The Making of Kara: Behind the Scenes of Quantic Dream’s PS3 Tech Demo

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The Making of Kara: Behind the Scenes of Quantic Dream’s PS3 Tech Demo
The Making of Kara: Behind the Scenes of Quantic Dream’s PS3 Tech Demo

The creators of Heavy Rain didn’t come empty handed to this year’s Game Developers Conference. The celebrated studio debuted a powerful new video called “Kara” to show off their new animation and performance-capture technology. If you’ve seen Kara, then you know that the results speak for themselves. Rendered in real time on PS3 hardware, Kara chronicled the activation of a self-aware synthetic organism, but this making-of feature is impressive in its own right as it shows how Quantic Dream assembled several different performances to create a seamless, believable virtual character. The future is now, you guys.

Once you’ve watched the video feature, let us know what you think in the comments! And as a reminder: Kara is absolutely, positively not Quantic Dream’s next game.

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  • DOPE cant wait to see what this tech has to offer!
    i think im 1st to comment on this

  • BTW dave got good taste in women… JUST SAYIN

  • makes me think, ghost in the shell… really good tech, i want to see more.

  • Just another reason PS3 PWNS Xbox.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing what their next game is going to be.

  • I was in awe at Kara, Quantic Dream’s new tech is amazing and I’m very excited to see what they do next. It’s been studios like this that create great gaming experiences that have made me a Playstation faithful fan for over 15 years.

  • They need to make this into a game. There is literally thousands of possibilities they could use this for and I could write 5 different story’s right now about how this could play out into a game. But I am also interested since this was only version one of their new engine. So whatever their next game is going to be I bet it will be great.

  • Quantic Dream kicks ass. Can’t wait to buy their next game

  • Kara was easily one of the coolest tech demo’s ever and this behind the scenes peek was very cool. Cannot wait to see where they go from here. Hopefully that actress get’s herself a part in it.

  • every game you guys do is just breath taking! can’t wait for the next one!
    only sony can give you this!

  • Will both the behind the scenes and actual trailer be on PSN? Can’t wait to see what Quantic Dream’s next game will be!

    • Don’t know about going to PSN, but it’s a good question — I’ll ask internally, try to get the wheels turning.

  • Mo cap is evolving into an unparalleled blend of art & science. This display of genius is enough to convince me to buy their game that I’ve dismissed as a game about squatting in the rain & turning door knobs.

  • Heavy Rain is an experience more than a game even. I cannot wait to see what they make next! They are bringing true acting to video games and I applaud them for it.

    Gonna go play some Heavy Rain and be astounded as always.

  • Can’t wait, ever since I played Indigo Prophecy I made it a point to buy Quantic Dream games on the day of release.

    Looking forward to the next emotional gaming ride they take us on.

  • I really want to play Heavy Rain again now. It’s been nearly 2 years since I played it, so now that I don’t remember specifics, it would be fun.

  • You guys should really look into releasing Indigo Prophecy as a PS2 Classic. When my original PS3 crapped on me, I lost the option to play PS2 games. I really want this game, and I like my collection to be playable in one platform. I’m sure there are more people out there who would love to play this as well.

  • Awesome, Love the Kara tech demo. I’m curious as to why we are just seeing it now though if it was done and finished with over a year ago though, Any comments on that?

  • “And as a reminder: Kara is absolutely, positively not Quantic Dream’s next game. ”

    And THAT is THE only bad thing about Kara – I don’t care if you have to double QD team capacity, but Kara needs to be made into a full game!!

    The visuals in the tech demo isn’t what I was most impressed with, it’s the story and character(s) that has such awesome potential!!

  • Ender_Bean: you can get Indigo Prophecy for PC, and it’s clearly the superior version anyway, get it!

  • This is already over a year old, can’t wait to see what their present engine looks like.

    And at first I thought the same actress had done all 3 of the different languages: German, French and the Japanese song, would’ve been even more impressive.

  • @17 My bet is that they’re gearing up to show something at E3. They released the video now to start the hype train as opposed to releasing it too early. Then I expect their game to come out around March next year.

  • Curious to know why they unveiled Kara in March 2012 when it was up and running in February 2011. Maybe they didn’t have everything edited in time for GDC 2011 and they were worried about getting lost in the shuffle of E3?

  • Since this was shown as a real-time demo running on the PS3, I don’t suppose there is any way that Quantic Dream could release this real-time demo to us PS3 owners via the PS Store? =D

    It be cool if we could even mess around with options and settings while it was running, kind of like the demo released of Killzone 2 back in 2009!

  • I really think that this should be packaged up and released on the PSN … oh wait .. name changed … well the playstation store … I would love to see this running in real time on my own PS3 to show to my friends and family

  • What @18 says.

    I never post, but this is a special reason. KARA must be made into something other than a Tech Demo. I’ll still get Quantic Dream next game, no matter what it is.

  • Agreed with with #18 Says. While the graphics are really top-notch. Kara’s performance is what really shines. I like this character so much! QD, you gotta make a game with her!

  • Just a beautiful display of creativity, I commend everyone involved.

  • Oh lawd, that poor girl gunna git some love lettas.

  • If this Tech Demo is ONE YEAR OLD… then We could see the actual gameplay of anything that they are working on , on the next E3?! or at least this Year… this will be a GREAT E3… a lot of Vita games and the best of PS3 showing up!

  • Quantic dream are debatabley the best developers in the world right now, They are more daring than naughty dog and far more original than bioware.. they are changing the way we think about games for sure. Please make sure their new game is in the limelight at E3 2012 on the sony stage, the world needs too see what they are doing next. my mate just bought a PS3 this week to play heavy rain. they give PS3 a true edge over xbox.

  • It’s out of media molecule & quantic dream i’d say for best devs on ps3 right now, naughty dog got the potencial in last of us but uncharted 3’s story was so bad, i dunno if they can write something that isnt cheesey.

  • I bought heavy rain again just to remember the old times :)… nice tech btw can’t wait to see Quantic Dream next project !!!!!

  • OMFG!!! This is marvelous work!! I can’t get enough!! So… What’s that new PS3 engine… Huh? Huh? ^_^

  • I agree that “Kara” should be on the PSN (the tech demo). Also, might as well put this behind the scenes on the store as well.

  • nice

  • Any chance of putting a 1080p video of the Tech Demo on PSN? I want to show people it in HD;)

  • I do think Quantic Dream should make this in to a game. The acting and performance is incredible,this could be a very interesting story.

    This tech demo is one year old, also using version one engine which has now progressed to version 3.
    I would love to see a version 3 engine of Kara.

    I really do think Ouantic Dream could have something special here.

    Oh yeah could you ask sony to put the tech demo and making of on playstation store for both europe and the us,
    that way I can show my family and friends on a nice big HD TV.


  • >>>watching Kara Trailer on you tube…………thud…(jaw hits floor)…followed by mind being blown away.. see man sitting, staring at computer screen with this joyful look on his face. finally a peaceful easy feeling

  • I am wainting for the announcement of Kara for ps3 at E3 2012 ,and I don’t want to hear anything else, Sony

  • Please get both of the Kara videos onto PSN with 1080p and maximum audio quality! :)

    As awesome as this is, I would have rather played another Heavy Rain Chronicle, specifically ones involving Norman Jayden. I do hope he gets his own game, however short, eventually. Forcing that team to implement Move controls when the DualShock motion control was already so great was a big mistake on Sony’s part, IMO. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love my Move and have many games!)

    And here’s another vote for Indigo Prophecy HD on PSN! The game was amazing on Xbox1, really innovative use of multiple camera angles like film thrillers from the 1960’s (Boston Strangler comes to mind). The PS2 version was really inferior, though, so I hope a real HD port comes along (like Rayman 3 or Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath!) and *not* a PS2 “classic”.

    I’m interested to hear technical details of modifications they’ve to overcome some of the memory bandwidth and SPU issues since Heavy Rain. Did they leverage any of Naughty Dog’s tech?

  • ive got my ps vita its awsome ty sony i hope to get more free stuff
    for ps vita from ps3 store.

  • To whomever is in charge, whomever can forward information or for Quantic Dream if they are reading;


    I never post on the blog (You’ll see why. *Hint* TL; DR) , but I feel Kara has the potential to be something great here. Like Journey, I developed genuine emotions watching Kara, felt for the character and the subject matter.

    Kara could definitely be a fascinating opportunity to deliver a solid story exploring the human condition. Last I checked, nothing this gen has really touched upon that, or at least hasn’t done so well enough for me to pay attention to.

    I know it would be tricky to deliver a story like that since it would involve the good and nasty side of society, thus, only being able to reach a certain age bracket/demographic. However, with what Quantic Dream has done here with a mere 7 minutes, shows that it CAN be done with the right group of people and talent.

    Again please, for myself, everyone that is also asking for a Kara game and the sake of saving at the very least one kid from the destructive mind-numbing crap games like COD; CONSIDER KARA AS YOUR NEXT PROJECT!

  • Also they made a splendid choice picking Valorie Curry. She has large beautiful eyes. Very easy to tell emotion once imposed onto the character. Like Quantic Dreams, she has great talent. It would be a shame to never see her again unless……A KARA GAME IS MADE! :)

  • @Sid Shuman: I beg you, can u please find out, what the title of the music is they used in the kara trailer and the making of? I felt in love with it, but it is nowhere to be found :/ I fear it’s produced internally, but then maybe it can be released on the PSN (I would even pay for it) ?

  • Hmmm…. I Do Not Knooow… I Mean “Kara” Looks Like Hilary Clinton And Natalie Portman Combined Into One Cyborg. Think Of All The Mood Swings That KARA Must Be Going Through. And If KARA Has An “ErrDOS Number”…OH OH… You Know What I Mean?

  • THAT’S IT!!! You Can Call The New Game About The Twisted Cyborg “KARA” And Her Mood Swings “The ErrDOS Number”…. MayBe EVEN A MOVIE About The ParaDoxes Of Duality InCorporated Into The Mechanized Mind Of A Cybernetic Being!! Oooh… “THE ErrDOS NUMBER”…..

  • Sid, she made me cry! All 6 times I say it.

  • They should try making a game instead of just messing around with tech. It looks to me like they’ve been doing nothing these last two years.

  • I never thought I would be emotionally attached to robot just within 3 or 4 minutes, shows how amazing Quantic Dream is

  • Wow, I didn’t think so much graphical capability could come out of a box smaller and cheaper than my desktop computer.

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