Pulse 3/27 Edition: Closure, Skullgirls, PS Vita Top 10

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Pulse 3/27 Edition: Closure, Skullgirls, PS Vita Top 10

In this edition of Pulse presented by PlayStation Network, host Christina Lee shines the spotlight on Closure – another very cool indie game coming to PSN later today. Check out this hand-drawn mysterious world that uses light as the primary game mechanic. Closure is this week’s featured Spring Fever title in the PlayStation Store (and for more about the game, check out Sid Shuman’s GDC interview here).

Pulse 3/27 Edition: Closure, Skullgirls, PS Vita Top 10

Upcoming 2D fighting game Skullgirls also features impressive hand-drawn art. With eight female characters and three-person teams, this dark deco fighter shows off some impressive moves — of course, Pulse is there for the full story. For PS Vita fans, we lock onto a couple tips with Unit 13‘s multiplayer modes and ask a community question about upcoming mission challenges. Finally, today’s Top 10 is all about PS Vita with the most popular games that you guys are downloading.

Watch this edition right here on PlayStation.Blog. Or, download HD, SD, and PS Vita versions of Pulse from the PlayStation Store after today’s update.

We hope you enjoy this quick look at what’s happening on PSN.

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  • Kevin, can you please ask Christina to add me. please and thank you

  • Thanks for the update…

  • Dont update the store early today please lol i need to get a psn card to buy Final Fantasy Tactics psp for my Vita thanks :)

  • @ 1

    lol u gotta try something more original if u want a sniff of ‘da sweetness dude ;)

    @ Kevin

    thanks for trying last time, but no dice :(

  • oops wrong account lol

  • The community deserves more information on the 7.1 Wireless Headset fiasco.

    It has been 7 weeks since our headsets became something unlovable.

    I used to suggest the headset to my friends, but not after this issue has gone on for this long without anything more than “we’re aware of it”

    This has gone on longer than the outage we approach the 1 year anniversary of but it feels like you haven’t learned anything about communicating with your fans and customers.


  • Skullgirls is coming soon! Day one buy for sure!

  • Ok… Here it goes… I LOVE PULSE & Christina Lee!!! Woot! Woot! :D That movie,The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is one heck of a film. This new adaptation simply… RULES!! Great PSVita updates!! Oh!! & I just can’t wait for The Tester 3 finale!!! Thank you so much SONY!! This is one HOT week! (Like always! Hehe! :P)

  • I’m totally going to avoid I Am Alive. Post Apocalypse is my favorite setting too. What a shame they didn’t put some love into it.

  • can they make the video recording time longer for the ps vita???

  • @6 you’ve been at this for to long. I have the same headset and mine works perfectly. I paid the original price of 69.99 before Sony jacked up the price. Buy another headset or switch brands.

  • I Am Alive finally and Rooney Mara was superb in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  • A LOT of people totally constantly bother Reverge Labs and their people for a release date for Skullgirls, and all that we are told is that it’s in your hands.

    So, any word on the release date of Skullgirls?

  • I agree with guitalex2007. They just keep telling us to ask you. Do you guys know when the release date is? Any word whatsoever? I’d like to have something concrete. :(

  • Dear PlayStation,

    PLEASE release Skullgirls now! I have been DYING to get my hands on it for sometime, and I really, really, REALLY, REEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY want this game oh so uber badly! PLEASE release it soon!

  • Someday, I hope Christina goes on a date with me! Love ya, darlin’ ;)

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