First Look at Resistance: Burning Skies Story Trailer

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First Look at Resistance: Burning Skies Story Trailer

With Resistance: Burning Skies marching steadily towards its May 29th release date on PS Vita, you may have been wondering who Tom Riley is and where his story fits into the grand scheme of the Resistance universe. Today we’re clearing up that question with a new story trailer you can watch right now!

First Look at Resistance: Burning Skies Story Trailer

Resistance: Burning Skies is, at its core, a story about an everyday hero becoming a legend. On August 15th, 1951, New York City fireman Tom Riley is called away during a seemingly routine fire call and finds himself thrust into the midst of the brutal Chimeran invasion (Resistance 2 fans: this parallels the period when Nathan Hale returns from Europe). Riley is possessed with a singular determination to find his wife and child, but along the way he’ll be embroiled in a far larger conflict that will determine the fate of New York and leave him a key inspirational hero of the Resistance.

Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita - Executioner

For those of you watching closely, there were a couple other little tidbits revealed in that trailer, including new weapons and enemies. You’re also introduced to the Executioner, a hulking Chimeran monstrosity that boasts a powerful cannon for an arm. Needless to say, the Executor definitely won’t go down as easily as your standard Hybrid. You also caught a glimpse of the potent Hunter rifle, a Chimeran burst-fire carbine that is the predecessor to the Marksman from Resistance 3. The Hunter also packs a surprise in the form of its secondary attack, which fires an offensive drone that attacks nearby enemies — you can direct it to the left and right using PS Vita’s front touchscreen.

Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita - Hunter Rifle

Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments! And stay tuned: In April we’ll be answering your most burning questions about Resistance: Burning Skies — first details on the multiplayer mode!

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6 Author Replies

  • awesome!!! cant wait

  • I notice that you’ve tagged this article to Insomniac Games. I was under the impression that they were not the developer on this title.

  • i can’t wait for this game!!!!

  • Day one purchase. Will there be online multiplayer?

  • I am sensing some use of my Vitas ‘Near” function is gonna be high. This will for sure be a Boom on the Vita. I plan to pump this @Doc_Gamer

  • my most anticipated vita title !!!! cant wait !!!!

  • I really hope Sony don’t abandon the main PS3 Resistance franchise like Insomniac have done. Please consider giving the series over to Sony Bend. Their Resistance Retribution on PSP is one of the best games in the series so far (certainly far better than Resistance 2).

  • I also think that Sony need to do more to differentiate Resistance from Killzone if its to be more successful. Releasing 2 exclusive sci-fi shooters within months of each other is never good, but I think the best way of helping Resistance to stand up to Killzone would be to put all the focus on Resistance’s amazing stories, and completely dump the multiplayer, leaving that for Killzone, as Guerrilla care less and less about quality storytelling and more more about MP modes.

  • I really can’t wait for this game. One of the main reasons, IF NOT THE main reason of my recent Vita purchase. Now, I have one big question though. One of my favourite things in Resistance 2 was the cooperative. Are you planning something similar or closely similar? I really missed it in R3, despite the complete awesomeness-ness (yes, that awesome) of the game, I felt that there was that need IN ME to have that extra something to tag with a friend and work toghether, level up, get new equipment, etc.

  • Each game has brought something to the series that I’ve enjoyed, and I’m glad to see the footage for this game!

    Anyone else see a familiar character at 1:06 of the video?

  • I hate to be a parrot but I can’t wait for this game either. Resistance is one of my all time favorite series.

  • …looks like they un-tagged Insomniac Games now…

  • looks great. will this have multiplayer? or no? I’ll still pick it up either way.

    • Glad you’re excited about it! We’ll be talking Multiplayer in April, so check back then and we’ll confirm all the details for you.

  • @ 10

    lol its Lieutenant James Grayson!

  • I’d say the trailer did it’s job. Made the game look awesome and harder to wait for.

  • Why can’t we see our Vita Trophies on the ps3!!!!!???? update us soon please!

  • I agree with MP_is_for_Chumps.

    Anyone who can carry on the style of R:FoM and R:R should take charge of the series, perhaps even reboot it. Insomniac games killed the series with R2, then abandoned it when they couldn’t keep it consistent, forcing the story and style in awful directions.

    I saw the collectors in this though, something that was an R:FoM chimera instead of the eggs from R2. That seems like a good sign alone. Does this mean we’ll get to see conversion factories again?

    Will this have the original bullseye and bullseye 2, with the tags you can stick on walls and have the bullets orbit? Any other R:FoM through backs/classics?

    • Nihilistic is definitely be bringing back a few of the classic Resistance: Fall of Man weapons along with their own all-new additions.

      The Bullseye, Augur, and Carbine are back as you can see, and we’ll be sharing some of the other details on weapons and weapon upgrades as we lead up to launch.

  • “burning questions about Resistance: Burning Skies — first details on the multiplayer mode! ”

    There’s multiplayer :3… I’m sold! SOOOO sold. My only remaining question consists of the official pricing details * waits and listens *.

  • I’m tired of people saying Resistance 2 was bad. It was ALOT better then FoM and Retribution was good but not better then 2, also most these people didn’t play 3 I’m guessing cause insomniac made the best resistance when everyone was being dumb. Just because 2 was colourful and couldn’t hold every Gun doesn’t make it bad, it’s story is exactly what it should be.

  • Any info on why Resistance Retribution has been removed from the PSN? Kinda curious why one of the best PSP games has just disappeared from the Store.

  • Looking forward to the next AAA Vita title; should we expect Resistance: Retribution to be available for the Vita around the same time? :)

  • @ Blkant

    yeah the collectors is a good sign for Burning Skies, but i’m kinda worried that the game is set during the R:2 period

    @ Teflon02

    I’m guessing you’re a call of duty fan….

  • Playing Resistance: Fall of Man was the big motivating factor in buying a PS3. I got several of my friends on-board for Resistance 2, which I absolutely loved for the 400+ hours of co-op play. I don’t know why people complain about Resistance 2. Is it the more colorful palette? I thought it was incredibly satisfying, despite the story being shorter. I never had a PSP to try Retribution, but I picked up Resistance 3 on day one. That was good, but I really missed the co-op play from Resistance 2, which offered the most replayability. The multiplayer is kind of fun, but the story just didn’t warrant a second play-through in co-op mode. When the survival mode was released for Resistance 3, that definitely helped with replayability, but then there has been no follow-up support. Would it be that hard to release additional maps from the game, for a little variety in survival mode? It really feels like Insomniac abandoned the game and the audience, whether or not it was their decision or Sony’s to sever that connection.

  • I’m cautiously optimistic about Resistance: Burning Skies, and since I have a Vita, I’ll most likely get it. Yet even as a big fan of Resistance, it’s make-or-break time for this series. I am not necessarily expecting multiplayer or co-op on the Vita, but the game is going to have to be satisfying to rekindle my allegiance to the series.

  • The only thing I am skeptical about in this game, is the aiming. I truly hope it doesn’t turn out like the aiming in Uncharted G.A. with the dual sticks. That was just awful

  • Will it be release download digital game from PS Store on VITA?

  • @Makattak28

    I understand your feelings there. It took several chapters to get used to that, but eventually I did and ended up not minding it too much. There is an auto-aim feature in the options menu, which is off by default. I didn’t try it, but it might simulate Uncharted on the PS3 better if you try it. Aiming with a combination of stick and motion-sensors was definitely more laborious and worked against the fast-paced gameplay, but there was something kind of immersive about fine-tuning your aim by moving the Vita that I kind of warmed up to.

  • @26 All Vita games are supposed to be available via PSN :)

  • I already have it pre-ordered on Amazon with release date delivery. I can’t wait! In the mean time, I am enjoying the abundance of great launch/launch window games for the Vita.

  • is this the first official FPS for the vita?

    • Yes indeed! It’s the first official FPS on Vita, and it’s also the first portable FPS with dual-analog control.

  • Dang, for the first FPS to hit the vita I got to say those gun textures look outstanding so does the gameplay.

  • Loved RFOM. Loved R2 more. Loved R:R even more. Loved R3 the best. Needless to say, I think I’m gonna love this :).

  • I’m very excited about this game. Yeah I didn’t add much to this discussion.

  • Well… This ones in the bag! Cant wait! Thks PSBlog! :D

  • Me and my brother just finished Co-op from R:FoM, he will be excited to hear of this but we still have R2 and R3 to go through first.

  • Can’t wait for this game. I’ve been a Resistance fan since the first one and this one looks pormising. I hope they will not force us to use all of Vita’s feature and that buttons alternatives will be available.

  • Is this gameplay is the finally version of the game…? Because I notice the lags in the video… I REALLY HOPE that game runs smoother when I actually play on it.
    I really love FPS and Resistance games. So yeah, please answer me if games runs smoother than is or what.

    • Don’t worry, the team is still hard at work finishing up the game. We’re in the home stretch, but there are still a few tweaks to be made.

  • I guess the only selling point is that it is the first portable FPS with Duel Analog sticks.

    Where is the Polish? I was expecting them to push the Vita graphically. I was expecting more.

  • Looks great.
    Hats of to Nihilistic.
    I get my PSVita in early April. SO SOON.

    I cant wait for this.
    I really hope the traditional comic-book art is used in cutscenes.
    It looks really dirty, in a good way.

    well, until then, I have 13 games Ill have to play :P

  • Resistance, always a great franchise. It was great on PSP (Resistance: Retribution) and will be even better on Vita!

  • I don’t see problem with the graphics. It looks really good for hand handled.
    My only complain is that FRAMERATE!
    I hate in the comment that no one mentions about the framerates that we see in this video…
    I notice so many lags in the video. Hopefully the final version of the game won’t be like this?
    Because if it doesn’t run smooth, what’s the point of playing

  • @Dessron (36)

    I agree with you. In Uncharted: Golden Abyss, one of the saving graces is that you can use the traditional control style for almost everything – for example, use the stick to climb a rope, instead of using the rear touch surface. That was a great choice on the developers part. There are a few innovative uses of the touch controls, though, that I don’t want to give away. The only questionable one as Makattak28 mentioned above, was the use of the motion sensor to fine-tune your aim. It’s a feature you have to get used to. There is an auto-aim function that is turned off by default in the menu, which might be the alternative, but most other actions in the game allow you to use a more DualShock3-like control scheme. If the developers of Resistance: Burning Skies are smart, they will allow the same type of alternate control schemes.

  • looks great, I’ll be buying this day 1 :)

  • @22 Nope, I won’t say that I don’t play it though. But never enough to reach the highest ranks or even prestige i play it casual like 5 rounds a day for a week and never again, I play Resistance, Killzone and battlefield more. Just the fact is FoM has crap controls and it`s zoom to aim is horrible. I loved 60p online on Orick was the best also, how are you comparing to Call of Duty.. Resistance is made as a arcade Sci-Fi shooter and number 2 is just that. It plays so different, I`m one of em people who says CoD isn’t all that, but really people over due it. They say Killzone 3 was CoD clone, resistance was a CoD clone.. Aleast say Halo is you want to hate seeing it’s ALOT more similar. Only thing I missed from FoM was weapon pick ups, I don’t like loadouts for resistance

  • Awesome trailer guys, I can’t wait to play the game! 8D

  • Wow this just made me sad. Dont like the comic book cut scenes. It takes away from the story. I played FoM , Re2, R/R . Fom was good , Re2 was bad , and R/R was the best one had the best story and the 3rd person perspective made the game so much better. The story needs to go back to how R FoM and R/R was with the narrator. I need to see more. Not going to be day one.

  • What little of the gameplay looked fantastic. Unbelievable it is on a handheld. 3DS ain’t got $#!^ on us ;) Very much looking forward to Resistance: Burning Skies.

  • I’m very excited for this one.
    I just finished getting my Platinum in Unit 13, and Now I’m just Itching for some more shooter gameplay on the Vita.

  • Resistance: Burning Skies is looking very good so far. Hopefully it has Online Multiplayer. Vita is lacking that with most of its games at the moment.

  • I hope the story is engaging just like the previous titles.

    Could you guys also try and incorporate the 8 player co-op from r2?

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