BioShock Infinite: Meet the Siren

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BioShock Infinite: Meet the Siren

Now that you’ve met the Motorized Patriot, Handyman, and the Boys of Silence, it’s now time to reveal the fourth and final installment of our Heavy Hitter series – and we’re taking the creepy factor up a notch. Imagine taking down a bunch of bad guys, only to realize that you’ve just created fuel for something far more terrifying. Backed into a corner, who gets the next bullet? You’ll be facing this decision in Columbia if you’re unfortunate enough to get discovered by the Siren. Check out the clip below as Ken Levine, Nate Wells, and Shawn Robertson gives you a sneak peek…

BioShock Infinite: Meet the Siren

So what do you think? Are you ready to face the Heavy Hitters? Either way, you’ll find out when BioShock Infinite launches October 16th, 2012

BioShock Infinite: Siren

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  • nice… looks good so far..

  • this is awesome

  • Freakin’ legendary. Can’t wait to play this game!

  • The Boys of Silence and The Siren seem the creepiest so far >.<

  • Superb

  • The community deserves more information on the 7.1 Wireless Headset fiasco.

    It has been 7 weeks since our headsets became something unlovable.

    I used to suggest the headset to my friends, but not after this issue has gone on for this long without anything more than “we’re aware of it”

    This has gone on longer than the outage we approach the 1 year anniversary of but it feels like you haven’t learned anything about communicating with your fans and customers.


  • @6
    Hey man.
    Noticed you spamming all the comments with that issue over and over again.
    What exactly is wrong with the head set? I’ve been using mine ALL the time. Uncharted 3 MP, Metal gear Solid HD, AC:Revelations, Journey. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. Not trying to be a jerk or anything. I just really wanna know whats up cause I haven’t noticed anything on my end.

  • OH!
    Sorry to get off topic there Irrational Games!!! Didn’t mean to be disrespectful.

    I am VERY excited for Bioshock:Infinite. Its becoming pretty dang hard ignoring posts/videos on this game. I wanna go in on this blindly and not knowing anything because after watching some of the gameplay videos I can tell that I have one hell of an awesome action-adventure-narrative waiting for me come this October.
    Just want to tell ya that I’m anxiously awaiting your title come years end. Keep up the good work :D

  • I wish i had 10 thumbs on my hands to give you guys n gals at irrational 10 thumbs up… but ill still give you folks the only 2 I do have lol… If you take big toes as a substitute then those are way up to lol… This 3rd installment looks AMAZING… I can not wait for its release soooo stocked for it… You guys rock keep up the amazing games you create. and at @6 why keep spamming on every post? My 7.1 headset works just fine. I keep seeing ppl complain about it but I tested out my headset with the 45 games i own and it works just fine. Maybe you got yourself a faulty headset???

  • Already pre-ordered. This is going to be one of the best games of 2012 I do believe.

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