Putting the Finishing Touches on Starhawk

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Putting the Finishing Touches on Starhawk
Putting the Finishing Touches on Starhawk

Starhawk Fans! Recently, the PlayStation.Blog paid a visit to our good friends and partner LightBox Interactive in Austin, Texas during SXSW. While there, we unlocked the vault and loosened the chains on Mr. Dylan Jobe, LightBox President and CEO. That can be a very dangerous prospect as we never know what we’re going to get, it’s also fun to hear about all the details on the Starhawk front, including how the public beta affected the game’s development. The teams at LightBox and Santa Monica are working incredibly hard to make sure the Starhawk experience is everything the fans deserve. To give you some insight into that process, Dylan has some thoughts about “crunch time,” fans, and game-typy stuff. Starhawk is headed in for a landing and this is a cool look into the mind of a developer at the peak of his game. Check it out!

PS. While you’re at it, check out this blast-from-the-past Behind the Scenes vid about the team.

PPS. If you want to see trendy, big eared, creased-shirt-wearing Bulgarian Boxers … check it out — hilarity ensues!

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  • Whoop 2x……. May 8th……… going 2 be sweet….. fun……. and down right epic. Thanx LBI p.s youtube me 2 see why i love Starhawk.

  • I take it this game won’t be “left to its fate” (thrown to the dogs) like Twisted Metal was? And since this game actually had a long and fruitful public Beta test phase the online will be looked after and actually work from day 1?

  • Crunch Time!

    Looking forward to the release of Starhawk. I just can’t wait to see all the new weapons, maps, and customization. I really am excited to get into a game of Zones.

    Rifters, mount up!

  • After putting a crazy amount of hours into Warhawk, actually obtaining the plat in the process, I have to admit that I’m very disappointed in what Starhawk has to offer. While the game looks incredible, from a graphics standpoint, I feel that the gameplay itself is a letdown. I just can’t get excited about the build and battle. I feel that it completely sucks the life out of the online combat, and slows it down considerably. If I wanted to worry about resource management, rift energy, or base/building management, I would play Command and Conquer. The beauty of Warhawk was just grabbing a vehicle, a weapon, and you were on your way. Now, it’s a matter of making sure you have the right building built in order for you to get what you want, then go on your way. I may still get this game because of the interest of my Warhawk clan, and I really do wish LightBox the very best. I just feel the best aspects of Warhawk, and indeed the very soul of Warhawk, is missing from Starhawk. I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me, but I just had to vent. Again, I wish LightBox the very best.

    P.S. – @2 Twisted Metal has been an absolute mess for the online and the online trophies

    • sorry you feel that way. Maybe we’ll address that if we make Warhawk 2. Till then I hope you give SH a shot.

  • Good info, too bad the beta is closing the 27th, I’ve been having a blast.

    In addition, ~25% of the player base is using CAF, that’s huge. I wish I had seen more beta feedback pulled in, not just balancing but changes to the weapons and such. I’ve seen some great ideas on the forums, but I’m guessing there wasn’t time to bring in all that feedback.

  • i really cant wait for Starhawk!

  • i have nothing but respect.
    i loved warhawk
    i dont like stawhawk beta
    but ill pick up game anyway

  • @ASILENTENIGMA i agree 100%

  • did u guys added the lobby for the game so u can team up with ur friends b4 entering the game? its starhawk gonna have 4 players split screen online? thanks!

  • Ever since Warhawk I have wanted a sequel that would allow me to use sixaxis flight against others who like using sixaxis as well.

    Thankfully Starhawk is finally here and the inequities of the first game have hopefully been corrected by the games devs.

    They must have seen how forcing different flight modes and control schemes to face each other was inherently imbalanced and will no doubt have added server options this time around!!!

    I cant wait to fly high via sixaxis against others who love such an immersive control scheme and not have to worry about those who like to exploit easier methods of control such as sticks and flight modes with self regulating properties such as auto-correcting horizons.

    Balance can finally be had, but will LBI allow it? Will they allow us to use fun methods of control?
    Will they allow me to create servers only for sixaxis flight?
    Will they get rid of the different flight modes and create a single one with checkable options for fixed reticle or free, fixed horizon or free?

    We shall see.


    I 100% agree with u…. that a lot of ppl will disagree with u… count me one. StarHawk gameplay its awesome and dynamic, fast and fun. and add that the great graphics and no lag and add that the single player campaign with splitscreen/online co-op…. sorry kid but starhawk > warhawk anyday. (not saying warhawk its bad nether)

    • one thing we’ve learned…Starhawk is polarizing…which is fine. We’d rather be hated than boring! :)

  • Really looking forward to Starhawk. I hope that the team at LBI can deliver on their pledge of first rate clan support within the game’s multiplayer framework. If they can. I promise that my PS3 Community will be heavily invested in the title.

    I have been getting tastes of the Beta in small chuncks just because I don’t want to burn myself out (and because I working to whitle down my backlog before it releases in May). What I have played has been fantastic and I am super impressed with the way LBI has used their Beta as a real tool in fine tuning the finished product. If more Devs took this approach, I think you would see stronger titles upon release and less patch scrambling weeks (sometimes months!!) after the game hits shelves. Sometimes the pros need to willingn to trust the fans.

    I still want to try the new map, gear and 16v16 gameplay before the Beta ends this month. Thanks PSBlog for a nice update on this highly anticipated shooter, exclusive to PS3!!!

  • @10 PhillyBlunz

    Sadly the devs have stated there will be no SIXAXIS control in the upcoming Starhawk title. Not unless they have changed this and I havent heard anything about.

  • Please tell us one of the finishing touches is to have more than 32 structures per team. With so few structures, the game will only really shine on small maps, with clans. With only 32, I don’t know how excited I can get for the game. With more, then I can be happy enough. Any other problems can be solved eventually.

  • Loving the beta! But question, will the game be available on PSN to? Like Warhawk

  • I’ve logged an insane amount time in to the beta so much so that I have not played C.O.D 3 in weeks and i’m very confident when the full game is released it WILL BE A QUALITY GAME ( when you have exclusive like this how can you not be a PlayStation fan boy) BTW I’ve Pre-order the game.

  • Really enjoying the beta, looking forward to the full release!

  • the beta is overrun with glitchers and cheaters and honestly Im happy it is.. because its a beta i say EVERYONE should be doing their darndest to break the game as much as possible.. so that the devs can FIX all that for the retail release… not what WILL make me mad is when the game comes out all the glitches and cheating i see in the beta are still doable in the retail release.. so devs.. PLEASE do your jobs.


    So basically… you want to keep playing Warhawk. Cool! It’s a great game and it’s still fun to play. But for those who enjoy a little evolution with our sequels, there’s Starhawk. I love the build and battle. It makes you think on your feet more instead of blindly going into a fight like so many other games (which I enjoy, too, but it’s nice to mix it up).

    I’m sure I’ll have fun going back and forth between Warhawk and Starhawk.


    i agree with some of what u said but if u have played the recent 1.3 update they have added the option to have pre built structures on the maps also in StarHawk what ever role I chose i never felt under powered ( i had 15 sniper kills in one game…I disliked sniping in Warhawk ) very solid game in my opinion

  • I put ‘only’ 650 hours into Warhawk in its lifetime and I’ve already put over a hundred into Starhawk since joining the beta in November.

    Things didn’t get really epic up until 1.3 (32 players on a large map) but I’ve had a lot of fun with the beta throughout. The ability to set up buildings and turrents anywhere is really great and I love the feel of the vehicles.

  • OK THEN!!! the game its good to go I have mine pre-ordered already! I will support u guys! keep the good work! Loving the Beta! Hoping to see u guys sell a couple of these babies.





    • yes, there is a solo campaign. We’ll be talking about it a lot in the coming weeks. The full party system is in the final release

  • I can’t wait to see how the competitive aspect of Starhawk grows beyond belief.

  • When Dylan Jobe said there are 10 maps in the game, did he mean 10 environments or 10 layouts? Very confusing.

  • Could you elaborate on the Limited Edition content, specifically the additions to the game?

    I have to agree with ASILENTENIGMA. Like Harvard Donin said this is Starhawk not Warhawk 2, which unfortunately is a disappointment for me. Im not saying that Starhawk will be a bad game, I’m sure it will be great, but at its core these two games are entirely different.

  • Will there be a type of mode when you dont have to use bulid and battle becuase the map is already made?

  • Slightly disappointed there is “only” 10 maps.

    Don’t get me wrong but 10 maps would be a nice start *IF* they have the different layouts and size that Warhawk had. I think there were roughly 40 variations of maps within Warhawk, From what we’ve been told there is a small and large layout for each map so in contrast there are “only” 20 layouts for Starhawk.

    Please correct me if i’ve got this wrong as i’d like nothing more that to be wrong about there being less variety in maps/options.

    Obviously I assume there will be maps via DLC as well.

    As for the game itself I have conflicting feelings…… I find the B&B both refreshing and restrictive at the same time (build limit and lack of permanent bases). Vehicles are brilliant (although an APC would be nice **cough** DLC **cough**)

    Biggest surprise is no Colletion gamemode off the bat……… This game seem made for Collection (especially the B&B aspect).

    Of course as Dylan has said we have only played a small portion so i’ll willing trust LBI’s vision on this.

    PS – Please can you confirm the EU release date AND if we get the Limited Edtion !!!!

  • Only 10 maps? Bit surprised…….. was expecting more only because there are less variations in layouts than Warhawk had.

    Is there an update on when the EU release is AND if we get the limited edition?

  • So many good games in May and then Diablo 3 was announced for May. Now everything else has to take a backseat while I drain my life in Diablo 3. But one day I will have you Starkawk… just not at a $60 day.

  • I haven’t been able to stop playing SH!!! I’m going to pre-order tomorrow. Kinda happy I haven’t really played WH so I can judge it on its on merits. I really do need to practice flying!!! I also love the 3rd person, hate 1st person.
    Funny how my whole team always leave to get flags without never setting anything up to defend!

  • Can’t wait until May 8th!! i have already pre-ordered and counting the days left. Will there be like a large map for space, and a Dogfight map like in warhawk?

  • Cannot wait. I bit into the beta: 1st sitdown – 5 hours disappeared 2nd – 4 hours…This game is stellar. Please please please don’t pull a Capcom with DLC or anything.


  • Text Box support please – Metal Gear Online had text support which made the game shine from other games. Added communication option is also a huge plus for games especially if it has a depth in objectives. A lot of people I encountered online had no mics or weren’t talking. So basically everyone just feels like bots or nuisance for structure limit. Read the thread I’ve posted

    And maybe upgrades for individuals. (or buildings) (optional but an idea)

    Reason why I’m pushing these suggestions so this game wouldn’t end up on the generic pile.
    – People with no mics playing an online objective game
    – No depth or purpose of progressing. (leveling up)

    I know you guys are walking the same path as Warhawk but Starhawk has a really great objective standpoint and can go a long way.

    Also; I have this game pre-ordered and I have convinced 2 of my friends to pre-order (which they did). Great game <3

    – Count
    Future Enviro artist / Creative game director / Game company CEO, watch out.
    Arch. Major

  • Was Harv hinting at the possibility of WARHAWK 2? Loving the Starhawk beta good job LBI keep it up…

  • Harv, I can appreciate Starhawk’s step into new territory and after today when a friend showed me a fraction of what else we are getting at its release I am excited for its release again. And while I can appreciate Starhawk, a Warhawk 2 would still be simply amazing. I believe that making a Warhawk 2 would be anything but a bad idea for you guys for a future project.

  • Pressed post by mistake. It’d be cool if you guys developed the story of the Eucadians and Chernovans and the red mercury. It’d be awesome. Not to mention Warhawk’s action presented in its supa awesome Warhawk flavor.

  • So that’s the Dylan everyone on the beta forums yaps about. For a second there I thought I was watching a trailer for The Muppets Take Austin…

    Anyway, really enjoyed the beta so far and looking forward to the finished game.
    It’s one of those weird gamer wet dreams I used to get while playing RTS like Command&Conquer or Warcraft imagining what it would be like to be able to control one of the individual troopers on the ground.


  • Birthday on the 5th, Starhawk on the 8th. Going to be a good week. Gotta say, really looking forward to the co-op that Harvard Bonin and a Greg Miller were playing. Will that mode include split screen?

  • Please tell me that the Limited Edition version will be available elsewhere… GameStop is one company I absolutely refuse to give my money.

  • I’m so excited for this game and yet so pissed-off that the SE is GS-exclusive. Ugh!

  • I honestly never considered the singleplayer. I was planning to go straight in the multiplayer but I still look forward to seeing the story of the game.

    Great multiplayer guys.

  • starhawk f ing suck the knife is gabage now way better on private beta

  • any pre-order content coming for those who pre-order from Amazon??? I already pre-ordered but I’d like to get some extra stuff too. I just don’t want to get it from GameStop.

  • Any word on if the Single Player is just multiplayer maps with the main charecter or is it actual missions that you progress through to learn the story?

  • It be really nice if you guys would add the four player split screen. I do play four player split screen on warhawk and would play it on the starhawk game.. Hell i would even pay extra money just for that feature..

  • MarinoBrea:
    “I take it this game won’t be “left to its fate” (thrown to the dogs) like Twisted Metal was? And since this game actually had a long and fruitful public Beta test phase the online will be looked after and actually work from day 1?”

    “P.S. – @2 Twisted Metal has been an absolute mess for the online and the online trophies”

    These two nailed it. It feels as if Sony has barely supported Twisted Metal. Just over a month after release and now the game mostly works and most of the players have disappeared.

    To ASILENTENIGMA while I agree that Build and Battle definitely slows the pace of the game (perhaps one of the reasons I tend to wander back to Warhawk after a Starhawk game or two) I also wish Lightbox the very best and will pick up my copy at launch crossing my fingers that SH will win me over in the end.

  • I played Warhawk for hours and hours, and I played the Starhawk beta for quite a while too, and I can safely say I pwnd alot of faces in both. Definitely getting it Starhawk on day one. One suggestion (if it’s not to late) is a unlimited-time option. So the only way the game will end is to reach the score limit. In the beta 9 out of every 10 CTF matches ended in a draw, because both teams had mega fortresses and there was merely not enough time. And I would love a match that went on for hours, personally. A unlimited-building mode would be nice too, but I can see problems arising from that.

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