Close out Spring Fever with Closure: PSN’s Next Innovator Hits March 27th

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Close out Spring Fever with Closure: PSN’s Next Innovator Hits March 27th

Hey! I know we’re all heavily enjoying Journey right now (it’s amazing), but don’t shut off your PS3 when you’re done with it because another awesome game, Closure, is coming out at the end of the month. We just finished our launch trailer, which you can watch below right now!

Spring Fever promotion and will cost $14.99 (and just $11.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers). If you have questions about Closure, please leave them in the comments — I’d love to answer some.

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  • I’d love to get this for Vita. It could and should happen.

    • We’ll take a look at vita, I’m the only programmer here so multiple platforms ends up being a lot of work especially when we were trying to finish the game before the end of the world.

  • Nice! Enjoyed playing the flash version awhile back

    • Thanks, the new version is tremendously improved from the flash version though, it’s an entirely new game other than the core concept remaining the same.

  • Aside from manipulating lights, are different characters – or forms of your character – used to complete the puzzles?

    • All the characters are mechanically the same, but the additional mechanics used for each one’s puzzles and the style of levels designed for each one vary greatly to add some flavor to their stories and sets. (Each character has 24 levels associated with it)

  • How long do you estimate the game play time to be?

    Day 1 Demo?

    I have to say, that this game looks incredibly new and innovative, so I’ll more than likely be picking this up Day 1. I love new concepts and ideas, so you guys have my support…just don’t let me down :p

    • The game is 5-8 hours, depending on how good you are with puzzle games (there’s also 30 silver moths to collect, which are sorta additional puzzles in their own right, and will be an additional 4 or so hours for people to find them all if you’re a completionist)

      There should be a demo I believe

      Glad you’re looking forward to it

  • I’ll be getting this amazing little thing. :-) Congrats to the entire team (QA, developers, designers, etc) that build it up.

  • Hoping for some great sales next week, as this week’s Spring Fever sales were largely all about CoD, a game some of us have no interest in. I’m definitely hoping us non-warefare gamers get some love next week :)

    Can’t wait!

  • Is there much of a story to go along with these characters, or are they mainly used to break up the puzzles?

    Are players required to progress through each level in order to move on, or if they get stuck on one could they work around it and get back to it later?

    You really should release some avatars (like your spider image) along with the game to raise awareness; the art style is great.

    • Will look into avatar stuff, thanks

    • In terms of progress, after the intro section you always have a choice of 3 levels to play (one for each character), each characters set plays linearly (need to beat levels to progress), but you can quit and work on a different character’s set whenever you want.

      There is a story for each character, you discover it by exploring around within levels for clues and hints as to what happened to them. There is no text, voice, or cutscenes.

  • Sounds interesting I’ll be getting this one for sure. Any tips for when I play it?

  • Thank you sony for bringing shuch great games to psn!!! I fully support you.

  • It looks really nice and the concept could be interesting, but with so little details I’m not at all convinced. That doesn’t mean I won’t be after playing the demo though :)

  • This looks great!

  • Some side notes which I have been thinking about and don’t know where to discuss so I am doing it here.

    Why don’t PSN games come out simultaneously for both Vita and PS3? I feel there shouldn’t be a discrepancy between what is released on Vita’s PSN store and PS3’s PSN store. Vita and PS3 should be (and has the ability and power to be) one synchronized unit. ALL PSN Games should be playable for both Vita and PS3, with 1 download. These games are not huge Blu-Ray disc games that require 10gbs of space, these games are roughly between 200mb-2gb (max).

  • I understand that the way the development for each console is different, different programming etc. But then if that’s the case, how can these two systems really be 1 as the Ads and Marketing are explaining to us? The Cross-Play video even explains, “Use remote-play to access your PS3 GAMES and Content on the go, no matter where you are” This is not true, because I can’t access my PS3 GAMES via remote-play with my Vita.

  • Anyways, what I am trying to get at is Vita and PS3 NEED to be 1 unit, it’s not a matter of “oh, good idea, we will think about it”, NO, the way the market is going if these two systems don’t become interchangeable, meaning, If i buy a ps3 game and I am playing it but someone wants to watch TV I should be able to play it also using Vita’s remote-play. And if I am playing a Vita game I should be able to use the PS3 to stream games to a TV. If this does not happen then a lot of moment will be lost when WiiU comes out due to the ability to play console games no matter what (even if it’s within the home network, it’s still a great idea and feature which Vita can do right now! but isn’t!).

  • ok im done… phew… glad i got that off my chest…. hope i don’t bother anyone by the amount of comments…. not my intention….

  • So many interesting looking games on the PSN! It’s pretty bad when I plan to buy more PSN games this year than actual physical titles. And that’s saying a lot considering there are so many awesome physical releases coming out this year. PSN game content purchasing would be so much easier if the PSN incorporated paypal… but I digress. Looking forward to this game!

  • It looks interesting!

  • Looking forward to getting this. Hope the blog can do a post about the other indie games lined up for the year.

  • This looks interesting, at least :D

  • Been following and looking forward to this one for a long time. I loved the Flash game, and this looks to be about tens steps up from that already great game. Glad there’ll be a PS+ discount too.

  • I had the opportunity to play this for 20 minutes at PAX Prime last August. Some of the puzzles were HARD, but truly satisfying. Day 1 purchase for me. Love the art style. Keep up the good work, Eyebrows.

  • And this my Playstation community is why i am attending AIP. The games are brilliant that are out for Ps3, Iam very much inspired & thrilled can’t wait to get started!!!!!!!!

  • Text, voice, and cutscenes aren’t necessary to create an ambient, moody game. Thanks for answering my question on whether someone could get hung up on one spot or not, despite my poor wording of the question.

    There can never be too many good puzzle games for the PS3, and this game looks worth the price for the experience.

    What, if anything, gave you ideas for this game? Any inspiration, or references?

  • Yeah, text and voice can sometimes get in the way of the experience depending on the game, we want people to focus on solving the puzzles primarily, and exploring the story only if they want to (it’s easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention and looking around for it, this gives the game a little bit of replayability since you can go back after you solve the puzzles and focus on something else the second time through).

    The main inspirations were Portal and Braid (That genre of puzzle game focused around a “core mechanic” as opposed to something like zelda or metroid where the puzzles are scripted events and “figure out how this object interacts” type stuff). I like designing like that, it’s like a “how deep can we explore this mechanic” type design, how many commonly understood game mechanics (keys, buttons, turrets, water, boxes, etc) can synergize in an interesting way with the main idea behind the game and which of those are interesting and fun.

  • very nice I have been waiting for this to come to the psn since it was announced months ago.It is nice to finally have a release date and so soon I will be buying very happy for the PS + discount :P

  • March 27th? Hmm thats my birthday, so will this be my present? O.o

  • Excellent! This is the kind of games that keeps me going, especially now that most of the “giants” just seem to be focusing on pumping out a whole bunch of generic stuffs. This will be a “day-1-purchase” on my list, I can guarantee that.

    By the way, Tyler, this is just out of curiosity but what’s the native resolution of this game (1080p or 720p)? And does it run at 60fps or 30fps?

  • WOW, I just had a 16Bit era flashback, minus the color of course. In today’s day and age why are we going in reverse? Even with a plus discount this game looks over priced. Maybe it belongs on “The Box” But not on the Mighty PS3. I’ve seen better stuff come from the free app section on itunes. Not trying to be mean, Just keeping it real.

  • looks really cool, but since when did $15 become acceptable for the type of game. I mean, It looks cool and all, but the most I would pay for this kind of game is $10. or maybe the trailer was just not convincing enough for me to fork over $15.

    I understand that the project must have been labor intensive since it is a small team, thus you are charging $15 to make up for that, but still, my price point is based on perceived value of the game.

    I will probably end up buying just to support the developers and maybe they can create more NEW games, they clearly have the imagination.

    • I understand your concerns, but when you do buy it I guarantee you’ll get your moneys worth out of it. If you like games like Portal or Braid I’m sure you’ll love this one too! There’s 5-8 hours of unique content for a first time playthrough, and an additional 4 more hours or so if you wanna get 100%.

  • Did you show this off at Minecon in the Indie Game Theater? If so, yours was the only presentation I sat down to watch :D

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