from searching around none of them actually do. This leaves a digital sale, but at triple the price?

    For what it is worth might be something to consider for the future. It is a small world these days and how companies adapt compared to competitors will be important for me at least moving forward.

  • To Aram,
    I always thought these games were interesting but, I never bought one. I have $10 in my account and you’re such a laugh that I’m just gonna jump into one. Perhaps Riviera. So many choices. I’ll play my way up to a Persona game one day soon :)


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