Take Aim – Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection coming to PS3 & PS Move

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Take Aim – Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection coming to PS3 & PS Move
Take Aim – Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection coming to PS3 & PS Move

Take aim and relive Resident Evil history with the upcoming Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection! This two game bundle features both Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles in glorious high definition with PlayStation Move and trophy support. Play with a friend and survive the horrors of Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, 3, Code Veronica, and more!

Coming this June, the Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection will be available for download exclusively on PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe. The collection will initially be sold as a discounted two game bundle, but at a later date, each of the titles will be available for purchase separately.

Check out the brand new trailer to see the games in action!

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD CollectionResident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection

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  • better have platinum trophies!

  • Will it have Platinum trophies?

  • Wow, someone beat me to the comment. Ahaha.

  • don’t forget jill sandwiches too

  • So….am i to understand that these are all light-gun type games….?? The video is VERY vague in this respect. Because Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, & 3 were NOT. So which is it….??

  • Sad to say that but the trophy list of these games leaked on the web in early february and not… Capcom made it again… as the same with Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica HD… Chronicles HD Collection don’t have platinuum trophy. A full game in their original consoles without platinum trophy in remastered version

  • Looks good, although I’m not too fond of the idea that this isn’t being sold as a disc-based release. My only concern is whether or not it’ll have DRM that forces us to keep our consoles connected to PSN. Capcom has been pretty hit or miss with their past couple digital titles.

    Also, no platinum troohy? Personally, I couldn’t care less, but it’s still a selling point for some gamers.

  • get lost CRAPcom

  • Wow, people, please stop with the trophies comments. Looks like trophies are more important than the games. Keep like this and in the future Sony will sell trophies instead of games.

  • I really enjoyed these games on Wii, especially Darkside Chronicles, can’t wait to see Claire Redfield kick @$$ in HD.

  • Also will there be ONLINE CO-OP? Cause that would be much appreciated.

  • WHO CARES!!!!!!!! Capcop enough of street fighter and Resident evil HD america wants Monster Hunter 3rd HD

  • Thank you Capcom : )

  • OH thats awesome finally cause i been wanting to play it but lets face it ps1 sucks xD can’t wait

  • You know Capcom, you guys would make more money if you would instead re-release REmake and Resident Evil Zero in HD, right…? Even if those two games were exclusive to the Gamecube, you guys are re-releasing Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles and it was Wii exclusive, so why not do the same with REmake and Zero? Fans have been asking this for awhile now.

    Never had a chance to play Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles, plus i have a PS Move collecting dust in my bedroom. Any release date? Pricing? Battlefield 3 Close Quarters is also comming this June, so i need to know so i can get my wallet ready :)

  • just bought RE4 HD and Code Veronica X…. can’t even pass the first scene of both games…

    I don’t know why… are they harder or I was a better gamer when I was a kid? I cleared all RE1, 2 and 3 without any problem.

    ps. RE4 and RE CV are hard to control the character.

  • Please give details on how models, lighting, and textures were improved, because this looks like another up-res’d cash-in to me. The art and production style really aren’t compatible with a simple up-resing.

    I wish Capcom *would* do something like this for Okami and Zak & Wiki. Those art styles, with just a few higher-res textures, would hold up quite well with a “simple” up-res & AA.

  • This is awesome. I dont care about platinum. Im just glad i get to play it now. I didnt want to get a wii just to play these games. I happy with whet ever trophies they give.

    15 bucks or less it s mine. If its more then it can wait for the next spring sale or just a monthly sale for PS+

  • Also does it have the option to use the sharpshooter? I saw a thing come up in the video where you have to shake your motion controller so it doesnt look like it….But let us know. And is this the same gameplay style that house of the dead has……where the camera does all the moving on its own, you just shoot?


  • Man at this rate I am going to have no Wii games left. Will this game be download only? Or is there also a disc version?

  • Capcom games always expensive…

    $19.99 each, believe me!

  • Very nice. I was able to play Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, but never finished it. As far as Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, never touched/played the title. So now with PlayStation Move support & “Minor HD Remastered” lol, I’d say its a good deal. This is a great time for me to finally purchase the “PlayStation Move Bundle”. P.S to all trophy heads whose levels are 15 & above: Exactly how much trophies you need to increase the XP of your profile level in that little “% bar”, lol. Seriously, you don’t need trophies to have a good time with video games

  • @22 its a collection meaning it all coming together like a bundle pack, I dont know many games it will be but it should all the exclusive ones that were on wii or else where for quite some time.

    yea capcom is very expensive, This is one reason im glad we have psn plus and discount sales here becuase they love to push high prices dwn playstation gamer neck for some odd reason.

    vp-psn legionairee group.

  • @CHRISRHODE2004. The video is vague that these are light-gun games??? Did you watch the same video as everyone else? Yes, those games were not originally light-gun games but these two light-gun games takes place during some of the events of those classic games.

  • @Fedast,

    I completely agree. Will these trophies have games?

  • As someone who has not followed the Resident Evil series, could I get some more details as to how a franchise known for rigid analog controls is converted to light gun-type Move games?

  • Capcom could be focusing on a new Breath of Fire game, but instead focus on the 52nd re-release of resident evil.

  • Glad we will finaly get these games on PS3. I played some of it on the Wii. But it will be nice to have trophys and what looks like HD (cheap upscaling like RE4)

    What about finally getting us……..Resident Evil 0???? That is one that a lot of people want. Same with the Resident Evil HD remake that was made for the Cube.

    What is the price for both? You state later we can buy them as single games. So I bet it will be some inflated outrageous price. No way I am dropping 30 bucks for this. 20 for both at the most.

  • COO!!!! Now if we can only det HD versions of Resident Evil (Gamecube version) and Resident Evil Zero.

  • Alright. That’s cool. Really I need is an HD Version of Zak and Wiki: QfBT and I’ll have everything I really wanted on the Wii and could get rid of it. What do you say Capcom?

  • Count me in.

  • attn: capcom
    we need posts from Brett Elston!

  • I wish they would have remastered RE1 and RE0, both for the GameCube, in HD instead.

  • No physical copy no buy.
    same happened with RE4 HD.
    whats wrong with you Capcom?
    when you decide to release a physical copy then I’ll get the game.

  • Wow, now thats improvement. Hey I was wondering if you can check about the DRAKENGARD games (1 and 2).

  • I would like to know price and if plat is involed.

  • Woot! Finally a release date.
    Take my money capcom.

  • @Souledge94

    It’s probably going to be within the 30 to 40 price range for the pack.

  • Uh… Price?

  • No Disc…NO SALE!

  • @43 I’m in the same boat. I’d love to have a disc release on these as I simply do not wish to allocate the HDD space to more games.

    I wonder, Mike, is this a decision based on projected sales? Would it simply cost too much to produce a disc, or is there some other reason behind this? Are other regions getting a disc release?

  • Darn, I bought the first one on the Wii, haven’t played it yet…

    Meh, no matter I will definitely buy the ps3 version, it’s way better with a Sharp Shooter!
    Bring it on, Zombies and Mutated BIO W’s. I got a special treat for you!! ; )

    i’ve always wanted to play darkside chronicles but i didn’t wanna buy the wii for just 1 game!

  • uhh btw when is the release date?

  • Sound Good, Can’t wait

  • @9

    Can’t speak for all fans of trophies but I will say that I like them because they add goals to the game beyond just finishing it up. It also gives other people you are playing the game something to talk about and give encouragement on.

    I think it is fun to have those. Not having a platinum does not necessarily ruin a set of lesser trophies, but it does decrease the number of goals you can actively pursue, and kind of makes the ultimate goal fall flat.

    I suppose it is just something that can make a good game even better, and for some people that little bit is enough.

  • This sucks adding a rail shooter to 2, 3, 0, and code veronica is stupid they were better when you could acualy control the character in a 3d invironment. plus the rail shooter concept takes the survival/horror concept and chucks it out the window, your forced in a direction and its always the right way. in resident evil 3 i was stuck all the time but i still play it cause i like the feel. So thats my opinion thanks for another fail capcom

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