DUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan Fest

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DUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan Fest

I have never played an MMO and yet I’m going to be doing a lot of talking about DUST 514, a major collaboration between CCP Games and PlayStation to bring the first free-to-play console MMOFPS exclusively to PS3. Therefore, I took a trip to Iceland to attend the EVE Online Fanfest and start to get to know this fervent online community that PlayStation fans will soon be joining in New Eden and, of course, get the latest news on DUST 514.

DUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan Fest

Here are some of my learnings, although I’m sure there is one pressing question on your minds before we get into that – when can you play the game? Well, the closed beta is currently underway and Fanfest attendees were told that they would be able to access a more open beta in April, which will open in waves throughout the following months. Rest assured, we’ll be keeping you up to date with opportunities to join in here on PlayStation.Blog.

One Universe. One War

We’ve spoken before about how DUST 514 and EVE Online are ‘linked’ but, actually, that’s putting it lightly. The two games exist on the same single-shard server, they occupy the same universe and economy, and they share social tools such as voice and text chat; it’s more accurate to say that they co-exist, rather than point to one specific point of linkage.

DUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan Fest

At the DUST 514 keynote last week we saw perhaps the most tangible interaction so far, when an EVE Online Player unleashed an Orbital Bombardment from his spaceship, down on to the ground battle happening in DUST 514, all live on-stage. Afterwards, I caught up with DUST 514 Executive Producer Brandon Laurino to learn exactly how that happened. “So what you saw there uses all of the communication tools we’re making available,” he explained. “We were up on stage but, when you’re at home playing DUST 514, you’re going to be communicating via voice and text chat and saying ‘I need some help down here buddy’ to an ally playing EVE Online.”

“Then what you do is use your Cortex, which is kind of like your portable computer, to paint a target on the surface. That target will show up for the EVE Online player to make their way over to, ready their cannons and, if it all goes off successfully, that shot is going to come down from one game on the PC to another on the PS3, all in real time.”

DUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan Fest

PS Vita Companion App

We’ve know for some time that the team at CCP Games is working with PS Vita but, until now, we’ve not known what kind of form that is going to take. At the closing keynote on Sunday, Brandon Laurino took to the stage and revealed the first official details on a PS Vita companion app currently known as ‘DUST 514: Neocom’.

DUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan FestDUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan Fest

“It’s basically a way to stay connected to your game, on the go,” Laurino told us afterwards. “It’s a way for you to have certain features like mail, chat, the marketplace, character fitting and more with you at all times. As we’ve said, this game has a serious amount of depth so it’s useful to be able to sort all of this stuff out on the go so that, when you’re on your couch, you’re straight into the action.

“Above and beyond that, we’ve also got a lot of exciting ideas for how players can also use their PS Vita as a tool to help them when they’re actually in the middle of a battle.”

The Long and Winding Loadout

DUST 514 is an MMOFPS and, therefore, it has a wide array of customisation options and character-levelling opportunities – so many, it was claimed, that it could take players up to seven years to fully level up their characters, and that vehicles are “deeper than most characters in other games.”

To help you on that journey, you will be able to set it up so that your character can accrue skill points passively throughout their existence, so you can be progressing and developing new skills even when you aren’t playing the game.

Back to School

EVE Online fans are some of the most dedicated I have ever seen, but it’s not all aimed at earning profit and taking over galaxies. One group of players has set up the EVE University, which sets out to educate players and maintain an extensive library of wikis.

One group member told me that there are plans to extend the kindness to DUST 514 players, whether you’re looking to learn more about the vast history and politics of the universe, or are finding the aforementioned customisation and levelling systems a little hard to master.

DUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan FestDUST 514: Five Things We Learned At EVE Online Fan Fest

The Future

It’s clear that, when DUST 514 launches fully, it will be the start of a seemingly endless project for the developer. Even at this early stage they offered a glimpse of what they have planned for the future, including giant mechs called MTACs (OPSM even managed to grab a picture); support for eSports and the ability to watch matches in EVE Online and bet on the outcome; and the possibility of extending the action to ‘non-temperate planets’, where fire, gas and other elements may necessitate the use of vehicles.

Perhaps the biggest statement of intent of the weekend was when CCP Games CEO Hilmar Pétursson declared their intent to make the EVE Online / DUST 514 universe the biggest gaming environment in the world. It’s certainly going to be one to watch over the coming years and, perhaps best of all for PS3 owners, it needn’t ever cost you a thing to experience.

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  • dust 514 going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will be epic.

  • Since I first started following Dust 514 many months ago I have believed it could change they way console games are played….forever.

  • Yes, this game seem to be something …. They need to get the word out cause many dont know what Dust is all about. Sony ? CCP games …. get on with the promoting of this game.

  • I hope PS+ users get into the beta first. I am very excited about this game. I am glad that is will be free to play and I will be happy to pay money if the game is fun.

  • I’m so looking forward to the finish product. I’m hoping this game will be as good as it looks.

  • I’m so looking forward to the finished product. I’m hoping this game will be as good as it looks.

  • This game just keeps looking more awesome all the time!

  • Those armors look phenomenal!!! Please add a “3rd person view mode” I want to see my armor XD when I am fighting. Make it optional, so the ones who prefer 1st person view can still do it.


    Keep the great work

  • I’ve been closly following DUST 514 and my excitement grows with every bit of info released. The Vita app sounds cool to be able to fit my soldier on those long drives in from work so that I’m ready to roll is a great idea. I do agree @ Sum-Mischief SONY and CCp need to go on a strong marketing campaign for this one. I also wonder if we’ll be able to choose between the races of New Eden while building our “Immortal Soldiers” Cadari, Minmatar etc.

  • DUST 514 is going to be a legacy for consoles gaming
    can’t wait to start my 7 year career in this game ..

  • This is going to be epic.
    If it had good publicity and a great marketing strategy, this would overtake Call of Duty And Battlefield.
    Seriously, it looks awesome.

  • I currently play DCUO and it is on the PS3 and the MMO has a horrible chat system constantly dropping always losing settings, always disconnecting when loading into an instance what will you guys be doing with your chat system that will avoid all of those instances.

  • @ Heavenly_king Guess you didnt read the article but this “the first free-to-play console MMOFPS exclusively to PS3.” ( not trying to start flare)

    Ive been following DUST since it was Announced on E3 2011

    And thus Far it hasn’t given me a reason to not wanna play the this Game.


  • Really hoping this works out, since Sony/Zipper massively fumbled MAG.

  • The community deserves more information on the 7.1 Wireless Headset fiasco.

    It has been 7 weeks since our headsets became something unlovable.

    I used to suggest the headset to my friends, but not after this issue has gone on for this long without anything more than “we’re aware of it”

    This has gone on longer than the outage we approach the 1 year anniversary of but it feels like you haven’t learned anything about communicating with your fans and customers.


  • CCP Presents, DUST 514 @58:17 and @1:19:44

    DUST Seeding the Universe (pretty interesting Engineering behind DUST 514 integrated with EVE Online)

    Dust Role on the Battlefield:

    DUST 514 Keynote:

  • Can someone please tell me why there are always people asking questions in the comments not related to the post and expecting an answer?


    Oh wait, I just did that too? Oh…. as you were, then.

    But seriously, this looks like more fun than MAG was in it’s heyday. Getting it day 1.

  • Dust 514 looks amazing. I can’t wait to play the beta and the full game. There needs to be a commercial for this game. Show about 30 – 45 seconds of gameplay then at the end it should say, “Download for free, only on PlayStation 3.” That would definitely sell systems.

  • Dust 514 is very innovative indeed this is the 1st ever FPSMMO. I am thrilled to see Sony pushing the originality on there platforms go Sony!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice

  • Please tell me PS+ users get in on the April beta.

  • This game is looking SO awesome. I just hope that it’s a polished experience like all of SONY’s first party offerings. You can expect me on the battlefield come release date. Thank God I have PS PLUS lol

  • Wonder how large the install will be.. I’m guessing 40 plus gigs similar to DCUO..??

  • All over this like corn on the cob.

  • The PS3 comes with a considerable bunch of (great) free-to-play games out of the box, and yet Sony does so little to advertise this. Why?

  • I dnt knw about any1 else but im in like Vin.Wnt 2 get in2 these game hope theres a beta soon.

  • After playing Dust 514 at the FF you are all right, its going to be an awesome awesome game, truly ground breaking in MMO’s linking PC’s and the PS3 in one non sharded universe. We played 24 v 24 team deathmatch, still grinning…

  • I’m gonna play 800 hours! THE FIRST NIGHT! (don’t ask how)

  • Release date? Ish? :P

  • Current Eve Online players should get into the BETA first. I hear the BETA starts in April, is that true?

  • Beta starts in April. Hopefully early April. I have been an EVE player since its beta and was in Iceland for fanfest this year. I had a chance to play the game and was on the team that won the tournament.

    Dust514 will be awesome.

  • I keep making a fool of myself in front of my friends and colleagues getting all excited about the possibilities of this game. That vid from the keynote speech earlier this month where they actually showed the orbital bombardment in real time… words fail me.

    This will be my first MMO of any description. So amped. Such a nerd. :)

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