PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

In this week’s reading list, find the last of the stories from GDC 2012, some MLB 12: The Show reviews, and lots and lots of stories on thatgamecompany‘s Journey. Have you played it yet?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 12, 2012)

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  • what do u guys think of ridge racers 4 the vita? its cataloged thee worse ridge racer and its just a demo :( sad…

    anyways im playing uncharted 3, uncharted ga, starhawk beta, unit 13, ff13, resistance3 and bf3

    • Haven’t tried it yet, but they’re offering a lot more here in North America than they did in Japan.

  • Cant wait for Gravity Rush! i just finished Uncharted:Golden Abyss yesterday and what a great game, i want to see more Vita games!
    Also Jeff and the PsBlog i have many suggestions to improve the vita and PS3:
    1-Vita needs a youtube app
    2-PS3 need to be able to show Vita trophies, my friends cant see my vita trophies of the games i have
    3- PS3 need to show us Vita owners online on PS3 when we’r online on the Vita, i mean PS3 ppl need to see Vita active or how else will they get interested to get a vita?
    4- voice chat between Vita owners and PS3 owners is needed
    4-Please bring more Vita games

    Thanks :D

    • Please feel free to click Blog.share in the upper left of this page and vote for those ideas. More games are coming- check out Sumioni Demon Arts this week!

  • ufff that last part was for the other post lol! fail.

  • What you don’t read:

    The web-browser problem with the vita. No flash in it and what not. More games are needed for the Vita as well as more applications!

  • How the psvita impacted my life check it out guys

  • Are we ever going to get that android/ios app and is ever going to update the trophies

    • There have, unfortunately, been a couple of minor hang ups with the android/iOS apps. They’re coming, but until I have a 100% locked release date, I’m not going to speculate.

  • @1 Might have to do with the fact that the Ridge Racer demo is not a demo, but instead a short video. I haven’t tried the full game and I am not planning to since I’d rather spend my money on Gravity Rush.

  • @Jeff I’ve noticed that DLC content for the PSP is not compatible with the PS Vita at all… hope this gets fixed along when all PSP games on PSN are supported.

    P.S Journey was an amazing experience by far their best game yet!

  • @1,, ridge racer vita is pretty good. Its the 1st game i bought for my ps vita…. I havent played the demo but the actual game its pretty good.I like the challenge thing where you join a team and just race and win and then take on other group factions online. there are like 4.

    If your ridge racer fan its a good improvement, same style of racing the down side is there is not alot of tracks(8) only 2 camera angles 8 cars,.. The cars are well drawn they drive differnetly . I think alot of just dwn tlkn ridge racer vita.. its very good in the ridge racer aspects.. Its very hard to win , you need to practice like every ridge racer game. Same great music as well, the new music is good too.:)

    I have it over alot other games i could/should have bought.. It could be alot better but it not bad so far..

    vp-psn legioniarre group

  • Bonus Round with David Cage would’ve been a nice link to have.

  • I would suggest a thing to improve the battery life of ps vita.. mines burns out very fast,, That or time flys when your having fun LOl

    Also a recommendation to improve the data plan coverages.. I burn’s 250mb out in like 6 days.. and burn;d out the 2-3gb in 22 days not even a months. I think unlimted coverages are needed for 30 days.. I mean if the game are made for online and alwys online then you really do need a unlimted data plan of 30 days . Is not hard to do for at&t, i should i know im on unlimted phone data plan for last 8 yrs or so..

    I think background wallpapers should be sold on ps vita as well, also if you guys can speed up the ps games that will be working on vita..

    thank alot


  • Can’t SONY buy up ‘thatgamecompany’ & ‘Quantic Dream’? That would really boost SONY’s next Gen console games line-up i think :P & would leave the rest looking even more rubbish like they are now:D

  • i can’t wait for the Silent Hill HD Collection releasing in 2 days, such true classics.

  • Sony will you make a 4G Vita?


  • PS Vita needs more updates in order for more psp games to be transferrable from PS3 system, plus more psp downloadable on ps vita store, PS3 needs more updates in order for new games to keep from freezing during gameplay, cause I noticed silent hill downpour game kinda keeps on freezing for little second during gameplays. Can’t wait to get the resident evil operation raccoon city in 2 days for free since I already paid for that game on friday as 2 days ago at gamestop.

  • Thanks for listing my MLB 12 review at TerminalGamer

    As for Ridge Racer Vita, the game feels directly ported from RR7 on the PS3, and that’s not a bad thing. My only complaint is the lack of content. The US release did get 2 more tracks than Japan, but it still only has a grand total of 5 tracks.

  • I am glad to hear that more apps are coming to the ps vita. But the ps vita need html5 or flash support to see videos.Needs more apps like youtube, hulu plus ,skype or tango,dropbox,gmail,google+.Also the facebook app need a feature to upload fotos and videos.The browser need a option to share links. Voice chat between vita users and ps3 users are necesary.The vita user need a lots of port of game of the psn like journey, flower,castle crasher,limbo,tetris,shatter,flow ect and one of the most important things that i would like to see is a better psn support when the update come to the ps store. PLEASE BUY QUANTIC DREAMS AND THAT GAME COMPANY.

  • Ps Plus users dont have nothing in the PS Vita .What are your plans?


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