Bellator MMA Onslaught: Building a More Accessible MMA Fighting Game

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Bellator MMA Onslaught: Building a More Accessible MMA Fighting Game

Hello PlayStation.Blog! You may or may not heard of 345 Games, but we are part of Viacom Entertainment Group, which also houses cable TV channels like Spike TV and Comedy Central. We’ve also launched a few recent PSN games such as Deadliest Warrior and Ugly Americans. I wanted to take some time and let you all know that our next title Bellator MMA Onslaught will be arriving to PSN this summer.

Bellator for PS3 (PSN)

Bellator MMA Onslaught is an arcade-style fighting game grounded in the reality of an established MMA brand. If you’ve never heard of the Bellator Fighting Championships, it’s an MMA organization that currently airs on MTV2 but will be moving to Spike TV starting in 2013. Bellator is unique compared to other MMA leagues in that tournaments are held to determine who fights for the championship belt rather than having promoters select the fighter for a championship match. If you win, you move on. If you lose, you go home. This philosophy works well in the video game space, where we are used to tournament-style progression and earning your way to the top.

Our high-level goal for the game design is to create an MMA game that is accessible to a wider gaming audience. Whether you are a fan of the sport, have a passing interest, or have never seen a real match – you should be able to pick up this game and get the feel of it right away. You don’t need to have a black belt or be an MMA aficionado to be successful. Knowing a bit of MMA may help you a bit, kind of like how knowing something about basketball helps in NBA Jam. But being an MMA neophyte certainly won’t prevent you from getting into the fighting mechanics.

Bellator for PS3 (PSN)Bellator for PS3 (PSN)

Making an accessible MMA game is easier said than done. We’re not trying to simplify the rules of the sport, per se — we’re trying to make the mechanics easier to grasp. As MMA fans will tell you, the sport is highly technical, especially when the fight goes to the ground. We want to meld moves seen in real MMA matches and combine them with the subtle complexity of game mechanics seen in traditional fighting games like parries, counters, and combos. Now we’re not talking about exploding fireballs and 40-hit combos, but three- or four-hit combos that provide an added bonus when executed successfully during a fight.

To make the sport easier to grasp, we are focusing on pacing, responsiveness, and fluidity. We want the player to be constantly engaged and keep the fight moving at a fast pace like you see in many arcade sports titles. Controls will be responsive like you would see in an arcade fighting game. If it means we have to speed up an animation, then we’ll speed up the animation.

Bellator for PS3 (PSN)

The biggest difference between our game and an MMA simulation is that the pacing of the fight is the same whether you are standing, tied up in the clinch, or fighting on the ground. To keep the pace moving when fighters start grappling, we use quick, seamless transitions to move from one position to the next. These transitions are executed by using simple stick movements and their fluid nature will feel more organic than a simulated version of the same moves.

Since there are so many different fighting styles in MMA, we want to make player-created characters the star of the show, letting the player create a fighter that suits their style of play. Many games have allowed players to create in-game characters, but we felt that it would be better to give the player the ability to customize just about every aspect of their fighter. It’s too early to reveal all of the details about your fighter’s progression, we do plan to allow players to add, upgrade, and even replace the animations in their move list by simply leveling up. You will also be able to upgrade skills that improve the base attributes of your fighter. Players will have the ability to balance their fighter based on how they want to fight when they get in the cage. Our current plan is to allow players to earn experience points in both online and local game modes. Most of the PS3 Trophies will be unlocked through your created fighter.

The game is still a work in progress and we would definitely appreciate your feedback. Look for Bellator MMA Onslaught to hit the PS Store in this summer.

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  • Vita version + cross-play, please! I’d love a good MMA fighting game on my Vita, but UFC Undisputed 3 isn’t coming to the platform…you could be the first! :)

  • GOod look people…. keep it up

  • Been looking forward to this day. Will Eddie Alvarez and Hector Lombard be in this game? Since there is rumor they might be heading to the UFC. I’m just wondering, but it doesn’t matter because I’m buying this game anyway.

    • We’re focusing on the lighter weight classes for launch so you will see a mix of feathrweights and lightweights. I can’t really talk about roster expansion and new content because we’re still defining what we will add to the game after launch. Ideally, we’ll gather feedback from fans of the game and introduce new content and features that the fan base wants to see.

  • ok. i have a few question you answer the one you understand the most theothers you skipp if you like.

    1. is the psn exclusive
    2. is there a championship mode.. will there going up in weight and going dwn in weight in career mode.
    3. How many fights can a create character have . i honestly feel they player should fight till his/ her heart content. The game should not make you quit jusst becuase your 44yrs old with 45 wins.
    4. The online trophies should be for a title becuase its almost impossible to get a title shot. if every played fight night round 4 you will understand what im talking about. Im 65% complete inthat game its the online title I cannt get becuase they guys that get them online in champion mode. just retire with’em and nevr come back online.
    5. will there be creat a player downloading of made players or people that we can share online amongst one another.

    Also i like anything better than ufc. Anyone that can stick it to dana white will get a sale from me, cheers :)

    vp -psn legionairee group

    • 1) No, it is not PSN exclusive. Other platforms are possible, but for now we’re focusing on console.
      2) We will launch with the lighter weight classes, so no need to gain or lose weight. We’re doing something different with single player modes. Don’t expect a traditional career mode where you play training mini-games to “prepare” for a fight. We want you to level up and pick the moves and skills that suit your style of play.
      3) You fighter will never be forced to retire. That I can guarantee. (Ties into the non-traditional career mode.)
      4) We want to encourage people to play online. We’re looking into how we can structure online titles/trophies to make them attainable to a greater number of people.
      5) We’re looking into online sharing of fighters.

  • Also it would nice to send us a link to your fan page site so everyone can give ideas towrds the game..

    • See #6 below. Sorry – created a new thread rather than replying. Will post links on this blog as soon a sI have them.

  • Coming soon. Working with Bellator and Spike TV to create a unique fan page experience and trying to integrate the game with the upcoming Spike TV experience. We will certainly have a forum for ideas, suggestions, and polls – that’s going to be a critical part of the whole experience.

  • ty for replying .. also thank your starting off on the psn brand with this..

    The game sound and looks wonderful so far.. Im buying :)

    vp -psn legioniaree group

    • Thank you for the support. We just want to create a game that anyone can enjoy – no matter what your interest level is in the sport of MMA.

  • I know the game is still in development but what price range is this looking to be at?

  • Now this is what I’m talking about.. “A Must Buy” ^^ – Please tell me it will be nothing like MMA Supremacy, other then that the only thing that would make this so much more sweeter is if it becomes a PS Vita game in the near future.. Also I hope PS3/PSN gets it a week or so before other consoles #SonyWinning

    • It’s not at all like Supremacy. Obviously staying away from the overly graphic brutality. In terms of gameplay, you will feel the difference between the two games within the first 5 seconds of gameplay.

      No plans for Vita now, but it’s not impossible. We show that there is good demand for the game on PSN, it will be much easier to green light a Vita version. ;)

  • Looks great and I am gonna be getting this one on launch. This is such a good sign for MMA fanatics such as myself, average fight fans, and regular players alike because with the purchase of Strike Force it seems as there will not ever be another EA MMA game(which is a shame with EA MMA being Amazing) nor any othe MMA game other than THQ’s buggy, glich filled, flawed game with the worst online support I have seen(MMA Supremacy is garbage). Undisputed 2009, 2010, and 3 all are amazing games that look, feel and play very well. BUT they could have been so much better. That being said; I only would like to make one request/suguestion:

    PLEASE BRING THIS GAME TO THE PS VITA !!!!! We need an MMA Fighter So Badly!!!!!!!

    There is a huge market to tap into with this as no MMA game is even on radar bringing MMA top the Vita(as I said MMA Supremacy is a joke)

    Bellator MMA Onslaught on PSN is HUGE!

    Bellator MMA Onslaught on PSN for the PS VITA would be epic…..

    • We want to build our game along with the Bellator franchise, so exploring new and exciting platforms like Vita is something we would like to do for the game and the brand.

      We’re shooting for a different experience than the other MMA games that have been released – fast-paced, MMA action. This should be the type of game MMA fans can play with their non-MMA fan friends.

  • Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort that has been put to make this game happen. I know that this is going to be a huge step in fighting games and it has alot of people myself included very excited. Thanks also for the prompt response to my comment as well as all the others. If this is the type of support we will be able to expect than your going to have a winner for sure. Any idea on a launch date for PSN? Or other platforms? And even the prospect of this comming to the PS Vita was enough to make my day. I have spent alot of money on my vita + games + accesories( over $500 easily and preorder the vita and got it on the US launch) and have also pre ordered and picked up on US launch day one the PS One, PS2, and PS3 , and now the PS Vita. Only one I missed was PSP. I have 3 PS3’s registered and activated currently. I am just trying to establish the type of gamer and level of dedication I am and have. Thanks again for all you harsd work and timely answers, and any possiblity on the above mentioned links to a dedicated chat/blog/forum? Long live Bellator MMA Onslaught!

    Praying, Wishing, and Dreaming about Bellator MMA Onslaught comming to the PS Vita…

    • Once again – getting used to the format of this blog. See post #12 and thanks again for the support DCS!

  • Thanks for the support DCS! I’m going to check in with this blog as often as I can, so keep the questions and comments rolling!

    We’re looking at an early July release date on PSN which will coincide with the release on another competitive console platform not based out of Japan. ;)

    Vita isn’t out of the question. We’ll certainly look into it. 345 Games is pretty new in the publishing world, so we’re choosing our battles carefully. New platforms are always exciting and the Vita is without a doubt a really fun piece of hardware that is geared for gamers.

  • guys im happy for your try.two things only to ask:1-i hope in carreer mode the player would nt retired i take ufc3 and the game give me in carreer mode only 48 matches and then it retires me automatic and 2 i hope the players look very nice the body-heads-and of course the moves.i sell ufc3 when i find out that gives me only 48 matches…….if you dont do this then this game will be super and of course my favorite!!!!!! hope to reply and i ll be waiting for this game!!

  • and one more…this games will be in the shop or only to buy with download;;;

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