LittleBigPlanet Karting is Coming to PS3!

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LittleBigPlanet Karting is Coming to PS3!

Earlier this year, we cut some cake and popped some champagne to celebrate Media Molecule’s sixth birthday! We’ve had an awesome time during the last six years, seeing how the experiment we started here in Guildford has grown, giving rise to a thriving LittleBigPlanet community. This year will be no different, filled with DLC, plus new experiments from the LBP family for you to play with.

You already know about the fantastic LBP work that Tarsier Studios and Double Eleven Studios are doing on LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita, and now we are delighted to announce today a new LBP collaboration with the hugely talented team at United Front Games who will be leading a new project called LittleBigPlanet Karting! We’ve all seen that UFG has a wealth of racing experience and they’re also intimately familiar with LBP’s cornerstones of “Play, Create, Share.” With LBP’s powerful and diverse toolset in their capable hands, LittleBigPlanet Karting is sure to be an adventure that both LBP fans and kart-racing fans alike will enjoy! We are eager to see what you think of this union and especially excited to see what happens now that you can create in a 3D environment — it’s the start of a whole new LBP world! Have a look at the debut trailer to see for yourself.

LittleBigPlanet! Lots of love!

LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

James Grieve, Sr. Producer, United Front Games

Thank you to everyone at Media Molecule, we greatly appreciate the warm welcome into the LittleBigPlanet family. The team here at United Front Games has long been huge fans of LBP and all of the exceptional work done by everyone at Mm. Sackboy has become one of the iconic gaming characters of this generation and to have the opportunity to make a LittleBigPlanet game ourselves is truly an honor.

It has been a joy to collaborate with all of the folks at Mm. Since the project’s inception, they have been great partners in getting to where we are today. Looking ahead, we can’t wait for all of the LBP fans out there to get their hands on LittleBigPlanet Karting. The LBP community is unparalleled in the gaming world for the passion and creativity they bring and it’s going to be exciting to see where they’re able to take this new journey for Sackboy.

LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

Our goal with LBP Karting has been fairly simple – provide a fast-paced experience that captures the best of classic karting gameplay, married with the unbridled creativity of LBP. This new adventure will be accessible to players of all ages and have all of the variety necessary to satisfy both the hardcore and more casual players.

This is an LBP game, so we could never talk about it without mentioning the Create tools. LBP Karting is set in an entirely 3D world that will enable players to create rich and varied gameplay experiences. Tons of familiar LBP gadgets will be present, along with a new toolbox specifically tailored to allow for building in LBP Karting’s 3D world. Along with fan-favorite racing and battle modes, players will be able to modify the rules of the game itself to create completely new modes and challenges. All of this is wrapped up in a community experience that should have LBP fans feeling right at home.

Well, that’s all for now, but we’re looking forward to sharing more news on this exciting new game in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more info and get ready for the new world of LittleBigPlanet Karting in 2012!


LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

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  • This is cool and all but…….

    I’m not sure how I feel about this move when ModNation Racers (with pretty much the same concepts) is kind of the PS brand’s Kart racing game already. Not only that, they are both developed by United Front Games. I just feel it’s a little strange.

    Cool and all, but a strange move.

    I’ll still be looking forward to it though because I love kart racing games, love LBP, and love MNR.

  • SO I suppose this also means the end of ModNation?

  • awsome cant wait….two ?’s Can you use DLC Costumes you,ve gotten for other LBP’s and Will it make it to the vita Maybe……?????either way im buying though

    • Hey ArsenaLC, glad to hear you’re excited! We’re currently investigating what’s possible on the DLC costume front and will have an update in the future on this. As for the Vita, currently there are no plans to release a Vita version of this game.

  • You should of never come out with MNR.. just this. either way. i love it!

  • Please, please, please address the load times so this won’t be like in ModNation Racers and I will pick this one up immediately! Such good kart racing games ruined by the atrocious load times.

    The trailer looks amazing but unless the load times are better than ModNation Racers I can’t really see myself picking this up. :/

    • Hi iriihutoR48, the team here hears you load and clear on the importance of load times. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get your hands on LBPK :)

  • Very interesting. It almost looks like a sequel to ModNation, except set in the LBP universe! And I’m extremely curious to see how bounce pads and grappling hooks play out in a kart racer. Looks great so far!

    • Hi Blade133, thanks for the compliment! I hope you’ll find that bounce pads and grapple are an awesome addition to a Karting game. The team here has been having a great time with them :)

  • ModNation Racers is one of the BEST kart racers ever made !!!!!

    i really seriously hope that the MNR creations can be transfered over since UFG is helping make LBP Karting

    • Hey Shrapnel__, thanks for the MNR love, it’s much appreciated :)

      We’ve crammed so much new functionality into LBPK that bringing creations forward from MNR unfortunately won’t be possible. We can’t wait to see what the community will create with all the new tools available!

  • First day purchase! Will we also see this on the Vita? With cross play possibly?

  • @1 Agreed, this does seem a little odd. It might be simply a matter of combining two IPs due to one having much more penetration in the market than the other, and therefore being more recognized. Whats more peculiar, at least to me, is that this appears to be something that could be a full blown expansion pack (but separate from, due to tracks being quite different from side scrolling levels) to LBP2.

    Oh well, not my cup of tea, but somebody else’s.


    Okami remake for PSV!!!

  • Modnation Racers is dead. That is very sad. Many people would have loved a new MNR but this looks promising.

    Just make sure the load times are short that is what hurt MNR.

  • Like some of you have speculated… I hope this doesn’t mean the death of ModNation Racers. I am very excited to see this title and when it was rumored I thought Mm would be handling it. Now that I know UFG is in charge it make me wonder about the future of MNR.

    Either way, still happy to see that this title coming through. Kart racers are always welcome in my book.

  • Colour me veeeerry interested. I always thought it odd that MNR wasn’t LBPK back when it first came out. MNR was the best Karting game I’ve played so I’m very glad to see thee same guys are behind this!

  • Looks really fun! I think I’ll be picking this one up. It’s been a while since I’ve played a racing game and one with LBP’s creativity should be extra entertaining. :D

  • AWESOME. This look so sweet. I hope it controls great. I like the concept. This is looking like the ps3 will have another banner year. Great Great stuff. Lets go PS3.

  • So we take Mod Nation Racers, slap LittleBigPlanet on the cover and resell. AWESOME!


  • So.. it’s finally announced. This should have been in place of Modnation from the get go.. I’m not quite sure how people will take this (if at all) after Modnation. I do believe a higher level of interest would have been in the announcement of that rumored super smash bros like game.

  • this looks great cant wait!!

  • WOW. After watching the trailer I’m impressed. You guys seriously are trying to NOT make this a Modnation clone. Just be sure to make everyone else aware of that. It looks great! I’m just happy it’s being developed by a team that knows how to eliminate load times * wink wink*.

  • so. loading times is the thing that will make or break it for me (and Frames pr second..)

    • Hey Rytteren, the team at UFG has been hard at work on our engine to address both of the concerns you call out here. I think you will like the results!

  • Oh, and two questions.. is there a Vita version, and is there 3D support?

  • I didn’t care for Modnation Racers. The character style/cutscenes felt very childish in a useless, not worth your time kind of way. LBP does it just right, so I got high hopes for this.

  • Retail or PSN Download?

    • Hey Undrey, just wanted to give you some details on this. LBPK will be a full-scale on-disc title. With all of the new content that has gone in and the new engine that is powering the fully 3d environments in the game, this title would only have been possible on disc.

  • Wish they would have just did this to begin with, since now ModNation Racers future seems grim.

    Don’t see a point of having two franchises in the Kart Racing genre. Would be like having another racing sim almost identical in every way developed to GT by Polyphony or another Wipeout type racer developed by Studio Liverpool with ducks or something. :/

    I had always been disappointed when MNR arrived and wished it was Sackboy driving instead, but now it’s a bit late to just toss him in the kart racing ring… but whatever.

    I’ll be buying this bad boy because it looks awesome, but yeah. You should probably address the ModNation Racers community soon.

  • Also have to agree with people bringing up load times. Even the Vita version has that problem.

  • Le roi est mort, vive le Sackboy!!

    I hope this means we can create entirely new game types and vehicles to pilot e.g. flying vehicles, aquatic, Wipeout hovercrafts, Speed Racer type tracks etc. That’s something I’ve wanted to see in MNR but they never got around to it.

    • Hey SKeRJ, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can do with the creation tools in LBPK :)

  • Oops, read the full story, yay player created modes.

  • It reminds me of Mario Kart. Having a game as fun as Mario Kart (with more content) on the PS3 would definitively be something I would be interested in.

  • Needs some details yo:

    Retail or PSN?
    Personally, I think it would be nice if it were just one giant add-on OR PSN download, probably not possible or too hard to implement, I just think it’d be nice if we could play LBP1 or 2, and search for levels from there aswell, instead of having to switch discs all the time.

    Also, costume compatibility?
    It seems to show some costumes from LBP2 in the trailer, but I can’t note any LBP1 references. So which is it Mm/UFG?? :( I’d like to know if all that money spent on costumes will be worth something in this game too.

  • ModNation is good, but it was riddled with technical issues at launch which, I think, hurt it from the outset. Hopefully this new game will be a more polished experience out of the gate.

    Unfortunately, PS3 fans have been getting burned lately on sub-par versions of cross-platform experiences (Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 recently), so it is imperative that the first-party exclusives are home-runs at launch. Otherwise, what are we doing hanging on to these PS3s??

  • Any plans for a VITA version?

  • This looks great BUT can you PLEASE JUST REVEAL a solid RELEASE DATE for LittleBigPlanet Vita BEFORE moving on to the next project!!! Just tell us… will it be April… May… June… PLEASE NOT as far off as “HOLIDAY SEASON 2012!”

  • It’s nice to see United Front Games involved again – Sony let MNR fall apart after UFG was no longer involved…

  • Please, please, PLEASE make the awful loading times go away in this version of your engine–this single issue is the reason I won’t buy “Modnation Racers – Road Trip” on the Vita.

  • Also, why in the world isn’t there a Vita version of this being announced? Seems like a no-brainer to me, especially for cross-platform play.

  • This looks really nice but I’m concern.

    How do you plan on marketing this game with ModNation already on the market? Even if this game is very good, people who are interested in this kind of thing already have that game, and people who don’t might not be interested at all in the first place, even if this game looks more customizable.

    I think this is very important to think about, and you guys really have to be prepared that many people will call this a cashgrab.

  • @33 UFG had nothing to do with Road Trip or the PSP version of MNR – that was San Diego Studios…

  • Now we’ll never get that Uncharted Kart racer.

  • I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on this. I used to be a huge Mario Kart fan and always considered Modnation Racers to be the spiritual successor of Mario Kart. Instead of having to wait years for a new installment with new tracks and new characters, Modnation let you create them whenever you wanted them. Combined with the ability to play your own music during races and a ton of editing DLC, Modnation still remains heavily played at my house since release day.
    I’m both pleased and concerned that UFG is helming this project. Pleased in that UFG provided me with a kart racing game that I believe easily surpassed the Mario Kart series, but also concerned in what is going to happen with the Modnation brand now. Is it being phased out and rebranded into Little Big Planet Karting? Is it finished? Or will it continue on as its own franchise?

  • this looks nice, but you guys at Media Molecule are actually working on a new IP, right?

  • Will there be any interconnectivity with Little Big Planet and/or Little Big Planet 2?

  • I really recommend allowing the MP component of LBP Karting to be bought as a separate download on PSN or better still included as a download code in the box, similar to how it was done for Killzone 3 recently. If people can conveniently access the MP from the HDD there is more incentive to play it. People tend to remove the disc when another game comes along and then the game gets left on the shelf.

    Will this game be coming out soon? If it’s released in the holiday rush I think it will get overshadowed by bigger releases. A summer release would be good.

  • This is seriously an exciting development. ModNation Racers was great, but you could tell when they started working on Road Trip because nothing else was being developed for the original game and it just rested on its laurels. Only two career expansions, too.

    ModNation Racers seriously needs the competition, and if this game is great, too, it’s total win.

    Just please don’t put any ponytails in the game, because all everyone ever did in ModNation Racers was put ponytails pretending to be horns all over their mods and it got so old, so fast. Except to the guys that were picking Mod of the Week – they ate that stuff up, even a year after that garbage was old noob stuff to everyone else.

  • Awesomeness + Fun =Little Big Planet, & now with some crazy wheels can’t wait to get my hands on it :D….. , but I just feel bad ModNation..

  • Will our LBP costumes transfer into this???

  • Seems like a lot of concerns for 2 kart racing games on the ps3. Well , I don’t think it will be a problem. some of us love MNR and some of us hate it. Me, I say 2 kart games is perfect. Whats wrong with owning 2 similar games ?Uncharted and Tomb Raider does it ? MW & BATTLEFIELD does it ? Killzone & Resistance also. we have COLIN MR, NEED FOR SPEED, GRAN TURISMO, BLUR, BURNOUT PARADISE, SPLIT SECOND all being played still to this day, and all doing well on the sales chart ( Well maybe not Blur, which is a great game btw). If the game is well made, I say pick it up and support it. Keep on Gaming.

  • This game looks beautiful! I can only imagine the hours of fun I’ll be having, much like I’ve had with LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2. Good luck on this project, I hope this proves to be beyond successful.

  • So now there will be competition between mod nation and Little Big planet racing? I like the battle mode that was always one of my favorites in kart racing. Lets hope this brings more things to the table than mod nation can and I am sure to buy.

  • WOW. If they somehow make (most) DLC compatible across ALL LBP GAMES, I could see really good marketing potential for GREAT BUNDLES in the PS3’s final years. I imagine this game would -eventually- come bundled along LittleBigPlanet2 Game of the Year edition attached to a PS3 for $175 or so, it would give the PS3 a great push in its “final lap”.

  • WOW!!! This Game Looks amazing I really hope you guys release this during the summer holidays

  • I know for how far down in Dev you guys are, it would be some serious work to do a Vita game for Launch, BUT please, after what happened with ModNation Racers: Road Trip, we need a Kart racer for Vita (I’m a owner of MNRRT) I’m a big ModNation Fan But this kinda blows ModNation out the water

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