Starhawk Brings Back Splitscreen Head-to-Head and Co-op Multiplayer

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Starhawk Brings Back Splitscreen Head-to-Head and Co-op Multiplayer

Ahoy there Starhawk fans! As most Warhawk players know, there’s nothing quite like “couch gaming!” That is to say, playing video games on the same TV with a friend. Lots of games have it: Games like Dance Today, Dance Forever, Dance 2 Dance, Dance Dancy Dance, or even Dance Your Self Esteem Away. Dancing is fine and all, but there’s nothing that can quite replace the thrill of fragging the buddy sitting next to you – especially if he’s being a lame hillbilly (deep, deep love of shotguns).

Starhawk Emmett

In Warhawk, you could play with some friends in the same room and have a proper night of gaming: Face to face and frag to frag while sharing nachos, smack talk, and profanity. Good times! So we’re happy to let you know that Starhawk has the exact same feature! OK…not the EXACT same feature. We’ve spent some time making it better, we think.

Two-Player Split Screen:
Yes, we’ve got splitscreen play. You can play with another friend on the same PS3 on the same TV. We are very aware that some of you wanted four-player splitscreen like Warhawk. We thought about it a lot and decided not to go this route; based on our data, not enough people ever used four-player splitscreen in Warhawk so we concentrated our efforts in other areas, such as making two-player just plain better. For the people that played four-player splitscreen…we’re sorry about that. For everyone else, we think you’ll like the aspect ratio change and the bigger radar map.

Starhawk Co Op

Starhawk Co OpStarhawk Co Op

Dual Log-In: Yes, two players can sign into on one PS3. You can sign in using your PSN ID on the same machine and retain the XP you earn at your friend’s house. And you can still take that hard-earned XP home with you and apply it to your character there. Although, if you’re Player Two, you can’t earn Trophies or character customizations (outfits, paint jobs, decals) as these are saved directly to the PS3. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than Warhawk where Player Two couldn’t level up at all. You can play Co-op off-line as well, but no stats get recorded.

You can always go online by yourself and play with (and against) 31 other players if you’re not into couch gaming. Either way, Starhawk will give you plenty of choices and it’s up to you how you want to take advantage of them. So get your urban dictionary skillz on: It’s Fraggin’ Time.

Starhawk Vehicle CombatStarhawk Emmett

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  • Does Co-Op just mean multiplayer Co-Op or is there story Co-Op too?


  • I’m also interested to know if co-op applies to single player as well!!!

  • I have been so excited for this game even more now that I can even game out with some buddies most of my FPS force them to be a guest so this is a greatly appreciated feature!!

    Can’t wait for release!

  • Thank you very much light box!
    While I will miss 4 player split-screen (which I used very often), I’m glad to see that you guys didn’t ditch split screen all together. Couch buddy gaming is something that is dying these days and really needs to come back! I once again really appreciate you guys fighting the good fight! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the beta, but I’m sure that I’ll enjoy the full game that much more with my roommate playing right next to me.

  • Awesome!
    Me and my friends play 4 player split screen in Warhawk quite a bit. We used to play it a lot, so it’s kinda disappointing that it’s not in Starhawk. But hey, nothing stopping us from playing Warhawk if we want 4-player just cause Starhawk is out. >.> That game is still awesome. It’s amazing how many people are still playing it.

  • Adding multiple log ins and couch co-op sounds great. Thanks.

  • Nothing against Starhawk as I love the game. But PLLLEEEEAAASSSE include a option in split screen to just have it cut down vertically the middle of the screen.

    Ever sense I played this type of “split screen” on Capcoms shooters I have abhorred it and completely avoid playing split screen on their shooters. I’m not alone here as my friends hate it to.

    Please just at least give a non default option or something to have the good Vertical down the middle option as it is perfect on 16/9.

  • When are you guys gonna talk about single player. cause it makes me wonder if single player will be just some unreal tournament crap or will it be an actual storyline.

  • To everyone asking about a co-op campaign, Lightbox has previously said that the campaign is single player. The co-op they are referring to is a special co-op survival mode. I like how the screen is split with the radar being in the corner. That is much better than having empty space.

  • Would have been nice to see continued support for the PlayStation 3D Display on this huge PlayStation title with the ability to support Simul-view for two player split screen. Kind of regretting buying the 3D Display because hardly any games support that feature. The 3D is nice but I could have gotten a TV twice the size If i wanted just 3D. Come On Sony developers support this feature more.

  • Tell me there’s a Co-Op campaign!

  • How about other Warhawk-related material, like multiplayer Eucadian and Chernovan character skins for the rifters?

    The game looks great! I wonder what other stuff will be mentioned in April?

  • Multiple logins really needs to be a mandatory thing in EVERY game with local multiplayer/co op.

    @axeblade07 is right, We need more Simulview titles, and I’m getting pretty irritated that there haven’t been more.
    I’d at least appreciate some news on upcoming titles that WILL support it. 3 games isn’t really enough.

  • I loved splitscreen in Warhawk, especially playing from a projector! I’d say that this still works out well for, say, setting up a LAN party- just get two TVs, two PS3s, and two copies of Starhawk!

    I think I’d take stat tracking over 4-player splitscreen; it’s a tough loss, but bearable. ;)

  • “And you can still take that hard-earned XP home with you and apply it to your character there. Although, if you’re Player Two, you can’t earn Trophies or character customizations (outfits, paint jobs, decals) as these are saved directly to the PS3. ”

    Pfff…. LBP2 can do this!

    If the Player Two log in the game with his “User” (on the PS3 of Player One), the Player Two can save directly on his profile, overwriting his personal save.

    When the Player Two start the game with his “User”/Account, he will have ALL the “offline” progress and the trophies will “pop-up”!!!

    Learn from Media Molecule… hoping for a patch.

  • Damn………. Need some friends………. That aren’t the otherside of the country. LOL

    Most interesting part was being about to rank up another console. That was quite annoying on WH but all that is about to change.

    Question is how does that work? do I literally just type in the PSNID or do I have to sign in as I would PSN (ala with my email address and password) otherwise couldn’t someone just use my PSNID and be a complete arse with it?

  • @shika1983
    I think you need to have your password as well.
    Not sure about email address.

  • I’m still a bit confused.

    In Warhawk, you could have 4-players playing splitscreen — while all being only against other players from around the world.

    In Starhawk, does the 2-player split-screen feature include online play against other players?

  • Just amazing!!! Already pre-ordered

  • Great news! Day 1 for sure.

  • Horizontal split gives me motion sickness sometimes.

    I hope we can choose horizontal or vertical split because of this.

    Options are our friends!

  • “For the people that played four-player splitscreen…we’re sorry about that” well I’m sorry I won’t be getting Starhawk then since I am one of the “not enough” people that played on 3-4 players split-screen almost exclusively

  • Even more interested in picking this up, but I would be far more interested in the Singleplayer than the Multiplayer and seems like the focus on this game doesn’t match what I am looking for.

  • I only played Warhawk split screen with no less than 3 people so i guess i’ll be skipping starhawk… It’s a shame I was really looking forward to another game to play in a group.

  • I’m still waiting for Warhawk 2.

  • It would be awesome if there was party/private chat in game, the way how twisted metal has it at the moment.

  • I like that Split Screen… With a 32″ TV or more You don’t lose ANYTHINg.. this should be Rule for Future TPS Split coop… great game… i’m gonna spend this week on the Beta… i don’t like betas early… one week is enough to decide if buying or not…

  • Although I will probably still be picking it up I am thoroughly disappointed with the exclusion of 4 player online splitscreen

  • 4 player would have been awesome! But I’m satisfied with 2 player. You guys are sad to not buy such a great game just because you cant play with 2 more people. Here’s an idea. You could alternate between 4 guys so you can all have fun. But of course that to much to ask. Anyway, keep up the great work LBI! I hope to see more promising content in the near future. I cant wait until May 8th!

  • now is double the awesomeness!!

  • Sounds great!

  • Probably never going to use this, but I can see it being pretty fun for those who do. And dual log-in, nice, will this be the first PS3 game to do this?

  • lol That first paragraph cracked me up. Starhawk needs a dance mini game included by the way. My mom would LOVE that.

  • Epic. . . I Must Say. . .

  • I’m extremely disappointed by lack of 4-player splitscreen to the degree that I will not even buy or support this title. While dual logging in is a nice and rare feature for the PS3, what made Warhawk unique and awesome back in early PS3 days is the four player splitscreen. It’s a technical achievement to this day as well as so much fun to play. Not only that, but you could actually have 3 couch buddies simultaneously log-in for online play while at home. Those sessions were so much fun to play and was the sole reason why we continued to go back to Warhawk years after its release. Whoever gathered your data is definitely wrong when it comes to 4-player splitscreen not being a main attraction. He or she didn’t ask enough people or players who supported Warhawk years after launch. I was promised that it would retain a lot of what made Warhawk awesome, which has been unfortunately broken by omitting this feature. A t least have the 4-player offline play intact for crying out loud! I expected a lot more effort from Lightbox.

    Please consider 4-player splitscreen play offline via patch or expansion. I will gladly buy this game and pay an extra 5$ or even 10$ for an expansion which features four player splitscreen.

  • Day 1 for me. Well, it already was before this news, but I digress. Can’t believe some of you are willing to pass up this game, because of one feature. Warhawk was great and provided a couple hundred hours of entertainment for me, but one feature missing will not keep me from buying and supporting Starhawk. This game blows Warhawk out of water (sky?) content wise. Some of you need to realize that.

  • That sounds really great, but It would be even better if you add simul-view support. I bought the playstation 3d display and the simulview is really great, and it would be perfect if Starhawk add simulview too…PLEASE is time to increase the list of games that use simulview to give us a better 2-player experience…

  • @KALEL114

    I’m not to sure those people were going to buy the game in the first place if something that minor would stop them from getting it

  • Starhawk what can you say….Awesome!!! Best game in a long time, will find itself being around for years like Call of Duty, Halo, and several other classics that we all compare new games to when trying to decide if it’s going to be worth buying. After playing for a bit I noticed several things that brought back fond memories and fantastic game play from the original Halos, the ones before they ruined them. I also noticed that it rocked like Half Life back in the PC game era not the gaming system downgraded knock off.

  • The only thing I hope they have and maybe I just haven’t found it yet or it’s not unlocked is a way to adjust the shooting controls from the L1 and R1 to the L2 and R2 position, when I shoot something I want to pull a trigger. The large arena gave me the feel of hunting and not just being enclosed with people shooting me as soon as I re-spawn plus I get to pick where I drop in, love it. Nothing worse than like in Call of duty and you re-spawn over and over again in front of the enemy. Plus building your own defenses and vehicles is just brilliant, lets me tailor the game to my taste and how I want to play. Which is what makes for a great shooting team game when you can put a team together and everyone gets to use their talents to waste the enemy. So my personal opinion is this game Rocks…and game on. See ya on the battlefield.

  • I preorder this game and now im kinda upset for not having the four player split screen. That was the big reason on loving this game and the warhawk.. If there is ANY WAY to get that four player split screen i would do it xD Anyways, you guys are cool still but even more cool if you guys do add that feature.

  • No simul-view? What, Sony doesn’t sell enough of their displays so they don’t bother pushing the technology and just say “eh, f**k em” to those of us that did buy one? Great, I sure feel like a jack-a**.

  • “Dual Log-In: Yes, two players can sign into on one PS3. You can sign in using your PSN ID on the same machine”

    Why has this not been made standard for ALL PS3 GAMES with co-op play?

    All PS3 games should have Dual Log-in PSN ID’s for games to earn xp and so on….. INCLUDING Trophies!

  • noob question…BUT do you have to sign on with 2 PSN account to play starhawk split-screen?
    i mean my wife doesnt have PSN account, so cannot sign in using 2 PSN accounts :(

  • sure gonna get this game when it release day one regardless what the reviewer said..32mp on console and also great variety of gameplay..i’m getting it!

  • If SONY wants to recapture some ground against XBOX, they need to make the most of what they have. SimulView has an incredible potentiial to re-invigorate couch coop gameplay and make the PS3 the platform of choice for these players, but not if they keep underplaying it. WE NEED AWESOME GAMES! We NEED SimulView to be supported on StarHawk! We NEED SimulView to be supported on Borderlands 2! We NEED SimulView to be supported on EVERY new game that supports split-screen!! (Also, don’t fight players that want to run SimulView using their own screens and glasses.)

  • i wonder if its two psn account can sign in at one time bc that would be great if not well not gonna be playing much coop

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