Special DUST 514 Event Comes to PlayStation Home

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Special DUST 514 Event Comes to PlayStation Home

This Wednesday, March 21st will see the arrival of tons of awesome new content in PlayStation Home – from Juggernaut Games’ MiniBots: Battlebox game to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker collectibles. That’s not all – we have two very special events planned for this week as well. First up is the DUST 514 live event on Thursday, March 22nd. Later that day, we’ll launch this year’s Disposable Film Fest in PlayStation Home! Here’s your to-do list for this week in PlayStation Home:

DUST 514 – Come watch CCP Games’ first public unveiling of its upcoming sci-fi shooter DUST 514, exclusive to PlayStation 3 as we stream the DUST 514 keynote of the annual EVE Fanfest live into the special “Backstage Pass” event space in PlayStation Home this Thursday, March 22nd at 9:00am PT (12:00pm ET).


Following the keynote, there will be a Live Q&A session with PlayStation Home users, fielding questions via Twitter using the hashtag #DUST514. Bonus: All users who enter the Backstage Pass event space will be rewarded an exclusive DUST 514 t-shirt for their avatars! You can visit this special event space by using the New and Recommended section on the PlayStation Home Navigator or by approaching the DUST 514 relocator in the Hub. See you there!


MiniBots: Battlebox – This Wednesday, Juggernaut Games releases an active item unlike anything you’ve ever seen in PlayStation Home. The MiniBots Battlebox allows you to build, customize and battle with a variety of bots, each with unique weapons/abilities. Peep this trailer and then pick up the MiniBots: Battlebox (and associated items) when it releases this week.

Special DUST 514 Event Comes to PlayStation Home

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Items, Konami Ninja Costumes, Drey Updates & More – We have tons of cool collectibles coming your way this week. Become one with the shadows with Konami’s new Ninja line. These stealthy assassins are from the most aggressive clan known to man and, as such, come with special combat animations. Also up from Konami: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker costumes and avatar items. Check out this week’s Virtual Item Showcase for a look at the hottest new collectibles set to hit the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall this Wednesday!

Special DUST 514 Event Comes to PlayStation Home

Disposable Film Fest – Mark your calendars for this Thursday, March 22nd, we’ll be hosting the wildly-popular Disposable Film Fest again this year in PlayStation Home. Pick up the Disposable Film Fest Camera Head bundle for $0.99 from the kiosks in the PlayStation Home Theater to gain access to this special event, which includes never-before-seen short films, all made on portable devices (note: this bundle includes 6 exclusive virtual items!)

PlayStation_Home-BLOG-Disposable_Film Festival_2012

Community Theater – HomeCast returns covering where all the action is—Wardrobe Wars, the recently released personal spaces and Clubhouses, Plum Tree Pavilion, Moon Forest, and Hillside House, then reviews the exciting Lockwood Iron Fusion line of mech outfits.

Call for Extras! – New episodes of the PlayStation Home hit, Platinum’d, are being shot and this coming weekend is your opportunity to be an “extra” in one of the new episodes. If you live in or near the Los Angeles area, are at least 18 years old, and are free this weekend, send an email to platinumdshow@gmail.com for more information.


See you in Home!

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  • I still don’t get it.

  • do you think ps home will ever be available through ps vita or at least remote play? that would be awesome!!! see ya in home!!

  • Is Home the only place I can catch the Dust event?

  • that active item looks like a $10 game you would buy in the apple app store!!! how much is it?

    • There are a few bundle options, with some items being offered separately. If you want the best set up, the Minibots: Battlebox Ultimate Bundle goes for a sweet $9.99. Check out the MiniBots promotional kiosk in the Action District starting Wednesday for more information.

  • There’s quite a lot to like here; Juggernaut’s MiniBots, just from that teaser trailer, look like the single most innovative active item yet developed for Home. It’s sort of a cutesy version of Front Mission or Gungriffon Blaze, and I suspect it’s going to sell extremely well. Juggernaut’s two for two so far.

    The Disposable Film Fest, along with the new HomeCast content in the Community Theatre, are both must-see events. The Demon War Horse commands it.

    I know everyone’s going to be excited about the DUST 514 event — and with good reason — but you know what caught my attention? That Bootleggers ’29 jukebox. It only gets a brief mention in Magnus’ video, but that could be quite a gem of a musical item for personal estates.

    Lots of exciting stuff this week. Home continues to rock and roll.

    Editor-in-Chief, HomeStation Magazine

  • still no x7 lounge nothing really good this week maybe battle bot will entertain me.

  • It looks great. I’m guessing the MiniBots do not interact with each other: That we cannot battle against/with a friend?

    Konami’s items looks great. Metal Gear for life!

  • Will be there with my Guide Beacon on. ;)..:D

  • Wow the Minibots look killer. Someone tell me the price please!

  • woot some DUst attention.. Idd be ther for that

  • KwietStorm, I don’t know if they will stream the ekynote on the EVE-Online site, ot if that is reserved for those who are there or purchased the HD Live-streaming of that fanfest.

    At any rate, you can learn more about Dust 514 here: http://www.dust514.com/en/home/

  • Pretty sweet update for home if u ask me… Cant wait… C u guys in Home this Thursday Morning :) and im totally free this weekend and live near L.A :p

    • It’s definitely an exciting week, this week. If you’re interested in being an extra in an upcoming episode of Platinum’d, be sure to inquire via email! There is a limit to the number of folks who can participate, so don’t miss out!

  • The ninja costume seems to be the only thing I’ll be getting this update.

  • Still no Aurora 1.5? Is it not coming out anytime soon?

    Also are there any upcoming new public spaces or games coming out in the near future that you coud leak out to build curiousity? :D I like the yeti vs hunter teaser we got beforehand.

    • Aurora 1.5 is not far away, so stay tuned! As for previews/leaks, we don’t have any to share quite yet, but if you didn’t read between the lines, there are more Platinum’d episodes coming this year!

  • Oh Hey Glasswalls. Any info also on what the requirements will be to get in the x7 thing? Will it be purchase based requirments or Home accomplishment based (like completeting midways, level 40 in S2, 30 in NP, or 100 in aurora)?

    • All will be revealed very soon. I don’t want to steal some thunder from its premier launch announcement.

  • Full DUST 514 stuff will be live streamed on EVETV :) Here is schedule: http://www.dust514base.com/2012/03/dust-514-fanfest-schedule-and-countdown.html

  • when will the winners be announced for the ward robe wars for the mane contest

  • How much will the battlebox game be? Looks awesome and so do the ninja costumes.

    • The MiniBots will be offered in a few bundles and some items will be sold separately. If you want the best set up, I recommend the MiniBots: Battlebox Ultimate Bundle which will go for $9.99.

  • The Drey clothing line looks awesome as always :D Also how much are the ninja costumes?

    • Drey always delivers fresh, cool looks. The Konami Dragon Clan Ninja outfits will go for $1.99, and the individual pieces will be offered too. Mix and match it up!

  • Darnit! I was stoked when I read there’d be a Dust 514 live Q&A but then I saw what time it starts: Noon. I’m gonna be at work then and for several hours after. why can’t you do these things when people are actually home, like at night or on the weekends?

  • You can enter that dust event for free right? No need to purchase anything?

    • That is absolutely correct. In fact, just for showing up, we’ll give you some virtual Dust swag to keep!

  • Hello GlassWalls. Is there any information on when Home can be accessed through the PS Vita? There are a lot of people who are waiting for this function. Either through remote access, or through a Home App on the Vita.

    I would prefer being able to get into Home on the Vita alone, but if it has to be remotely for now then so be it.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  • How come the Snake Costume is in the Virtual Item Showcase? That costume is like a year old cuz I bought it when it 1st came out. I remember a Dust 514 space was announced @ E3 last year & it finally arrives, lookin forward to that. Also I love Ninja’s & MGS “!” & “?” do u have a known price on those items that u can announce? (ninja costumes & MGS emoticons)

  • 12:00pm ET?

    Why? I am at work at that time, kids are in school.

    Who are you marketing to at that time of the day?

  • Y U NO LIE TO US! Sine you can’t take information from Deadline for Street Fighter X Tekken TGI. isn’t unfair for those who can’t complete- sorry for the “off-topic”

    I kinda interested on both Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Items and MiniBots: Battlebox.

    THIS IS HOW YOU CREATE A MINIGAME, 3rd Person Dev. Juggernaut Games did a awesome job on this item, kinda look like that im not play Home again

    Anywho: I know that the PSHome Team hasn’t plans on Vita Version. kinda imposible for them, take them like up to 2 year or less

  • Battlebox looks like an homage to Starhawks build and battle system. And I am looking forward to the Dust 514 MMO on PS3. I would like more than just a t-shirt to show up for the event. How about a complete suit for the faction of your choice to those that attend and then offer it for purchase in the Store. Could make lots of cash for the maintenance required for MMO’s future DLC. Those that get clothing free can show it off in Home and cause demand for store purchases.

    Keep up the Great work Home Team and Sony.

  • Release-date-ness.

  • Hey, thanks for the response. Can we at least have a “It will come eventually,” or is there some sort of None Disclosure Agreement that this cannot be said?


  • 12 Noon? Oh, come on. Can the PSN updates and major events stop being biased against the East Coast? I can deal with getting the store updates at 11PM and stuff, but this is slowly reaching the “derp” point.

    Every game I actually care about is always being scheduled for some sort of exclusively West Coast Location or a time frame that’s purely hell for folks living on the East Coast. And this is upsetting because since there is no announcement for MAG 2 , DUST is the only other shooter I’m looking forward to.

    Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles I suppose. I’ll just keep waiting until eventually something I want to see is scheduled at a reasonable time.

  • Wish I lived in LA! Hehe!

  • Now if Dust 514 would come out with a beta I would actually care.

  • Can someone tell me when I will be playing the Mononoke (spirit game) mini-game at Great Edo of Nippon in US?

  • MiniBots is a really cool idea that needs a public space for small group competition and co-op.

  • Can you tell us if the Battle Bots is a multiplayer game? Even if it is co-op?

  • Thank you GlassWalls for the info! ^.^

  • I love how people like complain on here. It really shows how mature they are. Just buy it and be happy!!

  • Thank you so much for finally releasing the Bootleggers radio! And that Minibots thing is hands down the best thing in home so far! Another fantastic update!!!

  • Midday Thursday?…….what fantastic time to have a Q&A.

  • Those battlebots are awesome!!! Will definitely be getting those! Multiplayer? Public arena? Future?

  • oh my good this gunna be great. i love that juggernaght bot it looks awsome but it will be pricey anyway im looking foward to the update, pluse i love that ninja suit ill get that. =D

  • Are they ever Gonna put PS HOME on the PS Vita?

  • nothing for me this week :c but nice update ^-^

  • Wasnt the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker costume already available?

  • for the people complaining about the time of the live dust event if you notice it isnt sonys timing this

    “Come watch CCP Games’ first public unveiling of its upcoming sci-fi shooter DUST 514, exclusive to PlayStation 3 as we stream the DUST 514 keynote of the annual EVE Fanfest live”

    so yeah and unfortunately they cant please everyone cause they do stuff during times when im asleep as i work 3rd shift so im asleep during most daytime stuff so they wont ever please anyone so get over it

  • That battlebots game looks sweet!

  • I dont know what people did to the Redesigned Home , but all day today, has been nothing but headaches .
    Home is crashing , timing out , out just gets stuck on the www going round and round and doesnt really go anywhere. Every single update something has to go wrong without Fail, please fix this .

  • ok this is getting ridiculous , Myself along with many other members are frustrated at the shape of Home is today. we are constantly getting booted out , timed out , or network error
    when i try to go into Home i get
    Request Timed Out
    /HUBPS3_SVML/ENTERHOME.JSP not to mention when it seems like its working it just stops at 3/4 of loading then the www just spins and spins without getting me thru………….good going on the new Resedignated Home, which takes the same time to load as the first year Home was up .

  • Sucks I gotsta be at work, Dust 514 is intriguing the hell outta me, really can’t wait to play it.

  • Yeah what’s up with the crappy sound, crappy feed, the crashing and also I did not need to have such a long interview with those two chubby dudes and their worn out crotches in the forefront of the camera shot

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