February 2012 PSN Top Sellers: The Simpsons, Escape Plan Soar

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February 2012 PSN Top Sellers: The Simpsons, Escape Plan Soar

PlayStation Network Top Sellers
Last month was a big one for PlayStation Network games! Not only did we see a ton of great new downloadable PS3 titles, but the launch of PS Vita saw PSN flooded with new digital offerings. Starting this month, we’re introducing a new list to show what games topped the digital PS Vita charts.

On PS3, our hats are off to The Simpsons Arcade Game for debuting at the top spot! This long-awaited PS3 port of the coin-op co-op classic delivered nostalgic beat em’ up action peppered with obscure Simpsons references. In PS Vita’s world, Sony’s own Santa Monica Studio delivered a bonafide hit with the charming Escape Plan. And in the rest of the charts, Final Fantasy dominated PS3 Add-Ons, PS one Classics, and PSP categories…just in time for this week’s Spring Fever Final Fantasy franchise sale!

What games did you pick up in February? Did the PS Vita impact your PS3 playtime? What games do you think will top the charts in March? Share your thoughts and we’ll see you next month to break down the March PSN Top Sellers!

Top 20 PSN and PS3 Full Games

1) The Simpsons Arcade Game – Woo-hoo! This classic arcade game hit PSN in Feburary after decades in console gaming limbo. The game was also free for PlayStation Plus members for a short time, though that doesn’t factor into these monthly sales charts.
2) Gotham City Impostors
3) The House of the Dead III
4) Shank 2 – The sequel to one of the craziest 2D action games ever won gamers over with hugely improved graphics, more responsive combat, and an addictive new co-op mode.
5) NFL Blitz
6) NBA JAM: On Fire Edition
7) inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood
8) Grand Theft Auto IV
9) Jak and Daxter Collection – Naughty Dog’s PS2 heroes arrived in style on the PS3 with three of the best 3D platformers ever made.
10) Real Steel
11) Sonic CD
12) Madden NFL 12
13) Resident Evil 4
14) Mass Effect 2 – Mass Effect 2’s resurgence on the Top 20 hints that players were busily preparing for Mass Effect 3’s PSN release on March 6th.
15) Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
16) Shadow of the Colossus
17) Castle Crashers
18) Worms Ultimate Mayhem
19) PAYDAY: The Heist
20) Dungeon Defenders

Top 10 PS Vita Games

1) Escape Plan
2) Super Stardust Delta
3) Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
4) Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
5) Plants vs. Zombies PS Vita
6) Rayman Origins
7) UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss
8) Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
9) Hustle Kings PS Vita
10) Dynasty Warriors Next

Top 5 PS3 Add-Ons

1) Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Opponent: Lightning & Amodar
2) Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand
3) FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 – Noel’s Outfit: Battle Attire
4) Battlefield 3 – SPECACT Kit & Dog Tag Bundle
5) Gran Turismo 5 – Car Pack 3

Top 5 PSone Classics

1) Final Fantasy VII (PS3/PSP)
2) Final Fantasy VI (PS3/PSP)
3) Twisted Metal 2 (PS3/PSP)
4) Final Fantasy IX (PS3/PSP)
5) Resident Evil 2 (PS3/PSP)


Top 5 PSP Games

1) Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
2) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
3) Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
4) NBA 2K12 PSP
5) Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy

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6 Author Replies

  • I have been on my vita way more than my ps3 until Journey came out

    • same here! More nights than often, I’m on my couch playing Vita then turning on my console. Not a bad thing

  • I cant find the motivation to play any games sense I got plat on Uncharted: Golden Abyss which is sad bc I have plenty of PS3 games I still haven’t even played.

  • I’m so proud to see Megaman Maverick Hunter X consistently doing great :). Sony Can You please get Capcom to Atleast do a exclusive to Vita Megaman Maverick Hunter X 2 & 3, I’d pay for it no problem, and after playing Maverick Hunter X, Others will no problem :). I know realistically your say on that is like 10% and basically Capcom will just have to suggest it them selves, but worth a try right lol. I’m glad though because Mega Man MHX wasn’t even really a known game till recently because the no megaman fiasco and Vita downloading PSP games

  • I’m glad for FFIX too since that’s my favourite Final Fantasy

  • I bought a Vita and have been playing lots of MLB 12 on it. Love the cross play feature! I just bought Escape Plan for it also. But I want more games and apps for it like Skype.

  • Sense final fantasy seems popular I was wondering if anyone has heard word on the FFX HD for PS Vita and ps3? Is their a release date yet? Will it be just redone in HD or competly remastered?

    • Square will let everyone know of any announcements regarding Final Fantasy. We don’t have any info to share I’m afraid.

  • The General TOP list will be cramped of Final fantasy games next month… with this Spring Sales.. I already bought FFVII, FFIX and FFTactics: WOTL for PSP.. with journey, some SoulCaliburV DLC and the PS+ for one year.. I’m spending almost 100$ this month… and It hasn´t ended YET!

  • i am kind of old fashioned i like all the classic 2 player co-op beat’em up games and the 2 fighting games that started it all street fighter 2 and the original mortal kombat 1, 2, and 3 those games are the best to me

  • i would like for the playstation store to get teenage muntant ninja turtles the arcade game

  • Seeing Final Fantasy 6 and 9 on the list gives me hope yet that people can see past FF7.

    Will be interesting to see what having a spring sale will do to the top 20. I note that the top game was a PS+ giveaway.

  • Im loving my PS Vita specially that fact that i can listen to my own music instead of the game music i have Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Hustle Kings and im enjoying them both but the one game im waiting for is Mortal Kombat 9 which i already pre-ordered im actually happy that Sony made something useful for a change for all of us to enjoy Sony made such a great handheld system that we can use with the PS3 and the PS Vita is able to play PS3 games when we hook the PS Vita up to the system and have the game image on the PS Vita when we are anywhere in the distance of the PS3
    Thank You very much Sony for making the PS Vita and bringing us something more decent for us to play and having more fun with the other files in the menus on the PS Vita

  • Will be seeing what Black Friday has in store for the Vita when the time comes. Hope there are some good deals because I really want to play some PS1 classics on it. As well as Corpse Party too, I heard War of the Lions for PSP had slow animations? I thought it was hailed as one of the best PSP games? Can anyone convince me otherwise? I’ll have it on hiatus until then. And yeah, Final Fantasy games should skyrocket to the top of the PS1 list next month.

  • Yea, I would love a Discount on Dungeon Defenders, i was hoping for it in the Voting last time, anyways, good to see what people buy.

  • @9 its in the psn store..:)

  • no ModNation Racers Road Trip in the top 10? man i really want that head to head online multiplayer patch ASAP

  • Any news on whether or not ps1 games are coming to the vita? and while on the topic of the vita, how bout a jak and daxter game for it, eh? :D

  • When is the Wireless Headset issue going to be fixed that’s been broken since firmware 4.10?

  • @14 TMNT is not listed in store – was taken down a long time ago as with many other games (for example Tak 2 and Joe Danger). i contacted SONY regarding this issue a while back and they had no answer. Either way – if you were like me and purchased when it came out….it will be located in your download list. Which brings me to my biggest problem with the download list —-> cannot sort. For those of us who have over 1500 in that list….it becomes a pain when you have to reinstall a app because it gets corrupted for whatever reason.

  • Sure would love a Castle Crashers/Dungeon Defenders sale. I realize it may be a bit too much to ask for but it would be nice.

    How about next week, for Spring Fever, we get a discount on Indie games. Everything from Stardust to fl0w

  • Hoping for 75% off older pixeljunk titles. Will grab psn cards right away if that happens. If steam can do 75% off , I’m sure psplus can. The newer pixeljunk games will be fine at 50%. Also, does psn do deals of the week (one or 2 older titles 50% off like xbox live) when promotions like spring fever or gamers choice awards are not up?

  • @ Morgan Haro “Square will let everyone know of any announcements regarding Final Fantasy. We don’t have any info to share I’m afraid.”
    Square Enix, not Square ;)

  • with all the final Fantasy on PSN is there going to be a PSN release of Final Fantasy XI or Final Fantasy XIV

  • Final Fantasy VII = best classic ever

  • Isn’t the Shank makers next game going to be a XBLA exclusive? Way to slap the face of PS3 owners. Expect to see Journey at number 1 for March. Fantastic game!

    Oh and a warning to PS3 owners. Do NOT buy the Silent Hill HD remakes for PS3. They are full of bugs and problems. Check Google if you don’t believe me.

  • Final fantasy the top list awesome, It would be awesome to get more great games to come for PSN onto the PSP, PS3, and PSVita.

  • i think i won’t be the first to say this but o well: VITA CHANGED MY LIFE. I NOW KNOW WHAT VITA MEANS. they were right to name it VITA = LIFE = VIDA (SPANISH JUST SO YOU GUYS KNOW). Vita now is my go to device, i use it for everything and anything. i spend a great part of my day out of my home in my university. Thats why i bought a VITA, so i could game out of my house. when i take my vita out, everyone rounds up just to see it play something cool like uncharted or unit 13 and even UMVC3. that was on the first weeks, now everyone is getting the vita. i see more vitas in the area i spend my time. they saw it, now they like it and then they bought it. thats how it works. but more than that, things like NEAR and other apps such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other few are grat additions to the vita and complements it it a way some people can’t understand. like some games post things you have achieved on facebook, or just take a screen shot of something cool and tweet it and then keep playing. EVERYTHING is possible on vita, this is a true game changer.

  • @Morgan

    Right! Forgot about those. Just used to buying from XBLA very often because of the 50% off a couple games every week. Thank you for your reply.

  • Also: Killzone 3 multiplayer is a steal. People who like multiplayer should go buy it immediately!

  • So nice to see all of those Final Fantasies there. Especially 6, my all time favorite.

  • Whats going to be the Spring Fever sale franchise next week?

  • Now if only we could play those PS1 Classic on Vita without resorting to remote play :<

  • Okay Playstation. Here is the deal. I’m going to go and buy some FF PSone titles right after this post. Then you get your **** together and patch PSone support into my Vita. Deal?

    Playing Sumioni and got a thinking. Please please please do something along with Capcom and re-release Okami for PSV. This would be stellar!!!


  • Shadow of the Colosuss, AWESOME. And Final Fantasy is still on the game.
    Hey, I wanted to know if they could remake or something about the games of DRAKENGARD. Please check that.

  • Good thing games like Jak and Daxter Collection, Escape Plan and The Simpsons Arcade Game got there love :)

  • Can someone from the PS Blog please post a dedicated and future-updated list of Vita supported PSP and PS Minis titles? And why are there more Vita Minis on the PS3 PS Store vs the Vita PS Store? (ie: I Must Run, Let’s Golf, etc)

  • It’s awesome to see inFAMOUS:FoB still up in the top 10, even though it’s almost 5 months old now. Great job, SPP.

    And I’m quite proud to say I helped contribute to several titles on the PSV top list. SSDD, Mutant Blobs Attack (which is amazingly entertaining) and Dynasty Warriors NEXT. I bought U:GA on a physical cart, but hey, at least I have it, right?

    I also just bought FF IV and FF IX, so hopefully I can help those two move up the Top lists for March. I’m tired of seeing VII at the top of the PSOne titles… just my opinion, of course.

    And like you, Morgan, I find myself sitting in front of my TV with my PS3 on, playing my Vita. It’s such a great device, I have a hard time putting it down to play my PS3, even if Tales of Graces f is really good. I’m so glad I got the Vita. #gamechanger

  • “Did the PS Vita impact your PS3 playtime?”

    Did it?? very much so! When i got my Vita last month, there was a sudden significant drop in my PS3 activity! 2 weeks after launch, i got Rayman Orgins and Wipeout 2048. Nether of then made it any better especially Wipeout. I’m giving my PS3 much more attention now with Journey and a few RPG’s, but my Vita is still getting major play time now that i have Unit 13. I have a feeling that the Vita has created a new console fluctuation trend, because when Gravity Rush and Resistance Burning Skies come out, my PS3 activity will yet again have a significant drop.

  • i need help with my mass effect 2 full game …… i live in Pakistan and i have my U.S account and for some reason i cant download mass effect 2 , it just shows me demo not the full game …. i need help plz answer my question , how can i download mass effect 2 from psn store when it doesnot even show me the fulll game ??

  • i need help with my mass effect 2 full game . i live in Pakistan and i have my U.S account and for some reason i cant download mass effect 2 , it just shows me demo not the full game …. i need help plz answer my question , how can i download mass effect 2 from psn store when it doesnot even show me the fulll game ?

  • good

  • umm tulaib_100, you might want to try asking for help here instead dood. http://community.us.playstation.com/index.jspa your more than likely to get an answer there. the PS Blog is not really a place for help issues ^ ^”

  • Escape plan on the Vita took the #1 spot and has mostly its great price point to thank. Take note developers and publishers. $19.99 is a perfect sweet spot for Vita Games. well done GAMERS. We got a majoy win. Keep on Gamin.

  • @17: I was playing some Tales of Graces ƒ all night with my wireless headset and it worked perfectly fine for me and I’m always up to date with my firmware. Are you sure your headset isn’t just broken?

  • PSVita was all I was playing until Journey came out. Then I started to pick up other stuff and now I’m playing the Tales series on four different platforms. (Vesperia, Graces ƒ, Abyss, and Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)

    Also beat Mutant Blobs Attack on PSVita, great game.

    I’m sure next week all 5 spots for PSone Classics will be Final Fantasy related. I can’t imagine it being any other way with this sale on right now. Glad to see Final Fantasy VI is number 2 on that list. Makes me proud.


  • Journey will most certainly top the March charts. GOTY in my opinion. (PSN or otherwise)

    Would be interesting to see the actual numbers of downloads also, Morgan. Is that a possibility?

    Also, I notice no category for PS2 Classics. When is the US Store going to get these going again?

    The UK/EU Store took forever to get PS2 Classics, yet within a couple of months has surpassed us in terms of quality and quantity.

    Let’s get some ACTUAL Classics, btw. The PS2 games on offer do not represent the best of the PS2 era in any way.


  • This time the list actually makes sense lol.

  • YES!! MORE PS2 GAMES!! They are what created the huge successful path for the PS3 after all.

  • I’m glad to see Escape Plan at the top of the Vita list. It’s excellent!

    One note on the Final Fantasy sale, why is Dissidia 012 not on sale? It’s seems rather odd that it is the only one not on sale.

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